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7 Bold Decor Trends to Make Your Own

Apr 3, 2019

by Jackie Buddie handmade and vintage goods

If there’s one thing 2019’s maximalist movement has taught us so far, it’s that we all just want to be more authentically, more unabashedly ourselves. “Maximalism is about embracing who we are, and expressing that fully and freely in the ways we accessorize our lives,” explains Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. As spring awakens that excited urge to inject some fresh personality into our living spaces, we welcome you to indulge the impulse, and layer on your favorite mix of this year’s trending motifs in the way that only you can. “Glam fixtures, playful patterns, desert hues: they’re all on the table this season,” Dayna says. Whether you’re looking to spruce up one corner of your space or completely revamp your home, here are seven standout styles that are all about letting your true colors shine bright. What sort of statement will you make?

Tie-dye revival

We’ve dipped a toe in with tie-dye scrunchies. We’ve tried out a colorful caftan poolside. Now this ultimate ‘70s standby is finding a new groove in our homes, making a psychedelic splash on everything from shibori sheet sets to artfully antiqued mirrors. You heard us right: Tie-dye is making a comeback, and its latest incarnation comes in a range of prismatic palettes for your pad. For a sophisticated spin on the super-saturated classic, try muted peach napkins or a dusky blue duvet. “Think of it as floral’s fun and rebellious cousin,” Dayna says. “It’s a modern twist on tie-dye that’s still rich and dynamic.”

Art Deco details

If you’re a sucker for the retro sensibility of mid-century modern furnishings but in the market for a piece with a bit more pizzazz, you’re in luck: Etsy sellers are dialing up the drama this spring with a shiny new lineup of Art Deco-inspired fixtures and finishes. Known for sleek, stylized compositions emphasizing exquisite materials and craftsmanship, this glam revival is decidedly the most extra aesthetic of the moment. “Get the look by introducing luxe textures (looking at you, velvet), geometric patterns, and pops of metallics into your seasonal rotation,” Dayna says.

Off-the-wall wallpaper

“No longer just for papering wild and wonderful accent walls, this versatile design essential is bringing brilliant pops of color and pattern to the most unexpected places, from bookshelves and cabinets to staircases,” Dayna says. And thanks to the boundless creativity of Etsy sellers, there’s no shortage of easy-to-apply DIY options to play with, whether you opt for peel-and-stick tiles to marbleize your backsplash, or a mod triangle stencil to deliver instant whimsy to your little one’s toy chest.

Cut-out shapes

Equally at home in a kiddo’s nursery or on your carefully curated gallery wall, these abstract, museum-worthy accents are proof that playful can still be poetic. With mobiles, bedding, and wallpaper as the canvas, Etsy sellers are producing a colorful array of confetti-like designs that deliver a serious jolt of energy—without ever taking themselves too seriously. “Plus, they incorporate both geometric and abstract elements, making them the ultimate combination of maximalism and modernism,” Dayna says.

Animal accents

Exotic animal prints have long been considered wardrobe staples by flamboyant fashionistas, but the look is changing its stripes this year as traditional patterns are reimagined in unexpected colorways—and are joined in lush living spaces by accent pieces that truly put the creature center stage. “From jungle cat-spotted catchalls to perched stained-glass parrots, the animal kingdom is officially taking up residence in every last nook of our homes,” Dayna says. To achieve your own fiercely maximalist vibe, go wild and pile on multiple animal patterns and styles, like ink-drawn illustrations and hand-molded ceramics.

Desert decor

“Last year, we named Southwestern style one of our top overall trend predictions for 2019 in jewelry, fashion, decor, and more,” Dayna says, “and today, we’re all-in on this desert-chic look, which is heating up our homes with burnt-orange tones and earthy textures.” To create your own oasis, choose natural materials like cotton and clay in moody, sunset-inspired hues, and toss in a vibrant turquoise touch or two for visual interest. (And, of course, don’t forget to find a prominent spot for your favorite prickly pear.)

Crystal-inspired designs

Self-care rituals are top of mind as we search for ways to stay grounded and centered in 2019,” Dayna says, “so it’s no surprise that crystal-inspired decor is enjoying a major moment.” Etsy sellers have begun carving out new territory by incorporating the distinctive motif into sumptuous little handmade home accessories, like quartz candle holders and trinket dishes adorned with hand-crafted clusters of amethysts. “These eye-catching pieces transform our interiors into havens of multifaceted mindfulness, and serve up a subtle reminder to slow down every now and then, and soak up your home’s good vibes.”

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  • thewildplum

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    This is great! Thank you. I honestly like all of the shops and their products that you shared. The Art Deco, wallpaper and animals are my favorites. It really is about living in alignment with who we are (ever changing as that is). Etsy makes it easier to do so creatively because it is full of nearly infinite ways to get inspired, make, find and surround ourselves with artful, heart-full, mindful, soulful, beautiful and (you fill in the blank) _________ belongings that reflect that.

  • ioodqwmm

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  • wlazmvwi

    Natalia from HandmadeDanchuta said 2 years ago

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  • eqom5xqu

    Niakris from DreamsOfTheUniverse said 2 years ago

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  • ywjbvdqv

    Olga Borovaya from wintersharm said 2 years ago

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  • Dianakiknadze

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  • uhltfj8f

    Alla from CuteThingsForSoul said 2 years ago

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    I liked animal accents the most. If they are skillfully placed in the interior, they will please the eye and cheer up. I have in bedroom hangs a huge modular picture Safari - elephants and giraffes. At first it seemed to me that it would not fit into the strict atmosphere and pastel colors of the room, but it looks perfect!

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