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Top Tips for Choosing Your Shop Name handmade and vintage goods

Your shop name is one of the most important factors in creating a successful business. It will give you immediate recognition, style and searchability. When choosing a name, it is vital to consider all the factors that go into choosing the perfect name for your shop.

Things to consider when choosing a shop name:

Be original: Interesting names will stick with those who visit your shop. Names that involve physical things will evoke a visual image, which can help form a more powerful memory. An interesting word or phrase that is meaningful for you can add a bit of history and a point of interest.

Show your style: Choose a name that reflects your style. If your items are elegant, choose an elegant name. If your items are quirky or clever, you want your name to speak to that aesthetic. Let your own unique point of view as an artist shine through in everything about your shop, especially your name!

Spelling counts: Pick something that is easy to pronounce and spell. The former helps people remember your name, the latter makes it easy to find you again!

Take the shop name memory test: Sit down with a piece of paper and the writing utensil of your choice and ask yourself: “What shops do I know the name of on Etsy?” It doesn’t have to be your favorite shop or any reason other than the fact that you remembered their name. This is key. After you have your list of remembered names, take a look at them. Why are they so memorable? After asking yourself these questions, learn from what these sellers have done to create your own memorable name.

Google it: Search for your intended name on Google. Will you be able to be the top result? Avoid generic names that you won’t be able to “own.” While you’re at it, check to see if the name is available on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social networks you plan to use.

Know the law: Think about legalities. Some words and names are trademarked, so do your homework first to avoid a possible conflict later. Consider consulting an attorney if you need specialized advice in this area.

Capitalize multiple words: Once you have decided on a name for your shop, take advantage of capital letters to make the appearance of your shop name more coherent. If you have two words in your shop name, create a visual separation by making the first letters of each word capital letters instead of lowercase.  For example, “BoyfriendLetters” reads so much better than “boyfriendletters.” Plus, capitalization doesn’t make a difference when people type your shop name in their browser, so it won’t be harder for them to find you.

The power of search: If you are selling a very specific product or certain type of supply, it wouldn’t hurt to actually put the basic name of what you are selling in your shop name; this may help you show up in search engines whenever someone searches for this item. But be careful: if you’re thinking about branching out to other types of items, you may not want to follow this tip. There are advantages to having a name that will allow you to sell a range of items, since many sellers evolve over time.

Keep it consistent: Use the same name everywhere — as your Etsy shop name, in your banner, on your blog, and on any social networking sites you use. This makes it super easy for buyers to find your shop!

Get some feedback: Ask others who are in your target market what they think about your name. Your Etsy team can be a great place to get advice and feedback as well. Ask what they’d expect a shop with this name to be about.

Make sure it’s worth it: Does your new name reflect a change in product? Is it much easier to remember? Does it fit much better with the image of your shop? If you have a significant fan base, try to change your shop name only if it’s absolutely necessary.

Shout it from the rooftops: Make sure you let your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and blog readers know about your new name. Consider changing the name of your account, if possible.

Best of luck with your shop names! Feel free to add any other tips and advice you might have for choosing the perfect shop name in the comments below! If you decide to choose a name or change your current shop name based on any tips in this article, please document your process and share your experience with us in the Etsy Success Team Forum.

Want some more tips? Find more tips about Getting Started, Promotion and Search. Also, stop on by the Etsy Success Team to let us know how you’re doing, and to ask for advice!

  • CreativeCrafterUK

    CreativeCrafterUK says:

    What a great informative article. I could have done with this a week or so ago, when I changed my shop (from Jep12) as I wanted a more appropriate shop name. This article explains things perfectly and I can honestly say that it wasn't difficult to change to a new username, but beneficial that I didn't have too many items listed in my old shop, as re-listing the items a second time (once the old account was closed) can be time consuming. This just reiterates the importance of choosing usernames wisely when you open your shop here on Etsy. Lovin' these informative articles - thanks Etsy!

    7 years ago

  • krotondo

    krotondo says:

    thanks for this info! i have been on the fence about changing names, and really appreciate your thorough coverage.

    7 years ago

  • MetalheartDesign

    MetalheartDesign says:

    great article! i find it confusing when people have user names that are different from their shop names. fortunately i signed up with etsy as a seller so i got the user name i wanted...though reading this article makes me wish i would have thrown some capitals into it. great advice for new folks tho!

    7 years ago

  • Quintessentially

    Quintessentially says:

    Great article! I took the plunge and changed my shop/user name from MalibuBarbie112 to Quintessentially and have had lots of positive feedback so far! I had put an announcement in my old shop, and you mentioned this also, so I feel like ive done it all correctly and I have made a good choice! Thanks!

    7 years ago

  • alaynacreations

    alaynacreations says:

    Thank you for this great article! I just opened a new shop last week - Zadyball - and I'm in the process of moving everything out of this shop. Great tips and wonderful advice! I'm loving this whole "shop makeover" series. I've taken something from each of them!

    7 years ago

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa says:

    Quintessentially, i noticed that you have also put your old shop name in your banner. This is a good idea to have during the "transitional period". Lovely new name, BTW!

    7 years ago

  • MayaBella

    MayaBella says:

    Here is one part of my before and after. Just some small tweaks. :)

    7 years ago

  • MayaBella

    MayaBella says:

    Before After

    7 years ago

  • PollyPainting

    PollyPainting says:

    Thanks for running this series! I'm feeling better about my name now.

    7 years ago

  • CorkandCotton

    CorkandCotton says:

    I did all this last week! I had wanted to change my shop name for awhile, but knew I would loose my feedback rating, hearts, etc. My other name was to long, and had no capitals to make it stand out better. I wanted to be easily recognizable for the raw materials I use as well. I got a new banner and avatar, same as my old shop, but in a different color, so there's some recognition. I've done pretty much everything that the article states, and am really happy I did this.

    7 years ago

  • marymary

    marymary says:

    Wow, corkandcotton I have to say I really love your new just has a really nice ring to it!

    7 years ago

  • TheBrassHussy

    TheBrassHussy says:

    I did start up a new shop and think this is a memorable name. I do need to focus on some branding next. I have an exlectic mix of that going on. Thanks for all the info!

    7 years ago

  • Lumineaux

    Lumineaux says:

    Thanks for the article, very informative. I went with my instinct when chosing the name for my line of jewelry, but I do ponder whether something easier to pronounce and spell would help customers more easily find me...Cest la vie(sp?)

    7 years ago

  • muxoriginals

    muxoriginals says:

    Aw, now I wish I'd have called it MuxOriginals! Oh well.

    7 years ago

  • GreenManG0

    GreenManG0 says:

    Thank you for running this feature. Our name come not from the products we make but from a weekend in London when we decided we wanted to start selling our jewellery. Waiting for the green man to tell us to cross the road!

    7 years ago

  • barbf

    barbf says:

    Please help! I'm just in the process of setting up my shop and starting to list items. I hate my user name. Didn't know it was going to be my shop name. Do I have to go to all the trouble of starting a new shop and moving what I have already done. Is there an easier way?

