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The Four Keys to Success for New Sellers handmade and vintage goods


As a new seller, you’re not the only one asking: how do I get people to view my items and then purchase them? There’s no secret passageway to success, but there are four fundamental keys.

Key 1: Sell Great Products

Sell what you love. Sell something that you love and believe in. If you’re like most new sellers, you have other commitments such as work and family, and you only have a limited amount of time for your new business. Selling something you love will help keep you motivated!

Get inspired. Is there something that you would love to have that isn’t out there yet? Read magazines and blogs, notice what people are wearing and buying. Look on Etsy. You don’t want to copy someone else, but looking around may inspire ideas for something you can make that’s uniquely yours.

Do some research. Is there something that you feel is a great product that no one, or few people, are selling on Etsy? Selling something different will help you stand out from the crowd! Look in various categories and subcategories. Where can you make your mark?

Learn more. Read our article Your Product: Sell What You Love

Key 2: Add More Items to Your Shop

Get found. Buyers are most likely to find your shop from an item listing — via search, or because it was featured somewhere. The more items you have, the more opportunities you have to be found!

How many items? This depends on what you sell. Generally, the more expensive and time-intensive the items, the fewer a seller will stock. Look at successful shops who are selling similar items and see how many products they keep in stock to get a rough idea of a goal to work towards.

Start with what you have. If you only have one item now, list it! Don’t wait to build up an inventory — consider adding more items and creating fresh merchandise an ongoing goal to work towards, not a prerequisite for getting started.

Learn more. Read our tips for stocking your shop.

Key 3: Learn to Take Great Photos

Looks are everything. Well-lit, attractive photos will entice buyers from search results and will help your item be featured on Etsy and around the Internet.

Take the clickability test. Search for your item, and look at the other items on the page. Does your photo make you want to click? Which do? What can you learn from them?

Bring your item to life. Your buyer can’t touch or see your item. Therefore, your photos must tell them all about it. How big is it? What is the texture? If it’s wearable, what does it look like on? What are the important details? Showing these in the photos will give your buyer the info they need to make the purchase.

Learn more. Watch our video, Great Product Photos, for live-action tips!

Key 4: Get Found in Search

Search suggestions. Find out what buyers are searching for by typing what you sell in the search bar with Handmade, Vintage, or Supplies selected. The terms that appear are recent customer search terms.

Improve your chances. Use all of your tag spaces with good keywords and phrases that buyers are likely to search for. Add plenty of accurate, descriptive words in your titles.

Learn how. Check out our step-by-step tutorial about How to Get Found in Search.

Bonus Key: Ship Internationally

Sell all over the world. A good number of Etsy transactions involve a buyer and seller from different countries. You give yourself more chances to sell by selling all over the world.

Get found by more people. In order to appear in searches made by people in other countries, your item must ship to that country (this includes the destination “Everywhere Else”).

It’s easy. A lot of people are intimidated by international shipping. You’d be surprised by how easy it is. Simply go to your shipping carrier’s website, and get prices for the following: your own country, U.S., Canada, Europe (get an average for this region), Australia and New Zealand. Look at various other countries’ prices to get an average rate for “Everywhere Else.” Set up your shipping profiles accordingly. Be sure to mark it as a good for sale, not a gift, include a customs form (available at the post office or printed with your postage), and voila!

Learn more. Check out our shipping tips, which include tips for international shipping.

Still Having Trouble?

“I’m not getting many views on my items.”

Check out our video with tips for shops having this same problem:

“I’m getting views, but not getting sales.”

  • Anticipate and answer all questions. Make sure all of your buyer’s questions are answered in the description and photos. Common issues are confusion about what exactly the buyer will receive as a result of purchasing the listing and photos that don’t show the entire item. See this list of 20 Questions Your Buyers Are Asking for brainstorming help.
  • Eliminate policies that are working against you. Make sure you don’t have confusing or unfriendly policies, especially stated in the listing. For example, saying, “I’m not responsible for packages lost in the mail.” Your policies should reflect how you would like to be treated as a shopper. And if your buyer used PayPal, PayPal’s policy is that you, the seller, are responsible for getting the item there. See our tips for your shop policies.

See our video with advice for shops experiencing this:

What key to success would you offer a newbie?

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  • feltonthefly

    Janet aka Felton from FeltOnTheFly says: Featured

    What key to success would you offer a newbie? There's a lot to learn. Don't get frustrated. Research the forums for answers to your questions, and take it one step at a time. Also, find an Etsy mentor to contact if you need help with something. I'm convo-friendly. If I don't have the answer I'm happy to point you in the right direction. Good luck to you 'newbies'! Having an Etsy shop can be pretty awesome : )

    2 years ago

  • earthformsbymarie

    Marie Wingate from earthformsbymarie says: Featured

    Thanks for the great tips :) As a fairly new seller I have realized that it is also important to keep a positive attitude & not to get disheartened by lack of sales in the beginning . It takes time to get people into your shop let alone make sales. I found it important to keep working at descriptions & keep making changes & monitor if they make a difference then you can establish your identity. It is useful to look at your statistics as a way of determining what people like, it is often not what you like yourself so it's really helpful information. Most importantly... You must believe in yourself!

    2 years ago

  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects says: Featured

    I would add Key 5 for a newbie: Customer Service! Once you start getting customers, treat them like gold., with pretty packaging, fast responses, and include a pretty business card with a handwritten "thank you". It takes awhile but it really pays off in the long run-- about half of my sales now are to repeat customers who originally bought one item, and now come back and buy 3 or 4 items at a time!

    2 years ago

  • VintageEye

    VintageEye from VintageEye says:

    Good tips!

    2 years ago

  • lovesexton

    Tokara from lovesexton says:

    Love these articles they are really helpful!!

    2 years ago

  • JoDeneMoneuseJewelry

    JoDene Moneuse from JoDeneMoneuseJewelry says:

    Always love to read these tips, new seller or can never stop learning or seeking new ways to be found. I have found staying connected with my facebook page also brings me lots of local sales. Thanks as always for the great advice!

    2 years ago

  • TagsForTails

    Richinda B. from TagsForTails says:

    Thanks for the tips! My new shop TagsForTails has just started up, looking for a first sale!

    2 years ago

  • kh1467

    Kelly from KikuPaper says:

    Thanks - as a new seller I really appreciate this article. I will re-examine my shop with the tips offered and see where there is room for improvement.

    2 years ago

  • ArleenDesign

    ArleenDesign from ArleenDesign says:

    This is a very helpful and interesting tips! I can still use this even i been here for a while.

    2 years ago

  • guziks

    Stephanie from Phylogeny says:

    Interesting tips... I've done a few of these already, including the product photos (that change alone got me a lot more views!), as did adding more products (including different quantities of the cards I sell). I'm working on a few new paintings right now too so I should have those in my shop soon. I think I'm on my way to getting things rolling officially, but for right now, these tips are crucial reminders of what I need to be aiming toward!! Thanks :)

    2 years ago

  • littlepancakes

    Melissa Pancakes from littlepancakes says:

    All good suggestions. Promoting places like Facebook, wanelo, twitter, tumblr etc also really helps.

