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Branding 101: How to Build a Memorable Etsy Shop handmade and vintage goods


Branding once meant burning a bull’s backside (ouch!) so people’d know whose it was. When we talk about branding today, there’s still plenty of bull to go around (and a certain amount of ouch), but it isn’t just something to make cows and corporations distinctive. Now, branding is applied to everything and everyone. Including you.

Maybe you think brands are things with corporate offices, PR people, and over-the-top commercials. But we all have brands, whether we realize it or not, and succeeding in business (and in life) has a lot to do with how effectively our brand is defined, communicated, and understood.

Just What Is a Brand?

It’s more than just a tagline, a logo — or in Mr. Clean’s case, a big bald man with an earring. A brand is an expectation, a perception, and branding is about crafting and communicating that perception. The trappings that help shape a brand’s image — jingles, mascots, vaguely homoerotic spokesmen — exist as a shorthand to bring that perception to mind.

If we ask 100 people to describe Kim Kardashian, they’ll give us fairly consistent adjectives (and mention a certain body part, I’m guessing). The same would happen if we asked folks about Apple, Fox News, or Martha Stewart.

These companies, products, and celebrities are all strong brands. Take Fox News; some love it, some… not so much, but everyone knows nothing too terribly Kumbaya is ever going to come out of anyone’s mouth on Fox News, which is thrilling or disturbing, depending on your politics. But everyone knows what to expect from them.

Your shop should have a brand, too, to let people know who you are, what you care about, why they should care about your product — what they can expect. A strong brand can attract new customers and keep existing ones loyal.

But first, you have to know what it is.

Defining Your Brand

It’s tempting to just focus on choosing a name for your shop, picking colors and fonts, and stressing over your avatar and photos on your About page. But these things should be outgrowths of the essence of your brand. Just what is your brand’s essence, you ask? First, answer these four questions:

1. WHY do you make (or sell) your items?

Think about how your story fits into your brand. In an environment like Etsy, a big part of the appeal is the authenticity and personal aspect of what you do. The story behind your products can attract customers because it makes what they’re buying special — and by extension, it makes them feel special. Read tips for telling your story in How to Make Your Items Gift-Worthy.

2. WHAT is important and consistent about your product? HOW is your product different?

What is your Unique Selling Proposition? What does your product reliably and uniquely bring to the table? Your “USP” is a way of expressing what you offer, what you value, and what people can expect. Think about what you sell: What makes your dog sweaters different from other dog sweaters; why is your hand-dyed yarn special; how do the vintage aprons you sell kick others’ vintage aprons’ asses? Think about what you offer from your customers’ perspective: What is unique about you that can serve their  needs?

3. WHICH words would you use (and want other people to use) to describe your items?

Say you’re a dog photographer. You take pictures of pet owners’ dogs — and so do lots of other people. What adjectives can you use to differentiate and position yourself from your competition? Try the 20/10/4 exercise: Choose 20 words to describe your brand, then whittle them down to 10, then 4. The pet portraitist whose four words are “soulful, spiritual, accessible, and playful” appeals in a different way than one whose are “sophisticated, experienced, elegant, and chic.”

4. WHO are your customers? (And, no, “everybody” is not an acceptable answer.)

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be everything to everybody. Think about who your likely customers might be and build a brand to appeal to them. How old are they, what kinds of TV shows do they like, how much money do they make, where do they live — anything that might help you zero in on prospective buyers’ mindsets. Do you make jewelry with skull and vampire motifs? Maybe preppy colors and peppy taglines aren’t the way to go.

Building Your Brand

You’ve defined your brand’s essence — its values, attributes, its story. Now that you know what perception you want customers to have, it’s time to craft a brand message by sailing the seven Cs:

• Be CLEAR. The simpler and clearer the message, the better chance you have of standing out and being remembered. Again, don’t try to be a lot of things to a lot of people. Stand for one thing in a big way.

• Be COHESIVE and CONSISTENT. Make sure your brand messaging makes sense across platforms. If your Etsy store conveys glamorous and gutsy, your emails, social media marketing, flyers, and business cards should as well. COMMUNICATE your brand in all your packaging: Your shop’s name, logo, fonts and colors should all align with your brand’s core attributes.

• Know your COMPETITION. To position your brand within a competitive landscape, you have to know who else is out there. Positioning is not something you do to your product — it’s something you do to customers’ minds (and, hopefully, their hearts and pocketbooks). Positioning is about shaping your potential buyers’ perception. First, ask yourself what people already think about the category of product you sell. What do they already own? What new problems can you solve? What new ways can you make their lives better? How can you fill a hole by meeting needs other sellers aren’t meeting and addressing issues other sellers aren’t addressing? (For example, if you want to sell soda when Coca-Cola dominates the market, be the un-cola.)

• Know your CUSTOMERS. Business, like life, comes down to relationships. Build relationships and you’ll build your brand and your business. Know your customers — what they like, what they want, what they need — and how you can deliver all three.

Encourage feedback in your About page and social media channels. I always say, the best marketing is the kind other people do for you.

• CAPTURE attention. Be direct, be authentic, be helpful, be funny, be bold, or be surprising. Be memorable.

What’s your Etsy shop brand all about, and what are your branding tips? Share your insights in comments.

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Dixie Laite is a digital content marketing and branding consultant, and a Senior Editorial Director at Nickelodeon. In her copious spare time, Dixie blogs on The Lost Art of Being a Dame (occasionally), collects and sells vintage femorabilia (incessantly), and takes care of her two dogs and four parrots (relentlessly). She’d love to connect with you on Twitter @DameStyle, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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  • loosepetals

    Karen Young from loosepetals says: Featured

    I've been selling my line for 20 years, as my line evolves so does my brand. And this article helps me re-evaluate my brand to the brand that is today. Etsy is a great way to let the world know about your brand, media and new marketing outlets are on Etsy and it pays to be prepared with a great story behind a brand. I like reading about other artists vs. stores that just have generic branding.

