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As a new seller you’re probably wondering, where’s the best place to outline and communicate how you do business? Enter your Shop Policies. Your shop policies will help buyers make an informed purchase from you. To add or edit your Shop Policies go to Your Shop > Shop Settings > Info & Appearance and click the Policies tab. When you sit down to write them, remember the following:

  • Be informative. Your policies are a great place to detail your processes. What do buyers absolutely need to know when they buy from your shop? Provide important information about how you do business, like your shipping turnaround time, whether or not you offer refunds or exchanges, how you handle customs and duty fees, and what types of payments you accept.
  • Stay positive. Use your policies to emphasize the over-the-fence, World-Series kind of customer service you provide. Stay upbeat by avoiding negative or accusatory phrases, like “I don’t take any responsibility.” Create policies that you would appreciate and trust as a buyer.
  • Research. Take a look at other sellers whom you admire. What about their policies are compelling? Do they make you want to purchase from their shop?
  • Be fair. Policies are designed to protect both you as a seller and your buyers. Offer assurance and instill confidence in wary buyers with policies that are safe, fair and respectful.
  • Keep it simple. Policies that are overly wordy can sometimes be confusing and may turn a customer away. Craft your policies in clear, concise sentences.
  • Listen up. What are common questions  shoppers ask you? If you receive similar questions from multiple buyers, consider reworking your policies to provide more info up front, so buyers don’t have to Convo you.
  • Special sauce. What is it about your business that is special? Maybe it’s the handmade packaging you include with every order or your super speedy custom work. Make sure your policies communicate what distinguishes you and your items.
  • Be flexible. Shop policies are as unique as the items in your shop, so take time to develop policies that will help you and your growing business. It’s a continuing process that  goes hand in hand with learning what works and what doesn’t for your shop.

For more tips, advice and resources to help you write shop policies that rock, read on below:

  • Double check that your your shop policies and business practices are in line with Etsy’s DOs and DON’Ts and local laws.
  • If you’re selling abroad, be sure to read up on what your shop policies need to include per country regulations. More info about this here.

What advice would you give to someone writing their shop policies for the first time? Share with us in the comments below!

Nickey Skarstad is a senior product manager on the Shop Management team at Etsy — the team that builds the tools sellers use to manage and run their shops. During her tenure at Etsy, Nickey has managed more than ten prototype teams, and is a long-time Etsy seller and community member.

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    yes, i recently discovered and filled out my policies section - thanks for providing one!

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    phydeaux says:

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    Thank you very much Etsy for all these great and useful improvements and tips! I am glad that my Profile page doesn't look so cluttered anymore. & I don't know if anyone else agrees, but I like getting feedback and not every buyer gives it, so I also included an additional "FEEDBACK" note at the end. Hopefully it'll encourage people to leave feedback. Hmm!? *;•)

    6 years ago

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  • sandraeileenjewelry

    sandraeileenjewelry says:

    Great information! And I agree with Terrain - Etsy is an international site, so it is imperative, if you ship internationally, that you address customs and duties. Thanks.

    6 years ago

  • MeadowbelleVintage

    MeadowbelleVintage says:

    Thanks for the article. Wonderfully written with quotes from artists & buyers to provide REAL ADVICE! After reading, I just tweaked my policies a bit to make them a little more well-rounded and all inclusive.

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  • MaryNotMartha

    MaryNotMartha says:

    This is wonderful information.... here's something else I have in my policies to ensure buyers they can trust the information in the listings - it's also a challenge to fellow Etsians who are selling merchandise inaccurately described: "I guarantee that all items in my shop are as advertised. This means if the description says "vintage" or "antique", it is! I will never falsify a listing to gain sales - my integrity is your assurance of acquiring exactly what is represented."

    5 years ago

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  • BeadedJewelryBySusan

    BeadedJewelryBySusan says:

    I have discovered that I really enjoy writing the descriptions to go with my beaded jewelry listings on etsy. It's no surprise ... because I'm a wordsmith, I guess, as well as a jewelry designer. I spent two decades teaching language and then another two copyediting (making jewelry on the side for past 15 years), so the writing part comes naturally to me. So ... I was wondering if any of you would be interested in getting help with the descriptions. If I had the photos and the materials list, I could probably come up with a reasonable draft and e-mail it to you for copy and paste. Or I could proof, edit, and flesh out your own drafts. I'm not sure yet what to charge for the service, but I want to find out first if there is any interest. What do you think?

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    Oh you are right, policies are SO important. Whenever I visit a shop that has left their policy section blank, I'm a little hesitant to purchase even if their items are lovely because I'm not sure what to expect. And as others here have mentioned, thinking like a buyer when writing out your policies really makes a difference. Thank you for the great advice.

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    2 years ago

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    WORSE is that while a customer can go over your head/policies right to Paypal who ignores, them, if the customer still doesn't like what they hear, they can go over Paypal's head to their own credit card company. Further, while Paypal has a 45 day window to file a claim, most cc companies give buyers 120 days and one cc company in particular has no limit. They granted a $600 chargeback on a seller 5 years after the date of purchase. Source: Paypal. Tell me, just how on earth is a seller to feel protected anymore?

    2 years ago

  • BuyMyCrap

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    wow Liz, that is shocking!! So etsy, just HOW important are policies, because it seems like you can have all the policies in the world to cover every scenario, and at the end of the day, they dont hold up, not with paypal or with a CC company.

    2 years ago

  • MyBellasBeads

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    <---- Waiting with baited breath...