    2 years ago

  • IngridsCreations

    Ingrid Ames from IngridsCreations says:

    Great article and great tips! :)

    2 years ago

  • ACupOfSparkle

    ACupOfSparkle from ACupOfSparkle says:

    Thank you for the great tips!

    2 years ago

  • Iammie

    iammie from iammie says:

    Great tips! :)

    2 years ago

  • IndigoAlive

    Alicia Ringler says:

    Great tips! I'm excited to start, :) My first work will be up in a cupple weeks for sale!

    2 years ago

  • myMountainStudio

    Nikki Weiss from myMountainStudio says:

    Thanks for sharing... I'm always looking to improve! :)

    2 years ago

  • therainyside

    therainyside from therainyside says:

    excellent ideas !

    2 years ago

  • jodyvanB

    Jody Edwards from jodyvanB says:

    Great tips! Great read!

    2 years ago

  • Vickislife

    Vicki Dyer from Vickislife says:

    I try to check and recheck, great tips. Thank you.

    2 years ago

  • sofialgarvia

    Ana Sofia Reis from SofiAlgarvia says:

    Great tips! Thank you! i will review my items' descriptions.

    2 years ago

  • rochelle31

    rochelle31 from rochelle31 says:

    thanks for the info! I find re-listing items often has increased my sales as well as adding as many tags as possible.

    2 years ago

  • birdie1

    Laurie from BirdinHandVTG says:

    Great reminders ~ thank you!

    2 years ago

  • BeaKnitwit

    Sarah Bulin from BeaKnitwit says:

    Great tips! Thanks for giving us newbies some advice!

    2 years ago

  • reflectingbeauty

    Carolina Bubenko from reflectingbeauty says:

    Thank you for this article!

    2 years ago

  • feltonthefly

    Janet aka Felton from FeltOnTheFly says: Featured

    What key to success would you offer a newbie? There's a lot to learn. Don't get frustrated. Research the forums for answers to your questions, and take it one step at a time. Also, find an Etsy mentor to contact if you need help with something. I'm convo-friendly. If I don't have the answer I'm happy to point you in the right direction. Good luck to you 'newbies'! Having an Etsy shop can be pretty awesome : )

    2 years ago

  • dottywalker

    Dotty Walker from SewThoughtfulBlanket says:

    Great article!!! Thank you.

    2 years ago

  • OnToVintage

    OnToVintage from OnToVintage says:

    Thanks, very helpful.

    2 years ago

  • marifiori

    marifiori from MariFiori says:

    Thank you! Very helpful not only for the 'newbies.'

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  • thegemreaper

    Susan F. from thegemreaper says:

    Thank You!

    2 years ago

  • CollectableSpectacle

    Gwen Mazorow from CollectableSpectacle says:

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    2 years ago

  • littlejarofhearts

    Kyri from littlejarofhearts says:

    Love these! Simple, and straight forward- My favorite!

    2 years ago



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    2 years ago

  • thenosuchdisco

    Dave from thenosuchdisco says:

    really great blog and some great advice :)

    2 years ago

  • HeyMichelle

    Michelle Spaulding from HeyMichelle says:

    Thanks so much, everyone- amazing tips thus far!

    2 years ago

  • SimpleFamilyGifts

    Miranda Noll from SimpleFamilyGifts says:

    Thank you for the tips! We are just getting started and every little bit helps!

    2 years ago

  • MaudeAndLola

    Jeanette from MaudeAndLola says:

    Not a newbie but still found it helpful - good reminders :) Thanks!

    2 years ago

  • CarinaMary

    Carina Mary from FishPunk says:

    I'm glad I found this. I just listed my first few items so this is very helpful. I was wondering what I should put in my policies and now I have some ideas.

    2 years ago

  • earthformsbymarie

    Marie Wingate from earthformsbymarie says: Featured

    Thanks for the great tips :) As a fairly new seller I have realized that it is also important to keep a positive attitude & not to get disheartened by lack of sales in the beginning . It takes time to get people into your shop let alone make sales. I found it important to keep working at descriptions & keep making changes & monitor if they make a difference then you can establish your identity. It is useful to look at your statistics as a way of determining what people like, it is often not what you like yourself so it's really helpful information. Most importantly... You must believe in yourself!

    2 years ago

  • uniquefabricgifts

    Unique Fabric Gifts from uniquefabricgifts says:

    Very helpful, thank you.

    2 years ago

  • marcgounard

    marcgounard from marcgounard says:

    Thanks Michelle, always good to read tips and improve our shops. I do need more affordable items to see my shop take off !!! I know it will happen... Keep up the good work.

    2 years ago

  • artyandbella

    Zelda Burborough from artyandbella says:

    Thanks for the tips, just started up so every bit of advice is great!

    2 years ago

  • celerystick

    celerystick from CeleryStick says:

    Thanks ETSY and good luck to my fellow new etisians! xo

    2 years ago

  • simplyworn

    kelly thomas from simplyworn says:

    very helpful advice...thank you etsy!

    2 years ago

  • RossLab

    Ross from RossLab says:

    Thanks for the tips!

    2 years ago

  • SusanFaye

    Susan Faye from SusanFayePetProjects says: Featured

    I would add Key 5 for a newbie: Customer Service! Once you start getting customers, treat them like gold., with pretty packaging, fast responses, and include a pretty business card with a handwritten "thank you". It takes awhile but it really pays off in the long run-- about half of my sales now are to repeat customers who originally bought one item, and now come back and buy 3 or 4 items at a time!

    2 years ago

  • barbaraelizabeth361

    Barbara Elizabeth from CollingbrookDesigns says:

    great ideas for the new seller such as myself! Am printing out the article and ready to follow the tips one-by-one. First advice to follow: add my new items as I make them, rather than waiting till I have a larger inventory. THANKS!

    2 years ago

  • verobeachgal

    Ellen from verobeachgal says:

    Thank you for this information. I've been working on so many things with my site each day. I'll keep reading too, so that I can continue to improve. I love shell collecting and selling my lovely finds to people who don't live near the beach or don't have time to collect but want to craft with seashells, driftwood, beach pebbles, etc. I also love crafting too! Now all I need to do is find a way to get myself in front of these types of buyers! :) Ellen

    2 years ago

  • LilyThings

    Elizabeth Lagasse from LillyThings says:

    Great advice!!

    2 years ago

  • NaviWing

    NaviWing from NaviWing says:

    Once I got to the tags section, I immediately thought of all the people who load up their titles with all the words that didn't make it into their tags. Like, a post-apocalyptic romantic neovictorian brown green blue swarovski steampunk long necklace with silver filigree. Titles like that are annoying, new sellers, and make you look silly. Try to avoid them.

    2 years ago

  • markrbaker1

    Mark R Baker from markbakerimagery says:

    Thanks for the info,really useful.Its always great to find new ways to help publicize my items.

