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We’re living in a golden age for vintage. Etsy shoppers can snap up vintage clothing from a wide range of eras. Looking for a lacy Edwardian dress? Check. Is a 1980s jumpsuit more your style? No problem. It might seem as though anyone with a good eye and access to merchandise can be a vintage retailer. Indeed, many people start selling vintage items as a hobby. But if they decide to turn that hobby into a full-time business, there’s precious little advice on how to do it.

I’ve been wholesaling vintage clothing for 10 years from a warehouse in Brooklyn, New York, supplying retailers all over the world. I’ve sold inventory to every kind of business, from high-volume national firms to small boutiques, and consulted on creative direction and operations advice with both corporate and independent clients. I’ve also made some 580 sales though my Etsy shop, Dusty Rose Vintage, since I opened it in 2008.

The problem I see most often? People trying to make a career out of selling vintage items get overwhelmed, because they’re not prepared for the unique demands of the business. If you’re ready to take your vintage shop to the next level, consider these four important steps.

1. Make a Plan

It might be tempting to jump in without a business plan, but if you want to stick around and grow, you can’t skip this step. When you translate your vision onto paper, you’ll immediately see the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats affecting your business. Consider how much capital you’ll need, not only for inventory, but also for essentials like hangers, rolling racks, an industrial steamer, storage bins, shipping supplies, thank you cards and stain remover. Don’t skimp on your budget – it all adds up, and it’s better to come in under budget than to blow a hole in your finances with overly optimistic thinking. Read How to Write a Creative Business Plan in Under an Hour and Getting Financing for Your Business for more advice on business planning.

2. Build a Robust Inventory

Having a full shop demonstrates that you’re a serious seller. That might also attract more serious buyers, such as designers looking for reference pieces or wardrobe professionals outfitting a cast. My personal goal is to keep at least 250 items in my shop at all times. To do the same, you’ll need to diversify your shop’s style. If you’re too specific about what eras or styles you carry, you may struggle to find enough to fill your shop.

People often get into vintage because they love the thrill of the hunt. But if you want this to be your full-time gig, spending a whole day (plus gas) to buy 30 pieces from thrift stores may not the most effective use of time. Using a vintage wholesaler is one way to stock up. Some will ship orders if you meet a purchase minimum, which can range from $500 to $2,000. Some wholesalers (myself included) will offer a lower minimum if you come in and select goods yourself, and charge more if they do the work for you. Another option is to purchase vintage lots online.

I see many vintage sellers making the same mistake: If they don’t have a good month, they don’t replenish their stock. And if they don’t replenish their stock, their inventory doesn’t feel fresh. This negative feedback loop can drag down your business. Starting with enough money to keep restocking inventory is vital. If you don’t have enough, consider applying for a small business loan or seeking out other funding.

3. Focus on Photography

When photographing items, look for ways to save time. For example, you can style outfits using one top that works with multiple bottoms, and vice versa. When steaming clothing, group items as outfits or colorways. Maggie Leadman, owner of Noir Ohio, runs her online business from Dayton, Ohio. Since she opened the business in 2005, she has worked with a variety of clients, even styling a a music video featuring Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. To achieve a cohesive aesthetic in her shop, she styles outfits with key on-trend garments that appear throughout her shop.

Maggie Leadman styles outfits in her vintage product listings with on trend accessories, like this belt and hat, in her shop Noir Ohio.

Using accessories, like this belt, hat and shoe combination, Noir Ohio creates cohesive, stylish outfits for her shop’s product listings.

You can also give your shop a cohesive feel by using a consistent backdrop and lighting, suggests Adriene Passante, owner of Etsy shop Lotus Vintage. “You want your listings to stand out, not blend in with everyone else’s,” says Adriene, who started selling vintage clothing online in 2006 and opened a physical store two years ago in Huntington, New York. “Develop a look that works and stick with it!” She uses a seamless backdrop and studio lighting so every photo looks similar. Through trial and error, she has cut photo editing time in half by shooting in a consistent style that allows for batch editing. For efficiency’s sake, try shooting photos in the order that you’ll list them. Read Time-Saving Photography Tips for Vintage Sellers to learn more about taking great product shots.

Lotus Vintage uses  a seamless backdrop and studio lighting for clear and consistent product photos.

Lotus Vintage uses a seamless backdrop and studio lighting to produce clear and consistent product photos.

4. Collaborate With Competitors

I know it’s tempting to fear competition, but in the vintage business it’s often best to embrace it. Collaborations can bring a wider audience to you and your partner: think of it as exchanging a chance to talk to each other’s fans and supporters. For instance, maybe there’s a vintage shop in your town that doesn’t sell the same style or type of items as you. Ask if they’d like to collaborate on a pop-up shop or trunk show. Or, maybe you have a few items that might fit better in another seller’s store. (I regularly pull collections for other sellers.)

Marcy Langworthy makes earrings for her shop, Manhattan Hippy Vintage, from damaged vintage shirts.

Manhattan Hippy Vintage sells earrings made from repurposed shirts.

