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Wooden Toys For Learning and Play handmade and vintage goods

Passionate about art, design, interiors and beautiful things ever since she can remember, Deborah Beau started blogging in June 2009. Both prolific and enthusiastic, she loves sharing her original finds via her blog, Kickcan & Conkers, her kids’ web shop and her freelance work for kids’ magazines and other international blogs. Deborah Beau lives with her French husband and their three children in a small village in the south of France.

I love the world of toy design, and wood is my very favorite material. My father was a carpenter; I think that explains it all — well, almost. You see, not only did I learn to appreciate the beauty of well-designed, handmade wooden objects from a very early age, I also grew up in the UK in the late ’60s and early ’70s, at time when so-called simple “slow play” was the norm. We didn’t have lots of toys — we skipped, played marbles, cats-the-cradle and street games like kick-the-can and conkers. Things were quite different then. I hope you’ll enjoy my finds!

  • Handmade Little Boat Toy

    Eco-friendly, handcrafted and perfect in its simplicity, this rocking boat puzzle/toy is everything I love. Modern yet timeless, for play and display, I’d say.
  • Organic Wooden Rattle

    This simple, beautifully-shaped wooden teething ring looks easy to grip and doubles up as a baby’s rattle (3 months). It is handmade in Lithuania and protected with natural linseed oil.
  • Waldorf Wooden Puzzle Me Toddle Puzzle

    Is it a doll? Is it a puzzle? Is it a stacking toy? Well, it’s actually all three. This four-piece Waldorf wooden toy teaches little ones how to count and sort objects by size, shape and direction. Love!
  • Wooden Puzzle Ball

    This beautiful, deceptively simple toy develops hand coordination, fine motor skills, an understanding of basic spatial geometry and a good dose of patience!
  • Wooden Geometric Puzzle

    This modern, geometric puzzle will appeal to little and big kids alike.
  • Seven Elephants Puzzle

    Made from smooth birch wood, this cute chain of interconnecting elephants teaches little ones how to count, recognize shapes and sort by size (3 years).
  • Wood Airplane Puzzle

    This chunky puzzle is perfect for tots of 18 months and upwards. Optional personalization adds to the toy’s natural heirloom quality.
  • Bremen Town Musicians Puzzle

    Handcarved from beech, this is one of the most original, intriguing puzzles I have ever come across.
  • Story Blocks

    Made from reclaimed barrel shims, this 20 piece picture block set looks like a fun travel companion and a great way to foster children’s creativity.
  • Boy and Sea Playset

    Mielasiela makes beautiful wooden Waldorf toys. I love this sea-themed set complete with lighthouse. Lots of stories and imaginative play there!
  • A Tale of Three Snails Game

    This endearing family game by Israeli toy company Tinocchio comes with accompanying book in Hebrew or English, and teaches children about growing up and evolving as a family.
  • Little Houses Story Toy

    The four plywood houses are painted on both sides and can be moved around to create new sea and springtime scenes, stimulating creativity and encouraging creative play.
  • Saxophone

    The perfect sax for pretend play! Pleasing to the eye and easy on the ears – a definite win-win wooden toy.
  • Fast Car Pull Toy

    This ultra modern pull toy is simple, sleek and stylish. It hails from Croatia, comes in a canvas bag and is coated in organic flax oil. The pull string is also detachable.
  • Classic Convertible Wooden Toy for Babies and Toddlers

    I love Bannor Toys’ modern, curved designs. Each wooden car comes with a care card and a bag for storage, thus making a lovely heirloom gift.
  • Wooden Rolling Hedgehog Toy

    I love the sparing use of color on this unusual pulltoy from Turkey. Decorated with just a few spots here and there, the funny hedgehog’s central ball spins round as it rolls across the floor.
  • Vintage Wooden Child's Rolling Stick

    The colors may have faded on this antique rolling toy and it most certainly doesn’t comply with current toy safety standards, but what a wonderful decorative piece for your home!
  • Whale Puzzle

    Fun, colorful and very original. It would certainly cheer up a kid’s room, and I guess those wave puzzle pieces will keep little ones occupied for quite a while.
  • Vintage Wood Doll

    I have a soft spot for vintage wooden dolls and this simple primitive-looking beauty has aged so well. I’d love this for myself!
  • Big Doll Box

    Tinocchio has designed a clever box to store the dolls they make. It can also be used as a shape-sorting game.
  • Vintage Design Tile Blocks

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love vintage toys, full stop. Great designs are timeless, don’t you think?
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  • khateraahmad1

    Khatera Ahmad from Khatera9 says: Featured

    This is great! I'm a huge fan of simple, basic toys for kids - just like in the past. These toys are fun, educational, interesting, without the fluff and electronics. Congrats!!!

    1 year ago

  • poplovedesigns

    Andrea Hughes from PopLoveHers says: Featured

    You can't go wrong with classic, well-crafted wooden toys for kids. There's something timeless, classic and of course durable (an essential element for little ones' playthings) about wooden goodies. Like, they could have been your great grandfather's toy, but it doesn't matter at all. My favorites are the colorfully stained pieces where you can still see the grain of the wood. Even today I get hypnotized by the colors and patterns of the grain!

    1 year ago