    1 year ago

  • LaNomRahDesigns

    La NomRah from LaNomRahDesigns says: Featured

    Great article! Branding is an ongoing process for me. it involves many conversations with others trying to get an accurate idea of what they perceive versus what I think Im saying, or hoping they will see. Thanks for sharing.

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says: Featured

    Wow, I really appreciate all your positive comments! Thank you so much! It's easy to dismiss branding and marketing as something crass, manipulative, or just, well, icky. But what branding can mean, especially here on Etsy, is a way to define who you are and what you're about; how to best convey your message; and to l earn who your customers are and how best to serve them. It's about communication -- and that's always a good thing. In reality, branding isn't icky at all! I am so happy if I can help you, even a little bit, to pursue your passion, build your own business, and express who you are. Again, *thanks*

    1 year ago

  • JosieMaeArt

    Josie from JosieMaeDesign says:

    This is great advice! Thank you!!

    1 year ago

  • funretro

    Natalie from funretro says:

    wonderful advice! thank you!

    1 year ago

  • noemiah

    Noémie Vaillancourt from noemiah says:

    After 5 years of successfull business on Etsy, I find #1 tip is still the most challenging. Reinvent, grow, change through my collections, year after year. When you look at the collections of a designer, you know where he comes from, his evolution and perhaps, where he is going. And that's how you recognize a designer. This is what handmade is to me, a very personal view of beauty.

    1 year ago

  • ThePattypanShop

    ThePattypanShop from ThePattypanShop says:

    Great advice. Thanks!!

    1 year ago

  • NestaHome

    Tandie from NestaHome says:

    Word to Noemiah's comment!

    1 year ago

  • Waterrose

    Rose Waterrose from Waterrose says:

    Perfect advice and wisdom.

    1 year ago

  • Hapagirls

    Elan from HapaGirls says:

    Great article on Branding! Very useful advice! Thank you.

    1 year ago

  • Engravablecreations

    Jill Carlson from Engravablecreations says:

    Excellent thought-provoking information!! Thanks!

    1 year ago

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty says:

    Always helpful, thanks!

    1 year ago

  • LisamariesPiece

    LisaMarie Bautista from LisamariesPiece says:

    Very useful info. Plus a great read, thank you! :)

    1 year ago

  • StillVintage

    StillVintage from StillVintage says:

    Great and timely advice

    1 year ago

  • Hapagirls

    Elan from HapaGirls says:

    Great advice! Thank you for sharing!

    1 year ago

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams says:

    Looks like I have some work to do with this list! It looks to be very helpful with focusing the message of my work into a brand. I intend for that brand to be about bringing the beauty of nature into the life & home of my customer through my painting. This post should help me understand how to accomplish that, but will take some time and thought! Thank you for all the advice and tips. Very helpful!

    1 year ago

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm from baconsquarefarm says:

    Thank you for this timely blog post~ like waterrose said above perfect advice and wisdom.

    1 year ago

  • sherischart

    Sheri Wilson from sherischart says:

    Memorable advice! Thanks Dixie Laite for sharing your knowledge in marketing .

    1 year ago

  • SpaceMauve

    Caroline Bee from SpaceMauve says:

    Great .

    1 year ago

  • stillinwonderland

    stillinwonderland from stillinwonderland says:

    Great blog post ! I've been feeling a little lost and this article came at a great time !

    1 year ago

  • OttavaDesigns

    Ellen from OttavaDesigns says:

    Thank you for the good advice!

    1 year ago

  • CafePrimrose

    Amanda Gynther from CafePrimrose says:

    Great article just one bone to pick. I gotta say.... I have heard some horrendous things come out of Fox News. You remember Glen Beck? He turned social justice into Hitler Youth? That was a horrid misrepresentation. He turned socialism, (A belief in equitibility that can and should run along right beside capitalism) into nazis nazis nazis. I have heard an unending quantiry of racism and bigotry and vile hatred come out of that station and a huge amount of sexism too. I do not understand how that is nothing terrible. It IS terrible. It surpasses terrible. It is the most hateful part of humanity our ability and desire to abuse eachother for no real legitimate reason at all. They tell people global warming isn't real when the scientists agree that it is... They are literally leading the human race over the cliff of pollution and self anhilation and you think nothing too terrible comes out of them? Right. Some of the other thoughts that you express are fabulous though. And Etsy, I resent seeing Fox News the news station of bigotry and hatred presented here as a harmless vessel. Amplifying hatred is NEVER a harmless pursuit. It is an incredibly dangerous and evil pursuit.

    1 year ago

  • peacesofindigo

    Dawanna Young from peacesofindigo says:

    Great ideas!

    1 year ago

  • Iammie

    iammie from iammie says:

    Nice tips!

    1 year ago

  • TheWanderingEwe

    Ewe from TheWanderingEwe says:

    This is wonderful advice! I've been trying to figure out how to brand myself and this lays it out step by step! Thank you!

    1 year ago

  • SweetbeanzBoutique

    Christy from SweetbeanzBoutique says:

    Thanks so much for the helpful advice. I'm going to take a step back and try to see things through the eyes of my customers so that I can identify any gaps in their wants that no one else is meeting. In a saturated market, "be the uncola" is great advice.