Have vintage pieces left over from a bulk lot? You might ask a designer to make something with the material. For instance, I often send damaged shirts to Marcy Langworthy, owner of Manhattan Hippy, an Etsy shop based in New York City that sells vintage clothing and handmade button earrings. Marcy repurposes the fabric to make earrings. Working with other creative vintage lovers has become a favorite part of my business.

Do you run a vintage business? What’s your top tip for going full-time? Share in the comments.

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Maresa Ponitch owns Dusty Rose Vintage. She has been wholesaling, retailing and renting vintage clothing from Greenpoint, Brooklyn since 2006. She specializes in scaling vintage operations up from small to very large, working with designers for reference pieces, and providing accurate wardrobe for period film and TV projects. 

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  • dustyrosevintage

    dustyrosevintage from dustyrosevintage says: Featured

    Thanks for your comments! I realize that the Etsy vintage community is vast and diverse so this advice won't work for everyone. But I applaud the tireless efforts of all sellers so am happy to hear that many of you found some of these observations useful. And for those of you who have never been to a vintage wholesaler before, you might find that the thrill of the hunt is equally exciting in a warehouse packed with thousands of pounds of vintage just waiting for you to find your favorite pieces!

    275 days ago

  • beardoil

    Beard Oil from BeardOil says:

    Great tips to share for fellow vintage shops or anyone has thought of starting up!!

    276 days ago

  • IronwoodCandles

    Ironwood Candles from IronwoodCandles says:

    Awesome information, Maresa!

    276 days ago

  • ckyoon

    carol from thespectaclednewt says:

    Really interesting. I deal in a lot of vintage suitcases and typewriters and I DO love the hunt, maybe most of all. In fact, later this week I'm going to drive all day to get just two items (and she says driving all day to get 30 is not a good use of time!) - a typewriter and a card catalog. This article has helped me see that I really don't want to leap into a full scale business, otherwise I think the joy will be extinguished for me.

    276 days ago

  • HabitNationUSA

    Rebecca and Daniel from HabitNationUSA says:

    Great tips! I once tried selling vintage household goods and my favorite part was the thrill of the hunt. The time consumption, along with raising two children has me narrowing down my business to what we are concentrating on now. Still, this is full of great tips that may prove useful in the future.

    276 days ago

  • smilingrabbit

    Renee and Liz from smilingrabbit says:

    Great tips for all shops! Thank you for sharing!!

    276 days ago

  • deodorantshop

    Deodorant Shop from deodorantshop says:

    Sweet pointers!!! =)

    276 days ago

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie says:

    Great information!

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  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak says:

    So many great tips

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  • StillVintage

    StillVintage from StillVintage says:

    I am so excited with this article. I enjoy vintage items so much that I post them right away. I will re read the article and take all the great tips in.

    276 days ago

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams says:

    I was going to start a vintage shop awhile ago here on Etsy, but realized I don't yet have the time to devote to learning what I would need to know to be successful in that effort. What concerns me most is pricing items correctly, and the research and knowledge base that would require. For now I'm focused on my art and crafts shop. But I love looking at the great vintage shops on Etsy!

    276 days ago

  • bombarded

    Jessica Labowski from StartTalkingVintage says:

    fantastic tips! I;m currently working on building my inventory up, my current goal is 100 but I agree that 250 is a sweet spot- I need to step up my game!

    276 days ago

  • AnnaBelleArts

    AnnaBelleArts from AnnaBelleArts says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

    276 days ago

  • felicesereno

    Felice Sereno from FeliceSereno says:

    great tips! i shall start trying estate sales soon as my european inventory is dwindling!!

    276 days ago

  • ek3456
  • PattyMora

    patty mora from PattyMora says:

    Good advice. Always need a refresher on setting up shop. Thank you.

    276 days ago

  • ArtisanSoapInVegas

    Artisan Bath and Body from ArtisanBathandBody says:

    I do not sell vintage items, but this is valuable information for everyone, especially for those who are new. Thank you for this wonderful article!

    276 days ago

  • lannapants
  • seeingultraviolet

    Carli Noëlle from TheOnyxGallery says:

    This post could not have come at a better time! Although my shop only officially started up in January, I am constantly reconfiguring my process in order to become more efficient in working toward my goal of selling full time. Streamlining tasks is vital to getting things done in a timely manner (something I definitely struggle with - hello ADD!) If you're working full time like myself, you know that productivity is crucial - especially on those precious days off. It is so easy to get caught up in the little things, so thank you for highlighting clear-cut steps toward achieving full time status. Although there's a wealth of sound advice on Etsy, at times it is hard to translate certain tips and apply them to a vintage shop. It makes me so happy to see new pieces of advice geared specifically toward selling vintage - Thanks!

    276 days ago

  • smittenkittenkendall

    Kendall McCulloch from SmittenKittenKendall says:

    Excellent and timely advice as I am thinking of expanding my jewelry shop by adding vintage clothing and accessories later this summer. Thanks!