    7 years ago

  • juneblue

    juneblue says:

    Well my question would be after reading this: Is it possible to change my username from juneblue to JuneBlue? Same name...but taking the advice of the capitalizing the first letter of each word. ???

    7 years ago

  • angelito313

    angelito313 says:

    I did a no-no, I used two different names, one for my shop and a usernames, I didn't want to lose my positive feedback, I don't know if I should change it, I just opened up in May and haven't sold anything yet.

    7 years ago

  • comfits

    comfits says:

    i'm one of the ones who feels too far in it to change now. i signed up to etsy a way long time ago back when everything i did on the net was w/ a common username. i always went by "comfits". so...i picked "comfits" for my name here as well. the big website name is & always has been "turtlekisses". i feel it's a bit silly now, but it's super easy to remember. much better than "comfits". now i want all the same name. it's too confusing. i'm two different people & i don't like it one bit! and i do NOT want to lose everything my current shop has (all the items i've sold, all of my feedback, re-listing everything). i'm super upset over this. more than upset actually. i don't know what to do :[

    7 years ago

  • Kemara

    Kemara says:

    I'm thinking about starting a shop. My user name is Kemara, and I wanted my shop name to be Kemara's Kreations or something like that. But it sounds like I can't use that name, not even in my banner. I'm confused. :)

    7 years ago

  • artsizzles

    artsizzles says:

    I took the plunge and open up a new shop with a different name. I plan to keep both for all Art Glass items and the other store for misc. supplies and mixed media. Art Glass is my primary store. Thank you for the informative article.

    7 years ago



    I want to change name of my store, what can I do?

    7 years ago

  • mpaperarts

    mpaperarts says:

    Great article, I am in the midst of opening an additional store, but don't want to lose all those customers and people that hearted me! I still don't understand why you can't change your username, at least once. Can anyone explain?

    7 years ago

  • pentecost

    pentecost says:

    I want to change my store name, add a banner and add an avatar. It is my opinion that Etsy painted itself into a corner by making the hide-bound policy that store-owners may not change their ID or store name, and they carried the store owners along. My ID smacks of religion, and I want to change it to my given name, JuliaMae, rather than my family last name--pentecost, which gives no hint of the contents of my store. I have asked politely to get it changed, but I have been refused--twice. It's not a big deal, but why should Etsy care what my store name or ID name is? Etsy should have made that point clear in the first place, before I joined. My own opinion. Does anyone agree?

    7 years ago

  • vintagekeepers

    vintagekeepers says:

    Dear Pentecost......I agree, ETSY should say something up front; MAYBE ETSY SHOULD POST SOMETHING NOW FOR THE NEW PEOPLE COMING IN TO SELL!!!! But I checked your Shop.......... I think since you don't seem to have too much items listed this is the time to change your name. I am starting a second shop! It is only 20 cents an item so I will delete the items I do not want/need. GOOD LUCK......

    7 years ago

  • hairymarys

    hairymarys says:

    I just don't understand why the work has to be done all over again just to change the name. It doesn't make sense to me and it is very frustrating to have it so inflexible.

    7 years ago

  • ctrygirl80

    ctrygirl80 says:

    I was confused when I first joined too. But this article sheds some light.

    7 years ago

  • bazardesamaya

    bazardesamaya says:

    hi everybody. agreed 100% with the above article. just registered. my username reflects my future-online-etsy shop. but, the problem is, its in my mothers tounge. (it means "online country/vilage bazaar")hope that it'll somehow inject a sense of mystery to drive more traffic in (or will it be left mysteriously unvisited? lol)

    7 years ago

  • mtnchild60

    mtnchild60 says:

    As soon as people hit the sign up page, you should let them know about the name issue. I signed up to purchase an item only, but if I had known about the name issue, I would have been more careful about my sign-up name. I'm considering opening another email account just so I can have a memorable shop name when I open one in a month or two. The article is full of great information and lots of food for thought.

    7 years ago

  • fjorlief

    fjorlief says:

    I signed up last year to buy something here. I'd never heard of etsy before then. Now I want to open my own storefront, I've no feedback or anything to "save". Can I just open a storefront with another email address and another name? Can I get Etsy central to just close down my former account, since I've not used it for much of anything?

    7 years ago

  • ModPoduleVintage

    ModPoduleVintage says:

    Hmm... I have to say I'm rather confused. I opened a shop last night ( nothing for sale as yet but I'm really excited! ) I wanted my username to be the name I eventually want to call my REAL shop but with the restrictions of space I had to call myself something else. Thing is, I'm confused because there's an option to change the shop TITLE. Isn't that the same as the name? I guess it's just an elaboration ( I put mine as 'Mod Podule Vintage emporium', for example ). Point is, I'd love to call my shop what I originally wanted to in my title, but would that be confusing/wrong? Should I stick to my podule?

    7 years ago

  • evelynyee

    evelynyee says:

    I just signed up. Sigh, it looks like I'd better redo the whole thing.

    7 years ago

  • Jhanwyn

    Jhanwyn says:

    Is it a Etsy "no no" to have one account for buying things and one for your shop? If I was setting up a shop here, I think I would like to keep the two separate.

    7 years ago

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa says:

    Hey there, You can have more than one account and many members do have one for buying and one for selling, if you prefer to have it organized that way. However, we ask that you disclose both your accounts in both profiles. Mix-ups do occur by accident and this will help. Also thems the rules for folks who would get up to no good with a secret account!

    7 years ago

  • craftaddict08

    craftaddict08 says:

    I am a shopper for now, but am considering becoming a seller. I welcome any advice from those who have been selling for a while. Thanks

    7 years ago

  • MadEarth

    MadEarth says:

    Great Advice! All the Best tips - laid out perfectly! I am new to etsy, so I also just learned that I should breeze through a few more "tips" pages before I proceed. THANKS for taking the time to help us out.

    7 years ago

  • SoapCreekDesigns

    SoapCreekDesigns says:

    I found this article to be helpful. I started with a name that I thought I might use to try selling. I may consider opening another account for buying. Thanks!

    7 years ago

  • thebeadgypsy

    thebeadgypsy says:

    I am considering an Etsy shop, but have only purchased items so far. I do have my own business and the name is registered as The Bead Gypsy so that is how I would set it up on Etsy. It's confusing to me...would the spacing and capitalization of the name actually constitute the creation of a different account?

    7 years ago

  • ireneplummerart

    ireneplummerart says:

    Well, my name's a bit of a mouthful and I wish, I wish I had more carefully thought it out. I thought I was lucky to just get the thing up and running! There's a lot of information to sift through initially, so I think it would be great to emphasize the name point to new Etsy people. Everything else is easily changed, but this isn't. So how about a red-alert to new folks?

    7 years ago

  • scmo123

    scmo123 says:

    Well, well, well, this user name doesn't reflect what I am creating. So I will close this account and subscribe under BIJOUX MIO

    7 years ago

  • TinTE

    TinTE says:

    I've been a buyer for the past year, but now I'm considering opening a shop. I like my username as a shop name (even thought it isn't too descriptive of my product), but I already have an LLC under a different name. I paid quite a bit of money for the LLC and I'm not using it for the original business idea. Can I somehow link "TinTE" to the LLC name? If not, I can open a new one, but I like the simplicity of my current name.