    2 years ago

  • rosesattic1917

    Miranda Rose from 20thCenturyRose says:

    "Annoying" to one buyer might be information to another. "Silly" is in the eye of the beholder.

    2 years ago

  • amymassingill

    amy massingill from BeautifulStains says:

    Thanks for the help.

    2 years ago

  • misponko
  • Sachi215

    Sachiko Muramatsu from Sachi215 says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips! :)

    2 years ago

  • jjdesignonlinestore

    Jody Larson from jjdesignonlinestore says:

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    2 years ago

  • ikabags

    IKA PARIS from ikabags says:

    Merci !

    2 years ago

  • woods2010

    Michelle Woods from PaperFolkGlasgow says:

    Thanks for this - i just opened my first etsy shop little over a week ago, so the more help the better! michelle xo

    2 years ago

  • Musclesandcrafts

    Melanie from merVazi says:

    I'm trying to learn the 'basics', and welcome any advice on how to get found, so these tips really help. I'm desperately waiting for the spring to kick into high gear so I can get outside and take better photos. (Canada doesn't have quite the amount of natural light as is necessary for really good photos in winter) :)

    2 years ago

  • CountryatHeart8

    Uniquely Impressed from UniquelyImpressed says:

    Very friendly advice to our new friends on Etsy =)

    2 years ago

  • Musclesandcrafts

    Melanie from merVazi says:

    Thanks for the tips... Desperatly waiting for the spring to kick into full gear, so I can take better photos-outside.

    2 years ago

  • awkward

    awkward from awkward says:

    it's not a bad refresher course even for those of us who have been here for a while - thanks! :)

    2 years ago

  • ZentrumGlass

    ZentrumGlass from ZentrumGlass says:

    Thanks for the tips.

    2 years ago

  • minipotterybyanita

    minipotterybyanita from potterybyAnita says:

    I'm not all that new (3 1/2 years on etsy), but these are still great tips for anyone! I'd also add -- Don't forget to USE color keywords! I've seen so many tags that don't even have the basic color of the item! Also, try to think of what the customer would look for when seraching for your item & put that in your Title, Tags, & Descriptions! Best Wishes, everyone! ♥

    2 years ago

  • minipotterybyanita

    minipotterybyanita from potterybyAnita says:

    ...and, of course, I meant "searching!" (I thought we used to could delete our post on here!)

    2 years ago

  • marywellspottery

    marywellspottery from marywellspottery says:

    Now I am going to investigate adding an international shipping profile. Thank you.

    2 years ago

  • zoe6000

    Zoe Margate from TheAntipodeanProject says:

    great tips. making sure I follow these tips to make my shop the best it can be.

    2 years ago

  • terileeneuman

    Teri-lee Neuman from FeathersandSinew says:

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    2 years ago

  • chasingdreams99

    Kimma from chasingdreams99 says:

    Very helpful thanks!

    2 years ago

  • bluetina

    Tina from bluetina says:

    Useful tips, even for one who is, strictly speaking, not a newbie! I'm working away on the pics and I'm quite pleased with the results so far. Also aiming at about 100 items in the shop. Another good tip is to try and have a wide range of price points.

    2 years ago

  • FoundInTheGround

    esme dodsworth from FoundInTheGround says:

    Great advice Thank you :-)

    2 years ago

  • treetalker

    Rachael Treetalker from treetalker says:

    Great tips! Even to people who aren't new!

    2 years ago

  • BlueHydrangeaDesign

    Christina from playingdirtypottery says:

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  • emmashepard

    Emma Shepard from SewWonderfullyMade6 says:

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    2 years ago

  • LibraryofAlexandria

    Library of Alexandria from LibraryofAlexandria says:

    I wrote this really basic article on how to use a three point lighting system indoors. Some of the "daylight" bulbs work really great. Sunlight is often the best to use for good color. The three point system gives you a lot of control, especially if hard shadows are a problem with sunlight. I have also learned that sometimes cutting back the number of lamps and bringing up the shadows can improve how something looks as with an alabaster sculpture my friend made I photographed: Hope this helps!

    2 years ago

  • rosebudsemporium

    Heather Elizabeth from rosebudsemporium says:

    Thanks! All your tips are so helpful!

    2 years ago

  • LiliDMagpieCreations

    Lisa Giddings from LiliDMagpieCreations says:

    These are Fabulous tips even for those of us who have been here for a while! I agree with the above comment of Susan Faye of SusanFayePetProjects Adding "Key 5 for a newbie: Customer Service!" is a Great Idea!

    2 years ago

  • lisahafner

    Lisa Hafner says:

    Hi! I am very excited, as I will be displaying my creations soon.

    2 years ago

  • ErikaPrice

    Erika from ErikaPrice says:

    Great tips, for new and old sellers alike! Just wish I could get it right, LOL!

    2 years ago

  • whatemilymakes

    Emily E. from ZiggyAndZoop says:

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    Dawn and Elizabeth from hungouttobuy says:

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  • Waterrose

    Rose Waterrose from Waterrose says:

    Even for those of us that are not newbies this information is always good to review. Sometimes we get caught up in doing things a certain way and don't realize that we have forgotten some of key points that will help to make us successful.

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  • thevicagirl

    VaLon Frandsen from thevicagirl says:

    I think that is the thing that people miss the most - make good products.

    2 years ago

  • HappyWhoos

    Jessie Friedman from HappyWhoos says:

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  • MakeMyClayAndThings

    Shia from MakeMyClayAndThings says:

    I love etsy, there's always something to learn and ideas to brush up on. I to am eager to receive that email which will say"you have an order!". I just finished building my lightbox and will be updating photos in my shop immediately! Blessings to all!!

    2 years ago

  • LittleWrenPottery

    Victoria Baker from LittleWrenPottery says:

    I agree with the points about customer service, its part of the whole reason why people buy handmade - the more contact you personally have with the customer the better!

    2 years ago

  • GreenLintie

    Green Lintie from GreenLintie says:

    What great tips! I'm having a time getting started with sales and a new contact on here suggested I tweak my tags - helping each other out is what it's all about. Thanks x

    2 years ago

  • Pauls49

    Paul Spencer says:

    I just joined up today, and looking forward to showing some of my small timber jewellery boxes. I'll have all this up and running tomorrow/

    2 years ago

  • NIDOUrbanoTribal

    NIDO from NIDOUrbanoTribal says:

    As a new seller, i spend a lot of time researching and educating myself on what I don't know that I should! These tips are very helpful; thank you!

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  • xZOUix

    Zoui from XZOUIX says:

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    tong xin from miraculousfabric says:

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    Enid from prendasbyenid says:

    This is a great, great article. My key to success for a newbie :: After reading this article you may join a Team! There are excellent Teams ready to help new sellers.