    276 days ago

  • opendoorstudio

    Martha Layton Smith from opendoorstudio says:

    Great tips… and congratulations to you.. happy to see a vintage shop and article featured!

    276 days ago

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    Sara from LillyQueenVintage says:

    GREAT tips!

    276 days ago

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  • Circa810

    Thom Aten from Circa810 says:

    Fantastic tips and information .... going to put a few to work right now

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  • SouthwestVintage

    SouthwestVintage from SouthwestVintage says:

    It's wonderful to see an article addressed to the vintage sellers. I have been selling vintage on Etsy since 2010 and have been full time for the past year and a half. Having a full shop does increase your sales. The more items you have listed the more chance people have to find you. Also, like many other commentators mentioned, the thrill of the hunt is what makes this job so fun. I might drive 30 min to an antique show to purchase 10 to 30 pieces but I am looking for items that are special and fit my brand. I do try and buy in multiples because I receive a better purchase price but taking the time to purchase quality and unique items makes customers come back. I could go on an on but again I really appreciate advice for vintage sellers and hope to see more to come.

    276 days ago

  • thehopetree

    Hayley from thehopetree says:

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  • WetDesert

    MJ Toops from WetDesert says:

    This was a fantastic article. I've been selling vintage for just over 2 years. I have a small shop that is slowly getting bigger (and I hope better). But honestly, I had never really thought of following any of the tips mentioned in this article aside from having consistent photographs. Looks like I have some work to do!!!

    276 days ago

  • 2Crafty4You

    Renate from 2Crafty4You says:

    Thank you for the very helpful information. I'm selling some Vintage, but I like to have a full shop on Vintage and more Items.I really appreciate advice from and for Vintage Sellers.

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  • SouvenirAndSalvage

    Mary Jo and Rachael from SouvenirAndSalvage says:

    This is the article we have been looking for. Thank you for posting something that pertains to those of us who love to sell and highlight the finer vintage things in life. Our experience as Etsy shop owners has been wonderful so far. Looking forward to applying ideas from above to further our reach. We are blessed to be a part of this great community!

    276 days ago

  • recycledwares

    Nerrissa W from RecycledWares says:

    Great article. I don't sell vintage clothing much, but these tips can be used in my store as well. I agree, keeping your shop fresh is key to keeping customers coming back.

    276 days ago

  • debvasbinder

    Deb Vasbinder from BabyCuteBaby says:

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  • peachtreedesigns3

    Laura from peachtreedesigns3 says:

    Wonderful advise! I fully agree, you need to replenish your shop to keep it fresh and attract buyers. And keeping your inventory above at least 200 items in your Etsy shop keeps business flowing. Happy selling to all! : )

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  • VintageStarrBeads

    VintageStarrBeads from VintageStarrBeads says:

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  • MangoLover

    MangoLover from MangoLover says:

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  • dahlilafound

    Dahlila S. from dahlilafound says:

    I'm always looking for ways to improve my vintage photos & up my stock, but I'm totally willing to drive to find great pieces I love. Selling pieces "I" love helps me convey how great & unique they are. It's what makes my shop special. I wouldn't want to sell pieces that aren't fun & that may not bring in the bucks, but it still makes me happy especially when a customer is SO happy she found my shop. The hardest part for me is I don't have a model, & I always love the shops that do. They really convey the shape & drape of the clothing. I wonder, vintage sellers, what do you prefer to use, a mannequin or a model? What works well for you & where could you cut back or splurge? Thank you for posting this article. :)

    276 days ago

  • DeesAlchemyCuriosity

    Deanna White from DeesAlchemyCuriosity says:

    Great tips! I often get a lot of vintage items at flea markets and garage sales and then don't take the time to photograph them or list them right away, which means my stock is not refreshed for weeks and even months at a time, so thanks for the advice!

    276 days ago

  • pamelaleo

    Pamela from HappyFortuneVintage says:

    Love seeing vintage in the limelight. Thanks for the tips.

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  • jenscloset

    Jen from jenscloset says:

    Very inspiring, thanks!

    276 days ago

  • jenscloset

    Jen from jenscloset says:

    I have 3 Etsy vintage shops, and yes, it is my full (very full) time business! It takes lots of work and them more work, but it's fun!

    276 days ago

  • crochetgal

    crochetgal from crochetgal says:

    What wonderful tips for taking a vintage shop to the next level. Fantastic article!

    276 days ago

  • marroc14

    Maria from MusesVintage says:

    Fantastic article and tips. it's so easy to get "carried away" on the hunt. I know- Ive done it so many times.Far better i think, to focus on items which will help improve the "feel" and look of your shop. Also buying in lots is the only way to go...I found that out the hard AND expensive way. And to echo Pamela from HappyFortuneVintage it IS great to "see vintage in the limelight". More of this please!!

    276 days ago

  • GreenLeavesBoutique

    Terry Wilson from GreenLeavesBoutique says:

    Great timing with this post. I needed a nudge to keep going and work harder. I get stuck with trying to take better photos that will showcase the many items just waiting to be shot and listed. It is so very time consuming but it is time to commit!

