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Etsy Success Symposium: Get Found handmade and vintage goods


This year’s Etsy Success Symposium, held on March 30, 2012 at the Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, was all about getting found- by blog writers, by the media, and in search. Read on below for all the recorded sessions and related articles!

Be sure to download the Etsy Success Symposium workbook – 44 pages of exercises, tips and resources to help you get found!



Articles and Videos from Get Found Month:

Video: Building Your Brand: learn how to stand out from the crowd with Featured Seller PrunellaSoap.
Video: How to Take Photos Using Models: Featured Seller Minxshop shares her tips!
Why Your Profile and Product Need a Compelling Story: Michael Margolis shows how and why to use stories to sell your products.
How to Get Found in Search: our step-by-step advice for getting found in Etsy Search.
Get Found: Canadian Edition: Tips for getting found for Canadian sellers.

Symposium Speakers:

Michael Margolis | @getstoried
Workshop: Get Storied: Behind Every Product Is a Story

Michael is the President of Get Storied and host of the Reinvention Summit 2, the world’s largest virtual conference on storytelling, held online April 16-20, 2012. As the Dean of Story University, Michael has taught thousands of marketers, change-makers, and entrepreneurs how to tell a bigger story. Michael recently created a 7-step storytelling system for creating an authentic personal brand and bio for your business. The son of an inventor and artist, his work and ideas have been featured in Fast Company, BrandWeek, and Storytelling Magazine. Michael proudly embraces DIY culture and self-published Believe Me: A Storytelling Manifesto for Change-Makers and Innovators, a book which has been downloaded over 11,000 times. Michael is left-handed, color blind, and eats more chocolate than the average human.

Jasmine Trabelsi  | @curlyjazz
Workshop: Get Pinned: Build your Community and Brand with Pinterest
Jasmine Trabelsi is a self proclaimed fashion and tech geek. She’s the former Digital/Social Media Lead @thefryecompany and is inspired by collaborative buying and the #socialshopping revolution. Rooftop Gardener. Obsessive Foodie. Collector of hats and boots.

Danielle Maveal | @daniellexo
Workshop: Get Found: Conquering Searches on Etsy and the Web

Danielle Maveal,’s Seller Education Lead, works to help artists and crafters make a creative living selling their work. She shares tips in the Seller Handbook, in the Etsy Success newsletter, and hosts live workshops in the Online Labs. Danielle, who is also a goldsmith, started selling on Etsy four years ago and within six months sold over 1,000 unique pieces. Less than a year after opening her Etsy shop, Etsy asked her to come work for the then small start-up, and she’s been mentoring the community ever since. Her focus is to encourage, motivate, and educate anyone running a small, independent business.

Michelle Spaulding
Workshop: Get Found: Conquering Searches on Etsy and the Web

Michelle (or as many of you know her, HeyMichelle) has four years of experience in Seller Education at Etsy as an author of articles and an Online Labs host. She incorporates her experiences working in many departments at Etsy, including selecting items to be featured and assistance with the Search and Browse features.

Danny Orendorff
Panel: Get Out There: Using Craft and Wholesale Shows to Support Your Small Business

Danny Orendorff, an independent curator and writer based in Chicago, IL, is the former Assistant Director of The Renegade Craft Fair’s nationwide events, for which he focused on vendor relations, fundraising, and marketing. Danny has worked on large-scale shows of art and craft work for such museums and galleries as the Berkeley Art Museum, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and SF Camerawork Gallery, which recently held his Warhol Foundation funded exhibition Suggestions of a Life Being Lived. His writings have appeared in Art in America Online, Camerawork Journal of Photographic Arts, and Shotgun Review. He is currently finishing the Master’s program in Art History, Theory, and Criticism at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he is writing his thesis on the work of fiber and textile-based artist Allyson Mitchell.

