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4 Smart Strategies for Setting Up Your Shop handmade and vintage goods


Strategy isn’t just for war heroes and investment bankers. Many of Etsy’s most successful sellers use strategy — defined in the dictionary as “the art of devising a plan” — to increase their sales. As Nancy Pelosi once said, “Organize, don’t agonize.”

Whether you’re a brand-new or seasoned seller, it’s never too early (or too late) to craft strategies to help your shop grow. Luckily for me, Seth Kushner of SethKushnerPrints allowed me to go behind the scenes of his brand-new shop to collaborate on critiquing and strategizing his next steps. Seth is a self-employed New York photographer who’s freelanced for loads of publications ranging from Vibe to The New York Times Magazine. He’s published two books, The Brooklynites and Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics, and he sells limited-edition prints of his photography in his Etsy shop.

Seth Kushner sells prints of photographs that are featured in his books, such as this one (above right) of Captain America creator Joe Simon.

Are you ready to create your own shop strategy? Take a look at four strategies that Seth and I put to the test.

1. Identify Your Ideal Customer

Do you know who your ideal customer is?

Whether you want to attract trendsetting twentysomethings, busy moms, green thumbs, world travelers, or none of the above, you need to identify your core demographic. As you’re producing products, think about your hopeful customers’ characteristics, such as their age, the climate they live in, income level, and personal tastes. This information will inform your every move as you’re setting up your shop and appealing to your target market.

In Seth’s case, a number of his prints feature Star Wars action figures and iconic comic-book creators, so he identifies his target audience as primarily males, ages 28–50, who earn disposable incomes and are fans of sci-fi and superheroes.

2. Create Your Unique Brand

What makes you interesting? What’s your shop’s overall visual aesthetic? If you had to summarize your products in two sentences or less, what would you say?

The answers to these questions will help you to form the essence of your brand, which marketing expert and Etsy seller Dixie Laite says is about providing a promise to your customer. “A brand is an expectation of experience,” she says. “A brand is really just consistent perception, and when we talk about branding, we’re talking about creating and crafting that perception.”

In Seth’s case, he decided to take a simple, “traditional artist” approach by naming his shop after himself. He’s already built a reputation as a photographer, so he doesn’t need to create a moniker to describe his brand. Seth’s brand strategy is unique to him, and he’s just beginning to develop it on Etsy; depending on your goals, you may want to create a clever shop name that captures the collective voice of your items. “I want my overall visual aesthetic to express eye-catching, high-quality, modern photography that’s inspired by pop culture,” Seth says.

If you haven’t fleshed out your shop’s brand, no worries. Brand development is a process that all companies and solopreneurs refine over time. A great way to get started with crafting your personal and shop brand is to tell your story in your About page — learn how to create an About page here.

Read more tips about branding and graphics in The Seller Handbook and in Dixie Laite’s brand advice column.

Seth Kushner also sells images of New York culture, such as this one of Coney Island.

3. Check Out Your Competition

One of the easiest ways to figure out how you stack up against similar shops is to study them. Browse and search for shops selling similar products and take a good look at how they market themselves. Do all of their products fit into a cohesive brand? What do you like most about their shop? How much do their items cost? How many items have they sold since they opened? If they have high sales, click on their social media buttons to see how they’re promoting themselves on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Luckily for Seth, there aren’t many photographers who specialize in sci-fi and superhero culture, but there are a number of photographers who sell prints of New York cityscapes and monuments, which Seth also sells. When he researched his competition, he found that he’s pricing his New York prints at nearly double his competition, which might actually work to his advantage. “I think some shoppers associate higher price points with higher quality,” Seth says, noting that he wants to experiment with different price points to see what sells.

Read A Simple Formula for Pricing Your Work.

4. Get Into the Art of Search

Nailing the art of being found on Etsy requires time, experimentation, and analysis of your Shop Stats to assess whether your listings are working.

Item titles are of utmost importance, and it’s essential to use all 13 search tags because they represent the keywords that allow items to be searchable by potential customers. Make sure the title and tags are relevant and specific — it’s better to describe an item’s color, style, and physical attributes than it is to be broad, vague, or use cute adjectives.

When I met with Seth, we discovered that he wasn’t using all of his tags and that he may benefit from expanding his item titles. For example, he listed this photograph as simply “C3PO.” Shoppers may be more likely to find the item if he alters the title to something like “Limited-Edition Close-up Photo of Vintage Star Wars C3PO 1977 Action Figure.”

Read more tips about getting found in Search in The Seller Handbook.

With his clear understanding of his target audience, unique niche, and eagerness to improve his listings, Seth is off to a superhero start.

Those are just a handful of strategies to grow your shop. What smart and creative plans have worked for you? Share your ideas in comments.

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  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects says: Featured

    I think it helps to replace the word "branding" (it has negative connotations for me too) with the idea of just being true to a message, a look, a theme-- creating a visual identity that makes people say-- "oh, there's a Susan Faye- [insert your own name], I love her work!!"

