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Editors’ Picks: Covetable Rings

  • Sticks and stones Set

    These organic shapes bring the beauty of nature to your pinky finger.
  • Gold Circle Ring

    An appealing combination of oxidized silver and lustrous gold.
  • Pond Lily Ring (14K)

    The baroque in miniature: florals cast in gold.
  • Black Onyx And Sterling Silver Ring, Knuckles Ring

    The baroque in miniature: florals cast in gold.
  • Set of 6 Sterling, Copper, and Brass Rings

    A mix of metals and textures adds sophistication to this stack.
  • Nestled Set of Black Rose Cut Diamond Rings

    Glimmering black diamonds beckon from a matte gold setting.
  • Man in the Moon 14k Rose Gold Moonstone Ring

    The Man in the Moon, carved from moonstone and set in rose gold, is a whimsical heirloom.
  • Half Bezel Diamond Twig Ring

    The rough appeal of twisted silver is softened by a diamond's twinkle.
  • Letter Initial Ring - 14K Gold Filled

    Wear the initial of your beloved on a stamped circle of hammered gold.
  • Mother of Pearl Ring

    The soft gleam of mother of pearl is beautifully framed by textured gold.
  • Moissanite and 14k Yellow Gold Ring

    A faceted sparkler in an appealing bezel setting.
  • Gold Vermeil Forget Me Knot Ring

    A delicate love knot rendered in soft gold.
  • Round Faceted Sterling Silver Signet Ring

    For the modernist with a sense of tradition: an update on the classic signet ring.
  • Egyptian Eye Ring in Brass with Diamonds

    Ancient Egyptian iconography rendered with a sleekly modern touch.
  • Stacking Gold Diamond Rings and Stacking Silver Diamond Rings

    A sprinkling of starry gems on silver and gold stacking bands.
  • PYRAMID bronze ring

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When it comes to jewelry, rings are easy to love: sparkly, delicate, stacking, or big and bold, they’re the one piece of jewelry that you can admire throughout the day. (Can’t say that about earrings or necklaces!) My fellow blog editors and I have compiled some of the pieces we’re currently coveting; which ring tops your list?

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  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat from mazedasastoat says: Featured

    *sigh* So many wonderful rings, so few fingers!

    1 year ago

  • nadene

    Even Howard from nadene says: Featured

    I too like how a ring is enjoyment and expression that the wearer gets to see too! It's fun to see how people move their hands differently when wearing rings; making the unconscious conscious is a great goal of many arts...

    1 year ago

  • FauldsForge

    Heather McGuire from FauldsForge says: Featured

    These are lovely! As a ring maker myself, I love seeing the different interpretations of what a ring is. There is so much variety and creativity that can be packed in to a tried and true form.

    1 year ago