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As someone who didn’t grow up watching a lot of science fiction, I expected all of the characters to be ray gun-toting cyborgs in metallic jumpsuits. However, as I started to get into in the genre, I was surprised to see how complex the plots and characters really could be; in fact, at the heart of these stories, there’s often a complex man of action taking the lead (and as it turns out, he’s usually wearing aviators).

Whether he’s a reclusive alien in disguise or a campy time-travelling teen, men of science fiction always seem to have it complicated, and their wardrobes are a direct reflection of the struggles they encounter. Here are some outfits inspired by iconic science fiction characters.


The Man Who Fell to Earth

[1. Vintage Yves Saint-Laurent toggle coat from CoolVintageFinds; 2. Vintage fedora from WagnersTreasures; 3. Organic unisex tee by emteeemtee; 4. Vintage Dior aviators from trunkcouture; 5. Brushed Band by The Sly Fox 6. Black leather Chelsea boots from CarnivalOfTheManiac.]

As a visitor from a drought-ridden planet, Thomas Newton tries to remain unnoticed by disguising himself as a typical human, but the wealth and prominence he attracts during his stay is eventually reflected in a sleek new wardrobe of tailored suits.


Back to the Future

[1. Vintage deadstock aviators from VintageSunnys; 2. ’80s Jean jacket from FrankieMariebyRehcy; 3. Vintage NFL Broncos vest from MichaelColleen; 4. Vintage Casio calculator watch from theSTEEZstash; 5. Vintage red sneakers from idigvintage; 6. Vintage deadstock plaid shirt from StyleStash.]

Marty McFly’s quintessentially ’80s style wouldn’t be considered special in his own time, but as soon as he time-travels back to the 1950s, everything from his sneakers to his Calvin Klien underwear sets him apart.


A Clockwork Orange

[1. Antique bowlers hat from ArneckeVintage; 2. False eyelashes from CatsMeow1940; 3. Vintage cap toe combat boots from NashvilleBootUnion; 4. Antique suspenders from Bijouxpourtous; 5. Steampunk cane with secret vial by Johanvonred.]

Alex’s futuristic white jumpsuit becomes more than the typical sci-fi uniform with dapper accessories of yesteryear.


Mad Max 


[1. Mens Perfecto leather jacket from tarantulasisters; 2. Vintage Porsche sunglasses from VintageCleveland; 3. Blam rock gloves by JungleTribe; 4. Black handcrafted leather belt from BirdhouseDesigns; 5. Vintage mens harness boots from Ramenzombie; 6. Vintage tire repair gun from Fivehands.]

Just one word: leather.

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out Gabriella’s great post on sci-fi women.

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