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5 Tips for Writing Stellar Product Descriptions handmade and vintage goods


Alluring photographs are critical to draw shoppers into an item listing. But, once browsers have arrived, the power is in your pencil to turn them into buyers. By using language that is both informative and reflective of your brand’s personality, you have the chance to capture hearts in ways that visuals alone cannot. Let these tips guide you through the process of crafting shop copy that engages and informs customers. The advice focuses specifically on writing great item descriptions, but you can apply it throughout your shop, from your Policies to your About page.

1. Find Your Voice

Your writing voice establishes your shop’s distinct personality or style. When developing a voice, think about your target audience and the image you’re trying to convey to them. Are most of your customers moms with young children, for instance, or teenagers sporting some cool new accessory? Kathy Wesselius, owner of Felix Street Studio, a handcrafted bag business based in Scottsdale, Arizona, says her customers are typically men engaged to be married or women shopping for a gift for their husbands or boyfriends. She tailors her product line and listing descriptions accordingly. For example, she markets a shaving kit bag as a gift for grooms and poses this question in the item’s description: “Are you looking for a classic, rugged, practical, handmade gift?” Since Kathy is older than many of her customers, she occasionally asks her kids for advice on striking a more youthful tone.

The description for this personalized shaving kit bag from Felix Street Studio notes, "Each bag is hand cut and custom embroidered before it is lined and stitched together with strong nylon thread on an industrial sewing machine. Every step is executed carefully so you will have a sturdy, well-constructed bag that will hold up to years of use."

The description for this personalized shaving kit bag from Felix Street Studio notes, “Each bag is hand cut and custom embroidered before it is lined and stitched together with strong nylon thread on an industrial sewing machine. Every step is executed carefully so you will have a sturdy, well-constructed bag that will hold up to years of use.”

Some shop owners adopt a voice that reflects their own personality. Erin Elowe Proctor, metalsmith and owner of Saturn 5 Studio, a jewelry business based in Westminster, California, tries to inject humor into her listings. “I want readers to feel like they’re talking to me,” she says. For example, one of her descriptions for a personalized pendant etched with a pet portrait warns, “You are dealing with a crazy cat lady!” Erin says, “As a shopper, I’m attracted to that. I bought Unicorn Farts lip balm just the other day from an Etsy seller because the listing was so fun to read; I wanted to buy her products and then hang out with her afterwards.” If you’re not sure how to translate your voice onto the page, Erin suggests describing your product aloud into a tape recorder, playing it back and typing down what you said.

Point of view is another key element of voice. It might be tempting to use the “royal we” or third person when describing your products, but doing so can confuse shoppers about who’s creating your products. If you’re a solo operator, it’s best to use the first person perspective in your listings. In fact, it can be a big selling point for shoppers who love to personally connect with makers.

Keep in mind that your voice can – and should – change over time as your shop evolves. Kathy of Felix Street Studio says her shop’s voice has gone from quirky to refined since she started it in 2009. Back then, she was a one-woman operation, so she used the first person point of view throughout her shop. Now that she has a three-person staff,  she writes about her shop from a plural perspective.  “As my shop and my product has evolved, I have taken a more professional tone,” she says. “I want my brand to be perceived as elegant. Plus, it’s not just me making and shipping and doing everything anymore; it’s a team approach led by me with a very talented staff.”

2. Think Physical

A detailed description can help narrow the gap between shopping in a brick-and-mortar store and buying online. Gittit Szwarc, a self-proclaimed “jewelry engineer” and owner of Knobbly, an Etsy shop based in Tel Aviv, recommends thinking about what information a buyer might be gathering if she were shopping for an item in a physical store. One thing Gittit has learned is that numerical measurements alone tend to be less than helpful, especially when people are shopping for jewelry. “Most people can’t eyeball 1.5 inches and don’t keep a ruler by their computer,” she says.  Instead, Gittit uses physical reference points such as “chin length” and “just below the collarbone” to convey size, and then includes specific measurements and other technical information further down in the item details.

In the description of these rose gold ear cuffs in Gittit Szwarc’s shop she notes, “The longest chain dangles 13 cm (5 inches) long, so the spikes just skim the top of your shoulders” to give readers around the world a sense of scale.

In the description of these rose gold ear cuffs in Gittit Szwarc’s shop, Knobbly, she notes, “The longest chain dangles 13 cm (5 inches) long, so the spikes just skim the top of your shoulders” to give readers around the world a sense of scale.