    2 years ago

  • AmyCuevasSchroeder Admin

    Amy Schroeder says: Featured

    Thanks for all the great feedback about the concept of branding. When I first started thinking about branding for small businesses and solopreneurs, I felt a little funky about it, too. But when I started thinking of branding as storytelling or a succinct way to describe someone's art, it made me realize that branding doesn't always have to be associated with corporate culture. I think more and more artists and creative people are embracing the concept of "personal branding" because it empowers them to reach their goals and define success on their own terms.

    2 years ago

  • sethkushner1

    Seth Kushner from SethKushnerPrints says: Featured

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It seem everyone's wanting to talk about "branding." For me, that term isn't about my deciding upon a look I think will sell, but instead it's about my figuring out how to use my aesthetic, the "style" that comes out of me, which I can't help but utilize, and making sure all of my work, my personal website, my blog, my twitter and facebook, and my etsy shop are consistent. Everything I make comes from all of my influences and experiences, filtered through my brain, and that becomes my "BRAND." It's true and honest and it's uniquely me. I'm not a marketing person or a corporate person, so I'm not incredibly great at figuring out how to sell this thing I do, but I've been making an effort to learn. I think a lot of etsy sellers have this in common with me, which is why articles like this are so helpful.

    2 years ago

  • StillVintage

    StillVintage from StillVintage says:

    Wonderful advise. Thank you for such a great article.

    2 years ago

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat from mazedasastoat says:

    I find the whole concept of "branding" makes me feel like a wannabee corporation, when actually I'm an individual making unique, one-off items. I'm also uncomfortable with the idea of using my private life as a selling point, regardless of whether or not I have cute pets (which I do) or an immaculate workspace (which I most definitely don't!) However, a cohesive "look" to all the photos, despite it being imitated more & more by other sellers, is something I believe helps customers to find my items. Also, I put effort into designing unique matching business stationery, so every package has a cohesive feel as well. I think it's much more important to be who you really are than to spend too much time worrying about whether you've developed your own personal self as a selling stategy.

    2 years ago

  • WhisperingOak

    Quality Handmade Items from WhisperingOak says:

    So much to learn from this article. Search is so important. I have found that tagging and finding those phrases unearth your items and when people find you they love your product and take it home.

    2 years ago

  • 118jan

    Janette from AmericanDollClothes says:

    Thank you for the article, really great advise.

    2 years ago

  • OxOriginalArtJewelry

    Patsy Oxley from OxArtJewelry says:

    Thanks for reminding me of 'strategies' we all need to keep in mind but too easily forget in our artistic pursuits!

    2 years ago

  • thedelhistore

    thedelhistore from theDelhiStore says:

    What a great article! Really useful!

    2 years ago

  • hearttohomecreations

    Ashley Mary Dunlop from Heart2HomeCreations says:

    get article very informative! thank you!

    2 years ago

  • auntjanecan

    Jane Priser from JanePriserArts says:

    Some things to think about.

    2 years ago

  • PrettywithSprinkles

    PrettywithSprinkles from PrettywithSprinkles says:

    fantastic article and it was most helpful! thanks!

    2 years ago

  • elisabethringewald

    Elisabeth Ringewald from MaineCoonCrafts says:

    I just cannot wrap my head around "branding" , it is the buzzword that I hear everywhere today, brand yourself, your business, your lifestyle, I keep kicking it around because I am afraid of being pigeon-holed. Will do more research, Thanks, Great Info...

    2 years ago

  • solocosmo

    Jessica Grundy from solocosmo says:

    I love these articles

    2 years ago

  • GaryRam

    Gary and Heather from littleRamstudio says:

    As newbies to etsy these articles are just what we need to help give us useful info on how to make a go of our little shop. Especially liked the pointers on how to get into searches. All we need to know now is how to turn viewers into customers! More articles like these please!

    2 years ago

  • volkerwandering

    Jess from volkerwandering says:

    This is super helpful & I will definitely be showing this article to my friends who are thinking about opening an Etsy shop!

    2 years ago

  • FergusonsJewelry

    Thomas and Jo Ferguson from FergusonsFineJewelry says:

    This was exactly what I was needing to read this morning! It also provided some great links for further reading. As a fairly new store, it is a little overwhelming, but this really gave me something concrete to work with. Thanks for a great article! ~Jo

    2 years ago

  • glynniskillen

    Diane and Glynnis from DiGiJewels says:

    Very informative article, lucky Seth!

    2 years ago

  • SoyNutsPaperCo

    Andrea from SoyNutsPaperCo says:

    Thanks for the great article! I really like the part about creating your brand. Shop aesthetics are important – there should be an overall “look” to a shop even if the products vary.