    1 year ago

  • mgatlin32

    Melissa Starr from TinkerMelz says:

    Great advice!~ Thank you!~

    1 year ago

  • mirabellamorello

    mirabellamorello from mirabellamorello says:

    I think this is an excellently written post and I think you did a good job of illustrating your point that even the most noxious of groups and individuals, whether we like it or not, have our attention. They may not have succeeded in selling us their product, but they did not fail at getting us to look at and recognize them. Effective branding is just this. Maybe we should all strive to gain our customers' attention as effectively, but using these skills for the good!

    1 year ago

  • mrsknarfocram511

    Carole M from CarolesWeddingWhimsy says:

    Great article! Thanks so much for the interesting article. As a newbie, I need all the advice, info and insight I can get. It will be one week tomorrow that I have opened my shop, and I do believe the smell of wood burning is wafting all from the Philadelphia area to Los Angeles, California. Yes, I have been thinking long and hard. Your advice gave me some fresh eyes. Thanks again!

    1 year ago

  • JimSumner

    Jimmy and Monique from polymeryay says:

    This article gave us a lot to think about. There's ALWAYS room to grow and improve your brand. It's limitless.

    1 year ago

  • pmeisenheimer

    Pam from WildGardenDesigns says:

    Good clear advice ~ I can do this :)

    1 year ago

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage says:

    Great advice!

    1 year ago

  • debragalbo

    Debra Galbo from HowCuteAreYou says:

    I have tried over the last two years to brand my shop with consistent photos and colors. I believe my customer is not the person looking for a bargain but someone who is looking for an upscale baby item or shower gift so that is who I tend to market to. Because my shop allows customers to custom order items I am constantly able to photograph custom orders to give potential purchasers an array of color ideas. So, in that way my shop is constantly changing. That makes it interesting for me and hopefully for customers who might wander into my shop. Thanks for a great article!

    1 year ago

  • WetDesert

    MJ Toops from WetDesert says:

    I love this article. WetDesert takes it's branding very seriously and we are constantly trying to define exactly who and what we are. Our shop was started based on essentially selling ourselves and our lifestyle (that of music-loving, smart, hippie best friends) to the world. It's a challenge but it's a worthy one.

    1 year ago

  • SewPaperArt

    Lynn from SewPaperArt says:

    A succinct, and engaging post, Thank YOU!

    1 year ago

  • Aristocrafts

    Aristocrafts from Aristocrafts says:

    This is perfect advice! It even reminded me of some notions that I learned in collage and kind of left in a dusty drawer in the back of my mind :). Thank you so much for the motivational boost and for the words of wisdom!

    1 year ago

  • OrdinaryMommy

    Faith Lex from OrdinaryMommy says:

    Articles on branding tend to all run together- there is some great, fresh stuff here! Thanks for sharing your insight!

    1 year ago

  • ABlindCat

    ABlindCat from ABlindCat says:

    Nicely put.

    1 year ago

  • ebkriley

    EBK Riley from DeeAndFee says:

    This is a very helpful article because the advice is succinct and clear, giving obvious next steps to those of us still trying to find our way with new(ish) shops. I am just past the six month mark or so, and thinking about how to refine my shop and, now, more than ever, my brand. Thanks for the kick-starting thoughts!

    1 year ago

  • loosepetals

    Karen Young from loosepetals says: Featured

    I've been selling my line for 20 years, as my line evolves so does my brand. And this article helps me re-evaluate my brand to the brand that is today. Etsy is a great way to let the world know about your brand, media and new marketing outlets are on Etsy and it pays to be prepared with a great story behind a brand. I like reading about other artists vs. stores that just have generic branding.

    1 year ago

  • Infinitiplus1

    Shari from Infinitiplus1 says:

    Always trying to figure out the right "recipe" for appropriate branding... Still working on it.

    1 year ago

  • RetroRevivalBoutique

    RetroRevivalBoutique from RetroRevivalBoutique says:

    Wow, lots of great tips here, thanks! :)

    1 year ago

  • xsoulsearchingx

    xsoulsearchingx from xsoulsearchingx says: Name Your Price! Join the Facebook Jewelry Auction event this Saturday. Bid on items you want. Several items from my Etsy shop are included in the event. Like the page to join and register with your email address. Lots of sterling silver, pearls, gold, vintage and more! For all the details, visit the page and feel free to message me. ~XOXO

    1 year ago

  • Lucary

    Amy Fowler from Lucary says:

    I think that trying to stick to one thing is the most difficult for me. I like to make and try new things all the time; from purses/totes, to my original childrens items, and holiday decorations! I try to get quick communication/shipping/and overall positive shopping experience when customers come to my shop.

    1 year ago

  • AntieEms

    Emma Wall from AntieEms says:

    This is the best explanation of branding that I have heard. Thank you so much for all your tips and insight. I will definitely try to put some of these great ideas to work for me. The biggest problem is deciding which way to go since I have a very eclectic shop and feature several different types of merchandise.

    1 year ago

  • LetsAllMakeBelieve

    LetsAllMakeBelieve from LetsAllMakeBelieve says:

    Always nice to read articles like this :) thanks!

    1 year ago

  • knitsbycaitlin

    Caitlin Edge from knitsbycaitlin says:

    Very good advice!

    1 year ago

  • slathered

    Sharon Moores from slathered says:

    I feel like I have a handle on most of these, but #2 -- your Unique Selling Proposition -- is something I struggle with tremendously. I'm in an oversaturated genre (jewelry), and I'm not sure how exactly I can stand out. I'll take your questions and really mull them over. Thanks!

    1 year ago

  • WoodenItBeadLovely

    Leslie M from WoodenItBeadLovely says:

    Thanks Dixie for your very interesting article. I appreciate your questions because they offer an organized infrastructure on which to build my business. I have a lot of work to do to create that cohesive "brand"! My first job will be to figure out just who my customer is. I believe this is the toughest question of all. Wish me luck!

