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Tips for Your Shop’s About Page handmade and vintage goods


The Etsy Seller Education Team is always encouraging you to tell your story: tell it in your profile, in your item listings and in your social media channels. Now we have one more place for you to tell your shop’s story, on your  About page. Some of us get nervous when it comes to talking about ourselves, or our work, so I’m here to help you come up with an About page that illustrates your Etsy story.

Writing Your Story

Brainstorm. Start by answering the following questions about your shop in a single sentence, writing in the first person:

  • Why did you open an Etsy shop?
  • Where is your small business located?
  • What one word describes your workspace?
  • Handmade: How do you decide on what supplies to use?
  • Vintage: What elements do you consider when you’re on the hunt?
  • Who helps you with your Etsy shop?
  • What is unique about your brand?
  • What is special about your customer service?
  • What inspires your work?

Find your points of interest. As you wrote down the answers to these questions, which ones did you want to write more than a few words on? Pass the notes to a friend and ask them which parts they were most interested in hearing about.

Who is your audience? Envision your reader — why are they at your shop’s About page? What might they want to hear? Do they love romantic, dramatic stories or would they rather read a clever tale? With the reader in mind, expand on the most enticing details in a draft. Write as much as you like!

Edit for impact. Once you’ve fleshed out these pieces of information, go through and check the grammar and spelling. Remove any superfluous language or statements made multiple times. Pick which sentences and paragraphs make the most impact, consider removing those that don’t. The more directly you can get your point across, the more impact it will have on the reader.

Note: Never write directly in those empty fields – sometimes we mindlessly fill out the most important pieces of information about us on the web without really thinking about how this reflects us and our brand.

Your Main Image

For your main image, use natural, diffused light and take a ton of photos to get just the right one. You want to make an impact, so lighting and camera settings are important. Make to save and upload your photos in high-resolution so they look their best on your page.

Show your process. This is a great place to really show the buyer and press how “handmade” your business is. Etsy buyers are truly interested in supporting the small business owner, and the more you can let them in on your process, the more they will cherish the work you make. Here are some ideas for this spot:

  • Your studio, with you working in it
  • A nice detailed close up of your hands making an item in your shop
  • Your beautiful craft fair or trade show booth
  • Photographers: Let’s see you photographing your favorite environment!
  • Digital artists: Show a collection of your work printed and hung on a wall behind you.
  • Vintage sellers: How about one with you and your meticulously arranged vintage inventory?

Get inspired. Browse through the Featured Seller profiles and Quit Your Day Job posts for more process, studio and collection photos. I would love to read your shop stories, so let me know when you’ve launched yours by commenting below!

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