    2 years ago

  • ulovejewelry
  • mfrawley

    Mary Frawley (Calligraphette Ltd) from Calligraphette says:

    Amy thank you for giving us a peek into Seth's process. Seth best of luck with your new shop - action hero's rock! xx

    2 years ago

  • ulovejewelry

    Universal Love Jewelry from ULoveJewelry says:

    Seth, love your NY photos,,we're from Brooklyn :)

    2 years ago

  • IsabellaDiSclafani

    Isabella Di Sclafani from IsabellaDiSclafani says:

    As a painter and sculptor, I can relate to the subject of "branding". Art is subjective and so when I purchase another artist's work, I am just as interested in finding out who they are in real life. It helps identify what their art is about and why they make it. It completes the story, so to speak.

    2 years ago

  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects says: Featured

    I think it helps to replace the word "branding" (it has negative connotations for me too) with the idea of just being true to a message, a look, a theme-- creating a visual identity that makes people say-- "oh, there's a Susan Faye- [insert your own name], I love her work!!"

    2 years ago

  • stephanie2105

    Estefanía Garcia from LesFleursdemonAmour says:

    I loved this information, I've been in etsy for only a month (TODAY IS MY ETSY MONTH-AVERSARY) and I've been struggling to get my store out there, I guess it does takes a lot of research and effort to work on a TECHNIQUE that will help you to be succesful. please more articles like this...I need them ;)

    2 years ago

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie says:

    Such great advice! Thanks for sharing! :)

    2 years ago

  • sarahkdesigns

    Sarah from sarahkdesigns says:

    I think how you think of your creations as a brand depends on what you sell. We all have different visions of what we think we are ourselves and what our potential customers might be. "Would you buy from yourself if you were someone like you" is often the most useful question. Then the vertical thinking follows: how would you find your things? Those answers should help you with tags and titles. I might have the fashion sense of Johnny Cash, but I live in a colorful house with a lot of colorful things, but that doesn't mean that my every customer is just like me or entirely knowable. For some of us - being unstrategic works because there is a chance that something that you haven't considered factors into someone deciding to make a purchase. For all the well made plans and calculations, there is a bit of serendipity in most things. Sometimes we over-think things to the point of absurdity.

    2 years ago

  • PennyBirchWilliams

    Penny Birch-Williams from PennyBirchWilliams says:

    Challenging steps for all of us still in the early months of having an etsy shop. I chose to use my own name as my shop name because I started as a traditional painter of canvases, and already had my work online elsewhere. I've expanded to painting other things and I'm not sure how it works regarding branding and cohesiveness, but I do think it brings more people in to look. I don't want to limit myself to only one kind of art done one way, when I am capable of- and enjoy doing - many kinds. I suppose if it becomes too scattered looking I could have a second shop, but it's too soon for that decision. Even with constant work on titles, tags and so on, I find views to be unpredictable and varies a lot week to week. It's an ongoing project! And as for my target audience, I'm not sure how to identify them! Probably young to middle-aged home-owning nature lovers! People with room on their walls and shelves, who love oceans, forests, rivers, animals, color...! Not sure how to appeal to one particular group of people...the article mentions how knowing this will influence your moves to market your work, but not *how*, so maybe more on this subject in a future post? Thanks for the article!

    2 years ago

  • Infinitiplus1

    Shari from Infinitiplus1 says:

    Very good and handy information. Keep it up!

    2 years ago

  • littlepancakes

    Melissa Pancakes from littlepancakes says:

    I think branding has been the most important thing for me. Having people like the brand and recognize it on and off etsy is not only really exciting but has definitely helped sales.

    2 years ago

  • PomDecors

    ElleJay from 20thCenturyKitchen says:

    Except for the sound advice concerning a title better written for SEO, not much useful here, at least for my shops. My customer base fits into no demographic categories. I don't make my items, so there is nothing to brand. The more competition I have on Etsy, the better -- because we will most likely be selling related, but not identical, items -- which is awesome for shoppers. Being found on Etsy is not a huge concern for me since my buyers are not finding me that way in most cases.

    2 years ago

  • needleandfelt

    Amy from needleandfelt says:

    Thanks, Amy for the helpful article. I also liked Susan Faye's comment that branding can have a negative connotation and rewording it with something else like being true to a message or a visual identity takes the edge off of things. I love clean minimal design and try to express that in my creations, font, using my favorite colors, and repeat them so people can remember. Best wishes, Seth!

    2 years ago

  • WoodlandCottage

    WoodlandCottage from WoodlandCottage says:

    One easy way to grow your shop is to put in your two cents' worth by commenting on stuff. People see your avatar, and surf over to your shop! (Feel free to stop by any time!)

    2 years ago

  • hollandcheri

    Cheri Holland from PhotographybyCheri says:

    Great article with useful advice. i just opened my shop a month ago and will try to tweek it using these tips.

    2 years ago

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 from Parachute425 says:

    So I decided this is the year of SEO for me. Learn it, know it, love it. But when you make widgets, you title them widgets, you tag them widgets, you list and relist your widgets and they still don’t show up in searches or browse, it makes you want to throw up your hands and rely on the fates. Thanks for the kick – I’ll read all the articles mentioned – again.

    2 years ago

  • gescate

    Gino Escate from Gygante says:


    2 years ago

  • SomeKindOfPretty

    Catheryn Dallenbach from SomeKindOfPretty says:

    Such great advice!! I am always looking for ways to expand my shop!