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    Kaori Busca from kaoriglass says:

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    Amy from tinygiraffeshop says:

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  • jessielawson

    Jessie Lawson from FlyingCatArthouse says:

    Thanks for the helpful suggestions, but I am finding that etsy is becomihg quite crowded--there are so many sellers (and so many different qualities of work available) that it is becoming ever more difficult to sell at a modest, steady rate. I sell small pieces of art, which are increasingly getting buried in the mass of stuff out there. Any suggestions for dealing with that?

    2 years ago

  • Na0sGlass

    Amber Van Meter from Na0sGlass says:

    One other tip is Consistent Listing. It takes a while for people to find you but it doesn't take them long to forget you if you don't have items listed.

    2 years ago

  • auntmartymadeit

    Aunt Marty from auntmartymadeit says:

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    2 years ago

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    Suzanne Millius from studio3ten says:

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    Coocoo Collage Chick from CoocooCollageChick says:

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    2 years ago

  • bibflamingo

    Barbara Fleming from bibflamingo says:

    These tips are always helpful however long you have been with Etsy. One of my tips is check and double check your item description - all your text, in fact. There's nothing so jarring as poor grammar and spelling. My pet hate is use of the word "petrol" to descibe a dark turquoise. The correct word is "petrel" after the bird of that colour.

    2 years ago

  • RonitGolan

    Ronit Golan from RonitGolan says:

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    Dovile from WoolWalkerShop says:

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    Houdini House from HoudiniHouse says:

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    EcoEchoPaperProducts from EcoRebelution says:

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    Heather Jarrell from giggalz says:

    very helpful tips..even if i'm still confused on how to be found..good titles and tags...still learning..but wondering if i'm ever going to figure everything out

    2 years ago

  • sistersilver

    Randy Thill from sistersilver says:

    excellent! Took me years to learn all that...and still am working on getting better. I think tip #2 made the biggest difference after I learned to keep my photos simple enough to really see the item I had created. That definitely doesn't downplay creating a good description and drawing the viewer into your world and how they could really enjoy your product!

    2 years ago

  • onlyorrahsdesigns

    Orrah Adams from onlyorrahsdesigns says:

    Thanks for the great tips!

    2 years ago

  • RockArtiste

    RockArtiste from RockArtiste says:

    The best way to get found and get sales? Make the Front Page or "The Finds" on Etsy. Somehow get on there. Then keep those customers. That is what has worked best for this shop. Excellent customer service to the people who found me last year when I made "The Finds" once. Keep 'em coming back!

    2 years ago

  • lindakirstencole

    Linda Kirsten Cole from lindakirstencole says:

    I realize etsy is better know for its handmade creations, crafts, antique items, etc..........Harder for the artist to show his/her paintings and get the traffic......any way to get it know also for Original Paintings......? Facebook helps with some viewing........Thanks

    2 years ago

  • eklecticxplosion

    eklecticxplosion from EXVintage says:

    Aweosme tips!! Thanks!

    2 years ago

  • TheCatFarm

    Alicia F from TheCatFarm says:

    Its been mentioned in the article already but bears repeating: open your business to the world and offer international shipping! It really isn't as scary as you might think. A digital scale (I use a digital food scale) will help you determine the weight of your package and US sellers can go to to calculate shipping once you know the weight of your package.

    2 years ago

  • itsmolly

    Molly Smith from itsmolly says:

    Long time seller but added a third store. Thanks for the reminders. Also love Etsy tips no matter how obvious. I need to be nudged this month!

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    Annika from Lumm says:

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    Great post an as someone said earlier, newbie or not there is always something new to learn is very true. Yes having a unique product, with great photos followed up by a good description is important, but if your getting views but none or little sales you may want to evaluate your prices. That is by far the number one factor that makes customers cross the line. If your shop is going through this phase, try changing up your prices a bit, nothing drastic that will put you under but just enough so to convert views into sales. From our experience even a $3 dollar decrease made a huge leap in sales in some of our products, going from $22 to $19.99 made a big difference, test it out, but do it gradually. Much success to all :)

    2 years ago

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    Barbie from tadaworkshop says:

    Thanks so much. :)

    2 years ago

  • KaransPotsAndGlass

    Karan from KaransPotsAndGlass says:

    I have a question for you... When I list an item, I pick from the drop-down menus to describe it in general at first... such as... handmade, ceramics and pottery, bowl, etc. My question is this: Are these "extra" tags that are being searched on Etsy, or do I have to also add these tags in my 13 allowable tags?? I would prefer not to be redundant with these if I can avoid it, as I'd like to use other tags if those drop downs are already being searched! :-) Thanks for input!

    2 years ago

  • moonlightdesigns2

    Alona from MoonlightDesigns2 says:

    Always good to review these tips and I do apply them every day to my shop. Because of all of these tips my shop has finally taken off in the last 6 months, so grateful for all of the advice here and in the forums!! Any newbies out there that would like some help, I am very convo friendly and love helping out!

    2 years ago

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    stonehorsedesigns from stonehorsedesigns says:

    Great tips for newbies and oldies alike!

    2 years ago

  • nyssaink

    Nyssa from nyssaink says:

    Thank you. I definitely learned a couple of things- I did not know about the searching related to international shipping price being listed. I am still on the learning curve somewhere in the photography process, trying new things as Oregon light allows. I am building up my inventory- 109 items now- and try to see it as a brick and mortar in that respect- if you walk into a store with only 109 items, will what you want/need that moment/day be there? I want to increase my odd statistically. Although I have yet to reach 20 sales, those sales have come in at a consistent pace since I began just a few months ago. Now-- to amp it up a few notches!

    2 years ago

  • moonlightdesigns2

    Alona from MoonlightDesigns2 says:

    Such great words of advice which I have applied to my own shop and have seen my sales grow like crazy the last 6 months! We all need this reminder to keep our shops fresh and productive, so thank you! I love helping others so if anyone needs help, I am very convo freindly!

    2 years ago

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    Wonderful tips thank you!

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    Join teams. Make friends on etsy. Help each other be found.

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    Wonderful Tips! Needed the motivation :)

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    Earnie and Ellie Efforts from earnestefforts says:

    Good tips! After 3 years I am still learning what works better. This is what I love about selling on Etsy - there's always room for growth & improvement and our sales reflect this.

    2 years ago

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    Great tips as always.

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    These are some good tips! Thanks!!

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    Tonya Vannabouathong from TrulyUniqueBouquets says:

    Love this thank you for sharing being a newbie you have this question pop up in your head a lot, but I love what I do and I am not giving up no matter what. I know my time will come. This is what keeps me going. Your articles help keep that motivation up.

    2 years ago

  • toadallybowlicious

    toadallybowlicious from toadallybowlicious says:

    Great article and very motivating, thanks for the tips i will put some of these into action :-)

    2 years ago

  • Ch7tina7

    Christina from 7starsJewelry says:

    great article. nice to reminded of the important things of etsy. the only thing i am still hesitant to try is very descriptive long titles. i have seen items sold on here that have titles 3 lines long and i find it confusing, BUT i bet their sales are much higher than mine !!

