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Featured Shop: CORIUMI handmade and vintage goods

My name is Inga, and my husband Arvydas and I are the team behind CORIUMI. We live in Vilnius, Lithuania. Our bags are made to add a special touch to simple looks with unique, attention-grabbing geometric patterns, interesting color schemes and the beautiful textures of leather and suede. Making colorful unique bags with screen-printed designs is our current passion.

We met at Vilnius Academy of Arts when we were both were students. Arvydas graduated as a graphic designer, and I got into fashion design. Since we both loved the handmade process, we started to brainstorm ways to combine graphic design and fashion to create a product together. Handmade bags are the perfect niche for us.

We have always wanted to be makers, not just designers. It’s the best feeling to make something with your own hands, to control the whole process and get inspired. There is something magical about transforming raw materials into a final product that will be used by somebody and hopefully loved.

We love the freedom we get from being independent designers. We can organize our time the way we like it – work until midnight when we’re excited, or skip everything and leave town for a few days. Since we have a playful son who’s almost a year old, we are happy to have the opportunity to be with him all day long. We get to see him grow and realize our ideas at the same time.

Etsy is a special place. It’s where a creator meets the rest of the world, and it gives us a lot of motivation to know that our work will be seen by millions. That kind of exposure obligates you to represent yourself in the best way you can, makes you grow faster, and inspires you to always try to do something today that’s better than yesterday. Etsy also gives you the opportunity to see how your work looks among the thousands of items and designs created by other sellers.

We learn from our creative business every day; you can’t just create something you like without looking around. It’s about trying to introduce your personal vision to others in a way they will love.

All Photos by CORIUMI.

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