    2 years ago

  • AmyCuevasSchroeder Admin

    Amy Schroeder says: Featured

    Thanks for all the great feedback about the concept of branding. When I first started thinking about branding for small businesses and solopreneurs, I felt a little funky about it, too. But when I started thinking of branding as storytelling or a succinct way to describe someone's art, it made me realize that branding doesn't always have to be associated with corporate culture. I think more and more artists and creative people are embracing the concept of "personal branding" because it empowers them to reach their goals and define success on their own terms.

    2 years ago

  • judithreil

    Judith Reil from ReilWildThings says:

    Great article. To me this is a neverending learning process but I Love it.Stop by ReilWildThings and convo me. Thanks

    2 years ago

  • betherfly22

    Beth Belanger from LovejoyEstate says:

    Thank you for this! Perfect timing, as I just started my shop about 1.5 months ago and while I had a great start, sales have been lagging for the last two weeks.

    2 years ago

  • kpoklemba

    Katie Schmitt from PassengerSeatArt says:

    Great tips. Very clear and easy to understand ideas. I used to run a retail store and turning the idea of branding a shop to branding my own Etsy page seems intimidating. However, after reading this I am thinking that my branding is like the visual merchandising of my shop. All the retail rules I learned were to tell a story and make sure that items complimented each other. When you look at the categories in your shop and the things you love to create, you can create a story of who you are as an artist. Thanks!! ( I love how helpful Etsy is with all the advice everywhere you turn :)

    2 years ago

  • NadinArtGlass

    Nadin Sandler from NadinArtGlass says:

    great article!!!!

    2 years ago

  • IlluminatedPerfume

    Roxana from IlluminatedPerfume says:

    I completely agree with you @Amy about "personal branding", that is the approach I've taken with my work/shop. I began with my core purpose and and grew my branding from that sacred fountain.

    2 years ago

  • dbabcock

    Deb Babcock from BlueSkyPotteryCO says:

    Even though I've been with Etsy almost since the beginning, there is still always something new to learn. In the beginning there is so much to do to get set up -- from choosing a name, learning how to best photograph your work, which tags, titles and descriptions are going to get you found. Once you've got that down, then refining your shop, your image and your brand is the next step. Although I still don't have branding totally integrated into my shop, my goal has been to make unique and distinctive pieces that people know came from my mind and creativity. Still a work in progress....

    2 years ago

  • JackieDoremus

    Jaclyn Doremus from TheLandofCraft says:

    Excellent article with wonderful ideas/tips. It never hurts to occasionally assess your shop and see where things can be improved, etc. Thanks!

    2 years ago

  • TheRobinsTree

    Robin from TheRobinsTree says:

    Thanks for the great advice!

    2 years ago

  • BrightSpotDesigns

    Bright Spot Designs from BrightSpotDesigns says:

    Good read! I think branding is giving your items a "look" that can be recognized as yours alone.

    2 years ago

  • Savvon
  • FeelYourLook

    Katherine Mills from MysticalHeart7 says:

    Amazing Article! Alot of great advice here to consider!

    2 years ago

  • GoldenBeam

    Sophia from GoldenBeam says:

    Thank your for all the ideas, you make them all seem very doable and not complicated to put into practice. I think what you said in the beginning about knowing who your customer is or who you would like them to be plays a big part on aiming right, even thinking about little things like what is the best time to list or renew new items. I sell baby accessories, so I know that busy parents are more likely to be browsing the internet after their kids bed time and are more likely to find my items then.

    2 years ago

  • ManInTheMoonHerbs

    ManInTheMoonHerbs from ManInTheMoonHerbs says:

    Good, solid tips! Branding is so important. It was very exciting when people started recognizing my "brand" from Etsy when I was selling at farmers' markets!

    2 years ago

  • salonindulge

    Shawna Swann from salonindulge says:

    Creating a brand isn't as easy as I thought....

    2 years ago

  • minkeebabygifts

    Debra and Gary Jordan from MinkyBabyGifts says:

    15 years ago it was my dream to sell on the internet. It was a battle to get a merchant account, customer trust was next to impossible to gain. I even remember brick and mortar store campaigns regarding the 'dangers' of purchasing over the web! It still amazes me how Etsy, and fellow Etsians, have helped us to become successful by sharing free, quality training such as this post. Asking ourselves these three questions are worth hundreds of hours of research: 1 What makes you interesting? 2. What’s your shop’s overall visual aesthetic? 3. If you had to summarize your products in two sentences or less, what would you say? Our sales rep used to say "People like a story, tell them a story and you will make a customer for life".

    2 years ago

  • JackieDoremus

    Jaclyn Doremus from TheLandofCraft says:

    By the way, I am one who sells a few different crafty things. While creating a unique shop name I wanted to make sure I wasn't too restrictive, for example "JaclynsWreaths" or something like that only to look back on it in a few months and realize it didn't describe my entire shop. I hope and think I did that by the name I chose. Your shop banner and announcement can help with that too!

