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Stitching the Artisanal Football


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Paul Cunningham, a former researcher for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and photo editor for Major League Baseball, is also a craftsman of the most classically American sort, handcrafting leather footballs and baseballs. These sturdy leather works are not only superior playing balls; they’re also meticulous works of art that tap into two of America’s richest and most beloved sporting pastimes.


Lacing a football

This video found its inspiration in the paintings and illustrations of Norman Rockwell, who channeled American life and rituals through his own hands. In many ways, it’s an ode to the football — to both the care it takes to make one, and the place it holds in the American psyche.


Whether you remember throwing a lovingly worn pigskin out in the backyard, or indulging in seven-layer dip in front of the family set, there is no denying that pointy-oval-shaped hole in your heart.

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