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    I have had customers say my policy page is like a book lol - but I think it really does help a lot to be very clear on everything you can think of (although there will always be some that will not read it but you can always point to it if issue arise).

    2 years ago

  • BuyMyCrap

    BMC from BuyMyCrap says:

    Etsy? Any Advice? What does a shop owner do when paypal wont recognize your policies and say too bad, our policies over ride yours? What do you do when a CC refunds regardless of the situation or your policies?

    2 years ago

  • CCADesign

    Caroline from CCADesign says:

    The problem with the policies section is that it does not matter how clearly you spell things out or how polite and friendly you are - people do not read them. I have everything anyone needs to know in my policies and I get endless questions which are all answered in the policies if buyers took the trouble to read them. Perhaps Etsy could find a way to get them in front of buyers' eyes more easily. I have even had people ask me the shipping cost of an item which frankly beggars belief since it is on the same page as the description of the item they are looking at. There is no way they click on anything that says "Policies" to read that.

    2 years ago

  • BuyMyCrap

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    Doesn't even matter if they DO read, or they DO find them -- paypal will not abide by them.

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    thank you! i just re-designed my shop policies in thanks to this article! hopefully they are more helpful and any critique would be appreciated. here is what i wrote (and please message me with any critique): If you have any special requests please send me a message at check out. I do my best to ship everything out nicely packaged. If you are not using Paypal, cashing checks and money orders will take a little longer. Use this address: Christie Watkins / 15 Cedar St / Apt 1 / Brooklyn, NY / 11221. Make sure I receive the address you want your item shipped to. Thank you for your purchase! It is much appreciated! `I try my best to ship the item out within two days of purchase, but definitely within a week of purchase time. Exchanges are done case by case and usually spoken about beforehand (such as whether the item or not fits if it is a pair of shoes, etc). I always use tracking numbers to make sure you can stay on top of where your item is and that we are both confirmed on it's arrival.

    2 years ago

  • samanthadowney1

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    this was such a great and helpful article! In my experience as a vintage seller, i would say that unless you intend to have the nordstrom philosophy, state in your policy section regarding returns/exchanges that you will only accept returns based on items that are mis-interperated or broken. I have had customers who have requested returns based on items not fitting; because of this I had to update my policies, stating that, since i give exact measurements on garments/objects, I (unfortunately) cannot be responsible if a garment does not fit.

    2 years ago

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    One of my "other" jobs is Client Care Coordinator. I cannot stress how important it is to have policies in place. Customers appreciate knowing right up front how you conduct your business. And it gives the impression of "professionalism".

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    I think I have it all covered. Not all shoppers take the time to read through the policies, but it's always best to have that section complete. You just never know.

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  • IsabelleKnits

    IsabelleKnits from IsabelleKnits says:

    I think I have it all covered. Not all shoppers take the time to read through the policies, but it's always best to have that section complete. You just never know.

    2 years ago

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    The sad things is that our customers do not read shop policies :-(

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    I agree that templates which shop owners could modify would make it quicker and less intimidating to set policies. Less apt to forget some important point too, especially when just getting started on etsy.

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    In my experience, from what I can tell, most customers don't read the policies. But they are nevertheless important in case some conflict arises, so that you can refer back to them to CYA. I've seen some really bad policies that are very negative... I won't do this, I don't do that, I'm not responsible for this, etc. I keep mine simple to set expectations on shipping turnaround time and my return policy.

    2 years ago

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    I think that making your writing sound like you are talking to your customers is very important. Make it sound like you are just simply answering their questions in person. Be upbeat and positive. I've read some that are not so positive and I really don't think I would buy from them, just as I wouldn't buy from a store in person if they were grouchy and negative. In other words, simply talk to them (in writing) the way you would want to be talked to.

    2 years ago

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    We try to be honest and upfront about our policies. We answer any questions we ourselves would have about buying, and add customer questions as they come. We believe it's better to have some outlining policies than none! We don't like to buy from sellers who don't have policies because what if something happens?

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    I agree that a policy page is important. However, sometimes, you must be blunt and say " I will not be responsible". I do not consider this offensive, its just lets the buyer know where you stand. It is true that paypal makes the seller be responsible for the package getting there. What most buyers don't realize is that is you ship internationally and it is lost or stolen, it is at your expense. Legally speaking, this subjugation of risk to a person that has no control over the event has caused most frustration with paypal. As one person put it, it is condoned stealing as all the buyer has to do is say they didn't receive it. As in retail, there is 15% loss due to stealing, etc and you should definitely have your prices reflect that, That may not be the most "upbeat" message, but it is one that all buyers should be aware of as international first class shipping does not carry any delivery confirmation or insurance and it cannot be purchased unless you significantly pay more in shipping. That is why many sellers that have many sells and offer international have so much disclosure and policies. I agree with Beag on that it would seem that a buyer should have to check out that they have read the policies. Most internet users have seen this often enough:) It would also be nice if they had a way to incorporate in their check out system a way to inform a buyer if there is a minimum purchase requirement for suppliers as delivery confirmation packages need to be 1/4" thick to qualify for domestic confirmation and a way to tell buyers that if they purchase by paypal, the paypal address much be used to comply with paypal rules. Unfortunately, so many rules by others makes us have so many policies.

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    I do a LOT of purchasing on Etsy, and when I see "no refunds" especially on things like jewelry, It makes me wonder if the quality of the jewelry is really up to par. Is this piece going to break easily? is it poorly crafted? It turns me away really fast.

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