    1 year ago

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie says:

    Such great advice! =)

    1 year ago

  • KCKStudios

    KC Khirfan from PapercraneFlint says:

    I have to say, It's so refreshing to read an Etsy blog post with such a distinctive voice. Enough with the Rainbows and butterflies. Thank you Dixie Laite!

    1 year ago

  • WritingPlaces

    Lisa Gossman-Steeves from WritingPlaces says:

    This is a very helpful article; however, depending on what part of the country you are from, the primary definition of branding is still marking a cow or bull. I will definitely work on branding in my shop. Thanks.

    1 year ago

  • thehappycouple

    Brianna from thehappycouple says:

    I felt like I had done pretty well defining my brand and style when I became pregnant and friends and coworkers who follow my Etsy shop kept buying me baby outfits and saying, "This seemed so you." and the fabrics were ones I quickly would have chosen for my country chic style mens ties.

    1 year ago

  • cothrenj

    j Cothren from JcothrensShop says:

    Great article

    1 year ago

  • ldahn01

    Lisa Dahn from SimpleDesignJewelry says:

    Thanks. Definitely something I need to work on.

    1 year ago

  • Fullerjewelry

    Jane Fuller from Hoopsetc says:

    Thanks Etsy for the continuing advice on how to improve both shop and business. As a relatively new Etsian I find these articles really helpful in trying to grow my business and marketing my jewelry.

    1 year ago

  • KymberliH

    Kymberli H from artifaKsJewelry says:

    Sound advice that definitely has me thinking about changes I should make in my shop. Thanks so much for sharing and providing this light to us! :)

    1 year ago

  • aBreathofFrenchair

    Elizabeth from ABreathOfFrenchAir says:

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    1 year ago

  • ceciliamckay

    Cecilia McKay from SassyCreationsforYou says:

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    1 year ago

  • Dogdohr

    Joanne Dohr from Dogdohr says:

    I tried to keep my shop brand cohesive, dog themed stuff, but I like the idea of expanding. Not sure where my baskets fit in?

    1 year ago

  • lafraine01

    Linda Fraine from ChristmasEverlasting says:

    excellent ideas to follow. I have 2 stores with 2 very different thoughts on branding. got to get going!!! LOL thank you .

    1 year ago

  • whateverworks

    Andrea Nichole Still from WhateverWorks says:

    Usually "branding" is a very vague topic to me. This article gave me clear steps to take to help define my shop. I want to promote reuse and sustainable fashion, but that's as far as it goes. Now I know how to make that idea a little more specific. Thanks for the advice!

    1 year ago

  • janettebrown

    janette brown from janettebrownbags says:

    good advice !!

    1 year ago

  • threepeats

    threepeats Jewelry NYC from threepeats says:

    Thank you for the direct, authentic, helpful, funny, bold, and surprising advice :)

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    Megan C from AlaskaBagCompany says:

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    Kim Archie from KartisimDesign says:

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    1 year ago

  • AlicesPocket

    Lauren and Sammy from LaurenAlison says:

    Love this article. There is always something to tweak, change, elevate or make better. I so appreciate all the info Etsy puts out there for us to be better educated sellers. Thank you!!!

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  • lizzvintagecreations

    Lizz from LizAnnsbowtique says:

    Great tips. The only thing is why do you have to make a comment about Fox News? They are the best.

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    Melissa Chambers from sassyfrasdesign says:

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    lauryn from tinyInsomniac says:

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    Priscilla Cipolletti from PriscillasParlor says:

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    Julie Beers from CharmedFox says:

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  • sageandolivia

    Simone from sageandolivia says:

    Thank you for this advice! I've been trying to brand my jewelry shop over the last year, and find this article very useful! I think the hardest thing for me is trying to please everyone with my jewelry. A little of this, and a little of that to please everyone, but I realize the importance of standing out from the crowd...Thanks again for the tips :)

    1 year ago

  • SqueakyCleanBath

    Jennifer from SqueakyCleanBath says:

    Excellent article with specific (and relevant) advice; I particularly like the 20/10/4 exercise. Thank you for sharing!

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    Nadia and Vika from Crafts2Love says:

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  • VelaCama

    Jamie Velazquez from LovelyKensie says:

    Awesome article! This is exactly where I am now with my tiny business... And it all boils down, I think, to knowing your target market. The "not be everything to everyone" is so important, especially for handmade. I cannot compete with Walmart, for example. So I have decided to make products that cannot be found (and are of superior quality) in super mass production. This is where one as an artisan/handmaker can play and experiment with prices; which is why I think pricing and marketing/branding are intertwined. I am evaluating everything about my businesfrom the tissue paper I use to wrap my items to my pictures and slogan. Thanks for the article! <3

    1 year ago

  • TheBerryPress

    Wendy Hogue Berry from TheBerryPress says:

    Very helpful, thank you.

    1 year ago

  • Honeysuckledolls

    Bobbie Larsen from Honeysuckledolls says:

    Great ideas, very helpful. Thank you. I'd like to suggest that you might be turning people away with the subtly subjective (i.e. negative) comments about Fox News. Believe it or not, you do have some artists on Etsy who like Fox.

    1 year ago

  • GoddessOfJewelry

    GoddessOfJewelry from GoddessOfJewelry says:

    I really needed to read this right now. I have been struggling with what to make of this business; moving it forward, creating awareness, expanding or minimizing the stock.... Sitting down to work in my branding could really help me to define *how* to do these things. Of course this is easier said than done, yet it must be done! Glad to have read this article. It gives me some stuff to think about!