    2 years ago

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    Thanks for the tips. Very helpful.

    2 years ago

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    Lana Manis from SimpleJoysPaperie says:

    As always ~ great tips! I have to remind myself this time of year not to get discouraged... spring and summer are always slow months for me but it allows me time for home and family and to build up inventory for the fall!

    2 years ago

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    Jenny Lee Fowler from jennyleefowler says:

    Think outside your own box. Your customers may not think like you do, and some of your best press might come from unexpected places. I also benefitted early on from setting lots of mini-goals and having daily networking habits that helped me reach out to other sellers and buyers.

    2 years ago

  • elisethomas

    elise from elisethomas says:

    Thanks for the reminder to use the etsy search for tags. Everyone mentions the Google adwords tool, but this is a great tool, too & I sometimes forget to check there!

    2 years ago

  • GrannyGator

    Gayle Evans from GrannyGator says:

    My advice to new sellers is to learn to use your tags and try to list something everyday instead of listing a bunch one day and then none for several days. Spread them out. As far as tagging, If you are having trouble filling up your tags or your tags aren't getting you views, try going to to a shop that is selling similar items and getting a lot of sales....Study their titles and the tags they use for ideas. And last...use your shop stats page to see what the people that ARE finding you are typing in for search terms. Hope this helps someone..When I started doing this my sales increased dramatically.

    2 years ago

  • HoldTheWire

    Jennifer Potter from HoldTheWire says:

    Great ideas! Definitely ship internationally, that is a big portion of my sales.

    2 years ago

  • poetsy

    Ellyn from poetsy says:

    great tips, thank you! i agree about customer service. i give a coupon for return customers as well, and combined shipping. good luck to everyone!

    2 years ago

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    Thank you for the hints, still trying to find my feet so things like this are invaluable!

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    Love this article, some great tips. Some of it I've already done but need to tweak a few ideas and hopefully get some more sales :) Thanks so much!

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    Good tips - also, I found joining an Etsy team made a huge difference to views!

    2 years ago

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    Thank you for every tips and I invite everybody to my shop.

    2 years ago

  • ColdHandsWarmArt

    Tess Richardson from Tanglethorne says:

    My tip for new and veteran sellers: work WITH your fellow Etsians and not against them. If a customer asks for something you don't sell, send them to a shop that does. Connect with sellers of similar items and work together on promos, a Facebook page, etc. By working together we can spread the word more effectively that Etsy is a GREAT place to shop.

    2 years ago

  • NopalitoVintageMore
  • EviesToolEmporium

    Michelle and Dave from EviesToolEmporium says:

    Wonderful presentation Michelle! I love how detailed you were with each and every shop! For me a key to success is to work on our shop a little bit every day! It is easier to break down what needs to be worked on! I don't try to do everything all in one day! Continued success to all!

    2 years ago

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    Some great advise, will be revisiting this again.

    2 years ago

  • artypharty

    Pat from artypharty says:

    Great article. Definitely need to keep up to date with this and not let my shop slip. My own key number five would be "treat your customers as well as you would want to be treated yourself". So important. Be there to answer queries, ship asap, put 110% into each and every sale. My customers are like my friends and I want to treat them as such.

    2 years ago

  • dezbahbeads

    Dezbah Beads from dezbahbeads says:

    I am feeling increasing desperate. I have been on ETSY for a few months now, (no not a year) yet, however, I have had not one sale. I sell to people that I know, and have bought from me for years but nothing on ETSY. I am just about to throw in the beads. I am usually a very positive person.

    2 years ago

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    Caren Fern from NercaStudios says:

    good tips, I'm in need of some sales. I'd like you all to have a look at exciting well made night wear, thanks

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    Thank you !

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  • UtopianDreams

    Lori Chown from UtopianDreams says:

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I am a newbie, but had a great experience today, attending a workshop on Networking that reminded me so much of Etsy! Some great tips I learned or was reminded of today... * Share your knowledge, expertise with others. The more you network, the more people will learn about your products. *Blog, Comment, Like, and Share as much as you can! Share information that is important and relevant. If you are posting to Facebook or other media, try not to post "commercials". Post information that is informative and engaging.

    2 years ago

  • Jularee

    Rita Riebel Mitchell from Jularee says:

    Even though I started my shop a few years ago I'm still just a newbie. I got excited, listed a few items and quickly got discouraged. I then allowed the demands of job and home life to keep me from pushing through to make the shop work. Now I'm changing gears, retiring from the day job for my creative pursuits. My shop is due for a makeover and a bunch of new listings. Hopefully the sales will follow. This article couldn't have come at a better time for me. I'm planning to re-read it many times. Thanks so much for the great advice.

    2 years ago

  • freeflower51

    Barb Baetz from fabricpals says:

    Thanks for the information. I'm still working on setting up my shop to make it welcoming to buyers.

    2 years ago

  • freeflower51

    Barb Baetz from fabricpals says:

    Thanks for the information. I'm still setting up my shop to make it welcoming to buyers.

    2 years ago

  • Chiaroscurodiluna

    Denise Phillips from Chiaroscurodiluna says:

    This advice is always helpful and well presented. @ Dezbah Beads I am in the same position as you but at least you have people who know you who will buy. I wish I had that much.

    2 years ago

  • bustmybutton

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    Great post! Something that will definitely be referenced on Etsy Success team many times! :)

    2 years ago

  • jfinedesign

    Joan Fine from jfinedesign says:

    This is by far the best info I've gotten from Etsy. It helped me decide that I must start shipping internationally. I try to list or renew one item daily, and not a whole bunch at once. A very good refresher course! Every little bit of information helps. I hope this helps every seller.

    2 years ago

  • enchanted1974

    Nicky Townsend from enchanted1974 says:

    Great advice there, thank you! I'm always looking for ways to increase my views and sales, they seem a little scarce at the moment :0(

    2 years ago

  • GuajolotePrints

    Mr. Guajolote Prints from GuajolotePrints says:

    Etsy is always confusing me. Like here, for example, they say "four keys" and then they show you a bunch of bird feathers. Yes, I know they are FOUR. But stay with me on this: This all artistic mumbo jumbo has to stop, we need to sale some shit here, ok? who needs feathers anyway, we're not birds. Etsy needs to put up a category for wrenches and metal containers, or real state. Crap that people actually buy. With money. If I see another drawing of a depressed girl on a swing i'm going to puke.

    2 years ago

  • IceyDesigns

    IceyDesigns from IceyDesigns says:

    I just started my Etsy shop little more than a week ago and I have to say, it is easy to get disheartened! But I will continue to add new items :) Thanks for the helpful post!!

    2 years ago

  • cyasarcan

    Canan from Zembil says:

    I'm a newbie too. And I haven't had much views until I started participating in the threads at Forums/Teams. In this way not only I received more views, but also started to understand how things work on Etsy and what you really have got to do. I was trying to do my homework and following the tips on 'How to' lists. But now I realize that most of the points on that list have not been clear to me at all. So.. so far I could increase my views by being present at Forums&Teams The next step is to have sales! For that I'll try curating treasuries in a Team! Thanks!