    2 years ago

  • gboliver

    Gail Oliver from AttentionGetting says:

    Knowing who you are selling to is so important. You cannot target your promotional efforts otherwise.

    2 years ago

  • dottywalker

    Dotty Walker from SewThoughtfulBlanket says:

    Great advice. Thanks!

    2 years ago

  • FischerFineArts

    Mel Fischer from FischerFineArts says:

    Definitely some great tips worth following. Thank you for sharing.

    2 years ago

  • joyofvintagewithsam

    Sandy Millman from joyofvintagewithsam says:

    it's all good, brief and to the point advice. Perfect for the A D D me. Will contemplate and restructure. Thank ya thank ya.

    2 years ago

  • ebkriley

    EBK Riley from DeeAndFee says:

    Thank you for the very concise, very helpful information. Much more useful than vague talk of finding a niche in the market and filling it...

    2 years ago

  • MagMoment

    Hazel Berger from MagMoment says:

    Thanks for specifically using a photographer as the example here!

    2 years ago

  • TMutzCreates

    t francis mutzel from TMutzCreates says:

    ...good tips ...thank you!

    2 years ago

  • SnowFallStudios

    Kristen from SnowFallStudio says:

    Branding is a scary idea. I've tried to make the concept of branding more manageable by striving to have a consistent style instead. Over the past year my shop has grown slowly and steadily, though there's always room for improvement. SEO is a puzzle I'm still trying to decipher. More tips about that would be welcome!

    2 years ago

  • samthecrafter

    shirley martin from samthecrafter says:

    As far as identifying you ideal customer, how do you know how old they are and how much money they make?

    2 years ago

  • TheTailoredCookie

    Susan Dobbs from TheTailoredCookie says:

    I love Etsy's willingness to help all of us get the most out of our Etsy stores. :)

    2 years ago

  • KittyStoykovich

    Kitty Stoykovich from KittyStoykovich says:

    Good read and lots of info! Thanks :) no matter how long I've been doing this on Etsy, I can always learn a thing or two from my fellow artists!

    2 years ago

  • VictoryBags

    Victoria Gray from VictoryBags says:

    "Identify Your Ideal Customer" Hey Etsy, I'd love more articles on this. I struggle with it, and I know many others do as well.

    2 years ago

  • CattieCoyleDesigns

    Cattie Coyle from CattieCoyleDesigns says:

    Great article and advice. I too struggle with the whole branding thing, but have come to view it as having a consistent look throughout your online presences (prob not grammatically correct) - blog, website, Etsy shop, FB etc. Which I am totally guilty of NOT doing! Working on it though... Another thing I think is difficult is "identifying your customer" and "what problem do you solve for them". As a photographer, my customers could be pretty much anybody (for the art photos and some of my cards, other cards are def bought by animal lovers). Do you you have to "super-nichify" your work in order to be successful?

    2 years ago

  • CSCPaintedCreations

    Cindy from CSCPaintedCreations says:

    I think people are looking at branding to much in a corporate way. I feel a brand is a cohesive theme. An attractive color, name, even a something as simple as a font (type). I guess my training in graphic design has tought me that and it doesn't have to be corporate, it's a visual expression of your work or you. People don't know you and human nature makes us go by first impression. By being on the internals defining a cohesive theme will help people remember and identify you, with you. This was a great little artical and put information into prospective it will make me take a second look and see what I can change to improve traffic to my shop. Thank you.

    2 years ago

  • spalenka

    Greg Spalenka from spalenka says:

    There is a misconception that a brand is a look, style, design, logo, or other fashion statement that represents your business or personal vision. Your brand is an extension of your authenticity, your purpose. When an individual’s core purpose and talent are synergistically aligned their brand can become a “transcendent symbol.” This is about power in the truest sense of the word. Know thyself. The world will recognize it too. I teach a workshop called Artist As Brand at colleges and universities around the US, and I assure you when creators understand that their brand is an extension of their purpose there is a transformation that takes place throughout their entire marketing strategy.

    2 years ago

  • rsgirard

    Stephanie Girard from LarkRoadRhymes says:

    I have been working on my titles and tags but I had not even thought about my target audience or branding. Thanks for the suggestions!

    2 years ago

  • saulebaltaa

    Liga from DIYDigitalStudio says:

    Thank You for advice!

    2 years ago

  • shoda

    Kimberly Huestis from PorcelainAndStone says:

    Great read! Always motivating. I too used to think of branding as a big corp. word, but it is really becoming norm for a lot of up-and-coming artisan makers working on their personal brand identity. You are creating something uniquely you! Of course it will be branded with your creative touch that people will only find with you. It is a wonderful word! (Now I'm feeling all soapbox-y) I believe what it really means to do is make sure you focus on your craft, and not stray too far off the path of what your loving fans go to you for. There is plenty of growth around the idea, so definitely not meant to constrain! Loved the article :)

    2 years ago

  • 0namesleft

    Robin Bellomy from 0namesleft says:

    Great article for new sellers and seasoned. Its good for us to remind ourselves of the basics every now and then, helps to make sure that we are still on the right track.

