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Get the Look: Pastel Revolution handmade and vintage goods


Get the Look isn’t just about real homes; it can also be pure fantasy. This week, guest writer Gabriella Cetrulo curates a set of rooms inspired by the softest color palette.

As I recently watched one of my favorite childhood movies, Addams Family Values, I found myself laughing at the exact same moments I did when I was 9. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve always loved the scene where Morticia Addams (dressed in her usual all-black attire) confronts her nemesis in her pink mansion. She states that she can overlook all of her betrayals (including the destruction of her family), but the one thing she could not forgive is the pastel décor of her home.

“All of this I can forgive… but Debbie, pastels?”

Let’s face it: pastels have gotten a bad rep, particularly when it comes to home decor. Try getting your husband to agree to a pink living room and watch his face cringe in revulsion. To be honest, I have never been a fan of pastels myself; however, my opinion has started to shift. I’m beginning to think it’s more about the execution and style of an item than the color itself. When applied the right way, a pink or lilac room can look fun and modern. Rather than using shabby-chic items exclusively, perhaps include some unexpected and modern items. A color scheme that’s often thought of as dated can take on an entirely new vibe.


Mellow Yellow

[1. Vintage table lamp from haven vintage 2. Harlequin 1 by Belafonte. 3. McCoy hand vase from Vintage Now & Then 4. Diamond Argyle pillow cover by TILTcreations 5. Stewart vintage side table from Lemon Lime Designs]



[1. 8 x 10 print by twiggs design 2. Vintage fiberglass serving tray set from SunsetSideVintage 3. Vintage pottery candle holder from Vintage By The Seashore 4. 1950s sconce lights from ivorybird 5. Wood shelf from hauteGREENHutch 6. Fringed afghan from DearMacyVintage 7. Polish glass vase from Le Vintage Galleria]


[1. Frederick Weinberg bar stools from Tom Laurus 2. Rand McNalley globe from industrial relic 3. Vintage rotary dial telephone from ohiopicker 4. Tripod plant stand from Smile Mercantile 5. Furry pillow by sooziedoozie 6. Molded plastic cosmetic tray from FlossysTreasures]


[1. Floral wall plaque from The Art of Chic 2. Lavender Lad lamp by ARTificial Lights 3. Hollywood Regency fainting couch from veryfrenchbydesign 4.Recycled t-shirt rug by Trillium Artisans 5. Dortha Morrow hand-painted flower dish from A Peachy Life


[1. Bows print by Leah Goren 2. General Electric pedestal clock from The Bountiful Bird 3. Hand painted glass and stucco vase by Carriage Oak Cottage 4. Hanging lamp by FiligreeCreations 5. Tufted pillow from BackGarage]


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Gabriella Cetrulo is a freelance illustrator with a BFA in illustration from Parsons the New School for Design. She is also the shop owner of vintage oasis Tomorrow Is Forever. She is in the process of opening a second online shop featuring her illustration work.