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  • GabriellasTreasures

    Patricia Barsalona from GabriellasTreasures says:

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  • VeeDayDesigns

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  • jeannerondeau

    Jeanne Rondeau from jeannerondeau says:

    Yes to fresh inventory! I think this is very important. I also find that great communication and very clear descriptions and photos are needed when selling pieces with history. I want to be sure my customers are getting exactly what they wanted before I drop something in the mail. If I have any doubts, I convo them. Thanks for the great article!

    276 days ago

  • lolatrail

    Beth A from lolatrail says:

    Thank you for sharing your tips. I didn't realize there were wholesale retailers in the vintage business. I'll have to start looking around for them.

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  • BlueOakCanyonRanch

    Lynn Moody from BlueOakCanyonRanch says:

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  • tanteqvintage

    Annette from TanteQVintage says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your obvious love of vintage! I have been selling on Etsy for just over 2 years and manage to keep my stock around 150 but am always aiming for more. When I get over that 160 mark, I notice a bump in sales forcing that 'hunt' again! But I agree with many who said that the hunt was the best part. I also agree that I mainly sell what I love because I can be genuinely excited in my descriptions when I'm in love. I have been in sales most of my life and in ladies fashion for many years. I balance my vintage sales with modern consignment sales because I love finding really good clothing, no matter the decade. Will I get rich? Never. But I manage to stay very well dressed! Life is much too short to wear boring clothes! Vintage holds my heart. ;)

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    Elizabeth Knaus from FreshRetroGallery says:

    I spend a day doing photography and editing. I use my ready-to-go pics to do listings on-the-fly as time permits. I sell, mostly, my original family tree charts, so adding vintage items regularly makes the top row of recently listed items more appealing and interesting.

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    Maxine from ReoccuringDreams says:

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    Danny Ricketts from ArtByDanny says:

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    Mimi O'Connor from zelda110 says:

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    Susie Londoner from VINTAZIAVintage says:

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  • DivineOrders

    DivineOrders from DivineOrders says:

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    Betsy Alspach from MyFiberFolly says:

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    Jan Weems from EleanorasAttic says:

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    Karen Hall-Miller from CowgirlsLoft says:

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    junquegypsy from junquegypsy says:

    Let me join in the chorus of grateful vintage sellers on how nice it is to be included in a front page feature. Good advice, Maresa. Like many others have written, though, I'm in it for the fun of the hunt. No hunts. No fun. No shop. I sell so that I can buy more.

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  • NewtoyoubyNancy

    Nancy D from RRGS says:

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    276 days ago

  • truconn

    Trudy from WhatnotGems says:

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    I am a Vintage Home Decor shop open less than a year... would like to make full time... thanks for the ideas to help do so! Especially about working with other Sellers locally. Best, TMC

    276 days ago

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    PepperReed from PepperReed says:

    YAY!! Vintage! Great tips, especially on joining groups and having a 'full' shop inventory. I have quite a bit that is not listed yet, mostly waiting on time to photograph, so my listing volume is *small* , but I'll get more up soon! I use a few mannequins, as I have a variety of sizes, even tho' I specialize in plus sized vintage. I actually don't like the photos on the white background; EVERYBODY does that, so it's just Meh... and doesn't really stand out. I remember another shop photographing on models in front of a lush green hedge that made the clothing *POP* and looked great! Thanks for a great article.

    276 days ago

  • bradford924

    Mandy Bradford from AnUnexpectedJourney says:

    Such a great resource. Although I don't sell vintage clothing, the same techniques apply to any vintage seller.

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    Patricia Dangerfield from vintagelacelinen says:

    Thanks for a great vintage article. I am also still learning the ropes but have been collecting vintage linens and lace for a long time. I love the hunt also and am trying to build up my inventory in each category. Having my own store is a dream come true after years of teaching. I love the freedom and being able to make my own decisions. This is where the vintage advice comes in handy. Thank you for your article.

    276 days ago

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    Thank you for the tips! Great article.

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    Yay....great article! Great to see an article focused on vintage. Great points made here! I definitely agree with keeping your inventory fresh. It can be discouraging when sales are a little slow and sometimes makes you not want to buy more inventory. You definitely have to push through that though...even if you just add a couple of new items to bring in more views. Photography...ugh..the biggest struggle I have. I've been selling online for 10 years altogether and still am learning product photography. Selling vintage is an ever changing world as buyers interests and styles change. That's what I love about it...keeps me on my toes!

    276 days ago

  • rosesattic1917

    Miranda Rose from TwentiethCenturyRose says:

    High quality, well vetted, unique vintage merchandise draws many global shoppers to Etsy. Most vintage merchants I collaborate with are committed to continuing to build Etsy as a premier marketplace for showcasing their best. We have repeatedly been pushed to the background when our presence and efforts are ignored and unmentioned by corporate in almost every high profile article and interview. Gratitude is an important building block for community. How about some love, etsy?

