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Featured Shop: Todd Borka handmade and vintage goods

Hello! My name is Todd Borka, and I live in Lyon, France. I draw portraits from my sunny apartment, spread out on the floor or at my big wooden desk.


Once upon a time, I only drew for companies – publishing houses, ad agencies or magazines. The inspiration there came from fake people with perfect faces and perfect bodies. Perfection is boring! Gradually, I realized that I would prefer to work with real people and sell my drawings for less money.


The first products I offered in my shop were portraits on paper. I make them by drawing on a digital tablet and printing out the finished piece on nice, thick paper. After that, I wanted to think of a way for people to always keep a portrait on them, so I made my small pendants. The pendants are made from raw wood, and I draw the portraits on them by hand. My latest products are the candles, which are very symbolic to me.


Selling on Etsy made me reconsider my work. When you work for an agency, they’ll order a drawing and say, “Thank you. Give us your bank account and we’ll pay you in a month. Goodbye.” And voila! It’s over. Now I finally get to draw real people and have a meaningful exchange, which feels good.


My goal is to make approachable art. I draw for couples that may not have a $500 budget, but still want a drawing. I would like to draw all of the people of the world and make a huge mosaic of faces. I am fascinated by faces.

All photographs by Todd Borka.