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Featured Shop: CoMod handmade and vintage goods

My name is Joshua Nunez. I am the owner, vintage hunter, maker, and designer behind CoMod. My business partner, Andy Werth, helps on the woodworking side of the business. Our shop is based in Columbia, Missouri, and specializes in mid-century modern decor, with an emphasis on Eames for Herman Miller fiberglass shell chairs. We also offer vintage industrial and rustic furnishings, along with our own designs, which are inspired by mid-century pieces.


CoMod is the most consistent venue for Eames pieces on Etsy. We focus on fair pricing, along with excellent service and knowledge. The vintage goods we offer tend to be unique, difficult-to-find items, and the products we make follow familiar modern aesthetics. Overall curation of items in our shop is what makes us unique.


My process begins with finding product, which I love. It’s exciting and thrilling; I never know what I’m going to come across. Most of the vintage items are in good to excellent condition, and do not need much work aside from cleaning. The Eames chairs I find tend to need mount removal and replacement, which involves chiseling off the mounts and adding brand new fixtures. I appreciate the idea of preserving these artifacts. Ultimately, my shop is a way for me to preserve the past.


The vintage pieces I offer are made of materials that have already lasted 50-60 years and still have plenty of life left in them; they are built to last. When a customer buys an item from me, they are making an investment in their home. I am a firm believer that we should fill our homes with items and products of meaning and purpose. Less is more. Buy items that last. Choose function over nonfunctional. A home is a sanctuary where we should be comfortable, and like anything else of importance, we should be willing to invest in that. Conscious consumerism is at the heart of CoMod.


I originally started collecting items only to furnish my own home, and began to have too many pieces. I was fortunate that in my previous career (running a screen-printing shop) I had a co-worker who ran an Etsy shop to help guide me. Another friend, who makes band posters and prints for neversleeping, was also instrumental in giving advice for starting my business. After about 18 months of selling on Etsy, I moved into doing it full time.


Etsy has been, and will continue to be, vital to my business. Without it, CoMod would look very different; I probably wouldn’t be doing this full time. I think Etsy is wonderful for anyone wanting to showcase their talent and creativity. If someone has a great idea and can execute it, they can find success on Etsy. I also love that I can find items here from small sellers from all over the world. Having an Etsy shop has given me the best of both worlds – a full-time career, and the opportunity to purchase unique products for myself. It’s a sort of a “give and take” marketplace.

Maker and process photographs by Anastasia Pottinger, items photographs by CoMod.

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