3. Get Mobile-Friendly

These days, more than 50 percent of traffic to Etsy comes from mobile devices. That means shoppers are more likely to be experiencing your shop on a smaller screen – perhaps at the same time they’re checking their social media accounts, texting friends and scanning their email inboxes. As a result, it’s more important than ever to create descriptions that are concise and memorable. Include the most important information in the beginning of each listing to draw readers in and to make your shop more search-friendly. (Check out How to Get Found in Search for more detailed advice.) A metaphor or a highly descriptive word can get a paragraph’s worth of information across and entice readers to linger over a mental image, adds Gittit of Knobbly.

4. Experiment

Look at your Shop Stats on a regular basis to determine what keywords people are typing in to find you. “If I find that after a few months no one searches the term ‘atomic rocket’ then I use something else. It’s a constant experimentation,” notes Erin of Saturn 5 Studio. To strengthen the selection of keywords, try this trick: Pretend you are a shopper and search for your item using Etsy’s search bar. In a drop-down list, Etsy will auto-suggest the most popular real search terms that buyers are actually searching. Do you see terms in this list that describe your product? Incorporate these words in your tags and titles to increase the listing’s search relevancy and connect with more shoppers.

5. Edit, Then Edit Some More

Show the same quality and care in your writing that you put into your products by proofreading descriptions for grammar, punctuation and clarity. Trim out unnecessary tidbits and do spot checks: Is the writing style consistent with your other listings and the rest of your shop? It can pay to enlist a fresh perspective. “Write a sample description and bounce it off some people,” Erin suggests. “My husband, my mom and a couple of my Facebook fans are often willing to read something for me in exchange for a coupon code.” She’ll ask these helpers, ”Are you bored to tears? Is this too much information? Am I missing something?” She says, “Even if you don’t feel like you have friends who would be willing, you can find people right here on Etsy Teams.”

Saturn 5 Studio introduces this pendant this way: “This is Ground Control to Major”

Saturn 5 Studio introduces this pendant this way: “This is ground control to Major Tom…cat.”

Editing your work with fresh eyes before hitting Publish can also cut down on customer questions later. Case in point: Erin was writing a listing for an astronaut cat pendant when “Ground Control to Major Tom” started playing on Spotify. The song inspired her to write what she thought was a great description, until she set it aside and read it again later. “I realized I got so into being funny that I forgot to mention how big the pendant was,” she says. “Sometimes writing doesn’t always come through the way you intended the first time.”

 What’s the most memorable piece of writing you’ve encountered in an Etsy shop? Share a quote in the comments.

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Julie Schneider is a Brooklyn-based artist, writer and teacher. When she’s not writing and editing Etsy’s Seller Handbook, she’s carrying on her family’s pun tradition or crafting up a storm. Keep up with her latest projects on Instagram, Twitter and her blog.

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  • maryhargrave

    MaryClaire from MaryClaires says: Featured

    I think this is something you learn over and over again as you evolve - so thanks for the reminder. But every time I read about something like this, I come from a more experienced place and "get it" in a different way.

    356 days ago

  • leoandspargo

    LeoandSpargo from leoandspargo says: Featured

    Great article. We've recently redone our descriptions to craft a story that's concise with our branding, rather than just describing the physical features, and had a great increase in interest. It's so important to carry your branding through to the copywriting.

    356 days ago

  • kgpaintings

    Kirsten Gilmore from PaintingsByKEGilmore says: Featured

    It's a tricky balance: keeping brevity and yet achieving clarity. When I remove written policies from the actual listing, I get many customer questions about them. Even though they already written in the policies tab. I suspect many people don't really click on the tab. In the end, I came up with two strategies that helped: 1. faux bullet points to visually separate ideas, and 2. keeping the same order to sub headings on each listing. (So, for instance, "payment methods" are always discussed at the bottom of the listing.) If I have to sacrifice one, I'll lose brevity in favor of clarity.

    356 days ago

  • seasidecloth

    seasidecloth from seasidecloth says:

    Definitely worth re-visiting descriptions to stay fresh and interesting to buyers.

    356 days ago

  • lovethatlingers

    Dawn from lovethatlingers says:

    Just what I needed! Excellent tips here! Thanks so much for posting and to all that shared your insights and experiences (=

    356 days ago

  • penumbraimages

    Tania Cardenas from PenumbraImages says:

    thank you for this great article!!! I often find myself struggling when it comes to describing my artwork to potential buyers. Great tips to keep in mind

    356 days ago

  • GlazeNfireCeramics

    Ashley Kaase from AshleyKaaseCeramics says:

    This is so helpful! I am about to sit down with a pen and paper and go over my entire shop! Thank you so much!

    356 days ago

  • inspiringanchors

    Megan Braswell from inspiringanchors says:

    This is really awesome advice to keep in mind. I was just thinking today about how I wanted to grow my shop and be more personal but relatable. That is what makes Etsy such an awesome place to begin with, the personal feel you get when shopping or selling.

