Yearly Archives: 2012 handmade and vintage goods

Short Stories: Bartleby Tote

A tote bag emblazoned with an iconic literary quote carries a message about mindful consumption for its maker.

44 handmade and vintage goods

Melbourne’s Last Great Studio Building

The legendary Nicholas Building has sheltered a wide variety of Australian creatives, but rising rents threaten to upend this special community.

55 handmade and vintage goods

Story Board: Gifts for Bookish Girls

She notices the sentences that end in prepositions. She notices your gnarled grammar. She remembers whole conversations of words you might have said.

105 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Anna Joyce

“My design process is intuitive, relaxed, and rooted in the belief that we can and should live with art and craft everyday.” – Anna Joyce

236 handmade and vintage goods

Fun (and Affordable) Decor Picks From Kelly and Olive

Whatever your price point, find the perfect gift for the home enthusiast.

92 handmade and vintage goods

The Unexpected Renaissance of Hand-Painted Signs

A specialized craft left for dead by the march of industrial printing is getting fresh life thanks to a new generation of fans and aspirants.

95 handmade and vintage goods

How-Tuesday: Handmade Relief for Hurricane Sandy

Harness your handmade powers to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

62 handmade and vintage goods

Short Stories: Sanquhar Gloves

The arresting patterning of these hand-knit gloves has a tie to royalty.

32 handmade and vintage goods

Kitchen Histories: Cranberry Sauce Serving Set

This faddish object combined old school elegance and modern day convenience to showcase the side dish everyone overlooks: cranberry sauce.

100 handmade and vintage goods

Horse Crazy

“Horses are subtle teachers and quiet therapists. They can elicit love from a wounded heart and share legs with a damaged body.”

88 handmade and vintage goods

Collecting English Transferware: One Woman’s Story

One woman’s passion for collecting created an unexpected opportunity when her family faced dire financial hardships.

174 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Poppy and Fern

“I am passionate about perfecting a piece and I love sending my work into the world for others to enjoy.” – Rachel Pruett

229 handmade and vintage goods

Holiday Wrapping and Keepsake Cards

Ellie Snow rounds up mantel-worthy cards and pretty wrappings that transform even simple offerings into memorable gifts.

90 handmade and vintage goods

The Gift Detectives and the Case of the Cryptic Coworker

Looking for just the right thing to give your colleagues? Try these clever picks, all under $20.

86 handmade and vintage goods

Real Weddings: A Geometric Rainbow!

With colorful geometric shapes and a little DIY magic, Lindsey and Brian said “I do.”

0 handmade and vintage goods

Handing Down the Family Dishes

Does the tradition of inheriting your grandmother’s china still make sense in your modern-day life?

95 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Cabin + Cub

“I take pride that each of my bamboo pieces started off as a sketch or a doodle and evolved into a final work. ” – Valerie Thai

212 handmade and vintage goods

A Jewelry Gift Guide

Let Rachel Ball of Elephantine help you find the perfect bauble for the jewelry-lover on your list.

144 handmade and vintage goods

Eatsy: Sweet Potato and Bacon Tartine

Earthy and satisfying, this sandwich marries sweet and salty flavors perfect for a simple, hearty lunch.

41 handmade and vintage goods

History Lesson: Stanhope Viewers

There’s more than meets the eye to these appealing trinkets — they double as viewers for microscopic photographs showing famous scenes and sights.

39 handmade and vintage goods

Short Stories: Leaf People

A whimsical band of dapperly dressed autumnal beings speak to their creator’s vivid imagination and love of fall.