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25 Nature-Inspired Finds to Beautify Your Life

May 8, 2015

by Valerie Rains handmade and vintage goods

Wouldn’t it be great if you could preserve the feeling of exhilaration you get when you’re wandering deep in the forest or dipping your toes into the crystal-clear water along your favorite shoreline? Well, you’re in luck: you can tap into that joy anytime, anywhere, when you surround yourself with thoughtfully crafted goods that incorporate natural materials in creative ways. So even when you can’t slip outside for a nap under a tree or skip a rock across a glassy lake, you can still catch a glimpse of that pressed-clover bookmark or crochet-adorned stone on the edge of your desk and be temporarily, blissfully, transported.

What inspires you to get outside and reconnect with nature? Tell us in the comments!

Plants and Flowers

Whether you’d rather deck your front door with a wreath of preserved peonies, mark your page in a book with a pressed clover, or lather up with a soap made from ground organic rose petals, the options for incorporating flowers and plants into your daily routine abound on Etsy. And if you’re feeling like a DIY, we recommend revisiting our pressed-flower phone case tutorial — a perennial favorite project on the Etsy Blog.

Sustainable and Reclaimed Wood

All across Etsy, makers of furniture, home goods, artwork, and accessories are upcycling everything from barn doors to old floors and keeping perfectly good raw materials from ending up in landfills. Not so keen on the reclaimed look? Not to worry: you can find plenty of sellers catering to more modern tastes with wood goods sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-certified suppliers.

Natural Fibers and Dyes

Yes, it is possible to get vibrant colors from natural materials — despite what past experiments with tea-staining and onion dyeing might have led you to believe. And there’s something so appealing about the hues Etsy sellers like Honest Alchemy Co. and Rebecca Desnos are able to pull from materials like marigold, madder root, indigo, fusticwood, logwood, and cochineal. Better yet, sellers like Maine’s Lana Plantae even raise the alpacas that provide the wool for hand-spun yarn they dye with plants raised on-site — it’s a true farm-to-finished-fiber operation.

Driftwood, Seed Pods, Shed Horns and More

Perhaps the greatest testament to the wealth of nature’s beauty is how much absolutely breathtaking material can be found just, well, lying around. From the smoothest riverbed pebbles to sculptural hunks of driftwood, Etsy sellers are unearthing eye-catching specimens and upgrading them with hand-crocheted lace, delicate beading, and playful paint jobs.

Valerie Rains is an editor at Etsy.


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