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9 Fall Style Trends to Try On Today

Jul 31, 2019

by Erica Waters handmade and vintage goods

Calling all style obsessives: It’s time to start planning your fall wardrobe upgrade with jewelry, clothing, and accessories trends that, lucky for us, happen to play particularly well together. “Fall fashions are basically a maximalist’s dream,” says Etsy Trend Expert (and self-identified maximalista) Dayna Isom Johnson. “We get to pile on lots of rich textures and patterns, and then accent with retro-chic pieces that bring back some of our favorite hits from decades past.” From colorful silk scarves and elevated charm bracelets to patchwork jackets and bold pantsuits, these nine standout styles aren’t afraid to push the envelope—so why should you be? “When it comes to accessorizing this fall, pile it on. And when you think you’re done, pile on a little more,” Dayna says. It is layering season, after all. Read on to shop the trends.


Silk scarves

A collage of silk scarves available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Oversized patchwork silk scarf from Dikla Levsky Design, $315; silk scarf with cherries and ladybugs from Art and People, $125; “Girl Power” silk bandana from Round Plus Square, $58; cheetah-print silk scarf from Catherine Rowe designs, from $58; black and white silk scarf from VALISSE, $44

A little bit playful, a little bit polished, a silk scarf is this season’s most versatile statement piece. “No matter how you wear it, this is an accessory that instantly makes any outfit feel more sophisticated and thought-out,” says Dayna. Simply pick a colorful print that speaks to you, and imagine the possibilities—from neckties and belts to head wraps and ponytail holders. “One of my favorite hacks for giving an old bag new life is to tie on a silk scarf with an ornate pattern,” says Dayna. “It gives the purse a completely different vibe.” And what could be more maximalist than accessorizing your accessories?


A collage of brooches available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Silver star beaded brooch from Zefirina Studio Store, $65; ceramic eye pins from Kabinshop, from $17 each; vintage Edwardian brooch from Cooper Street Vintage, $473; vintage gold lion pendant brooch from Tassels and Moore, $66; leather cactus pins from Scandinazn, $22 each; Venus brooch from Banquet, $74

Brooches are back in a big way, from rare vintage treasures encrusted with gems to avant-garde designs crafted from unexpected materials like leather and clay. “Today’s brooches are going to be rocked by fashionistas of all ages and tastes,” says Dayna. Add a jewel-studded stunner to a plain blouse for a pint-sized pop of color, or try clustering together different shapes, hues, and textures on your trusty backpack or denim jacket to build a look that’s chock-full of your own unique flair.

Hair accessories

A collage of hair accessories available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Bespoke hair pins from Mignonne Handmade, from $22; wooden hair stick from Saya Designs Shop, $61; rhinestone-embellished denim headband from Nebula NYC, $25; rhinestone initial hair pins from Madenie, $8 each; straw hair bow from Chapeaux Heirloom Hats, $40; pearl barrette from Maison Passion, $18

Giant bows, chunky barrettes, velvet scrunchies. There’s no denying it: ‘90s hair accessories are in the middle of a major comeback moment. “We’ve seen this trend gaining momentum all year long, but some of our top picks this fall are going to have a fresh, romantic spin,” Dayna says. “I’m talking glittery, ultra-feminine pieces, and styles that let you show off your sparkling personality.” Ready to get in on the action? Give these customizable floral hair pins or rhinestone-bedazzled initial clips a spin.


Pearl hoops

A collage of pearl hoop earrings available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Hammered pearl hoops from Goldeluxe, $36; pearl statement hoops from ATUKO, from $175; gold circle earrings with pearls from Maksym, $58; gold hoop with pearls from Omi Woods, from $188; beaded hoop earrings from TSUNJA, $60; pearl drop hoops from EVREN, from $41

We hope you’re sitting down because we’ve got some exciting news: Your tried-and-true hoops and your beloved pearl studs just had a baby (and boy is she a looker!) Get ready to welcome this season’s freshest earring trend, the pearl hoop. “The best part of this trend is experimenting with different interpretations of this style of earring,” says Dayna. Whether you opt for an over-the-top wreath of pearls and colorful beads or ultra-sleek abstract hoops adorned with a single iridescent gem, these pretty pieces strike the perfect balance between big drama and timeless elegance.

Charm bracelets

A collage of charm bracelets available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Freshwater pearl bracelet from Cozette Jewelry, $50; Marina chain bracelet from Sanktoleono, $70; vintage French coin charm bracelet from SoCal Jewel Box, $82; vintage sea life charm bracelet from Fritz’s finds, $5; gold vermeil green jade charm bracelet from Veronique’s Jewelry, $73

We kicked off this past spring by piling on mix-and-match bangles and rings (or as Dayna likes to call them, “arm parties”), and in the summer, topped off our stack with a sophisticated take on camp-inspired friendship bracelets. This fall, we’re continuing to tap into that more-is-more mentality by inviting charm bracelets to join the festivities. “It’s time for charm bracelets to get their own grown-up revamp,” says Dayna. “Think chunkier chains and elevated pendants made from unique materials.”  Want to make a major statement? Pack on the custom charms to get the most bang out of a single chain, or pair with a pile of dangly bracelets to take you from arm party to full-on bonanza.