    7 years ago

  • catana

    catana says:

    I want to change my name instead of catana I want to put naab joyeria how can i do this? I cant enter the information about my card??? help!!!!!! mariajose

    7 years ago

  • julyfirefly

    julyfirefly says:

    I'm not sure if I will be buying or sell at this point. I think I will just look for awhile. I do photography so if anyone knows if photos sell well please let me know! Thanks

    7 years ago

  • workspace59

    workspace59 says:

    just starting... so glad.

    7 years ago

  • smalltownartist

    smalltownartist says:

    Back when (Feb '08) I decided to open my Etsy Shop, much thought was put into the user name "smalltownartist" Working exclusively in miniatures (ACEO's ~ Art Card Editions & Originals) and living in a small town, the name seemed a perfect description of who I am & what I do. My only regret is that I failed to capitalize the letters S, T and A for better visual separation! Thanks for an informative article & please keep 'em coming.

    7 years ago

  • joycakes

    joycakes says:

    I am so glad I read this before signing up or I would not have known that your username would also be your shop name.

    7 years ago

  • jimni

    jimni says:

    I just found this site. I better rethink a shop name. before signing up for selling.

    7 years ago

  • kdpcharm

    kdpcharm says:

    Just beginning-- I love this!

    7 years ago

  • sjm0826

    sjm0826 says:

    I was just going to SHOP and then it hit me that my husband paints! How fun to try and sell some of his beautiful now, I will check this out too. LOVE some of the user names and wish I would have been more creative!!! This looks sooooo fun!

    7 years ago

  • HawaiianEye

    HawaiianEye says:

    Wow, I'm glad I started with the correct user name. It has saved me a workload! Mahalo, Eileen

    7 years ago

  • cutiebaby

    cutiebaby says:

    just started ! I regret capitalizing the letter C and B. Darn ! but that's ok.

    7 years ago

  • carolforsyth

    carolforsyth says:

    makes sense. I guess I have to change my banner to my user name. Thanks for the info.

    7 years ago

  • fusin4fun

    fusin4fun says:

    I just signed up as a seller, but haven't posted anything yet. How hard is it to add some capital letters to the name? Fusin4Fun is what I would like. Thanks for the great information.

    6 years ago

  • TheCreativeNative

    TheCreativeNative says:

    Thank you for this article. I had no idea we had to get into copyrights, ect. but I guess it's something I have to look into now!

    6 years ago

  • BitofWhymzy

    BitofWhymzy says:

    Hi-- I just started to set up shop today. Looks like alot of fun! Talk to you all soon!!

    6 years ago

  • BitofWhymzy

    BitofWhymzy says:

    Hello, Question? How do I post a picture to the left of this comment. Thanks!

    6 years ago

  • greenhotmama

    greenhotmama says:

    Well I have not even set up my shop yet, but I hope to by the end of the week. I did know that my username would be my shop name, but I do wish I'd thought to use more caps. Good advice!

    6 years ago

  • siswoo

    siswoo says:

    Why would it be so hard to so that if someone wanted to change their name, they could? It seems like with all the sophistication this site offers, that changing a name would be easy!

    6 years ago

  • zakj

    zakj says:

    Hi BitofWhymzy; you can upload an "avatar" image on your Public Profile page: It will appear in your shop profile and next to comments you post in the forums and here in the Storque.

    6 years ago

  • justahappyquilter

    justahappyquilter says:

    Hi, I am new to Etsy and haven't opened my store yet. The user name I have to get Etsy is the name I have to use for my store. Do I have this right. If so its Oops on my part. It would be nice if they put a note when you register that this will also be your store name if selling. If it is on there already, its my fault I guess. I'm hoping selling and buying on Etsy will be a good experience and hope to meet a lot of great people.

    6 years ago

  • bobgen

    bobgen says:

    I didn't realize about the user name being the shop name and have not opened yet do I just reregister with the shop name I want as my user name?

    6 years ago

  • ViolaGrace

    ViolaGrace says:

    New to Etsy, really keen, and super enthused. I tend to vary my crafts, so using my name makes more sense than something more specific. I think this way 'I' can be the brand and not the item specifically. I hope. Only time will tell. Anyhow, the first items will be posted this weekend.

    6 years ago

  • bhdonovan

    bhdonovan says:

    oh, darn. I didn't read this until I registered! I guess I'll get a new gmail address and username! I'm so glad I had not yet uploaded anything yet! LOL!

    6 years ago

  • Lindal

    Lindal says:

    I have just registered and NOW I learn that the stupid thing I used will be my shop name! And I will have to have a new email just to deal with this! This information should have been told upon registering! Yikes!

    6 years ago

  • Lindal

    Lindal says:

    I have just registered and NOW I learn that the stupid thing I used will be my shop name! And I will have to have a new email just to deal with this! This information should have been told upon registering! Yikes!

    6 years ago

  • vintagedar

    vintagedar says:

    I agree with Lindal.

    6 years ago

  • jaguarangel

    jaguarangel says:

    I have to agree with many others. I didn't know my sign-in would be my shop name and was rather surprised when I found out. I now need to set up another email account if it won't let me re-register with the same one. This is a bit of a hassle since I have an established account already that I use all the time. Is there a way that you can let users know right up front about this rule? Thank you.

    6 years ago

  • vtw1hotmail

    vtw1hotmail says:

    wow..theres alot to read and of course I wish I kept on reading when it came to my shop name....glad I haven't set things up yet. Time to re-register. Thanks will see u all soon!

    6 years ago

  • DoneByLunn

    DoneByLunn says:

    I am grateful I read all of your instructions about selling before I chose my name. However, I feel sorry for those who may have purchased something from Etsy prior to opening a shop to sell. I am just getting all my material together to open my shop. I look forward to working with Etsy.

    6 years ago

  • SpeciesDesigns

    SpeciesDesigns says:

    Thank you for this useful information. Let’s do our homework!

    6 years ago

  • tullyf

    tullyf says:

    oops.... just discovered this problem to, i agree that this 'enter username' should come with a warning. i was a buyer and now ive opened my shop and its my daughters name!!!!..... hmmm, my friend said its all self explanitary and i just follow the prompts! hmmmmmm i had trouble doing my banner too, got the sizing all wrong. Surely it cant be this hard! what do i do next?

    6 years ago

  • funnyfuser

    funnyfuser says:

    Thanks for all the info're great funnyfuser is the glassgirl in real life

    6 years ago

  • bellamiabeads

    bellamiabeads says:

    This was a great article. I originally opened up a shop under the name "cmcampos39" not knowing this would later be my shop name. I then opened up "bellamiabeads" although I wish I would've capitalized some letters now. I'm still waiting to close the first shop, and am even considering changing my second shop name. We'll see... got lots to think about! Thanks, Etsy!

