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Shop Makeover Series: Titles, Descriptions and Tags handmade and vintage goods


Item listing titles, descriptions and tags allow Etsy sellers to converse with potential buyers, Etsy’s search and search engines. Sometimes it feels like you have to speak completely different languages to account for these three situations, and it can be it a bit overwhelming. For this week’s Shop Makeover post, I wanted to share some before and after examples with you. Hopefully this post will be our version of an item listing Rosetta Stone.

Title Makeover

Titles can be a little tricky.  Not only are they meant to draw in the Etsy shopper, they’re also pretty important when it comes to search engine optimization. You’ll need to include the right keywords while appealing to someone browsing Etsy or web search results. To learn more about making your listings more relevant,  read Putting Your Shop on  Top: Etsy’s Most Relevant Search.

To get your wheels turning, are a few real-life before-and-after item title makeovers.

Before: One-of-a-kind Charm Necklace “LIVE”

This title is a little too vague. None of the words refer to style, story, texture or tactility — there’s nothing I can sink my teeth into. However, the description has compelling details about materials and process that can be applied to the title.

After: Sterling Silver Charm Necklace, Hand Forged Iolite, Lily

Before: leather black rouche calfskin headband – ready to send

Two keywords in this title stand out to me: rouche and calfskin. These aren’t keywords that most buyers are going to connect with. They’re too specific.

After: Black Leather Headband with Stud Glam Ruffle



Laurels and Moss

Before: Fall Embers Necklace

This title has a nice feel to it, but it’s lacking a few weighty keywords that reference material and style.

After: Ribbon and Chain Necklace – Bronze Fall Embers

Description Makeover

Descriptions are a little more difficult. It’s hard for me to rewrite an artist’s description in their voice. I’ll show you an example of how I might update the description on this handbag made by Candeez Apples, but I want you to keep in mind that the most important part of an item description is allowing your own voice and passion to shine through. The original description is in bold and my notes are below.

“This is a super soft genuine black leather handbag and is one of a kind.”
The artist has taken herself completely out of the description right off the bat. This is a common mistake. Instead, I’d love for this description to start out with, “I designed and constructed this soft, black leather handbag without a pattern — this makes it one-of-a-kind.”

“Would make a super sweet Valentine’s Day gift to yourself or someone else.”
Get more specific here. Nobody wants to give a gift that just anyone would like; they want the perfect gift. You could add in specific adjectives and examples to describe the recipient, such “it would make a super sweet Valentine’s Day gift for the fashionable, tough yet sweet gal.” Notice I was also able to add in some Google-friendly keywords with this update!

“Handbag measures 16 inches wide by 12 inches tall and has a comfortable off-the-shoulder strap with a 9 inch drape.
Nice! Specific details, including dimensions and usage, are very helpful to include in an item description.

“A leather strap with heart buckle accents the exterior front flapped pocket — a perfect spot for anything you need to reach quickly, such as your cell phone or digital pocket camera.”
This is another great spot where the artist can inject themselves as the maker back into the description by saying, “I wanted to include a perfect pocket for your cell phone or digital pocket camera, because this is what I look for in a well-designed handbag.”

Tagging Makeover

If you’re new to tagging, be sure to read our past articles on this subject. The first item I’m going to make over is this necklace, found in LaAlicia’s shop.

Before tags: jewelry, necklace, paper, recycled, reclaimed, blue azul, red rojo, colorful, pendant, conversation piece, cyan, tie back, women, eco

First, let’s get rid of tags that probably aren’t searched by shoppers:

 jewelry, necklace, paper, recycled, reclaimed, blue azul, red rojo, colorful, pendant, conversation piece, cyan, tie back, women, eco

Now let’s go through each tag and see if there is a better, more search-friendly alternative:

Tags: jewelry, necklace, paper, recycled, reclaimed, blue azul, red rojo, deep red, colorful, pendant, conversation piece, cyan teal, turquoise, tie back, women, eco eco friendly

La Alicia is tagging “red.” It might be more beneficial to use some specific, descriptive shades, such as “deep red” or “poppy red.” I suggest checking out our the Trend Watch series to see what industry experts foresee as upcoming color trends.

We still have room for two more tags. I’d save these spots for some style-specific keywords — perhaps “eclectic” and “Asian.”

After tags: jewelry, necklace, paper, recycled, deep red, colorful, pendant, teal, turquoise, women, eco friendly, eclectic, Asian

Now that you get an idea of how I’m digging through and analyzing these tags, you can take a stab at reworking your titles, descriptions and tags.

How will you apply these lessons you own listings? Share in the comments below.

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  • WormeWoole

    WormeWoole says:

    Good ideas here, except weren't we advised a few days ago to add colors in other languages to our tags, such as red rojo, if we are targeting international buyers? Otherwise, lots of good advice.

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  • paperdoll43

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  • LemonTreeVintage

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