    2 years ago

  • alanazak

    Alana Owens from oZdOinGItagaiN says:

    I really enjoyed the information and thought provoking questions. Thanks for taking time to share with all of us! I wish for you much more success!

    2 years ago

  • jbmanning1

    JB Manning from JBMVphotography says:

    Great blog entry especially being a photographer myself! And new to Etsy!

    2 years ago

  • andreaciske

    andrea ciske from aciskedesign says:

    Thanks Amy for a clear, concise article. I especially liked the examples given in each strategy as they related to Seth's shop. It made it a little easier to "see" my shop.

    2 years ago

  • littlelambshop

    Loba Mah from littlelambshop says:

    Very interesting article. So much to learn. Thank you.

    2 years ago

  • netbarb

    Barbara Reinstein from netbarb says:

    I think of branding as being recognizable through style. I have people tell me that when they see one of my pieces out and about, they just "know who made it". That's easier in my town, than on platform like ETSY. In the case of art I never mix up daVinci with Jackson Pollack. Each has a brand. Anyway that's how I think of it. I really enjoyed the article, and am going to research some of the tips you gave.

    2 years ago

  • SouthernAsSweetTea

    Lauren from SouthernAsSweetTea says:

    Thanks for the article! Good points on branding :-)

    2 years ago

  • carolwagner1

    Carol Wagner from VintageBettyLuke says:

    Will work on my about page! Thanks

    2 years ago

  • sweetgumballinc

    sweetgumballinc Gumball from sweetgumballinc says:

    thank you for these suggestions! every.little.bit.helps! xo

    2 years ago

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    Whilst I greatly appreciate Etsy's marketing suggestions, what I would really really like, and find very hard to find, is some sample financial plans for a craft business. A sample profit & loss sheet, cash flow forecast and a time plan which demonstrates a sensible way to split your time between making stuff, marketing it and... everything else! My ever loving wife is supporting me while I set up my craft business, but she's rightly expecting me to be able to start contributing to the mortgage and bills again at some point. I need to show her, and myself, that it can all work. Many thanks, Roddy

    2 years ago

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    renee pourhadi from isabellabluedesigns says:

    Being very new, about a year, to Etsy, I think it's important to think about branding. I know what I like and brands are important to me. I think when someone finally recognizes your art, your pieces, or you,'ve made it! I'm all over the place, (I need to focus) yet all of my pieces include one thing. They ALL have it. Over all, I didn't do so bad this year, but I am for sure hoping to do much better next, and reading articles like this will only help me increase that probablility!

    2 years ago

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    Great info and article! I spent a lot of time and energy last year working on perfecting my pictures and listing more items, which really helped in getting into more treasuries. But recently I have been redoing tags and titles and that has really helped. I think it is a continual thing to always be improving, challenging yourself to take it to another level. p.s. I love Star Wars and Sci-Fi as well, and started a few months ago to incorporate my Sci-Fi love into more of my handmade items!

    2 years ago

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    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It seem everyone's wanting to talk about "branding." For me, that term isn't about my deciding upon a look I think will sell, but instead it's about my figuring out how to use my aesthetic, the "style" that comes out of me, which I can't help but utilize, and making sure all of my work, my personal website, my blog, my twitter and facebook, and my etsy shop are consistent. Everything I make comes from all of my influences and experiences, filtered through my brain, and that becomes my "BRAND." It's true and honest and it's uniquely me. I'm not a marketing person or a corporate person, so I'm not incredibly great at figuring out how to sell this thing I do, but I've been making an effort to learn. I think a lot of etsy sellers have this in common with me, which is why articles like this are so helpful.

    2 years ago

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    A wonderful article. If everyone can take away one think from the article and spin it to their personal 'brand or market' it should increase you views and sales.

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    To me, part of "branding", is choosing a logo and using it on ALL your online and paper . Websites, Etsy banner, Facebook, flicker, Blog, avatar, business cards, all the same, recognizable as you. And don't keep changing them:>)

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    We are all different and so are our shops and the items we sell. For some, branding might be a very cohesive look with everything tied together, for others, branding may be exactly the opposite. There is that style known as "eclectic" that may be one's way and many other people's way. To me, branding is a tricky thing, as a person might get lost in some other people's ideas. The main goal is to reach out to those who like you and what you have to offer, those who are somehow like you, those who share a certain vision or approach.

    2 years ago

  • SunflowerGlassworks

    Mary Datwyler from SunflowerGlassworks says:

    Branding works - and it doesn't always have to be formal and precise but it does need to be consistent. My customers know me for my company name and something of a sunflower on a card, tag or even a tablecloth (and I change the sunflower image as I see fit). Some remember my first name but most (especially at shows) will say, "oh, hi Sunflower lady, I was looking for you" and I'm okay with that. It's a lot easier to remember (or spell) than my personal name. When they are looking for me they can remember my website which takes them right into my Etsy shop.