    6 years ago

  • holyokearts

    holyokearts says:

    I didn't heed the warning because i thought I could change my username if I wanted to. I live in Holyoke, Massachusetts but my username sounds more like "holyokey" arts, and I don't think that's very good. Isn't there any way to change it short of closing the store and starting over again? Thanks, DN

    6 years ago

  • ivycfrancis

    ivycfrancis says:

    I had been planning to open an Etsy store for a long time but couldn't decide on a name. Today my daughter wanted a squid hat from "Obey My Brain"--the very last one. I hadn't decided on a shop name but I wanted to make sure I got that squid hat! I don't understand why Etsy didn't make the shop/user name issue very clear since they are so inflexible about it. THEY NEED TO PRINT THIS INFORMATION IN CAPS. How very irritating, but I went ahead and ordered the squid hat thinking, surely I could just close my account after I get my squid hat and start over. I just feel bad for those with established shops and undesirable names.

    6 years ago

  • thebuttonshop

    thebuttonshop says:

    Yes, but you can only use one email account for each shop, no? I am having trouble with this, as I already have two email accounts in use and don't want another one. Why can't you use the same email account with two shops??

    6 years ago

  • Blackmix

    Blackmix says:

    My stuff probably won't be related to my name because I was thinking of random names for an account on something else. Since then, I've just been using the same thing over and again, so it'll be easier to remember. Now when I think of Blackmix, I think of black camo, so maybe I should include a pattern related to that.

    6 years ago

  • SaliC

    SaliC says:

    I agree with Jhanwyn about having one shop for buying and one for selling. Only really, because I had not intended to open a shop when I joined up, I was SOOOOOO excited to have discovered Etsy I just used my usual username without thinking! Now I want to have my own shop, but with a better name, how do I describe my other "shop" / username on the new shop?? Maybe I just need to sell something on there too? Anyoe got /had the same dilema?

    6 years ago

  • SaliC

    SaliC says:

    P.s. to ViolaGrace - it is a lovely shopname.

    6 years ago

  • windshine

    windshine says:

    ive been with etsy since the beta days (remember those?) .. and my shop name has always been different than my username. i think its true that it probably does confuse some people, but i think its just in what they call me, i dont think it has affected sales very much.. i use both names on my cards and all my correspondence, and adding them into the "tags" helps too.

    6 years ago

  • mandeerae

    mandeerae says:

    My shop name and user name are different and I've been considering changing it but I recently purchased showcase space for March...I'm wondering if my showcase purchase will work for my new shop if I do change. Anybody have any info on this one? Windshine! Such a good idea mentioning the shop name in the tags!

    6 years ago

  • kathreenart4u

    kathreenart4u says:

    It was fun and interesting to read some of the posts. And I am upset over my username also. I thought that I was getting, KathreenArt4u. But it is does not look like that at this time. My name is hard enough for people to say and remember, but it would be easier with the capital letters in place. I have not opened a store front yet, and do not feel comfortable doing so now. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any suggestions or help!!!

    6 years ago

  • chubbycheeksweaters

    chubbycheeksweaters says:

    Hello, Thank you for the good information. I am getting ready to open a store and I am very excited that this site provides useful information that we can reference.

    6 years ago

  • gmberry

    gmberry says:

    Lots of info to read here and get ideas...Now for my store, hopefully I've learned a few tips to get it right from the start. I have to start taking some pictures now. :o)

    6 years ago

  • dreamitloveit

    dreamitloveit says:

    I just learned so much! Going to do some fixing up right now, didn't realize I had to mention my other stores in my profiles, but makes so much more sense and hopefully more sales..... Glad I read this article.

    6 years ago

  • chinarosy

    chinarosy says:

    nice article, thanks I didn't "cap" my C & R but I'm a tad quirky sometimes (at least creative) and it didn't say that bitt'o important info on sign-up. At least if it did say it, I didn't see it and I thought I read everything. I did see the warning about choose thy name carefully, or else - thank you. Luckily for me chinarosy looks good in small caps, it flows nice and simple I hope.

    6 years ago

  • doreme123

    doreme123 says:

    I am in the same boat as some of you...signed up to look at this "new" site over a year ago, then went back some months later to try to start selling and found out I was "stuck" with my user name. Don't want to have to get a new email address, but I don't want that user name! I think Etsy has done the public a disservice by not posting warnings on the home page that the user name will be your future name if you start selling. I am still frozen as to what to do with this have done nothing!In addition,why do they say you can cancel a store, but you can't cancel the user name and start over if you haven't posted anything yet?! ETSY- PAY ATTENTION!

    6 years ago

  • mpaperarts

    mpaperarts says:

    Unfortunately, I didn't read this great article when I started over a year ago. I am one of those that chose a name to accomodate items I thought i would be selling and now am selling a different product. I sooooooo WANT TO CHANGE MY USER NAME! But for some reason, you are no allowed to do this. Does anyone know why? I'd pay a hefty sum at this point, as I know customers have a hard time finding my jewelry under my name. Wah!

    6 years ago

  • bunnyboutique

    bunnyboutique says:

    Fantstic article, I'm just in the process of doing the whole multiple store outlay. I have too many styles in one store at the moment and I think it really confuses my customers. Thanks etsy for the great advise, I will be using it!!! :)

    6 years ago

  • pocketcarnival

    pocketcarnival says:

    Wow, great article! I also could have done with this advice a year or so ago when I changed my shop name - but very helpful aricle.

    6 years ago

  • redyellowandblueink

    redyellowandblueink says:

    All helpful info but wish some of it was there when I started my shop. I remember it being very clear that once you picked a name then you were stuck with it... wasn't clear at all how many letters I could use in my shop name or that it would be case sensitive. I would have loved this basic and important information-my shop name is long and would have benefited so much with a couple capitol letters. It is sooo weird that we can't change our shop name within the same shop, must be technical glitch I guess. I think in the future I am going to open another shop because I am thinking of carrying different style items. It can be a challenge to keep things consistent in one's shop. And I think it is important.

    6 years ago

  • hothats

    hothats says:

    Could I just change to a capital letter with the same user name? hothats to HotHats?

    6 years ago

  • sunbound1

    sunbound1 says:

    Just trying to get started opening my shop. I was already registered as a buyer before i decided to start selling so i will just reveal that user name and start my new store, with another name, right. Then i just won't use that site any longer. I am having trouble figuring out how to do the banner. Where do you get the design?

    6 years ago

  • pamelatang

    pamelatang says:

    This is so helpful. Thank you Etsy!

    6 years ago

  • bijouxboutique

    bijouxboutique says:

    when I first set up shop I was a jewellery seller, but soon started added knitted accessories, which sort of took over, now I'm at the point where I'm thinking about this a great deal, so thanks for all the advice, I'm still deciding whether or not to change my shop name?????

    6 years ago

  • plenox

    plenox says:

    These are good tips, but I still don't understand why we can't change our names through your system. I would pay for the right to keep my history and hearts and just change my username to my shop name.

    6 years ago

  • PapercutPlace

    PapercutPlace says:

    This piece really helped me. I totally obsessed over my name, and then ended up choosing something pretty simple. But the article gave me alot to consider.

