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Top 5 Twitter Tips for Stress-Free Tweeting handmade and vintage goods

There are a few tricks I’ve learned to make Twitter not only useful, but actually fun. I promise you, it is possible to @ and # without the stressful @&#$%!

1. Use a third party service to tweet.
Personally I love Hootsuite — I can check in and quickly see my Twitter feed, @ mentions, sent tweets, and direct messages at a glance, as opposed to the Twitter web version where you have to click on a few different tabs to see this same information. Hootsuite also makes retweeting, shortening links, and adding images super easy and you can even set up streams that filter tweets using specific search terms, hashtags, etc. Tweetdeck is another option with similar features. Don’t try to use the Twitter website exclusively unless you’re a glutton for punishment. 

2. Register with Klout, then stop worrying about your score.
As described by their website, a Klout score is the “measurement of your overall online influence.” Most social media experts will tell you that your Klout score isn’t really an indicator of anything other than how much time you spend on Twitter. They’re right — it’s a general indicator that will fluctuate so feel free to explore different ways to make Twitter work for you without paying close attention to your actual number. Need more incentive to stop caring? The only person with a Klout score of 100 is Justin Bieber, so unless you have an awesome hairstyle and are geared toward taking the 10-14 year old crowd by storm, you can blissfully stop trying to measure up to a teen heartthrob. 

3. Join a tweetchat.
Shy about meeting new people or don’t know what to tweet? Join a focused conversation! A tweetchat is when a group of people get together to discuss a topic and include a specific hashtag in all of their tweets so other participants can filter messages and respond. I’ve met some amazing people through a few of my favorite tweet-ups, including the weekly Oh My! Handmade and Crafterminds chats.

If you do join a chat and don’t want to fill up your Twitter stream with your chat tweets, make sure you’re replying to another tweetchat participant for every tweet (and don’t forget to use the hashtag so other chatters can see your comment!).  To follow the conversation, set up a stream using the chat hashtag in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck or check out

4. Talk @, not “at” — avoid spammers and spamming.
Before joining, my biggest misconception about Twitter was that it was a bunch of people broadcasting their messages non-stop. Who wants to be subjected to an endless stream of promotions? Are you a spammer? Stop — this means an end to constantly asking people to like you on Facebook, look at your latest shop listing, or check out every treasury you make. A good rule of thumb is to start or join a conversation for at least 80% of your tweets (do what you will with the remainder). On the same note, avoid the spammers at all costs — I’m talking to you serial link droppers, auto-DMers, and overzealous promobots! Once you start @ing people instead of talking at them, you can really start to branch out and use the site for its intended purpose which is networking with others and making connections. Twitter isn’t meant to be a soliloquy. 

5. Check your ego at the door.
When someone doesn’t immediately follow you back, it’s easy to feel offended. But don’t feel bad! People use Twitter for different purposes or infrequently review new followers. If it’s someone you really want to get to know, strike up a conversation with them. It doesn’t always have to be an “I follow you, you have to follow me too” type of thing for you to gain something out of it. Follow people you find interesting or helpful and maybe they’ll reciprocate, maybe they won’t. On a similar note, it’s also okay to unfollow someone who no longer fits with your ideal Twitter stream of consciousness. Remember that these are people you’re inviting into your world and it doesn’t always have to be a wide-open, two-way street.

Those are my Twitter favorites, what are yours? Leave a comment, or feel free to tweet me @saltcityspice.

About the author: I’m Katrina and I’ve spent lots of time living and cooking in apartments with small kitchens — when I finally moved into my own house a few years ago I wanted the kitchen to be mine in every way right down to the spice rack, and the idea for my Etsy shop was born. I enjoy cooking, traveling, wine-tasting, working on home improvement projects, and writing. I’m a terrible gardener.

Originally published on the Salt City Spice blog

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    Styerd says:

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    LittleWrenPottery says:

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    mandar8587 says:

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  • mysillybluehippo

    mysillybluehippo says:

    Great tips!! I often find myself at a loss when it comes to "tweeting". I never can think of something witty to say, so I often don't say much at all. My Facebook Fan page tweets for me so my tweets end up crazy or confusing... I really need to start thinking "beyond the screen."....:)

    4 years ago

  • loveandreason

    loveandreason says:

    thanks for this advice! i recently joined twitter, kind of reluctantly, but i actually really like it. since the messages are all so short, it's really easy to send one to somebody you might never email (writers of blogs, people in your field, etc). i've made several connections by just responding to someone's tweet about their crazy day or the new restaurant they tried or where they're from... and then the conversation goes from there. it's a good way to make someone aware of you without asking them for something/putting pressure on them to respond. plus, SO many cool links are posted every day!!

    4 years ago

  • loveandreason

    loveandreason says:

    OT - where's my avatar?? who can i ask about this? it looks like several people in this comment thread are missing theirs, i'm not the only one who can see this, right?

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    sacredsuds says:

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    crankyhayes says:

    Thanks for this post. I hope there will be more like it as Twitter seems to be the place to be for small business owners. I just joined and feel totally clueless! Its kind of overwhelming.

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    babyjives says:

    Such great tips Katrina! I just got started on twitter a few weeks ago because I thought I would really hate it, but turns out I love it! I love being able to talk with people who I might otherwise never meet. I do sometimes feel like a trucker though if I am just shouting out there into the great beyond so I appreciate your tips on talking @ people not at people.

    4 years ago

  • babyjives

    babyjives says:

    Such great tips Katrina! I just got started on twitter a few weeks ago because I thought I would really hate it, but turns out I love it! I love being able to talk with people who I might otherwise never meet. I do sometimes feel like a trucker though if I am just shouting out there into the great beyond so I appreciate your tips on talking @ people not at people.