    2 years ago

  • nancynelsonjewelry

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    As always, great tips! Thanks.

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    Michaelangelas from Michaelangelas says:

    Thank you for the great tips. Having our first year behind us is really awesome. In the beginning it's all trial and error. Making mistakes and learning from them. I especially love the tip on the description of the item your selling. Is it something you wear? this is all great stuff. My suggestion to any newbie would be to get involved in a great treasury team, several if you have the time. I have come to know many, many, wonderful shop owners through joining treasury teams. It's the fastest way to get your shop noticed:)

    2 years ago

  • mindybanta

    Gnome Goods from GnomeGoods says:

    Thanks for the pointers :)

    2 years ago

  • beadedembellishments

    Denise from beadedembellishments says:

    Thanks for this article. In my own experience the Etsy community, particularly those sellers whose shops who sell items in the same categories as your own can be wonderful sources of help and encouragement. I find this to be very refreshing as you might think your "competition" wouldn't want to help you out. Getting to "know" other sellers and encouraging one another can go a long way to help stay positive and ward off discouragement especially when sales are slow. Putting things in perspective and being realistic as far as what I want/expect Etsy to be for me has helped keep me stay focused on my goals. Of course, it's always important to keep striving to improve upon every aspect of your business ie) photos, description, packaging, customer service, product etc. Don't stop learning and growing!

    2 years ago

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    Karen Shabby Brocante from KarenMaryButterfly says:

    Great tips! Thanks!

    2 years ago

  • ArleenDesign

    ArleenDesign from ArleenDesign says:

    My sales just really started picking early last year..and as the days goes by i understand what makes my item sells and what i need to do to sell them.The post give great advice and tips needed for the new seller. Wishing everyone success on their new stores.

    2 years ago

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  • walllizzard

    walllizzard from walllizzard says:

    Remeber to like items from other shops, your shop will show up as who liked this item. I always add my customers to my circle, so I can see what they are viewing. My sales have not been to spectacular but have had repeat business. There will always be questions on price, go with a fair value, there will always be someone higher and lower. I always communicate with my buyers, even after a sale to see if they would be interested in items that have yet to be listed, giving them first dibs. I also give my buyers a coupon for discounts on future purchases, a way to say thank you.

    2 years ago

  • Gitanaflipflops

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    Thank you for the great tips!

    2 years ago

  • Nimily

    Holly Foust from Nimily says:

    Great tips! I am fairly new on Etsy and have had a little bit of success so far. I am hoping that more people will start visiting my shop soon! I will try to put those good tips to use.

    2 years ago

  • GuavaJellySoulistic

    Cees And Kyle from GuavaJellySoulistic says:

    You are your biggest fan and best sales marketing tool. I wear and use creations similar to the ones featured in my store and whenever someone compliments me on them, I flip them my business card and explain to them the wonderful world of Etsy. I have found that most people have absolutely no clue what Etsy is (shocking, right?). Explaining to them about Etsy not only helps your store, but it helps the rest of the Etsy community. Plus, meeting with potential customers one-on-one helps create a stronger bond. The majority of my sales are offline custom orders from random people I meet on random.

    2 years ago

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    nerina52 from nerina52 says:

    Thank you very much for your valuable advice ... I really like the concept of uniqueness because it reflects my way of being and working... ... and I love etsy because it is rich in unique and original talent, very stimulating for creativity!

    2 years ago

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    Fantastic tips. Always good to have a refresher. Thanks so much! :D

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    Thanks so much! I'll take any advice I can get! I really appreciate all of the Etsy Blogs.

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  • mybeardedpigeon

    Cath and Neil from mybeardedpigeon says:

    I agree: shipping internationally is so important. I am in Australia it is very frustrating to have to ask if someone if they ship to Australia and how much it will be, I will often skip to the next shop. Also most importantly is accurate shipping costs I was recently charged $19 for a print and when it arrived I could see the person only paid $5.95 for the shipping! the seller refunded the difference but it was very annoying. imagine how many more sales this seller would get if the shipping was $14.00 cheaper! Don't underestimate how many sales are from outside the US. I sell probably a third to the US a third to Australia and a third to other places ijn Europe and Asia.

    2 years ago


    Kawther from ELDELAYMI says:

    Amazing tips, will definitely be trying them out! Thanks so much!

    2 years ago

  • trees4thewood

    Grace Gladdish from trees4thewood says:

    Thanks for the advice! I have to agree with Cath from mybeardedpigeon - I'm in Australia too, and international shipping is a big incentive for overseas buyers. I have skipped over shops who don't supply it.

    2 years ago

  • julsofparadise

    Julie from julsofparadise says:

    Thanks for all the great info - I will definately read thru it all at least twice! I am not a newbie but also not getting sales as I thought I would. I might take some of the above advice and tweak my prices. And I think it's really important for a newbie or an oldie not to get discouraged. Hang in there! Another thing I think of as REALLY important is correct spelling and proper use of words (Their, there, your, you're, etc) in the descriptions. When I see incorrect spellings and words used improperly it makes me think if the seller isn't very careful with their details how can they be great with their product!!?? And finally, I wish there was a way to make "etsy" as much of a household name as something like e-bay or craigslist! I just don't think we are "out there" enough outside of etsy!

    2 years ago

  • verastensrud

    Vera from OgeDesigns says:

    I am only new to Etsy, have had some success, not as much as I would like, so I will try to put into practice some of the great tips. Most importantly believe in yourself and love what you do!!

    2 years ago

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    Great tips! Thanks so much! I am fairly new to selling children's gifts! I have noticed a great increase in views with taking better photos and adding a ton of stock. however, I haven't had a lot of sale. So it is a bit discouraging but I am keeping my head high and will keep trekking on! Thanks again!

    2 years ago

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    Great tips for new sellers! I really appreciate it!

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  • seaglassandshells

    seaglassandshells from seaglassandshells says:

    Plus, try using tags with some common misspellings of your item. For example, we have found that searching for seaglass is sometimes hard for buyers because there are several spellings used, so we try to include all the common misspellings. It works for us!

    2 years ago

  • crnicholls

    Charles Nicholls from NichollsWoodWorks says:

    I've had only 1 sale in just short of 2 years of being with Etsy, and that was May of '11, I get views but only a few. The ones I do get, don't click that add to cart button they just move on. Because of the type of items I do make, I don't have a lot of room for inventory, so I list what I can and make what I have room for. This apartment is also not very photogenic so i'm stuck on that point too.

    2 years ago

  • OliviabyDesign

    OliviabyDesign from OliviabyDesign says:

    Everyday is a learning experience. I love it on Etsy! Quality merchandise and new items listed as often as possible keep my customers returning for a peek. Customer service is high on my list which includes thoughtful packaging, a handwritten "Thank You" note and answering my E-mail inquiries quickly. Last but not least, keeping my customers abreast of all shipment related information...Thanks for tips...I'm seeing that international shipping should be on to do list!