    6 years ago

  • suzie007

    suzie007 says:

    It said that you had to put alpabetical/numerical in your user name? I see that not everyone else has done this. Did I miss something? And can I change it or is this now my buying and selling name?

    6 years ago

  • jaelru

    jaelru says:

    i was thinking of changing my shop name, but the name i wanted was already taken, although the shop hasn't listed any items for a couple years is there a limit to how long a shop can stay listed without have any items in their shop?

    6 years ago

  • huntforgourds

    huntforgourds says:

    Thanks for explaining everything so well. I was considering changing my user name but, now will keep it as it is. After all..I sell handpainted gourds from my garden.

    6 years ago

  • CrownArtist

    CrownArtist says:

    I just joined and have set it up the proper way, I think. Thanks for the article!

    6 years ago

  • MoxieKids

    MoxieKids says:

    Very helpful. Thanks for the advice. I definately made a different choice of user name because of this article.

    6 years ago

  • rubyjo

    rubyjo says:

    It would be good if we could add capitals to our existing names. I would love to be RubyJo

    6 years ago

  • Twinklett

    Twinklett says:

    Even eBay lets members change their names. It just cannot be changed but for every 30 days, which is a good idea to limit the time for that. I say the limit should be 60 days. I say Etsy needs a change of policy.

    6 years ago

  • skatcut

    skatcut says:

    I am so glad I read this. I just registered on a whim and definatly didn't put enough though into it. I want to open another account but when I try it says my e-mail is already in use. What am I doing wrong. Someone please help! Thanks.

    6 years ago

  • squidthink

    squidthink says:

    I found the article and all the feedback very helpful. This is what I dig about Etsy - there's so many ways to communicate! I'm working towards opening a shop, which I knew my current 'squidthink' wouldn't be. I do wish I could just change my shop name, as I have a nice little rating as a buyer, but at least I can link to squidthink when I open my shop. It would take a lot of crazy progamming to switch a store name - it would affect every aspect of the account, and I can understand why Etsy doesn't allow it. Also, it can cause conflict for sellers/buyers if the shop name changed every few months.

    6 years ago

  • BridalBling

    BridalBling says:

    I hope there's a way to change a name...someone just stole my store name, just added "jewelry" to the end. sigh....I searched for a unique etsy name, then this.

    6 years ago

  • AnneKirstin

    AnneKirstin says:

    I'm totally new here just registered, and I also wasn't aware of the username being your shop name. I always use my name as a username, so AnneKirstin is also my username on flickr, deviantart and my website. But this article has made me question if i shouldn't maybe add something more specific about the goods i want to buy, I'm also wondering if AnneKirstin is easy to spell for foreigners?

    6 years ago

  • Sugan56

    Sugan56 says:

    Haven't sold anything or bought anything yet. But will take the advise and open another account to sell. Thanks

    6 years ago

  • vintagesherry

    vintagesherry says:

    Wow...lots of information! I"ve been a buyer on Etsy for the past year or two and have been thinking about opening up a shop. I too had no idea that my username would end up being my shop name. I guess I will have to open another email account for the shop...bummer. I'm still working on the shop name and this has made me realize not to just go with something, but really think it out. Names I'm thinking about....Punky Bright or Something Punky. Does anyone have any thoughts or feelings about either that they can share? THANKS TO EVERYONE! :)

    6 years ago

  • EdanaElemental

    EdanaElemental says:

    I think your tips on actually choosing a name are great and having written on a similar topic on my blog I also linked to this page. Post can be seen here: I do already have a buying account with Etsy and hadn't been aware that I couldn't change it when I joined however I'm quite happy to set up a separate account for selling as I have a separate business e-mail. All the comments are very illuminating, I guess it should be more obvious when people sign up.

    6 years ago

  • stephaniecassidy

    stephaniecassidy says:

    Excellent advice, although I wish I had read an article like this when I was setting up, I will be creating a new shop using the business name now and shut down the old one. This article has reconfirmed it's the right decision and worth the effort, thank you.

    6 years ago

  • nremington

    nremington says:

    Informative article but Etsy policy surrounding this issue is basically unfair. For buyers who have been loyal Etsy customers and are now opening a shop, they are stuck with some username they came up with years ago to try to do business with? Is this the way Etsy wants to reward loyalty from buyers or positive business dealings from sellers who want to change their names?

    6 years ago

  • PopcycleSticks

    PopcycleSticks says:

    I've just signed up and am wondering if my name is going to work...

    6 years ago

  • princessashley2

    princessashley2 says:

    I wish I would had read this article first, and used capital letters to set my shop name in better light.

    6 years ago

  • vicente401

    vicente401 says:

    Just joined this site to sell. Heard from a friend and checked it out. I'm looking forward to seeing how things turn out. The site seems like it has a better class of people than some of the others. Good luck to all of us.

    6 years ago

  • draken8

    draken8 says:

    I have been thinking about setting up a storefront myself and reviewed what it took and the cost and so forth. I also originally set up this account for shopping. I had intended to keep this account separate for shopping just like I wouldn't shop out of a physical business's account. In the agreement and rules it does tell you you can have more than one account as long as your shop lists your other accounts( so no one gives themselves hearts and so forth- i.e. cheating). It also states that your username will be your store name for listings. Granted its like 3 different pages you have to go to read everything but then signing up is the same as signing a contract. Who would sign a contract without reading it?

    6 years ago

  • missybucket

    missybucket says:

    Just signed up and am like the rest of you, didn't know my store would be the same name. Oh well, hope it doesn't hurt sales too much. Just didn't read it all so my fault.

    6 years ago

  • SkylarkEmporuim

    SkylarkEmporuim says:

    I find this rather annoying. I understand that they don't want people to change it on a whim, but I nearly put my head through my desk when I realized I'd made a typo in "Emporium". At the very least, Etsy should do two things: 1. Make it clear on the registration page that your store name is the same as your username. 2. Ask you to confirm your username so that you have a chance to notice any typos, like they do for passwords.

    6 years ago

  • sineminugur

    sineminugur says:

    Thank you for this information.

    6 years ago

  • Betanzos

    Betanzos says:

    I hope after all the complaints Etsy will change it's policy on changing of user names. I mean, what kind of customer service that? I also did not know about this policy and registered to buy an item. Thank God I use my name as my business name. The only difference is my cards say Betanzos Designs. I agree that you should have a big warning on the registration page that makes all of the above issues VERY CLEAR for first time register.

    6 years ago

  • EricSuch

    EricSuch says:

    Info was great help. I'm glad I just started :) and don't have to remake my name.

    6 years ago

  • NewKate

    NewKate says:

    I just registered, and I DID notice the warning on the registration page. I considered a couple of names, being impatient with the process like everyone else, then used one I had come up with for a business I didn't get around to starting. It would, however, have been helpful to have had this link made obvious - maybe even mandatory! - before going to the next field on the registration page. I hope I get around to doing the stuff I'd like to sell here!

    6 years ago

  • minilib

    minilib says:

    Hmm ...I'm frustrated too! I registered as a buyer about a year ago ..then forgot that I had registered so when I came to set up shop I had to use name I came up with ages ago! I want to use TheFigTree which is the name of my retail store and not minilib which is my current name.