    356 days ago

  • phoenix2000k

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  • KathrynWarren2

    Kathryn Warren from HailTiger says:

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  • pcianfl1

    Patricia Cianflone from FernwaterStudio says:

    The shops that I remember best are the ones that not only have wonderful items to sell, but that write about those items and themselves with wit, creativity and are a little bit out of the norm...

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  • CapturingHarmony

    Kathy Wolfe from DaydreamingKat says:

    Thank you! Great advice. It's hard to find your own voice when you need to be so descriptive. I want to lighten up my listings now!

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    I also once bought at a particular shop because her descriptions were so darn funny. And that's what I like about shopping here, you don't get such personality from a big box.

    356 days ago

  • kitandcaboodleshop

    Gayle Dowell from kitandcaboodleshop says:

    My that is something I need to define and work on. It seems that I'm always tweaking and hopefully improving my photos and descriptions. My tags and titles probably could use a good review as well. Thanks for the tips.

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  • ionesAttic

    Barbara from ionesAttic says:

    How does one marry the repetition of relevant SEO descriptive words from the title into an original voice? Times 250 or more for various listings within a shop? I find this challenging every time I list a unique vintage item.

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    I think this is something you learn over and over again as you evolve - so thanks for the reminder. But every time I read about something like this, I come from a more experienced place and "get it" in a different way.

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    I love to read these helpful and informative blogs. It is sometimes time consuming to write informative and entertaining product descriptions and more than once I have come up with writer's block while attempting it. I try to think of what I would like to know about an item and try to write as if I am speaking directly to the shopper. It's definitely a learning process.

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  • nickigallery

    junko from NickiNickiGallery says:

    Thank you for the helpful information! The hardest part of writing descriptions has always been incorporating SEO in it, which often makes them sound a bit unnatural..... I really need to focus on what has been said in "find you voice" and "think physical" as much as I do on SEO.

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  • alorasadorables

    alorasadorables from AlorasAdorables says:

    When I first opened my shop 5 years ago I was so excited and in love with my product (vintage chenille fabric) and used flowery words to create a story around the fabric. It was so much fun to combine my writing experience with the product. Then several competitors began to write in their About section and in their descriptions that they "will never waste your time with nonsense and flowery descriptions" in their stores and "you won't find any sales techniques in this shop, we have too much respect for you". One of my customers told me to go check these out and I did. I was so deflated afterwards that I lost my "voice". I rewrote every description with 'only the facts' and they sounded sooo bland and boring. And the fun slowly leaked out of running my shop. Without the joy, it became a j-o-b! So I totally agree that your voice is who you are and what you bring to the "personality" of your shop. I'm in the midst of finding that voice again and I will rewrite nearly 400 listings over the next few months to reflect that. I've learned not to listen to negative comments that contribute nothing to build on. I'm taking this article to heart and revamping my store.

    356 days ago

  • ladyamber79

    amber stefani from ladyamber79 says:

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  • TheEclecticHound

    Lara from TheEclecticHound says:

    I turn into a chatterbox through my fingers. It's hard to know when to stop! I get too excited :). These are very helpful tips, thanks, Julie!

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  • leoandspargo

    LeoandSpargo from leoandspargo says: Featured

    Great article. We've recently redone our descriptions to craft a story that's concise with our branding, rather than just describing the physical features, and had a great increase in interest. It's so important to carry your branding through to the copywriting.

    356 days ago

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  • kgpaintings

    Kirsten Gilmore from PaintingsByKEGilmore says: Featured

    It's a tricky balance: keeping brevity and yet achieving clarity. When I remove written policies from the actual listing, I get many customer questions about them. Even though they already written in the policies tab. I suspect many people don't really click on the tab. In the end, I came up with two strategies that helped: 1. faux bullet points to visually separate ideas, and 2. keeping the same order to sub headings on each listing. (So, for instance, "payment methods" are always discussed at the bottom of the listing.) If I have to sacrifice one, I'll lose brevity in favor of clarity.

    356 days ago

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    Vickey Fuqua from ApplestarrStudio says:

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    Jeneane from DunedinSt says:

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    I am still trying to find my voice. Most of my mens hats are sold to women purchasing for a boyfriend or to men for themselves. I started designing hats for men and boys because I have so many in my life and it is hard to find a good gift. So do I use my Nana voice or my friend voice or my designer voice? I am all over the place and now there are so many listings to re-write I get overwhelmed.

    355 days ago

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    Good tips! I think that when you click on a listing and it has one picture, and one line of description, it feels like the artist couldn't be bothered with trying to write a descriptive listing. Like it's a hassle for them. You're asking people to spend their money, and if you don't give them enough info, they won't. I try to hook the customer in with a quick emotional response, then give the details on construction and quality. I've had to look at my listings on the phone app, and adjust to put some of the size info earlier in the description. I've had some super fast shoppers on their phone, who admit they didn't read the whole description, and when their topper or bow arrived it was not the size they had pictured. But I'd rather put it all in and answer the questions, so I only get 1/2 as many convos asking questions that are already answered in the description.