    1 year ago

  • CADIjewelry

    Maya and Eliad from CADIjewelry says:

    thank you this is fab

    1 year ago

  • metalicious

    Stephanie Maslow Blackman from metalicious says:

    Branding is one of the hardest things for me to do, these are very easy and concise steps to take. Thanks for such a great article!

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    Thanks so much everyone for the lovely comments! You made my day! I wish I would work with each one of you to help you define, refine and express your brand on etsy. While branding can sound so gross and manipulative, at its heart it is a way to best articulate one's message and best serve others -- and there's nothing icky about that! I'm so glad folks got that branding can be cool, fun, creative, and of service to both the seller and the buyer. It's a fore for good, y'all -- honest! xo

    1 year ago

  • gabeadz

    Gabriela from gabeadz says:

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    1 year ago

  • funkybugboutique

    Sheri Davis from funkybugboutique says:

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    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    Thanks for the comment, Amanda. Just to be clear, and maybe comfort you, my non-partisan point is only that despite the fact that people have very strong but polar opposite feelings about Fox News (and you are of course a great example of that), people that despise it and people who embrace it both have expectations about the brand that it always meets. (Sadly, both kinds of people show up at Thanksgiving each year, which is exhausting.) xo

    1 year ago

  • joycekropewnicki

    Joyce Kropewnicki from CozyComforts10 says:

    Very helpful advice. Can't wait to implement your ideas.

    1 year ago

  • GualesWoodcrafts

    Guale J from GualesWoodcrafts says:

    Thanks for the great information. I am always looking for ways to improve my Etsy shop.

    1 year ago

  • cedarpocket

    Melissa Brown from CedarPocket says:

    Excellent, concise (and entertaining and well branded ;-) advice! Thank you!

    1 year ago

  • BrendaWattsWoodwork

    Brenda Watts from CattailsWoodwork says:

    Great post and wonderfully written. Thank you for this.

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    To Sharon from slathered (great jewelry by the way!): If you have a hard time deciding what you bring to the table or what you offer that no one else does, try another tact. Ask yourself, "What *CAN* I do/add to my brand/products/customer service that is unique and will fill serve the customer?" Maybe it's explanations of what the gems mean, how they're formed. Maybe it's a personal cute postcard or box or pouch with each purchase. Maybe you enclose a poem with each...I'm just spitballing her, but once you know what your *BRAND* is you can add a layer or express that USP in a way that makes sense for you, your store, your product and your **customer.** Let me know how it works out!

    1 year ago

  • neckStyles

    Patti and Diane from neckStyles says:

    Sailing the seven cs! Great!! so helpful Thank you : ) Patti

    1 year ago

  • rctees

    toni from RCTees says:

    Really great advice Dixie.....wish someone had told me this 4 years ago. Branding is SO important...I would love to change the name of my shop but feel it may be too late. Oh and I totally get the reference to Fox News...great example.

    1 year ago

  • michelleshandcrafted

    Michelle Abbott from Michelleshandcrafted says:

    Lots of great advice, thanks for sharing it.

    1 year ago

  • kitandcaboodleshop

    Gayle Dowell from kitandcaboodleshop says:

    Branding is something that I've been working on continually. As my work evolves, so does my branding, and with that my target market can change. I feel that artisan shops need to be organic, able to change, evolve and grow. Not sure how tightly we need to hold on to our current branding, is it suppose to be unchanging?

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    Joanne from Dogdohr -- it's not a biggie, but if you can't find a way to link your links and baskets brand-wise, you might think about having 2 shops, each one focused on these two very different products/customers. It really wouldn't be more work (much). :)

    1 year ago

  • kellytaylor824

    Kelly Taylor from SasswearShop says:

    My biggest downfall is not sticking to one product or brand and running with it. I keep wanting to add new and different things so I'm trying to focus on what my specific style is, just like this article suggests. Thanks for the advice!

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    Toni from rctees, why is it too late? I'm thinking it's not! :) (And thanks for the sweet shout-out!)

    1 year ago

  • barefootweaver

    Cait Throop from barefootweaver says:

    Very thought provoking. And I need to investigate this in more depth. Have a hard time with tags as well...always more to learn, that's for sure! Thanks for this article!

    1 year ago

  • skybluesea

    Suzanne Harulow from skybluesea says:

    Thank you so much for a really informative and succinct article. You have given me a lot to think about - I definitely need to do some more work on my branding, but feel like I am making positive steps. You have helped greatly!

    1 year ago

  • ThePaintedPetal

    Lisa from ThePaintedPetal says:

    Very helpful advice.. Thanks for sharing!!

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    Gayle Dowell -- no worries, your brand can EVOLVE. And it should evolve, as you learn more about your customers, what works, etc.It doesn't have to remain static, just consistent in whatever incarnation it's in. (Just don't refresh it *too* often) ;)

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    Emma Walls at AuntieEms, thanks for the sweet feedback. Let me know how I can help! (I'm thinking your brand is not about your stuff, it's about YOU: lovable, cheery Auntie Ems!

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    KC Khirfan from PapercraneFlint -- I love you! xo :)

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    Lots to think about and action. Thank you for the great advice

    1 year ago

  • SweetbugStudio

    Kristin from SweetbugStudio says:

    I'm thinking the 20/10/4 rule may be a great way to come up with a tagline of sorts. I feel like my shop/look/packaging is cohesive but I don't understand how that pulls people in. I have several repeat customers. For the look/quality of product I offer, I feel I could be getting just a bit more regular sales. I have seen an increase since last year of course, and like the balance of work and time for mom duties but would like to bring in business to a point of making money this year! Not quite sure what else to do but will ponder the suggestions!