    6 years ago

  • spiralsun65

    spiralsun65 says:

    Great article, thanks! Your opening lines could have been written especially for me - I hadn't realised that my user name would also be my shop name; I chose it because I already had a blog and auction-site account with the same name. I thought it made sense to have the same online persona in each place, but with hindsight I think it wasn't such a great idea. So now I'm thinking (very carefully!) about my new shop name, which I hope to launch in the autumn. I guess it's so much the better if you can find a shop name that also has an available website domain, should you wish to branch out later to having your own website.

    6 years ago

  • JaySpangles

    JaySpangles says:

    I have just registered as I want to buy something. I may well want to set up my own shop in the future. I only found this article AFTER I had registered a name. It would be helpful to have a "read this article before you select a name" tag clearly positioned on the Register page so I could have read it before I signed up.

    6 years ago

  • MargaretLS

    MargaretLS says:

    I can just say that I am so very glad I accidentally used my long form of my username, because I did not notice that you cannot change your name and that your shop is the same! I signed up because I wanted to buy something about half a year ago. I'm just adding a nice banner because I am just getting a business' owner's license and it'll say Wonderworks by Margaret anyway. And that is just too long for etsy. Everyone knows me by this anyway!

    6 years ago

  • 4jan

    4jan says:

    Etsy should really tell people that their user name will be their shop name....I wish I could re-do my name without starting a new shop, too! Oh well..

    6 years ago

  • 4jan

    4jan says:

    Oh and dont forget to check out Bags and Bows the name i wish i could have used...

    6 years ago

  • luxandlove

    luxandlove says:

    I have to say, before i set up shop i read and re-read the entire how to , shop makeovers and everything else Etsy has provided, and I think it was made abundantly clear. I was well aware of the username / shop name issue. I'm very impressed at the lengths Etsy goes to to give sellers all the information they need. a big thanks Lux x

    6 years ago

  • USASweetCountryGal

    USASweetCountryGal says:

    I'm just getting into Etsy and figuring things out. Any suggestions or advice will be welcomed!

    6 years ago

  • cristinailuvai

    cristinailuvai says:

    Does anyone if 'and' or '&' affect the chances of someone trying to find your shop name? I hope that makes sense!

    6 years ago

  • tevagirl0516

    tevagirl0516 says:

    I am glad that I found and read this article before I worked on opening a shop! I've been considering opening one for a couple of months now and have been thinking about a shop name. This is great advice for choosing a shop name. Thanks for your helpful article!

    6 years ago

  • englishsparkle

    englishsparkle says:

    I realise the user name can't be changed but didn't know about the use of capital letters which would have been very useful? Any chance you can allow us to change that? For example I would have much preferred 'EnglishSparkle' which is far more readable. Cheers

    6 years ago

  • juicylu

    juicylu says:

    And a new email address, that's even more annoying!

    6 years ago

  • tes86

    tes86 says:

    I'm new here to etsy and created an account so I could contact a seller. Now it seems I'm stuck with 'tes86' as my store name if I decide to ask for one! I wish etsy would inform people about the basic name thing when we first land here, as I'm certain this is very discouraging to lots of folks. Changing a name should be a simple thing rather than a big hurdle that it is. Does anyone have any advise for me? I'd greatly appriciate any and all comment. This is so discouraging : ( Blessings, tes

    6 years ago

  • 10eisha

    10eisha says:

    Le Sigh... I liked my original name because I use it everywhere outside of etsy...but then I can up with a way better name that I love. I am in too deep for sure. I have been using my new better name basically as a catch phrase "Hair Accessories for the Brave".

    6 years ago

  • Tina669

    Tina669 says:

    THANKS for taking the time to help us out.

    6 years ago

  • Serenitty

    Serenitty says:

    Thanks so much for this info. As a buyer considering a shop, my name, Serenitty, would not do shop justice. Will have to re=register under name I want. Thanks for saving me the conflicting name hassle.

    6 years ago

  • grabr12

    grabr12 says:

    hello jast now i opened my shop. but i registered before severl time. i think that the name is not good. can i chang it? sorry about my english thanks giora

    6 years ago

  • Cherryblossomlady

    Cherryblossomlady says:

    Ugh I just signed up as a seller if I would have know that I couldnt change my username which I dont see why you shouldnt be able to I would have also picked more wisely now I am stuck with my username that has nothing to do with what I am selling UGH ETSY COME ON!! I love this site but dont want to have to get another email account just to redo it so I am going to stick with it and just mention to people my username is different then my shop name! Good luck everyone hopefully my shop will be open soon GOURMENT SWEETS COMIN YOUR WAY!! ;op

    6 years ago

  • Cherryblossomlady

    Cherryblossomlady says:

    sorry fast typing and my 4 year old and spelled GOURMET wrong SORRY ETSY LOVERS!! LOL

    6 years ago

  • gibsongirl71

    gibsongirl71 says:

    I know. I had no idea that my shop and user name were going to be the same. I love Etsy but I am now faced with opening a new shop and moving all my stuff over. What a pain! They really need to STRESS this point when you are creating an account! For me, as I get more involved in Etsy I don't want to get in trouble with any Gibson copyright infringement.

    6 years ago

  • CallMeMegz

    CallMeMegz says:

    I had actually wanted to change my username, but after reading this, I realize the one I have is better than the one I wanted. Neither one of the names really has anything to do with what I sell, but "CallMeMegz" is catchier. It rolls off the tongue nicely, me thinks.

    6 years ago

  • CallMeMegz

    CallMeMegz says:

    Also, maybe they could support username changes the same way ebay does, where it makes the username a different color for a short period of time with the note "formally known as..." or something such as that.

    6 years ago

  • PatAdamsArt

    PatAdamsArt says:

    I am so happy to read all of this. I knew there were 'issues' but I didn't realize how many things I needed to consider. I am getting ready to open up a second Etsy shop for my photographs, because I didn't want them to be confused with the paintings in my original shop. This information has been so helpful to me as I decide on the name for my new shop - which I now realize will be my new ID. Thanks so much for all this discussion. I didn't even realize until now that I would need an additional email account.

    6 years ago


    JEWELERS says:

    Thank you! Noboy knows what a "Hullender" is, but most people know what "JEWELERS" are. We are moving from a word that only gets 1900 searches per month to one that gets 2.7 million per month! :) The article was very helpful and the comments have a wealth of information as well. :)

    6 years ago

  • katieedid

    katieedid says:

    I need HELP!! I am going to start an etsy account selling bread dough ornaments. Like for hanging on your Christmas Trees for Christmas. I would really like to use KatieDid, but it is already taken. Anybody have any great ideas!? -Kate

    6 years ago

  • sylvie5555

    sylvie5555 says:

    hy my name sylvie 1 want to make shure that 1 understand everything 1 thought that you would send me things to sell example> jewellery candles watches > but now if 1 really understand its me who have to sell

    6 years ago

  • laglace

    laglace says:

    Although I thought to begin a shop on Etsy right away and do have a site for shopping until I begin to sell my handcrafts, I am so relieved that I decided to read, watch and listen, first, to the great blogs and videos, before setting~up to sell. Im having a great time scheduling the how~to videos in my appointment book for future viewing and am so enjoying the blogs ! I can see, though, that I will have to open a different shop with the perfect name, when I do begin to sell my work. Thank~you so much for the work that goes into Etsy ! I Love it !