    275 days ago

  • metroretrovintage

    metroretrovintage from metroretrovintage says:

    Wholesaling? Repurposing? Thank you for your outlook. I'm not sure if that's a formula that would work for everyone, especially for those living in more rural areas, or sellers of high-end vintage (how does one wholesale Balenciaga? Or Lanvin? Or Dior?). Cute shop, btw.

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    Thanks for all of the great info!

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    I Love seeing such a positive light on vintage in the Etsy community. I'm looking forward to following up on the links provided, especially streamlining photography and listing productivity. Taking ClassicRetro to the next level would be a dream realized.

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    At last - one of the best articles about vintage I've read! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and providing links - exactly what I needed!

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    A very helpful article, thanks so much! I love vintage and selling on ETSY has helped me reduce a large inventory of collections from belt buckles to antique marbles. A great hobby for retired persons as well as extra income. I enjoy every moment spent selling on ETSY.

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  • karenpmchugh

    Karen McHugh from EyesOnStyle says:

    Good thoughts! Something to consider is I see many vintage items terribly underpriced or very overpriced. Besides great photos and descriptions, you must also do your research and see the price point like items are selling for. I've also noticed many people don't go into detail describing there items, and don't mention the condition.

    275 days ago

  • dustyrosevintage

    dustyrosevintage from dustyrosevintage says: Featured

    Thanks for your comments! I realize that the Etsy vintage community is vast and diverse so this advice won't work for everyone. But I applaud the tireless efforts of all sellers so am happy to hear that many of you found some of these observations useful. And for those of you who have never been to a vintage wholesaler before, you might find that the thrill of the hunt is equally exciting in a warehouse packed with thousands of pounds of vintage just waiting for you to find your favorite pieces!

    275 days ago

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    Thanks for a great article, Maresa. I also love to see vintage highlighted, and look forward to making Etsy my full time job someday! I had read an interesting article from a seller on the other E site who said it took, on average, three auctions to sell an item. This made me feel SO much better if some things didn't sell right away. Patience is key in the vintage world! It also really helped me realize that re-listing unsold, expired items was crucial to keeping my Etsy shop full and to keep stock moving. There are always new customers finding Etsy, and they don't know that your expired items have been around a few times - it's all new to them! I list two new items and renew two expired items every day, and those renewed items still keep selling!

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    I always appreciate tips for vintage sellers. Thanks so much!

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    Thanks for that post! I would live to collaborate with other Georgia Vintage Sellers. Anyone interested contact me at 862.703.9689 Marietta GA Stephanie Fig

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    Wonderful article! I was just thinking, when is Etsy going to get an article out for us vintage folks. I love supplying vintage items to cut back on consumption (of new items), to deliver special keepsakes that people may have had in the past, and the thrill of the hunt is the best part! I love making customers happy with their purchase ;)

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    Love seeing vintage shouted about on Etsy, as all us vintage sellers do:). Great article but yes the thrill of the hunt is the part that makes me do this - combined with finding that right someone who desires the piece and confirms my curating abilities! Bring on the vintage - we have such a fantastic vintage community here on Etsy:)

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    I sell low priced older and vintage cloths. I figure that some of my sales go to vintage dealers . I know I could research and get a better price but I hope that I make in volume what I loose in individual sales. I would love to discount to vintage shops.

    275 days ago

  • moonula

    moonula from MoonulaVintage says:

    The more items you have in your shop, the better you will do. And, constantly adding stock. Those things, combined with the consistent photography mentioned in the post, are really the keys to success. I've found that when I am around 12 or 13 pages of items, and listing at least several things a week, I am doing the best. I've slacked off a bit on my inventory lately---this post reminds me to get going again!

    275 days ago

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    Such an on point and well written article Maresa!! Thanks for including me! xox

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    What a great article! Nice to see something focused on vintage :) I agree about the photography set up and doing a big batch at once when the sun is out. I tend to pull like items and use a group of a few props and mix and match. Saves a lot of time. The same holds for research...if you can research a batch of similar items from the same era it saves time. An idea for another article in this series is one on good sites for researching.

    275 days ago

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    I decided to open a second shop to offer vintage clothing- bridal, women's, and some men's. However, I have a new job and am finding TIME to do the listings to be a real challenge ! Is there anyone in the Tacoma, WA area that knows vintage and would like a part-time gig !? Will pay or if you would like vintage pieces, we can work that out as well. I am sure I have over 300 pieces to get listed ! VERY frustrating !

    275 days ago

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    angh2oz from SparkleSet says:

    Thanks for some useful tips. Vintage has become quite a passion of mine, and this helps to narrow down the basics for any successful store. I've been in business since March, and I continue to enjoy my teams, my customers, and these wonderful Etsy posts...great job!