    4 years ago

  • shopdomestica

    shopdomestica says:

    Wow. Finally - some Twitter advice you can actually use. I always use Hootsuite though I've backed off scheduling tweets except for giveaway reminders - it's just rude to spam. My other favorite Twitter advice is to use it for yourself, too - I get so many great ideas, tips and have so many little groups of buddies on Twitter + it's amazing. I hardly Google anymore - I get the best advice from the stream. I've been on since 2007, so don't get discouraged if you're not super popular right out of the gate - talk to peeps during favorite shows by following hastags, follow people in your town, who make things, who make you laugh + then move out from there. Heck! Follow me, I always follow handmade peeps unless they just post "new in my shop" posts.

    4 years ago

  • CamiArtistica

    CamiArtistica says:

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  • ohmyhandmade

    ohmyhandmade says:

    Thanks for the shout out Katrina! I have been loving our weekly #omhg chats and the chance to connect in real time with so many intelligent & creative people (including your lovely self). I agree with every single one of your tips! I will definitely be referring followers who ask for Twitter help to this post. This is the best advice ever: "Remember that these are people you're inviting into your world and it doesn't always have to be a wide-open, two-way street." Being intentional with who you follow helps make sure you are getting the most out of Twitter & creating a community of people you can actually relate to & build a relationship with.

    4 years ago

  • lauraprentice

    lauraprentice says:

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  • nicolealesi

    nicolealesi says:

    Great article - I swear by Hootsuite! It has made my life a lot less hectic. I like to use Hootsuite to schedule my tweets in advance - this way I spend more time creating and less time stressing about what to tweet!

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    sherrigallagher says:

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  • Jenco13

    Jenco13 says:

    good advice-- another is to make sure not to @ or assume that the hashtag (#) can or should be used on every tweet. Hashtags can be registered and many twitter/etsy teams have registered them to help the team leaders track their tweets. @etsytwitrteam I try to put up a list of advice in between our tweets to help those who are new to twitter. Check us out! Jen aka @jenco13 etsytwitter team leader

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    crochetgal says:

    If you just treat twitter as a conversation, there shouldn't be any problem! But the worst thing you can do is not reply back to someone who has tweeted you.

    4 years ago

  • CraftyHope

    CraftyHope says:

    I'm so glad you wrote this article. (I may save it to share on my blog.) I see loads of wonderful jewelry and other Etsy artists that just don't seem to use twitter as a conversation. Instead, they simply post what they've listed in their shop. THEN, they complain that they don't get many sales from Twitter. Many times I won't follow people on twitter simply because their entire stream is nothing but links to their Etsy listings. I like to remember that Twitter and Etsy are SOCIAL media and not just billboards for what you are selling. THANK YOU for sharing this with the rest of the Etsy community!

    4 years ago

  • go2vintage

    go2vintage says:

    Thanks.....Now I guess I'll try it. Maybe all of us etsy " Beginner tweeters" can get together so we don't feel so stupid. - At least support each other.....maybe we'll be more inclined to forgive those "mistakes" in tweeting etiquette - seems like there are a lot of them.....(speaking from the "outside").

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    LuLusApple says:

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    tuckersalley says:

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    AngelEllie says:

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  • ADCD

    ADCD says:

    Excellent info - but UHG! it's all so overwhelming - I feel old! I've Web'd, IM'd, Skype'd, FB'd, Convo'd, RSS'd, tweet'd, forum'd and blog'd and I simply have no more room to communicate with so many people I don't know. APP DEVELOPERS: I want ONE APP that can update everything. There comes a time when one must disengage with a keyboard/pad and engage with thier real face and be present. By all means - communicate free and wide, but please don't neglect your engaging face. = >

    4 years ago

  • TheCatFarm

    TheCatFarm says:

    I recently signed up for Twitter thinking I would use it for business. While my profile has a link to my shop, the reality is I use Twitter to chat about one of my other! Its fun so I have no complaints.

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  • CoverMeWarm

    CoverMeWarm says:

    I use Twitter but so that I can follow my suppliers to see the new products and to catch special sales that are not known to the public. Once I open my Etsy store I am going to follow my Twits using the advice you just gave. Thanks a million and Happy Twitting @you!

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    MoonyCouture says:

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    I love tip #5. I don't automatically follow everyone back but it's nothing personal. It is simply a decision I made about how I wanted to use Twitter. I do go through periodically and follow back. If someone talks directly to me, I always try to respond. I will stop following people who never respond to me too (after a few attempts). I do like Twitter to be a conversation so if it's not, then I make changes. I find it amazing when people just ignore others on Twitter because I think the whole point is to chit chat and get to know people. I guess I am a glutton for punishment though as far as tip #1, I still use the site directly! I signed up for HootSuite but old habits are hard to change. I'll revisit the idea now. :)

    4 years ago

  • adorapop

    adorapop says:

    Excellent article! I really would recommend Twitter to sellers who haven't got around to it yet - and if you're not into the networking side of it, it can be nice to use it simply to keep people in touch with your shop; new items, inspirations, special offers etc...the wonderful thing about Twitter is that, as you say, you don't have to follow people, and can unfollow them if their style doesn't match your own! Personally I love the linking updates from my favourite sellers - it reminds me they're out there, and, of course, so much of the fun of Etsy is browsing XD Also, great advice to get a client - makes the whole thing much easier to navigate. I like TweetDeck, for following hashtag conversations in separate windows on the desktop!

    4 years ago

  • lauraprill

    lauraprill says:

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    4 years ago

  • shellseye

    shellseye says:

    Thank you for the info, Twitter can be frustrating & often appears like a long list of ads. I'm glad to hear that it doesn't have to be that way.

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