    6 years ago

  • LondonParticulars

    LondonParticulars says:

    Great points, especially using CAPS to make you name easier to read in the user name formatting!

    6 years ago

  • GotitaDeAmor

    GotitaDeAmor says:

    Very useful article! Definitely should be linked from the registration page. Possible addendum to the article: Some people here are fretting that they need a second email to change shops. But many services have automatic forwarding - all your mail from the new account will go to your main account, so you do not have to check both every day. This might be something to mention under step #1. - Ali @ GotitaDeAmor

    6 years ago

  • Anotherdoor38

    Anotherdoor38 says:

    Very helpful information which I am going to use. I know for me, there was a lot to learn in setting up my shop and still a lot more to learn as time went on. It is still a remarkable site and a great opportunity.

    6 years ago

  • tanya2030

    tanya2030 says:

    I too, have just been an etsy shopper for maybe a year,..and now want to open a shop,but would never use my user name as a shop name ! so i sappose i open another shop for selling,(and change my email) or just keep my user name ,..and make my banner say the shop name ? Bit of a quagmire i say. I agree that judging by the amount of people that have ended up in the same predicament,..Etsy really should clarify this in BOLD print , the second you enter that user/shop name.

    6 years ago

  • xmoonbloom

    xmoonbloom says:

    Etsy should allow people to change their names. Shop owners are how Etsy makes money. They need to give the people what they want.

    6 years ago

  • vepc000

    vepc000 says:

    is there any way i can know if my shop name is going to be too similar to another before I choose it Can I see other shops with Crane in their shop name?//

    6 years ago

  • trebor65

    trebor65 says:

    I never intended this to be my shop name!!!!!!!

    6 years ago

  • trebor65

    trebor65 says:

    I never intended this to be my shop name!!!

    6 years ago

  • flyingturtle53

    flyingturtle53 says:

    Guess I'm in the same boat as a lot of you. Originally I signed up just to buy, and when picking a user name, wasn't planning on it being a "shop". Now that I need a venue to sell items, I've been thinking about opening a shop. I, too, wish I'd used some well-placed capital letters and no numbers. At least the jewelry I currently have to sell is turtle-oriented, but my user name doesn't really make for a really good shop name. Guess a change is in order. It won't be that big a deal for me as I only made one purchase, and it's easy enough to set up an extra e-mail address. Something to ponder. That was a good article, and hopefully it will help others. Before I take any other steps, though, think I'll make sure I read all the pertinent info. :0)

    6 years ago

  • accents26

    accents26 says:

    I heard about etsy from my niece who uses the site to shop for interesting/unique items. I thought it would be a great place to sell my "Holiday Onesies" which I've been selling at craft fairs in my area. I use Onesies made by Carter's and stencil a variety of designs. At this time I'm focusing on Christmas/Winters designs and will have others avaliable afterwards. I also made handmade scarves which I'll be selling.

    5 years ago

  • yarnivalknits

    yarnivalknits says:

    Hi all, Will putting capitals in my banner endanger my shop, ie, people not being able to find me easily? Thanks, yarnivalknits

    5 years ago

  • bchappelle

    bchappelle says:

    Many months ago, I missed the 'user name/ shop name" rule also. I think some of us got so excited that we dove in, thinking that instructions would be in logical order. So, as I have not as yet done any buying or selling, I will use my first user/shop name for buying, and open up a new shop for selling. I believe I'll need another email address to do this, but 2 email addresses should be OK and not too cumbersome. Good luck all who fell into the pit, like I did. I will take my time in future to try and save time, and loads of frustration.

    5 years ago

  • agrippinamaior

    agrippinamaior says:

    whether or not to close this account and open another, then create another email account to match. or whether to keep this as my buying and shop name (imho is not a good shop name but ... the hassle). then if i create a new shop ... what to call it? article very very useful, made me think before just creating a shop on a whim!

    5 years ago

  • DClem

    DClem says:

    This is how I sign all my ceramic work. I started with this account name but like others did not realize I could not change it. This account is empty, blank! Can I just close it?

    5 years ago

  • patriciasaabdesigns

    patriciasaabdesigns says:

    Wish I had known about capitalizing letters also--please etsy, consider allowing some name changes, and making it clear up front that searches work with or without capitals. But if you space between names, too bad, searches don't work.

    5 years ago

  • gagirlmammy4

    gagirlmammy4 says:

    I also wish I'd known about the username. I signed up to buy and now have the same name a my shop. I haven't opened yet so I'm hoping I can change the name or close this and open another and start all over again. I agree there should be a notice of some kind at signup.

    5 years ago

  • Crystala1983

    Crystala1983 says:

    I think when you sign up they should ask you how you'd like to be know and yes they should have had soemthing about they username being your shop name if you were planning on buying/selling. I will use this name just fine. I am not creative enough to think of anyhting else but my name. It's me that's my stuff!!

    5 years ago

  • jeaneenkingston
  • Wyldwing

    Wyldwing says:

    Kudos to etsy for not allowing username /shop name changes. This puts you way ahead of ebay, where questionable sellers continually start up with new identities after too many bad ratings or getting booted by management. They can change names once a month, which allows them to conveniently stay a step outside the rules. product disputes there always seem to be settled in favor of the sellers (where the money comes from, go figure.) Thank you Etsy for setting things up more responsibly for everyone. I just registered yesterday, and saw that everything that everyone in this forum is grumbling about IS STATED IN CLEAR BLACK AND WHITE TYPE on the registration page. It is not the fault of the site that users don't read what is plainly there. (If you don't know what alpha-numeric means, then look it up.) If I were to register for something without reading the guidelines, I would have no right to gripe about it.

    5 years ago

  • LePassions

    LePassions says:

    I agree with Wyldwing... I think it is a good thing to keep the number of changes down and make us own up on our other account so we are fair to all. When I registered, it was stated very clearly as well, maybe when this article was first written it wasn't so. I was one who choose a name I liked and thought I would use it as my store name, I use it everywhere else, have for a long time. But for some reason it just didn't work and I decided to change it and well, I bit the bullet and paid the piper and opened my new shop under LePassions. Anyways, if this works like it does in the forums I wanted to make sure it gets the bump it needs. Very helpful!

    5 years ago

  • debby4321

    debby4321 says:

    Same here. I agree with all of you. I didn't realize I would be stuck with this stupid name. It will take me a while to come up with a new name, but I can't change my email because that would mean going into about 25 stores online and resetting my email, plus spending money on new business cards.

