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Green and Growing: Picks for Gardeners handmade and vintage goods


Amy Borrell is a freelance illustrator and designer living in Melbourne, Australia. She spends her days working on all kinds of lovely projects with clients across publishing, fashion and retail, and her nights dabbling in the kitchen with veggies from the garden.

There is something magical about gardening. Add a sprinkling of sunshine and a dash of water to a dusty piece of earth, and voilà! A happy little garden appears. Gardens are not only pretty, they’re also incredibly useful, providing food for the table, flowers for a birthday, and a calm and restful space to wash away the stress of the week.

[Clockwise from top: Peat planting pots from ethanollie; Tall Weeds sign by TheCommonSign; Cosmic carrot seed mix from cubits; Burlap planting bags from simplyfrenchvintage.]

Cosmic carrots are my favourite veggie at the moment: easy to grow and intriguing at dinner parties with their purple skin and orange insides. Peat planting pots are perfect for starting off seeds before they’re big enough to pop into the garden. When you’re ready to plant, burlap bags are great for preventing weeds, but if you’re happy to let them overrun things, then perhaps this tall weeds sign is for you.

[From top to bottom: Wheelbarrow by WisconsinWagon; Watering can from PassTheLove; Vintage gardening tools from FrenchCountryLife.]

It’s best to be equipped before starting off down the garden path. Cover the basics with a wheelbarrow, watering can, and vintage gardening tools.

[Clockwise from top: Garden bench by ScultoriDiLuce; Birdhouse from TheWrinklyElephant; Greenhouse plans by rjterry; Folding chairs from TheEAShop.]

Keep your string, extra pots, gardening gloves, tools, potting mix and harvesting baskets well ordered with an outdoor working bench. Set up a chair or two around the garden for quick rest breaks between weeding, and add a birdhouse to encourage birds to help germinate the plants. If you’re handy with a hammer, building your own greenhouse would be a great project to tackle.

[Clockwise from top: Living wall instructions by radmegan; Rope bird feeder by PigeonToeCeramics; Hanging planter by HalfLightHoneyStudio.]

Living walls, hanging baskets and bird feeders all add character to your garden.

[Clockwise from top: Better Homes & Gardens New Garden Book from ByHeart; Encycopedia of Organic Gardening from dizhasneatstuff; The Greenhouse from EAGERforWORD.]

It’s always important to have a few gardening books laying around in case of bug invasions, sad looking tomatoes or to brush up on planting and harvesting times. Oldies but goodies!

[Pictured: Farm-in-a-box from HomesteadUtah.]

If you’re feeling like going all out, this farm-in-a-box may be just the thing. Complete with pre-planted garden beds, composter, chicken coop, fruit trees, mini greenhouse, water tank and even a beehive. Brilliant!

However you go about it, pop out into the garden every now and then, get a little fresh air and help make something grow! It’s easy peasy.

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  • haruaki

    Tiffany Key from resinjewelryHARUAKI says: Featured

    My balcony garden was so much fun last year that I am going to dedicate more of our little space to it this summer. A definite must: herbs that we can't find in the grocery shops and two green curtains. Last year our green curtain was bitter melon. This year we're going to try cucumbers and morning glories. For those of you shy of plants, just try!

    2 years ago

  • H88255

    H88255 from HillarysSuperfoods says: Featured

    The growth of vegetables in a garden is magical. It's great hen the week ends and the magic of your garden can be shared with those most special in our life!

    2 years ago

  • MayAvenue

    Margaret Kelly from MayAvenue says: Featured

    I love the hanging planter! So pretty. Also, a farm in a box? Amazing. Growing up my mom always had tons of fruit trees and veggie gardens, there is a lot of work but a lot of reward in growing your own food!

    2 years ago