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    It would be great to see articles on something other than vintage clothing. For example - vintage home (all housewares), vintage accessories (jewelry, belts, scarves etc.), vintage toys, vintage books etc...let's not forget the many other vintage sellers that specialize in things other than clothing :) Each one has unique challenges. The articles could even be like panel interviews with the top 5 sellers in the theme. They would make for great reading :)

    275 days ago

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    Thanks so much for the great info! I sell my photography, not vintage, but I feel like this is helpful advice to anyone selling on Etsy! Thanks!

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    Just thought of another idea for a great article. Get 5-10 experienced, successful vintage sellers to pick 3 items in their category of specialty that are under-priced and 3 that are overpriced and get them to say what they think is a fair price for the items. Pricing is always a tricky thing but some great examples of the range that is out there would be interesting!

    275 days ago

  • LaManche

    LaManche from LaManche says:

    I agree that the volume of items listed and the regular refreshing of stock leads to more sales however being in rural France does not lend itself to wholesale buying trips. Fortunately, I love driving around the beautiful countryside visiting flea markets and hand picking vintage french pieces - it's part of what makes the whole thing an enjoyable enterprise for me. 'Wholesale vintage' sounds too impersonal and, although I can see the sense in it if you want to make a decent living from your vintage shop, it's definitely not for me. Now, must go and take more photographs and 'refresh'.

    275 days ago

  • marmamamma

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    yay! let's do vintage housewares and furnishings next :)

    275 days ago

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    Corana Böhm from wohnraumformer says:

    Spotlight for vintage - great! Thank you so much for this helpful article and greatful tips! I agree. I´m retailing since 14 years now (store and online). My tips are: Love it!!! Be diligent !!! Be honest!!! Check the costs!!!

    275 days ago

  • BetaVintageCasual

    Beta from BetaApparel says:

    This is very useful thanks! Still, we never buy vintage in wholesale and buy all items by ourselves to be totally in control on curating BetaApparel (and 2 other vintage shops) unique collections. Also, manually browsing through second hand shops can sometimes give inspiration for new trends, new aesthetics or styling opportunities and keeps this business more close to analogue reality. Touching fabrics, trying on garments, carefully checking for quality - it makes bond between online business, people behind it and future owners of these garments way stronger.

    275 days ago

  • EmmasHistory

    Emma Sommerfeld from EmmasHistory says:

    To hold enough items in your shop is one of the most important things that often are underestimated. If you have two weeks or so with low sales it's good to have a bit of money left to add new items - otherwise the two weeks will stretch to a month and that could be fatal ... well written article! thank you!

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    Excellent post! I agree, the more items you have in your shop, the more sales you have. I too have been guilty of slacking on my listings when sales are down, which only makes profitability drop.

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    One thing I have noticed about vintage clothing shops on etsy. It seems that none of them divide their sections into sizes or put the size FIRST on their listing. That means that I have to click on every item to see what size it is and that gets old really fast. I have stopped looking at vintage clothing for this reason. Great article that shows the work required to be a full time vintage seller!

    275 days ago

  • nenafayesattic

    Nena from nenafayesattic says:

    Great tips! I love my vintage shop, I have another shop too where I sell my handmade items, and yes, it is a full time job! lol Especially taking pix and listing, but so much fun. I try to do all my own thrifting in one day or two a week so that it is cost efficient. Good photos is key! I am happy with most of mine, some are not so great, but with vintage the customer wants to see exactly what they are getting. All angles, and up close shots of any issues. Always let your customer know even about the teeniest of flea bites too and you will always have happy customers!

    275 days ago

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    Thank you, Maresa! :) I'm always impressed by how much Etsy tries to help its members improve their shops. The spirit of sharing and helping keeps Etsy special for me!

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    Excellent, instantly bookmarked article - that really felt like it spoke to me, as a new Etsy vintage shop owner. I think that one of my top tips so far would be that just as one needs to budget their finances when it comes to stocking their shop (and other related expenses), so too do they need to realize early on how much time and energy will go into running a shop on anything beyond a part-time hobby, let alone full time career, basis. To help with the workflow there, I like to shoot one day (or for a few days in a row), select and edit photos on another, and list on a third, with sourcing, shipping orders and other assorted business related going ons happening either on the fourth or in between sessions devoted to those things. Again, fantastic piece - please keep more coming that focus on vintage selling here on Etsy.

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    If you want a pattern made from a vintage garment, let me know. I charge $40 per pattern piece. If you want vintage clothing repaired or altered, I can do that also.

    275 days ago

  • sewandso

    Donna Davis from sewandso says:

    Oops, That's $4.00 per pattern piece, not $40!

    275 days ago

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    very interesting article. i often use vintage fabrics in my items, and i now think i should mention that in the description. it's great to find new ways to keep customers interested.