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    I don't like vague terms to do with size such as "chin length", I prefer to know exactly how big a thing is. I have skinny wrists & neck, so things don't fit me the same as many people. I find it useful to put a scale in one of the photos, it can be anything that's universally recognisable, depending on the size of the item you're photographing... pencil, wine bottle, etc. I use either a steel ruler marked in both metric & imperial units, or a set of coins. Two of my wonderful overseas customers let me "buy" coins from their countries. I also include accurate measurements in inches & millimetres. I find it helpful to have a template for listings, so all the info is always in the same order & each page looks similar. The paragraphs can differ in length, but there is a set format. My descriptions are sometimes quite long, but I say what needs to be said, in the way that I feel comfortable with. Incidentally, virtually none of the traffic to my shop is from a mobile platform, I know Etsy's plugging it like crazy but I really believe folks like to see a picture of what they might buy on a decent sized screen. I hate seeing titles loaded with keywords that don't make a coherent description for the item in question. Lastly, I'm a grammar nazi & get instantly turned off by anyone who can't be bothered to spellcheck, format properly or who uses text-speak. We're all allowed the occasional typo, (& I make huge allowances & am in awe of anyone who lists in a second language) but your descriptions are your shopfront, the face you show the world, your one chance to entice a prospective customer to want to know more about your items... whatever you feel the need to say, take the trouble to say it correctly!

    355 days ago

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    If your mother language is english, these tips are useful. If not, it's very difficult to describe whatever you present in your shop the way you want or you should. Even if you speak english well enough, like I do, it's almost impossible to describe with 100% accuracy whatever you wish to describe.

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    Thanks for the help. I try to search for our items, particularly the vintage ones, after listing them. If I don't find them right away, I know we need to make changes to our description and key words. Getting less wordy for mobile devices is challenging since neither of us use them - we'll take all the help we can with that!

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    I have found the opposite to be true in that using my "voice" and adding too much personality to my product descriptions (I used to give each item a name) has hurt my SEO (search engine optimization). My newest items would sit for weeks and weeks without a single view. After speaking to an extremely helpful Etsy staff, I dropped all of my Proper names for items and described them with just the facts. It has helped to up the number of views as found in searches. So instead of "Triple Dare Drops", I now call this "Three Hoops Long Earring". It feels boring, but this is how I've noticed people have searched. Now my goal is to boost my photography.

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    Great tips, also great comments. It seems that finding the balance between practicality and personality is the way to go. Titles and main descriptions should be strong, practical, and search engine friendly. Descriptions can add a little pizzazz, but try not to add too much filler and fluff. Measurements are good, but description of size might be better (i.e. about the size of a quarter). The voice and main structure should be consistent through out your descriptions. I guess I have some work to do this week!

    355 days ago

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    One thing that has worked well for me recently is repeating what my item is 2 to 3 times in the description, but using different keywords and description words from my title each time in order to make the most of my search-ability. This technique, plus adding a bit of my personal sense of humor has proven to be helpful in driving traffic to the shop. For example, lets say you sell a tee-shirt that has a cat flying a bi-plane on it. Your Title says "Women's Cat Pilot Tee, Airplane Cat tee-shirt, Aviator Cat Tee Shirt size Large". Among your 13 keywords you'll want to include some of the same words you've used in your Title such as Cat Pilot Shirt, Cat Tee Shirt, Bi-Plane Tee, Aviator Cat. Now you can write your description, and string words that appear in both your title and keywords together to make a few quarky lines that will also work for you in terms of search: "...Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Cat flying a Bi-Plane on this fun womens tee shirt! This American Apparel top featuring our daring Cat Pilot comes in sizes S-XL. Your Aviator Cat tee also comes in your choice of colors..." I've mentioned what the item is 3 times in 3 different ways, and all 3 phrases appear in my title, description, and keywords. The item is described accurately with a little bit of humor and personality and with the benefit of select KEY keywords repeated. I'd try doing this for just a handful or your listings to see if it helps (don't stress yourself out over trying to do this to ALL 250 of your listings at first!). PS: anybody who's selling a women's tee featuring a cat flying a bi-plane, please send me the link so I can purchase.

    355 days ago

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    I just rebranded, so I'm definitely in need of some description revamping. I just noticed during my own Etsy shopping this week on my phone that those first few lines of the description are much more important now on mobile devices than when the platform was geared for computer screens. I want to be sure that, in my new revised descriptions, those first few lines get the point across even more than they used to. Thanks for the swift kick in the pants! :)

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