    1 year ago

  • skybluesea

    Suzanne Harulow from skybluesea says:

    Brilliant article, thank you! I feel that I maybe have two many lines in my shop and need to focus on just a few things, but it's soooo difficult for me to pick which ones. You're article was succinct and informative, and will definitely help :-)

    1 year ago

  • dixielarue

    Dixie Laite from dixielarue says:

    Bobbie Larsen, thanks for the feedback. I wanted to pick a brand that generated this kind of disparity, to prove my point. I am sooo not dissing any fans nor foes of Fox; I love everyone no matter what their point of view, and I hope you do too! :)

    1 year ago

  • Fiftyleven

    Janeise Harmon from SharpNo2 says:

    Thanks so much for the article and the links! I am in the midst of re-branding my shop. It has been a challenge so far, yet insightful and liberating at the same time. Challenging because you really have to get to core of who you are and what you do. I sell vintage and it is just a part of who I am. I had to do a lot of rewinding to figure out how I got here. Then there was a lot of thinking about how I want to differentiate myself in a world of amazing vintage sellers. I had to figure out who my target market is. I still don't have it all figured out! As for the liberating part... I find having a "brand" is not only good for marketing, but great for productivity and decision making. My actions and goals are more focused than ever. Thanks again, Etsy, for this article and the many others that I will continue to refer to during this never-ending process.

    1 year ago

  • santaeric

    Eric Winney from HairSticksNMore says:

    very nice article, now if I can just figure out how to apply to me and hairsticksNmore...take the world (ok, at least Etsy ) by storm.

    1 year ago

  • TeesGoBling

    Sue from TeesGoBling says:

    I couldn't build a shop without all this advice! Every time I read and Implement the ideas from these articles I always increase sales. Thank you for helping me make sales!!

    1 year ago

  • TextureandColor

    Louise Chambers from BeadFingers says:

    Thank you for the consise advice. Breaking things down into managable steps and goals helps to focus my mind. My biggest challenge is that I love using the best "ingredients" to create my jewelry, and therefore need to attract a customer who wants to pay for that excellence and style that doesn't come from a mass-produced item that may look expensive, but isn't One Of A Kind and Custom Created to specific tastes and color preferences. I think by following your steps I can keep to my goal of offering a unique perfect creation.

    1 year ago

  • ginasart8

    Gina Hammond from McGillhandmade says:

    I listen to my customers and they all agree:) I make lovely things for lovely people. So I am learning to put that in my brand as much as possible. Thank you for the article:I am still learning.

    1 year ago

  • woodlandfox

    MAURA HUNTER from shopFiligree says:

    This is amazing advice to run with as I continue to set up my shop on the back-end and (continue to) consider (and of course over-analyze) every element that makes up my brand. Another great post in the handbook that I'll be bookmarking! Thanks again!

    1 year ago

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    Great information, and very well written. Thank you so much for taking the time to write out these reminders.

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    Great article, Thank you for this.

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    Margi Greene from mkgreene says:

    Good article, Thanks! Gets my brain going in the right direction on this stuff. Not only are cows and bulls branded, so are horses. The old fashion way with hot iron along with freeze branding and inside upper lip tattoos. The lip tattoos have been used on race horses for as long as I can remember. Now to apply this knowledge to my creative life!

    1 year ago

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    Great advice, thank you!

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    Thank you so much for this advise. Finding it hard to get noticed and kick start my shop. So think I'll go over my branding with the help of your great advise :0)

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    Reena from kisii says:

    Excellent advice, thanks so much! In a dynamic marketplace like Etsy, where you don't have the opportunity to meet customers and introduce yourself, it makes total sense to convey your personality, passion and product through words and the images that capture your items. Thanks for sharing these great tips with all of us. I'll certainly take them into consideration with all of my listings going forward. Thanks again.

    1 year ago

  • btns77

    Tanya from MyLilCraftRoom says:

    Thanks so much for such an informative article w/lots of tips to ponder. When I first opened my shop a yr. ago, I got accused (from another etsy shop owner) that my shop looked too much like hers and she got very upset w/me. It turned out that we did/do have very similar tastes, but from then on I tried really hard to make my shop look different from hers and figure out 'who' my shop was/is. It is still a work in progress, but your article makes good sense to those of us who are really trying NOT to look like everyone else's.

    1 year ago

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    just fabuous! thank you!

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    Thank you! It's very insightful. I realize that I have to put much more attention to branding. I'll certainly use your advice.

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    "Thanks for the comment, Amanda. Just to be clear, and maybe comfort you, my non-partisan point is only that despite the fact that people have very strong but polar opposite feelings about Fox News (and you are of course a great example of that), people that despise it and people who embrace it both have expectations about the brand that it always meets. (Sadly, both kinds of people show up at Thanksgiving each year, which is exhausting.) xo" You misunderstand... I don't have a problem with Fox News. I have no problem with a bunch of barbie doll humans, nor an issue with brainless men parading around as authority. I actually find the latter incredibly amusing. *I* watch Fox fairly regularly, for amusement value. It is quite funny really the talking heads.. My issue with them, comes when they start promoting hate which happens way too frequently on that network. Nothing good or positive of any kind has ever come from the amplification of hatred, which is what Fox is doing when it under cuts our black president because he is black. Or when they mislead their viewers to make them paranoid about black people. There is nothing wrong with black people.... There is nothing wrong with modern germany either or with european CAPITALISM that also includes a decent safety net for society unlike the one we have. I take offense when Fox, starts amplifying the hatred and making people fearful of other people who mean them no harm. That is how humanity tears itself apart at a time when we need to pull together as a human society and you bet I will dump on ANY media station liberal or otherwise that sits around all day long amplifying hatred. It isn't and issue of being partisan. It is an issue of simply finding the spewing of a surcease of hatred revolting to my sense of humanity.

    1 year ago

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    Absolutely great article!! Thank you very much!