Sara Dick | @pileofcraft
Panel: Get Out There: Using Craft and Wholesale Shows to Support Your Small Business

Sara Dick is Festival Director for Crafty Bastards in Washington, D.C. In 2008, she conspired with friends to start Hello Craft, a non-profit trade association dedicated to the handmade movement. Praised for the popular Summit of Awesome, an annual small business conference, Hello Craft is excited for the publication of their first book, Handmade to Sell: Hello Craft’s Guide to Owning, Running and Growing Your Crafty Biz, coming out July 2012.

Virginia Kraljevic | @virginia___
Panel: Get Out There: Using Craft and Wholesale Shows to Support Your Small Business

Virginia Kraljevic (virginiakraljevic on Etsy) is an American artist and illustrator based in New York City. Her whimsical pen and ink drawings have been commissioned by companies such as Lacoste, Vans, and Etsy. Virginia’s artwork has been showcased in galleries, shops, and craft shows in the United States and Europe.

Megan Auman | @meganauman
Panel: Get Out There: Using Craft and Wholesale Shows to Support Your Small Business

Megan Auman is a designer, metalsmith, educator, and entrepreneur who has built a multi-faceted business around her passion for great design and sustainable business. Her eponymous jewelry line is sold in stores across the U.S. and online. In 2009, Megan founded Crafting an MBA to help designers and makers develop their business skills. In 2011, the site name was changed to Designing an MBA. Megan lives and works in Jonestown, PA, a small town 90 miles west of Philly.

Cheyne Little | @cheynesews
Panel: Get Noticed: How to Romance Blog and Magazine Editors

As Teams Coordinator for Etsy, Cheyne Little assists groups of sellers on the path to fulfilling their collective goals. Her experience leading a local Etsy team had a huge impact on her success as an accessory designer. Through cooperative effort, her team enjoyed exposure through numerous local and national news venues. Her own work has been featured in various craft magazines, design blogs, and most importantly, her mother’s Facebook page.

Connie Wang | @refinery29
Panel: Get Noticed: How to Romance Blog and Magazine Editors

Connie Wang is the Global Editor at Refinery29 and writes, edits, and stars in shopping, fashion, and industry content for their Everywhere channel. She has also appeared in the NYT, Huffington Post, TBS, and on ABC radio.


Danielle Spurge | @MerriweatherC
Panel: Get Noticed: How to Romance Blog and Magazine Editors

Danielle Spurge is the Head Honcho and Chief Embroidery Engineer at The Merriweather Council where she works to spread crafty goodness to all with small pieces of fine art embroidery and wearable art. The Merriweather Council has been featured on The Today Show and in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Gabrielle Porcaro | @lhjfashiongirl
Panel: Get Noticed: How to Romance Blog and Magazine Editors

Gabrielle Porcaro has been at Ladies’ Home Journal for over six years. Her days are spent running to showroom appointments, attending press previews, tweeting, blogging, coming up with story concepts and drinking lots of coffee. As a fashion editor, she is inspired by trends from the runways each season but her big influences come from pop culture, movies, art and New York City.

Adam Brown
Panel: Get Noticed: How to Romance Blog and Magazine Editors

Adam Brown never thought he would be the PR Manager at Etsy. He did, however, predict the invention of smartphones back in the early 1990s. Prior to joining Etsy in 2007, Adam tried his hand at a variety of creative pursuits including graphic design, illustration, and film & television production.

Emily Bidwell | @emilybidwell
Workshop: Get Featured: Learn How to Grab the Eye of a Curator

Emily Bidwell curates shopping content for Etsy. She’s been with Etsy since 2006, spending her first three years on the Support Team. She has a background in fine art, and spent some years making jewelry with Rebekah Brooks.


Thanks to these companies for supporting the Symposium and our network of small businesses.

Seller Handbook | Etsy Success Newsletter

Nickey Skarstad is a senior product manager on the Shop Management team at Etsy — the team that builds the tools sellers use to manage and run their shops. During her tenure at Etsy, Nickey has managed more than ten prototype teams, and is a long-time Etsy seller and community member.