    275 days ago

  • shareestaggs

    Mary Lynn, Jessica, Andrea, and Sharee from LaOohLaLaBoutique says:

    Hooray! We are absolutely thrilled to see an Etsy blog article highlighting the vintage portion of this fabulous online marketplace! Please continue to showcase vintage in the seller handbook section of the blog! We can always use more inspiration and guidance with regards to the vintage side of our boutique! I think the two most important parts in this article are "building a robust inventory" and "focus on photography"; we strive to set our minds to this everyday. More sales take place when you have more inventory for buyers to browse through; they will also be more likely to stay in your shop, keep looking, and possibly buy multiple items. Keeping a cohesive look with your photography helps too! One commenter asked what is best for displaying vintage clothing, a model or a mannequin? I prefer the real-life living model, but a classy mannequin (a bust only or with a face) can be equally aesthetically pleasing to the eye as long as you create the crisp, light, and airy, or themed environment/setting for your background. Striving to achieve the highest quality of photography and photo editing in your capabilities is essential! Also, "collaborating with competitors" is a great piece of advice as well...and I think also having other vintage Etsy shops is also rewarding. For instance, I collaborate with my sister Andrea of "Storybook Artifact" who has a vintage Victorian/Romantic themed Etsy shop where she houses women's garments and fancy vintage housewares; we hold weekly photo shoots together and thus provide a model and a photographer! "LaOohLaLa Boutique" is a vintage/handmade boutique that my sister and I collaborate with my grandmother and great-aunt where we house mid century themed women's clothing, vintage pin up ephemera, and collectible designer vintage stilettos along with my aunt's handmade retro themed pin up pillows. The third shop "Eco-Friendly Freckles", I run myself and it houses my upcycled original artwork along with a variety of vintage toys, housewares, decor, etc...because preserving vintage items gives what some may consider an old, outdated, and unwanted item a "new life" by recycling it in a way and providing it to someone who cherishes it! "One man's trash is another man's treasure" and "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" certainly holds truth when it comes to vintage! By having these three separate vintage shops, the Victorian romantic themed items are set apart from the mid century mod sixties themed items; by doing this we create a specific venue for our niche markets to come to and enjoy!

    275 days ago

  • lizaanne

    liza anne from KitschyBits says:

    So happy to hear about vintage shops!! I've had my shop for a couple of years now just as a hobby. I like to say that "I buy other people's stuff so that I can sell it on Etsy, so that I can go out and buy other people's stuff." :-) For now, it's a hobby, but eventually when I retire I really would love to ramp it up to more of a business. In the meantime, I'm learning what works and what doesn't, what's worth the time and effort and what is just way too time consuming to bother with (ironing itsy bitsy vintage children's clothing anyone? ugh!!!). Please do more articles for vintage shop owners - we need all the help and support we can get!! Thank you!! ~Liza

    275 days ago

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    Linda Sapp Long from umeone says:

    Fabulous tips on selling Vintage full time! Thank you so much for featuring Vintage on Etsy! My Shop is my full time job and I love it! So many great eras of quality, well made and meant to last products. The history of these founding Companies is so interesting. I love the pieces that speak to me and trigger a memory from years ago, comfort pieces that make me feel good every time I use them.

    275 days ago

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    Yes! MORE VINTAGE ON ETSY. Good business tips for any Etsy shop. Would like to see Etsy go crazy and feature more articles about vintage!!! Julie

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    Loved reading this article. Viva la Vintage!

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    Christine Knight from knightcloth says:

    Great article! I have 2 vintage shops: one for patterns, supplies, fabric and the other is vintage anything else. My third shop is my creations mostly made from vintage materials. This shop needs work; I don't give it enough time. That said here what I have learned as well as my business practices: 1. Very seldom will I pay over $3.00 for an item. 2. Very seldom do I price an item below $10.00. Why: time acquiring it, cleaning, photographing, creative listing and sending it out as well as listing fees, closing fees, postage and either paypal or credit card fees. So if you have $10.00 items you will have to sell at least 20 to make close to $100.00. 3. In looking at other shops the trend is the more you have the more you sell. My goal is 365 x 3 items in each of my vintage shops. Not that I do it each day but that is 3 renewals as well as replacing sold items to keep the number the same. If I go into a store I want some variety and that requires a lot to choose from, at least that is what I have found. 4. The weakest link in my endeavors is me and listing consistently. Vintage requires creative thinking and some days I'm not doing my A game. 5. If I had one wish I would like more than 10 sections so my sections aren't so general.

    275 days ago

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    Great article!! I need to make the leap from a brick and mortar store to an online shop in order to make ends meet....this was perfect!

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    As a brand new vintage seller, I found the article VERY helpful! Thanks! I am going to forward the link to my partners, my mom and sister. I can't wait to read the linked article about taking photos, as well. I'm glad to read that we are on the right track with listing a variety of items, frequently. I have a goal of listing 3-4 items every single day.

    275 days ago

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    Thanks for the great article! Great tips in there and in the comments from fellow vintage sellers. Full time is my goal!

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    Amazing article, Maresa. It's great to see vintage getting some attention from the Etsy community. Thank you so much for the honorable shop mention! It's a pleasure working with you!

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    Great tricks/tips.....wonderful article....sending a Virtual Starbucks to all Vintage Shops and congratulations to you, Maresa!