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    For me, branding is permission to be true to myself. Its finding that style, colour and mood in which I feel utterly comfortable, relaxed and inspired. Its the look I WANT to create, not the insipid compromise I feel I ought to be making. Bit by bit I'm building a shop I'd want to linger in, but it takes courage to nail your colours to the mast. Its taking a deep breath and culling the products that aren't quite true to my dream. The next step? Sorting my banner out!

    2 years ago

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    Another very new shop here, vintage focused, and appreciate the helpful information and insights. Still getting my head around how SEO works and how to increase my shop's visibility and findability. Having your store well stocked and constantly keeping it active are also very important, from what I've read on Etsy, and are things I need to work on. Branding is just as critical for vintage sellers as it is for artisans; Seth's comments above about branding are bang on. There is not as much competition in selling vintage as there is in handmade, but the challlenges of establishing a unique identity and presence on Etsy are just as real and significant. Opening the shop is just the first step; then the real work begins!

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    Identify customer base - check branding - check (at least for now) check out the competition - check get into the art of search - Oh, boy that one is giving me a run for my money. I think I have the basic idea but my stats tell me otherwise. It looks like it should be fairly straight forward - descriptive titles and tags - but I really feel like I may be missing something. I just wish I could get this down so I could focus on my art, rather than the art of searching.

    2 years ago

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    We took a branding approach with our name by hiding our mission statement inside the name. In our case, all of our products are 100% recycled so we're keeping glass out of the land fill. Landon Field is a play on land-unfilled and sounds pretty classy as well. When people figure it out, they feel like they're in on the secret and it makes it easier for them to remember us. We've gotten great responses from it!

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    I feel uncomfortable too with the word "branding" , in the sense that it correlates with corporate terms. I am an independent artist. I think the word "style" is more appropriate. Each individual has a unique style which echoes in her mission, vision , way of life as well as her creation. If we can define it, stay true to it, it will manifest in our created art too. I agree with Greg Spalenka. That comment resonates with what I think and wanted to say too. Any way, Thank you for this informational, thought provoking article. Dita.

    2 years ago

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    "Branding" is a problem with my eclectic tastes. It's hard to setting into one product...

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    Great tips! I have found that social media really works for me. I believe my readers are like-minded and tend to enjoy other links I post, other than what I'm promoting from my shop.

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    Great advice, as usual. My shop is fairly new, but thanks to Etsy words of wisdom, I had a good idea about how to set things up and i have been doing pretty well. I read the articles religiously and regularly discover something I can do to improve my shop. A recent article led me to explore teams, and something someone said on one team triggered a way I realized I could improve my photos. This article and the comments confirmed another approach I'm trying to tell my story. Thanks for the support.

    2 years ago

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    Thank you Amy for such an informative article. I haven't worked on my About page yet because I wasn't quite sure how to approach it. The branding issue has been a dilemma for me also. You have taken these concepts and explained them in a very concise and clear manner which has inspired me to get my About page up and running and work on my branding too! Thank you!!!

    2 years ago

  • StarTribe

    Penelope Neil from StarTribe says:

    Okay I'm saying this as constructively as I can, but guys- you gotta get over this branding thing. Stop seeing it as a big bad corporation's way of hooking you in. You might be surprised to hear this, but ALL businesses, no matter how small, have a brand. And guess what? You're a business! The moment you decided you would use your time and talent to generate your own income, you became a business. Face that reality now- for years I refused to see myself as a business because businesses were greedy and heartless- and it did me no favours. The sooner you look to business strategy and use it to help you, the better. If you really struggle with the idea of 'brand', try instead to see it as 'identity'. What is your shop's identity? If it were a person, what would they be like? How do they dress? What town would they live in? Are their any celebrities who exhibit a similar persona? This article has great ideas- though not so much for me, as I already do all of them! I heartily agree that number 1 - find your market - is crucial. I've been telling my blog readers this for years, it forms the base for everything you do from the backgrounds you use, the wording of your listings, the patterns on your fabric and charms in your jewelry. Sometimes it can take selling things for a while to determine who your customer is- in my other jewelry shop over the years I've learned my shoppers like it dark and crusty, with chain bits, raw stones and plenty of texture; they like crosses and crowns, roses and hearts, buttons and birds. So I know if I make a pair of earrings that feature these things, they'll sell. But I'm also an independent artist with her own unique vision, so I don't go churning out the stuff that sells, I just take it into account and use it to guide me. That's using the business strategy for the powers of good.

    2 years ago

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    Good advice. I enjoy reading the about page of a seller at the point of making a purchase. It's a nice way to get some background on what I'm buying.

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    Really sound points of view to consider as a seller on Etsy. The environment is highly competitive and having a uniform way to stand out from the crowd is quite challenging. I am inching my way towards more sales and customer base. These tips come in handy. Thanks.

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    Another very helpful article! Asking myself these questions has not only helped me learn more about my "brand", but it has helped to inspire another item I'd like to create. Double bonus, Thanks!