    2 years ago

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    This was very helpful! Thank you !

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    As a new seller, this is very encouraging - it seems to be a constant fine-tuning process :)

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    Dabanga from DABANGAjewelry says:

    I am not a newbie, but I've had repeat sales I offer free shipping and a flat rate for overseas shipping and I always use great packaging.... not reached 100 salesthere yet but striving to ace it by going beyond customer expectation : ) Dabanga

    2 years ago

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    Nancy Verderosa from DesigningWithNancy says:

    I liked the advice! I need to get more of my pottery and jewelry on my Etsy because people are asking me where they can get some!

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    wow this is exactly the topic that has been on my mind lately. many views and little sales. im working on my photography and i think im almost getting there but still i think it also has to do with the product. im thinking maybe my jewelry may not be in style so its not prefered to be worn. anyway i love what i make and this advice was so helpful. thanks etsy!

    2 years ago

  • provjewels

    Aracely Curtis from VintageHoopla says:

    I really love these tips! As a newbie I try to read as much as possible about being successful on Etsy. If I hadn't read about the international shipping I would have not made my very first sale! I offered international shipping right from the getgo and my very first item is on its way to Israel!!! Keep them coming Etsy and good luck fellow Etsians!

    2 years ago

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    Excellent article! I strongly agree with taking great photos, especially with natural lighting :) •ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ• ♥ •ღƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒღ•

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    Lots of good advice. I've been making changing and trying to follow all of the tips but still not many buyers. I'm trying to stay positive and keep adding more items to my shop so maybe that will help. I'm staying busy with local orders so that helps too. Thank you

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    This is a great article with the four (five, actually) keys to success that have helped me the most. I would also add a suggestion to stay flexible and willing to change. Etsy changes, the seasons change, the economy changes...and we have to adjust. Sometimes it's frustrating because it feels like the target is always moving, and in a way, it is. But that also means we get to learn constantly and always be challenged. I feel the most successful sellers are those willing and able to weather the changes.

    2 years ago

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    I think it's important not to forget that it all takes time and not to get discouraged when you don't see instant results! After a while things started to click into place for me, the photos began to look a little better and playing around with the tags for hours and days on end in the last couple of months has increased the daily views tenfold. Although more sales are the ultimate goal, of course, it's very satisfying to take note of the smaller successes, for example a new shop follower or being included in another treasury. So don't forget to enjoy the process and smile when you've achieved another little milestone!!

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    Those are great tips for those sellers who are offereing a great ammount of items. How ever there are also a lot of us, who are able to list one or two item per month, and for us the key to sales is builting an audience outside Etsy. Using social networks and communicating with like minded people helps a lot to spread a word about our work. ;)

    2 years ago

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    Great suggestions for tagging, but it is a challenge if all your items are similar, as with mine. I have trouble finding unique ways to describe them so they come up in different searches. Good suggestions for titles - I'll try all. Thanks.

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    Thank you so much for writing an article that is focused on helping newbies. I especially liked the advice to make what you love, because passion truly is what will keep one going during the early months of having an Etsy shop. I also appreciate all the great advice people have left in the blog comments--especially the ones that are very specific. I started my shop a month ago, and in a lot of ways I am pleased with my first month. But I do somehow want the views and favorites to generate into more sales. I will try to implement some of these tips and see what happens :) Thanks again for all the great information!

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    Be careful, it is against the Federal law to sell, give or use none farm or hunted bird feathers. Not to long ago some one got into trouble giving the President a "Dream Catcher," with eagle feathers in it. Even if you find them on the ground or take them from a bird you did not kill but found dead it is still against the law. Song birds, like a Blue Jay is a real no no! PUCK

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    I am a newbie on Etsy. I am selling a product that is not unique, but the service I offer behind the product is unique. I offer custom build to order leather cases for smart phones, in which users can choose from over 80 leather patterns. I am trying to figure out if Etsy has a way to display "configurable" products, so that I can list items in which potential buyers can easily configure their own product. Maybe I am not seeing this option, or does this feature exists on etsy?

    2 years ago

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    International shipping can be intimidating! But I have had successful transactions abroad. There is a definite learning curve especially when shipping heavy or cumbersome items. Be advised that insurance covers the cost of loss or damage to your item, but not the cost of the shipping!

    2 years ago

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    I am trying to be positive about these suggestions, but if we list as many things as is suggested, doesn't that cost us more! I am a handicapped person trying to bring in more money to my budget (which is very low), so seems to me the age old adage that it 'takes money to make money' is applicable to this suggestion. Once again, I'm wondering if I should invest that much money and time since it's never really worked for me. Oh well, don't pay any attention to me, I am having a down day and this didn't perk me up like everyone else. I kept seeing dollar marks floating by. :>)

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    Being new to Etsy and knowing nothing about computers I rely upon my husband to do all the internet duties. I've been making purses for 10 years and love what I do. Any help from anyone pertaining to merchandising is well appreciated. I can make the purse, just have difficulty in getting them out to the public.

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    Great advice, everyone! I totally agree with all your wonderful points! And I am a true believer in self-promotion and the need to get your name and your brand established and "out there" in the creative marketplace, as mush as possible in the time you have. I personally use Facebook and Twitter regularly, and find I get a lot of my new fans and views from thoseavenues. It also helps me connect with buyers around the world, who might not come on Etsy, otherwise. For example, many UK buyers already go to Folksy, a UK craft site, and by promoting on Facebook, etc, I make them more aware of my shop on Etsy. But it's really important to be genuine and interesting in your posts, to try and really connect with people and keep them coming back.

    2 years ago

  • SweetPnMe

    Tammy Barnette from SweetPnMe says:

    There's books out there like the one I use.. Selling on Etsy for dummies. It has some really great advice in really simple terms. even shows or explains how to do what your needing.

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    Just purchased a new camera online yesterday hoping it will boost sales. I kept weighing the options because good cameras that take super close up product images start at $500, which as of now, it would take me half a year or more of sales to get my money back for that camera, so we shall see if it was worth it by the end of the year. It will at least help as far as extra time. I would spend hours upon hours trying to take close-up photos of an item and trying to get them to look good with a crappy $100 camera, and it's not easy.

    2 years ago

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    Finding out what people want is key. I'm in a thinking mode right now. I love designing cards, but adding other items to my shop may be more profitable. The cards can be for fun, but I need items that will make a profit too. More articles on what's selling would be welcome.

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    Another important tip: When a customer convos you, make sure you reply in a timely manner. This may mean checking your shop several times a day. I don't know how many times I convo'd a seller about an item and because it took them so long to respond, I looked elsewhere. My customers really appreciate how quickly I respond to them and also how quickly I ship! When a customer buys an item, they don't want to wait forever to receive it.

