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Featured Shop: HAVEN handmade and vintage goods

Hey y’all! My name is Kayce White, and I’m the founder and Chief Product Maker of HAVEN, a line of botanical home care products with a sustainable refill model. I make my products with lots of love in my new workshop in Brooklyn, New York.

I was born into an incredible family of South Carolinian farmers, and my entire childhood revolved around the simple magic of harvest. Some of my fondest memories are of sitting in rocking chairs underneath my great-grandparents’ carport shelling pecans, snapping beans, and watching the women in my family buzz around transforming simple ingredients in so many different ways. The joy that comes from this kind of shared creation is what connects me so strongly to the idea of home.

Home is a sacred space filled with the people and things we love most, so when I realized just how many toxic or synthetic ingredients were lurking in everyday household products, I knew I wanted to challenge what a truly natural, sustainable home care product could be. I started in my Brooklyn loft by re-visiting a lot of the chemistry lessons I thought I’d never use again, and after dozens of rounds of formulating and testing, HAVEN was finally born. My true desire in life is to leave behind a better world, and it’s my hope that HAVEN will make it easy for people to choose genuinely safe products. Then we can all spend more time sharing special moments together, and less time agonizing over the ingredients on product labels.

The beauty of HAVEN lies in its simplicity and wide range of effectiveness. When you’re working with the most functional natural ingredients, you truly don’t need a different product for every surface in your home. That helps cut back on money spent and resources wasted. The best part is that my customers share new uses for my products all the time! I absolutely love that I can hear from a mother one day about how she uses my all-purpose cleaner to keep her nursery spotless, and the next day I’ll get an email from a husband who was shocked at how clean it got his fishing boat. These stories and thank-you notes keep me so motivated, and continually excited about what I’m trying to accomplish.

As consumers, we’re faced with a huge array of choices that can turn a simple trip to the grocery store into a dizzying experience. The long lists of unpronounceable ingredients, green washing, and tactical marketing that we’re faced with every day is confusing, and makes it hard to know what we’re actually purchasing and if we even need it. With HAVEN, I wanted to create a streamlined collection of multi-purpose products that perform a huge variety of chores with very little waste. Because I use hyper-natural, high-quality ingredients, each product can be used in both traditional and very surprising ways – or blended together to tackle tough jobs. Scrub, my super fizzy scour powder, is tough enough to easily remove soap scum from showers or tarnish from metals, but is also completely non-toxic and can be dissolved in water to make a produce wash.

Conscious consumerism starts with me, the maker. I’m responsible for purchasing the best materials I can for my customers, but I exist in a manufacturing world where 100% recycled bottles and organic ingredients still aren’t in very high demand. Occasionally, a supplier will decide to stop carrying an ingredient or a recycled bottle, and I’ll have to spend the better part of a week tracking down a new resource. I do it happily because I need to maintain the integrity of the brand. I want to make conscious consumerism easy for my customer, so I take on all the hard work and will never stop looking for ways to make the HAVEN the most sustainable product line it can be. It brings me great joy.

Etsy made it possible for me to take this very big idea and bring it to life for a community of people who make deeply conscious, careful decisions about where to spend their money. It’s empowering for shoppers and makers to be able to reach out to one another so easily to offer encouragement and crucial feedback. Learning to run a small business is a truly enormous task, but the support system that’s put in place by Etsy’s community makes wading into the water feel like an incredible shared experience. HAVEN is just over a year old now, and it’s staggering to think about all that’s been accomplished and learned in that short time, especially with amazing push of exposure Etsy’s given me. I’m so delighted to give back to this community, and I hope I can offer that same support to other brave entrepreneurs.

Studio photographs by HAVEN, all product photographs by Tara Striano.

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