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  • barbararemensnyder

    Barbara Ricci Remensnyder from barbararemensnyder says:

    The article had good information.....what's with the seller that's stuck on FOX NEWS???? Certainly not in the spirit of friendly sharing that is ESTY !!! Get over your prejudices, girl!!!

    1 year ago

  • luciarrow

    Lucero Coogan from LucidLuci says:

    Great advice! Starting up a shop isn't easy, but I've been reading the articles like this one and its helping me out a lot. Thank you for your wisdom and time to type out this advice :) it helps so much!

    1 year ago

  • CafePrimrose

    Amanda Gynther from CafePrimrose says:

    And one last thing Dixie, I apologize, I didn't realize, taking issue and having an objection to the amplifying of hatred was even a political issue or position. If it is, then I suppose you are correct I am partisan. But I kinda thought political issue would be more for example my feeling that Monsanto should NOT have protection, or openly supporting the Occupy movement which I do on a personal level though I try very hard to leave my politics off Etsy. Objecting to hatred being amplified I thought was ujust being a human being... But apparently not... It is a partisan political position... Ok thanx good to know for the future.

    1 year ago

  • CafePrimrose

    Amanda Gynther from CafePrimrose says:

    But yes aside from the mention of Fox, it was a lovely article.

    1 year ago

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    Good article :-) I need to consider a few new things now.

    1 year ago

  • venturalulu

    Linda from PhotoLulu says:

    Well - Well - Well..... so I now have a much clearer idea of why my little shop is sooooo quiet :) lol Great , clear, and yes, authentic advice ! I am amazed by all the responses, and learned even more reading them Thank you so much, and I look forward to more articles from you :)

    1 year ago

  • susanlsiegel2

    Susan L. Siegel from StudioCLD says:

    Thanks for the ideas...welcome to me. Will rethink my Profile for sure.

    1 year ago

  • VioletMuseStudio

    Shelly from VioletMuseStudio says:

    Oh Dixie! Wonderful Words of Wisdom ! Exactly what I have been pondering for ,well, ever since I decided to 'open shop' (11 months)! Ugh. In my heart I know, but not how to express it into written ABC's, ie; Branding 101. Since it is hard for me to focus (literally) on just one style...maybe I will open 2 shops..a Modern shop and a Bohemian earthy shop. I feel like a two-headed crazy creative,lol, because I can't decide! I see a pretty stone or the color of a gemstone...and just crave to turn it into a wearable piece, but deep down my desire was to inspire...and I can't seem too focus in on how to pull it all together! You did bring more clarity to that dilemma though!!! Thank you :)

    1 year ago

  • FromAithertoRust

    Allison from FromAither says:

    Thank you very much for the informative article. The "Why" and the "What" aspects of brands that you mention appear to be the most important. From my perspective the "why" you are in business drives your day to day activities and the "what" you sell really are the core of the brand's essence and driver for all of the other branding pieces. The words used, font style, profile photo, banner image, wrapping paper are all key, but more for the consistency and enhancement of those original and cornerstone elements of the shop. Businesses/Shops always have to have a singular and unique brand for consistent customer experience, but what I wonder is if a person is always one brand, or if they can have many brands that take form from very different passions. Do any other Etsy shop owners have other businesses outside of Etsy? Or multiple within Etsy?

    1 year ago

  • designlab443

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    As a graphic designer myself, I'd say you hit the nail on the head... great tips!

    1 year ago

  • pokriotsproducts

    Amanda P from CraftyRiot says:

    Thank you for this article! I'm currently "rebuilding" my shop and I needed to read this. I have a friend making a logo for me and I'm really trying to start over and be more successful. Part of my problem is having a variety of things but I'm trying to work that into my brand. Thanks again!

    1 year ago

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    Thanks for the useful information... something I'm trying to work on and find myself struggling with.

    1 year ago

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    Great advice! Thank you! Now I am going to do by 20/10/4 exercise:)

    1 year ago

  • OliviaEwing

    Olivia Ewing from OliviaEwing says:

    Very timely advice! I wish I had thought about this when I opened my shop months ago, but I have recently been thinking a lot about branding and looking for ways to define what I stand for.

    1 year ago

  • LaNomRahDesigns

    La NomRah from LaNomRahDesigns says: Featured

    Great article! Branding is an ongoing process for me. it involves many conversations with others trying to get an accurate idea of what they perceive versus what I think Im saying, or hoping they will see. Thanks for sharing.

    1 year ago

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    Thanks, Loved the article.

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    Wonderful! I'm in the middle of a rebrand myself. It's my favorite part of what I do!

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    Thank you for the great article. These are really good topics to think about.

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  • MissingHeirloom

    Elizabeth Pickett from MissingHeirloom says:

    Great article and advice - translates well for the Newbie - or someone like me who has been in the business for 20+ years. You need to change with the times. Since I plan on being in business for 20+ more - I had started re-branding (again) a few months ago. I plan to read all of your links - great timing and THANKS!!! Liz

    1 year ago

  • SHM2013

    Silvia from MarinaBosettiDesigns says:

    Let's go back to the desk, review and reflect, I'd say. A lot of good input to digest. Thanks!

    1 year ago

  • Silkworth

    Patty Villanova from silkworth says:

    One of the best articles from Etsy on this topic. I am in the process of redoing my shop and there are a number of pointers that I can use. Sometimes you have to change your whole way of thinking about things.

    1 year ago

  • MissingHeirloom

    Elizabeth Pickett from MissingHeirloom says:

    And BTW Dixie - Your Apartment ROCKS!!!