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    Wonderful - thanks so much! I think I figured out one of these tips on my own but so glad to not have to figure it all out on my own :-D

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    Great Article. I am a vintage shop owner that specializes in vintage décor. Vintage items can bring such a sense of comfort and coziness to a home.

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    Great article...thanks. I keep "tweeking" my shop. You've inspired a new goal of 250...a little difficult since I'm working full time to keep the wolves away from the door. Thanks for the encouraging tips. VINTAGE ROCKS!

    275 days ago

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    Judy from judygovintage says:

    Thank you for writing such an informative article. I've been selling vintage clothing for years now and while I might have the inventory, the scale of my business has not been as far reaching. I've been aware for some time that I probably pay more for my clothing than your average dealer which one has to think about in the long run. Hand picking is great but the business partner needs to hold hands with the hunter. I started including furniture which I also love but kept one store. Some argue it would be better to have 2 stores, others argue if it's working why mess with it. Sometimes it works better than others... If you have the space furniture can work at a larger profit margin but think about shipping as well. Not every customer can handle Greyhound- the cheapest option for larger pieces. If you have some help with repairing pieces- that can be a godsend... Trying to do it all by yourself could be tough- not impossible but tough. Wonderful to see Etsy recognize a vintage dealer and such an experienced one at that!

    275 days ago

  • ionesAttic

    Barbara from ionesAttic says:

    Vintage home decor is my shop's primary focus. I've come to respect the shop's that successfully sell vintage clothing. It's one thing to style and photo a vintage lamp or piece of pottery. But to show the character of clothing and accessories a live model makes all the difference! Thanks for the advice to use the word "lot" in promoting my vintage dress collections that are available now.

    275 days ago

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    Susie from NostalgiaRocks says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, experience and tips with us. Its always so nice to read others posts, really gets the creative juices flowing. I for one am ready to step up my business a FEW notches and have really needed some inspiration & new ideas.

    275 days ago

  • hensnest10

    Henrietta McClellan from hensnest10 says:

    I sell a lot of vintage which does not include very much clothing. Do You ever do anything for those of us who have items over 100 years old? I have quite a few items that are but hesitate to list them because you don't seem to do anything for those of us who have items over 100 years of age.

    275 days ago

  • rajoman10

    Sue from SentimentalSue says:

    Thanks so much for this great VINTAGE article! My shop features vintage jewelry instead of clothing but all great advice for any vintage shop! Thanks for all the links and tips! My shop is definitely a work in progress and I am ready to take it to the next level!

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    Great info!

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    Thanks for you article specific to vintage sellers. Great info I will also use.

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    Its always nice to read up on how to stand out through your photography!

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    Maureen Pakutz from TheRainyDayShop says:

    My daughter and I both have a shop, and we help each other out to budget time. My daughter is the buyer and shipper, and I do the listings and research for both shops. I found an unusual ally for my business. My brother who is a retired teacher has discovered that he loves looking for vintage and antique items at garage sales and estate sales. I gave him certain parameters, and he buys within those parameters. Best yet, he does not charge me anything for his time and travel. He calls it therapy. Now, now everyone is going to have a brother like this, but consider having friends scout out treasures for you. If you and friend have a smart phone, they can send you pictures of the items and you can decide yes or no. So, look for allies wherever you can find them. Don't hesitate to tell your friends about your shop..........never know where you will find a willing helper. Maureen

    275 days ago

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    Camelot Vintage from camelotvintage says:

    Great Article! Running a vintage shop requires a lot of work and commitment. The thrill of the hunt and everything that goes along with it, is what it's all about. I just bless to be able to do something that I love! Thanks again for such a great article.

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    Thanks for the tips! I really need to work on increasing my listings!

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    It is refreshing to see an article focusing on vintage sellers on Etsy. I have been running my shop for 3 years now and I really needed a jumpstart. Thanks for providing that and more. I need to get out there and buy some more stuff.

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    Great blog Thank you for the important info!

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    I spend a lot of time editing photos, so the background and lighting tips really made me think! Thanks for the article! xoxo

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    I try to be certain that my product is something I find appealing and enjoyable. I try not to bring anything home that I am not willing to give living space to.

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    Great article! But I'd add one more thing between 1 - Make a Plan and 2 - Build a Robust Inventory, to expand on what Michele and Darryl from ChromaticWit said above: 1.5 - Focus your inventory on something you love, so that the thrill of the hunt expands to include a passion for sharing it. If you eventually become an expert in whatever it is, then you're the go-to person (shop) for whatever it is! Here's my example: I've appreciated vintage dinnerware for years, but when I discovered an unusually shaped pattern from the 1930's (Salem Tricorne triangular plates and Streamline conical cups), I fell in love and collected all I can. I researched the heck out of everything to do with it, and now my shop is known as the largest online source for this dinnerware in the world; we've sold hundreds of pieces, as wedding china for young couples and piece by piece for folks who've also become enamored of it; to set designers for TV shows, art directors for advertising, interior designers and international collectors, etc... Loving what you feature in your shop enhances the other steps in Maresa's list! ~Susabella

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