Patchwork pieces

A collage of patchwork fashions available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): ’90s patchwork leather blazer from Erika Astrid, $129; vintage suede and leather patchwork coat from Wolf and Moon Vintage, $95; patchwork bomber jacket from Dusted Wonders, $120; patchwork high-waisted jeans from Blue Bus Vintage Co., $48

A great pair of jeans and a wear-anywhere jacket are fall fashion staples, and this season’s must-have styles are inspired by another ‘90s classic: patchwork designs. “This trend embodies everything I love about maximalism,” says Dayna. “Playful shapes: check. Contrasting colorways: check. Overlapping textures: triple check!” For a not-so-typical transition piece, try topping off a neutral outfit with a patchwork jacket or blazer, which dials up the edginess while still looking intentional and put-together.

Suit sets

SHOP (clockwise from top left): Raspberry silk suit from True Node, $270; vintage teal wool pantsuit from MAW SUPPLY, $60; white linen pantsuit from Lovely Linen Studio, from $235; checkered two-piece skirt suit from Court Vintage, $82; star-print suit jacket from Le Mouton Bleu, from $184

“Much like the little black dress or the perfect pair of jeans, a power suit is something everyone should have in their wardrobe,” says Dayna, and we couldn’t agree more. No matter if you’re striding into the boardroom or onto the dance floor, when you’re sporting a coordinated pantsuit, your cool confidence is guaranteed to shine through. Not sure how to find the two-piece set that’s right for you? “Consider the silhouette of a favorite jumpsuit or the hue of your go-to interview outfit, and use that as a starting point,” Dayna says. Whether the fabric is printed or solid, the cut is feminine or masculine, or the design is vintage or hand-tailored, the key is to lean into your own personal style and wear it proudly, head to toe. 

Urban cowgirl

A collage of Southwestern styles available on Etsy.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Vintage cowgirl boots from Mudd Ray, $125; embroidered chambray blouse from Better Stay Together, $42; vintage cowgirl boots with butterflies from Reunion Vintage Goods, $115; Western suede vest from Northern Girl Store, $48; vintage fringed pullover jacket from Wolf and Moon Vintage, $125

“Southwestern motifs have taken over our homes, and now they’re making their way into our closets,” says Dayna. We saw cowgirl boots two-step onto the style scene during this past festival season, sparking a new fall movement we’re calling “giddy-up chic.” Get the look by layering a suede vest over a jeans-and-tee combo, or upgrade your best denim-on-denim getup with an embellished or embroidered collared shirt. Saddle up, because this adventurous trend is giving us permission to let the fringe run wild. Yeehaw!

For the guys

Vintage rings, necklaces, and bolo ties

A collage of men's fall style trends available on Etsy, such as signet rings and bolo ties.
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Concrete pendant necklace from Bazk Berlin, $52; wood and cord bolo tie from Minima Maxima, $100; vintage car signet ring from Hidden Attic Antiques, $405; turquoise bolo tie from Bolo Revival, $65; brass ring from Rough Design Co., $80; hexagonal wood bolo tie from Moonfinder, $43

Gentlemen friends: Don’t fret, this maximalist moment was made for you, too. “For guys, it’s no longer just about strapping on a watch and skipping out the door. This fall you’re getting in on the fun and incorporating more signature pieces to show off your personal style,” says Dayna. For all you accessory newbies, that might mean a vintage signet ring imbued with rich history, or a contemporary twist on a traditional bolo tie to match your Southwestern sisters. Or—who knows?—maybe even both.

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  • guxzme5d

    Alyona Prikhodchenko from EdnaWronski said 2 years ago

    Let me express my opinion :). It's very cool that costumes are at the height of fashion. I also liked hair accessories and jewelry. But these too bright cowboy-style boots and patches on clothes are not to my liking. I like minimalism more. For example, coarse black boots, a plain T-shirt, jeans with no frills and a plain coat. Such clothes can always be supplemented with bright accessories. The same scarf or jewelry can make an image quite bright without going to extremes. Fashion is constantly changing and it is important not to chase it. You just need to find your style. Of course, it is very important to follow the trends. After all, you can find something interesting in them for yourself. After all, what does not fit one person, suits another. But the trends for men I really liked!

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    Thanks for the Fall Style Trends. for myself would choose a Silk scarf. It is very stylish and multifunctional. I would clothe oneself it on the neck, head and tie a bag.

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    Lovely timeless selection!! Trends but always classics! Love them all especially the oversized scarf and the cowgirl pullover jacket!

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    I live in a farming town, so the "Urban Cowgirl" look is covered! :) Right now I'm in love with hair accessories. I bought some hand forged hair forks from an Etsy shop and love them! Thank you for the new ideas!!

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