    1 year ago

  • Rakahuri

    Jeneane from DunedinSt says:

    Great food for thought. I've usually done okay on market stalls. Now though the stuff I am passionate about selling doesn't appeal to my neighbourhood. My market place is the Global one. But shipping costs are a killer from NZ to practically anywhere in the World! Based on sales I have made, I am thinking a lot about my target market and just yesterday dipped my toe into the possibilities of the Cruise Ship visitors' market. I feel that I live my brand and express it in my blog: I'm not sure at this stage whether using my garden as a backdrop for my Etsy Shop is useful or not. Thanks for those prompts and guidelines.

    1 year ago

  • FeltHappiness

    Juliane Gorman from FeltHappiness says:

    Love your link to your own personal branding exercise - quite useful to see the whirs and cogs of it all.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your insight & tips Dixie. It is a constant challenge to keep my brand current... time to update again.

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    I am still very new to Etsy but I think those are very important points. I will try to use them in my shop too. There is never enough to improve! Thank you.

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    Great advice! I will get started right away!

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    Coming from an advertising background And having a degree in graphic and industrial design . All this advice is excellent. The only thing I would strongly add coming in as an artist is... Be creative, be very very creative. And don't be afraid to take risks and step outside the box and your comfort zone in your ideas! Mitch

    1 year ago

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    I have been in business 25 years now. But I have trouble connecting with the Cyber-world. I don't seen to be "out There" so to speak. I wear my own work to gather interest but I seem to hit a blank wall when it comes to sales. When I knitted for companies. the work flew out the door. Now under my own flag my work is far superior but no sales. The finished product is hand made origionally designed. Best quality of fabricks and yarns.BUT. No dice Noela.

    1 year ago

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    I officially feel like I have tons to do. Great advice!!!

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  • 2chicdesigns

    Cynthia from 2chicdesigns says:

    Hi Noela you have a lovely shop. I think photos are very important, I would have my designs on live models and also don't be afraid of the yber world. Learn all that you can about etsy and you will be amazed at what can happen.

    1 year ago

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    Thanks, Dixie!

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    Although I'm an "old-school" Etsian (2006) I have only recently begun to build my shop into a business and I have had a lot of questions and concerns on how to be found by more people. Your article gave me some great ideas which I will pursue ASAP! Thank you!

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    Thanks so much for the great article Dixie! I've been working on my shop a lot this year and I am printing this article and using it to help me build a better store and a better brand! Always appreciate helpful tips and great motivators from folks like you!

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    This is a great article! My shop is in the fledge-ling stages and I know I have plenty to work on, I think it's wonderful to have such great guidance with such helpful tips. Thank you!

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    I love all the clear suggestions to get sellers thinking and brainstorming. I will definitely take some time to sit down and go through these steps with my shop. I feel like I am naturally part way there. But if I can be more aware of my brand that will help for sure. Thank you!

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    Awesome advice:)

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  • dixielarue

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    Wow, I really appreciate all your positive comments! Thank you so much! It's easy to dismiss branding and marketing as something crass, manipulative, or just, well, icky. But what branding can mean, especially here on Etsy, is a way to define who you are and what you're about; how to best convey your message; and to l earn who your customers are and how best to serve them. It's about communication -- and that's always a good thing. In reality, branding isn't icky at all! I am so happy if I can help you, even a little bit, to pursue your passion, build your own business, and express who you are. Again, *thanks*

    1 year ago

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    I can't wait to start--this is a great article, thanks! Carol Joy

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    Timing is everything they say. And the timing of this advice is perfect for me. My shop is still new and a lot of these concepts have been going through my mind. Through the organization of this article I believe I can now address certain ideas and move ahead. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    Thanks for direction, lots to really think about, act and react on.

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    Businesses that have good branding make it seem effortless. *sigh* I love how your description of branding describes it basically as an essence ~ and everything else getting in line behind that essence or the core of what your business is about. I am excited to show it to my husband who I am forever trying to explain why the little details matter to me! Thanks!

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    Thank you for a great article !! I think I have to work harder at branding, just not sure that it's a good ideea to go the way I am. I am trying to make high quality for new babies but in the same time I have sections for the Mommy and Dadday of the new baby. Maybe I should just stay with the babies ??? Any advise will be greatly appreciated !

    1 year ago

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    I also found the article very informative, I opened an account last year and only last month started filling the shelves. I have been trying to follow all the advice I can get, and this all sounds like wonderful points to evaluate. Thank you for the help.

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    This was great! I am a new seller (last few months), but I really want my jewelry shop to be about color, quality, and nature. Trying to shine in the midst of all the other jewelry shops out there is difficult. By using natural elements in my pictures (most of my backgrounds are wood) and bright colored gems, I'm trying to be consistent and create a presence. Let me know what you think I can change?

    1 year ago

  • LttleEvrydyCreations

    Paulette Ross from LttleEvrydyCreations says:

    I discovered I need to work on tweeking my brand after reading your article. The target market and positioning is a tough one for me to define. I love glass and I try to create things that people are surprised with, because it suprises me! Thank you for your insights!

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    An article about branding that didn't leave me feeling dirty after reading it ;) Nice job and thanks for the info!

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    Vintage continues to be "the new black" I have curated my shop for those who appreciate simple good style with a touch of brass, satiny wood grain in an uncluttered environment. The occasional colorful kitsch may pop up occasionally, but I have learned with Etsy's help to hone in on my brand.

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    These posts always give me so much to think about. This is very straightforward and easy to understand. Thanks for all the great advice. I will definitely be taking another look to find out what I can do to improve my brand.

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    After some months in etsy I realized that keeping in mind the path you want to follow it's a good way to get new followers to your shop (being consistent!!), so the people who likes your shop knows that every new item you upload will be something they like. Sometimes it's a temptation to include new things, new lines!!

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