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News From the Craft and Style Blogsphere: 5/4/2012 handmade and vintage goods


The best o’ the blogosphere, back for your eyes and ears after a long winter’s rest.

Structured Pieces

Bright weddings are the best. Tons o’ color — from the vivid paper streamers to the bride’s amazing dress – set the mood for this taco-fueled celebration of love and family.

Cardboard cityscapes so true to life, you’ll look twice. [Via This is Collossal]

Educate yourself in the styles and eras of antique jewelry.

South Miami Beach retirees had all the style in the world. [Via Retronaut]

Margaret De Patta’s jewelry was light years ahead of her time. [Via MondoBlogo]

We’ll finish with cake, because SprinkleBakes makes the most mind-boggling sweets, and she’s got a new book!

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