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    Thanks, Amy! Always something to consider. I especially like #4. Before I had whimsical titles, mostly to keep my products straight visually in my own mind. But I've been noticing the longer, more specific titles make more sense (cents too!)

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    Great advice! Handmade products are unique and special in every sort of way, being designed and touched by the artist and not a random factory person. And to clearly define handmade from homemade you need to create a cohesive brand that is unique to your style. This way you can rest assure customers will also be willing to pay more for your products.

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    Nice article and always such a great refresher to remind us to check in on all of the parameters of what we are doing, why we do it, who are target customers are, what we look like, why people should remember us, how they find us, how well do we take care of their needs in order for them to want to come back, and then, how they find us again. I, like several others really dislike the terms "branding" and "creating your own aesthetic" even though all of the above may make up what I believe the terms mean. I don't know, but sometimes these terms get thrown around and sound like someone just memorized the trendy terms from business school, and really have no idea what they are talking about. They are extremely overused in my view. I mean no offense to anyone, but even here on Etsy, the terms get thrown around and many peoples eyes glaze over while reading them. Don't get me wrong, my day job for the last 30 plus years has been business development, predominantly in the area of sales and marketing. So I am well versed in the concepts, I just don't like the way the terms are used today. They become cliche and less than really helpful to the beginning business person, unless you have the background to read between the lines and understand what is written. Otherwise, they are just confusing terms.

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    Sound Advice, Branding and Tags are the most important part of etsy, I would add my two cents and say that patience is probably the greatest virtue. When you first start out you agonize over the first sale and when things slow up it can lead to despair. I just keep on creating and experimenting with new media and design, adding inventory and assuring myself that if I don't give up, sooner or later recognition will come as I hone my craft. As I grow I remake old inventory and rewrite descriptions to reflect what I have learned. Also the Forums are a powerful place to learn about selling, as well as the Online Labs. Whenever I get a chance I review old Labs and search forums for lessons learned by experienced sellers. There is gold to be mined in the Forums and Labs. Thanks for a great article!

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    Great article, it really makes you think about your shop. I think I know my target market, but its hard to make a cohesive shop when you have so many brilliant ideas running through your head wanting to get out...I know I wanto branch out and let people see my love of vintage too, but that might not flow with the handmade items in my shop. I know some people have two shops and this could be an answer for this. From reading a few other posts I have changed some of my tags and make sure I have used them all, and I have it iced an increase in people visiting me through my shop stats. Thanks again, this posts are really helping me.

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    Hi Irene, I don't have an About ('cause not gotten around to that yet) but I believe that there is the option in Europe (at least there is in the UK -- which is sort of straddles two places ;) I believe that you would type the following to access/fill out your About Page --

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    I'm going to try these suggestions. I do wonder "can people find my work?" , " Have I made it easy to search & find?" I normally sell at craft shows and do quite well. This, selling behind the scenes, where they cannot meet the crafter, is a different world for me. Thanks for the help!!

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    Also want to add about "branding" -- I've found that, even when I think I'm designing a new, completely different bag/purse, something always comes through that ties it's style to all the other designs as well. On WCD, it's all about upscale sleekness and durability, along with usefulness. On my other shop, MeiMei WhiteCross, it surprisingly still comes through in my Euopean/Asian designs, although it wasn't intentional. So . . . . . . I guess this was the long way around of saying that, if you are true to your craft (pardon the cliche), branding happens without any major effort on your part! Jordan :))))))

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    Lots of useful & pertinent information; I've never really checked out other sellers "social media buttons", will do some exploring there. What I'd really like to see addressed in marketing strategies, tho, is how to better compete against the ever-increasing hordes of re-sellers on Etsy, some of whom have HUGELY successful shops. Once you have identified your customer, how do you convince them to purchase your handmade items, which are always going to be over-priced compared to mass-produced work from India or Turkey or China?

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    I've been an Etsy seller since 2008 and I have learned a lot. Branding is super important. Just as important as the Origionality as the One of A Kind nature of making amazing things to sell in ones shop. It's not creating a cohesive look good feel great brand that I struggle with. It's finding the money to really promote and market my shop the way I'd like too. I struggle with not enough time in the day issues. My studio is organized and neat. That took over four years to accomplish. My work, I've been told is wonderful. I have work in several shops and galleries in NY, NJ and PA. But, after paying all the bills and buying supplies to keep the work going there is liitle left over to promote and market my business they way I would like. Everything is a matter of priority. First things first. They tell me that hope floats. Every chance to show is a chance to sell.

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    Branding is just as important as the One of A Kind items that sell in a shop. It's the very nature of the uniquess that sets [you/me] apart from everybody else. I've been selling on Etsy since 2008 and my greatest struggle is with time. I teach, I write, I make, I have a family etc. keeping one's actions in line with their goals are equally as important as ones brand identity. Knowing where you want to go, telling people what you want them to think and being as specific as possible are my top three things. Finding the time and money to make it all happen well those are my top two struggles. Anybody know where I can find a rich uncle? Once you decide who you are, you immediately know what you are not.

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