    2 years ago

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    super helpful, the etsy crew always has such great advice! I love this community! I am always trying to "get it right" it's probably the biggest challenge in selling on line, picture taking and "telling a story" Thanks

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    Hi, I have tried it all! I get plenty of views and likes, yet for some reason my sales continue to be low. I just bought a new camera and will be taking better pictures of my jewelry. I would appreciate it if someone can look at my shop and drop me a note to critique my shop.

    2 years ago

  • HorsesRart

    Melinda Hughes from HorsesRart says:

    For some reason I can't even get that far. I am trying to get my stuff on line to sell. It is all equine and wild animal fine art. Can someone advise me where to start? Thanks, Mel

    2 years ago

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    Thanks for the great info! I am just beginning to offer international shipping, and it is a bit scary. But I get lots of views from people in other countries, so want to be able to sell to them. To those who are just starting, hang in there and try to be patient.....which is really hard sometimes. It takes awhile for people to start finding you. The Etsy Showcases are great ways for people to find your shop....that has helped me a lot. Have also learned how important the photography is......LOTS of trial and error on that one! My original plans for photography of my jewelry did not work, so I spent time looking at what others on Etsy did and got new ideas (....for example, LIGHT backgrounds are the best....). And I discovered that my inexpensive camera had features that I never knew it had! The more I take pictures, the better I get at it. Have an open mind and be willing to shift your gears and try something different. I still get frustrated when I don't have a sale for awhile, but am hanging in there. It's always exciting when someone does buy something! I love designing jewelry, so will keep doing it for that reason alone. Good luck to everyone!

    2 years ago

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    I would also add a newbie tip to get involved in the Teams, Blogs and Online Fourms. You can learn so much and it helps you keep going when sakes or views are low! Be part of the community!!

    2 years ago

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    Thank you for the great tips. I'm an international seller and a newbie. I'm so greatful to be a part of this lovely community. I'll keep trying, be positive and not give up. :)

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    I've been afraid to ship internationally but will really rethink it based on your article. Thanks a bunch! This etsy is so much fun, and addicting!

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    Excellent advice, thank you. We are getting up and running, and value all the help and tips we can find! I also publish a daily blog, and remind readers about our products on etsy there, too. It all adds up in the long run.

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    I have wanted to sell Internationally since I've been on here but it has been nothing but a problem. I have written to at least a dozen other people on Etsy trying to get someone who ships that way to help me but have found they don't want to. It seems some people see this as competition which in this format doesn't make sense to me. I asked Etsy for advice and never got a reply. I downloaded an International shipping app that immediately zeroed all the items in my shop. It took many hours to fix this. I ended up removing all but the U.S. I've had people in Canada try to scam me with checks, lost 600.00 on a sale because Paypal and American Express wanted to placate a person who couldn't read clearly posted measurements on a headboard, and now have a guy in England who bought a chair that will cost 900.00 to ship there. Every person who ever wanted anything from another country did not want to pay the shipping. I can't believe Etsy would say this is easy. Because of paypal's refusal to do anything for me, I now make all furniture payable by check only and don't ship until it's cashed. I gave up trying to figure out how to know things would arrive once out of this country. If there is anyone out there who wants to tell me I'd appreciate it. Jeri

    2 years ago

  • cynystyr

    cynthia freeman from MoonHunterJewelry says:

    I'm very frustrated and disenheartened. I had no idea what it took to build and maintain a store here. I don't have much of an operating budget, I'm not very good with photography, I don't have a lot of time, I'm not technologically proficient... I think I'm better off sticking with providing a finished product for established businesses. I could be wrong, I might get the hang of this, but I'm ready to throw in the towel and forget about it. For me, trying to build an online store from scratch is like paying a lot to rent a shelf in a dark corner of a store no one ever goes in. If you want people to look, you have to pay to light up the shelf, pay to get people to go in the store in the first place, pay, pay, pay... With no guarantee you'll ever sell anything. I don't know how you people do it...

    2 years ago

  • kgpaintings

    Kirsten Gilmore from PaintingsByKEGilmore says:

    Thank you for the helpful article! I'm still wary of shipping large, original paintings internationally because the cost of building a wooden crate and the high shipping rates might scare off customers. But, I might try offering smaller art internationally. My question: Are you able to offer to ship just some items internationally, but not others within the same store?

    2 years ago

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    Thank you so much for this informative article and to everyone that left comments and more tips! I am a few months old on Etsy and have budgeted for a USD 1/- marketing spend per day allowing me to list / renew up to 5 items daily. This has taken the daily avg views significantly higher. The sales have slowed down over Easter but I have my fingers crossed. Thank you so much to Michelle for the great video and to the whole Etsy Team!

    2 years ago

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    great article! I'm international on half my items, the other half of home decor Im scared to ship overseas.

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    I ship internationally with no problem at all. I think it is exciting to imagine my earrings being worn in France and Great Britain.

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    That is a lot to take in for a newbie! Thank you for the tips. Onward to more reading!

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  • BettysBeadSoup

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    Please doublecheck spelling and proper use of words like "your/you're" and "whose/who's". As I tried to express to someone the other day, a customer who sees that you aren't careful about those details would be justified in wondering if you care about the details of the items you sell... one way I've driven more traffic to my site is to build a lot of treasuries, following the rules and making sure to notify the people I featured. It's fun (kind of like a combination scavenger hunt/video game/window shopping trip) and helps everyone - the shops/artists you feature, yourself (as the people come see your shop) and the customers, who might find something in a treasury that they would otherwise miss. Only one sale so far, but having a lot of fun!

    2 years ago

  • stitchcrafter

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    I really would have never thought of looking for an item , you know, "searching" for it, to see what tags pop up.. That's a great tip for learning how to tag an item.. I always feel at a loss there.. Thanks so much..

    2 years ago

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    Great tips Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing these pointers with us!

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  • alisonstorry1

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    I am quite a newbie myself but what I can relate to is first inventory. Trying to build inventory before opening would be beside the point, because most of us like to make stuff and that is only a small part of running any business.You will make excuses not to put this one or that one in the inventory. Once you open your shop, lot's of other things need to be taken care of. It is better to learn to do all these things progressively. Second is photographs I did not know it would so hard to take good photographs. The lesson I learned is : find your weaknesses and work on them relentlessly, be patient with yourself when you are slow to get it right.

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    I have a question and not sure where I post it...I make boutique childrens clothing, and Ive had many photographers ask if I will send free product to them, so they can take pics and in return they will allow me to use their pics in my listings. How do I know if this is a scam? So far I havent replied to any of them, because I dont know what to say? I am new at Etsy and not sure yet how all of this works...Please help!

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    I appreciate everyone's comments.Trying to start shop for fine art/photography but could not put in name I wanted because not enough room, next try said the name is will have to come up with something brilliant. It might take a while. I started painting one year ago after moving to Texas. It was my therapy for getting through a divorce. I find it relaxing, rewarding and reaffirming. I have used my photographs as my inspiration for some of my paintings (flowers, landscapes). I also paint Angels. I hope you will enjoy my photos and paintings. I am definitely a newbie at 63. I am excited.

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