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Featured Shop: Sea & Asters handmade and vintage goods

Hello! We are Monica and James, the creators behind Sea & Asters, a shop devoted to Tillandsia terrariums, plant pods and nature inspired gifts. We love plants, especially Tillandsias.  Our focus is to highlight the sculptural Tillandsia form by creating miniature terrarium landscapes and natural plant vessels.

Each terrarium has a mood – either bright and whimsical or natural and subtle.  The designs are based on the interplay of color, texture and form.  We collect our natural materials (flowers, shells, sand, minerals), and select a color foundation and glass venue. Then we begin creating a terrarium composition of natural elements. The final step is choosing a Tillandsia that will be highlighted in the miniature landscape.

We began creating these displays for friends and family. When we saw the joy the terrariums brought them we decided to open Sea & Asters. It is a way to share what we love.

Sea & Asters has allowed us the opportunity to share our love of air plants and gardening. Our business challenges our creative ability to meet our customers’ needs. Sea & Asters also allows us to focus and be more observant of daily inspirations –fallen sweet gum pods, textile patterns, branches covered with lichen…

Etsy is a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. I remember my first purchase on Etsy; I loved the idea of buying directly from the maker/artist and supporting their work.

The time, attention and care that is put into a handmade product – be it a photograph, painting, silk screened shirt, crocheted mittens or a piece of woodwork – all are a part of the maker/artist.  We embrace and appreciate the sequence of an idea or thought transformed into something tangible.

All photos by Sea & Asters.

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  • fmdidgad

    fmdidgad says: Featured

    I love my terrarium i purchased from Sea and Asters. I have it on my desk and it's a miniature retreat in an otherwise beige world.

    2 years ago

  • JillianReneDecor

    Jillian Carmine from JillianReneDecor says: Featured

    CONGRATULATIONS Monica and James!! Love your shop and your eye for minimalist beauty. Your painted pod are my favorite! Air plants are such a great way to bring a natural element into home decor and with minimal upkeep they are perfect for those of us with busy schedules. "We embrace and appreciate the sequence of an idea or thought transformed into something tangible." - This is so well put and I couldn't agree more. Best wishes to you both and your continued success!

    2 years ago