    5 years ago

  • carlswoodgrains

    carlswoodgrains says:

    Oh wonderfully 20/20 hindsight! Hi Etsy,well hi to the Cool Folks at etsy really. I am excited and overwhelmed at the possibilities I find here. I have been giving away what everybody tells me is beautiful artwork over the years.Some of my projects(relief carvings of Jesus and some Saints)take about thirty hours or so from start to finish.Anyone who likes them has been given one as a gift.Which gives me great joy and is also an inspiration and affirmation. I am a fifty one year old husband,daddy,and grandpa. And I am beginning to think(after years of people refering to me as such)that it is not too much of a stretch to think of myself as a just passable artist,poet,writer,musician,and craftsman instead of just a carpenter! I am in the process of getting up the nerve to post some things for sale,and I may just start out with some of what you call 'vintage' items. Which I would consider to be fifty to a hundred years old,but I am tickled to find out that only twenty years old qualifies!It is so effortless for me to see beauty in so many things,and I figure if I list things which I love I may connect with others who love the same types of things. OK no more rambling,for now anyway. Thank you all so much for the possibilities you have given me. Peace be with you all, Carl Humphreys Sr.

    5 years ago

  • tarbeachjewelry

    tarbeachjewelry says:

    Ditto! Ibid! Didn't know I couldn't change my shop name!

    5 years ago

  • darlen13

    darlen13 says:

    Ok here I am I have shopped once here...never sold before and now want to set up a shop for handmade cards. So...first question: Do I need to have a business license in order to sell on Etsy? Second question: Can I open a shop with a new username without having to change my email to a new name? Even though I've never sold before under darlen13 would I have to declare 2 shops (if keeping my email the same). And how do I research Etsy to see if my chosen name for my shop is available? And lastly if I understand correctly, is it true that my username will govern my shop name and banner also? I love coming here and just browsing. But now my obsession with crafting has lead me to try and recoup expenses so I may purchase more supplies to feed my need to create. Thanks for being here for us newbies. Hope I do it right. Wish me luck!

    5 years ago

  • studioahimsa

    studioahimsa says:

    It is interesting - so many shops that I like don't have memorable names, or have different names for their ID and shop name - so confusing!

    5 years ago

  • pollyputsthekettleon

    pollyputsthekettleon says:

    Polly is trying hard to not chuckle at all the cranky people! They are very lucky that being stuck with an etsy name they don't like is their biggest dilema right now... Oh teehee!

    5 years ago

  • yonca

    yonca says:

    I'm new at Etsy. Thank you for those helpful tips.

    5 years ago

  • styleforlife

    styleforlife says:

    I am semi new to Etsy and these articles are really helpful. I am definitely one of those people who thought username was different from shop name. I am hoping that it wouldnt be an issue but i might just have to handle it soon. I obviously want a cohesive message out there and to not confuse customers. Thank you for all your tips!! Emily at EL Vintage...:-)

    5 years ago

  • YaggiPhotography

    YaggiPhotography says:

    Great advice, thanks! My fiance and I are opening a shop as we speak for our Abstract Aerial Photography. We managed to sneak some capital letters into my name before starting...YaggiPhotography. Cheers! Brent & Sarah

    5 years ago

  • loristasteofcountry

    loristasteofcountry says:

    I read many articles but missed this one when first setting up my seller account and wished i'd seen this. But with full disclosure in my profile and inserting links, it isn't going to be an issue for anyone if i set up another shop! A suggestion I have is: Many email providers allow you to forward one email account to another so you only have to check your favorite email daily should we decide to add more store fronts! Best, Lori

    5 years ago

  • Purplerache

    Purplerache says:

    I have a question, I want to open a shop at some point in the future, for now I am just a buyer, and I have the name of the shop I want already. Since I don't already have a shop, would you guys advise me to close my current account when I decide to open shop? Thanks in advance :)

    5 years ago

  • dkpurpura

    dkpurpura says:

    I'm just getting my shop set up today and getting such wonderful ideas from everyone on the best way to do everything. It is great to be a part of such a creative community. Thanks to all! Be on the lookout for all of the new creations coming soon from dkpurpura! :)

    5 years ago


    LANCERIKA says:

    Ever so grateful for this "much needed InFo" wish I knew better before I opened my Etsy shop, thanks Etsy! best Wishes Lancerika

    5 years ago

  • SimplyCutebyKarin

    SimplyCutebyKarin says:

    If this many people are confused, then the problem is with the system.

    5 years ago


    KIMONOS says:

    I've made the close down the first shop and open another one with a new name transition almost 2 years ago. It's very time consuming. If your existing shop and/or user name is not working for you, I highly recommend to do the transition, it makes a difference. Thanks Etsy !

    5 years ago

  • msryz

    msryz says:

    I went ahead and did some shopping on Etsy first. REGISTERED WITH MY GENERIC USER NAME!!! Who knew that would HAVE to become my store name!!! I am presently fixing to open another store with a REAL name (SuesSuite) for the items I handcraft and some scrapbooking supplies I sell. Thanks for the info! Sue

    5 years ago

  • Cinnamonsweeties

    Cinnamonsweeties says:

    Having a not so good name, sure sucks. I like my shop name, but most people can't spell cinnamon right. BaHahaha

    5 years ago

  • janthe1st

    janthe1st says:

    well i have only just opened a shop and have only one listing so i am going to change now i wish i had knowed that my silly username would be my shop name, maybe it would be good if they was a little note to tell you this when you are registering, thanks for this advise it was very helpful.

    5 years ago

  • stylegrand

    stylegrand says:

    I just joined and may I say very helpful tips and thoughts!...thank you!. Hopefully some day Etsy will find a way to make it a little easier for those who wish to go through the process of changing their store names.

    5 years ago

  • elemegibere

    elemegibere says:

    Opened a new shop Navigate to the old I wonder if I understand you correctly I'll try

    5 years ago

  • eyeskater

    eyeskater says:

    Is there a way to search names before going through all the sign up part? It will be awhile before I can actually open, but wanted to search names.

    5 years ago

  • stylegrand

    stylegrand says:

    Hi eyeskater, I think searching names might be a little time consuming;...May I recommend that you come up with a few names...say, about 5 that you really like and when you try to use one and it's already taken, the system should let you know and prompt you to keep trying until you keep one that's not already in use. I hope that helps a little.

    5 years ago

  • louise49

    louise49 says:

    ETSYs refusal to allow username changes is inhibiting sellers from growing and expanding into more profitable, recognizable businesses. Those who have hundreds of items up but depserately need to change there name to correspond with there new image are helpless to hundreds of hours of work and hudnreds of dollars in fees to re-invent there brand here. Even worse, those who choose to do so will lose ALL etsy members who have bookmarked or "Hearted" there store. Thats not all, anyone following your particular items by "hearting" them, will no longer be following them. This is a major problem for ETSY sellers and should be brought to change asap so sellers can grow and expand there businesses.

    5 years ago

  • JeansVintageCloset

    JeansVintageCloset says:

    linocut is adorable, Was not sure what moniker for my shop, my students blog has another name and had something piraty at first, so far going to stay with my name unless I were to open a second shop so that my pinup art would have a second home, Great article, thanks !

    5 years ago

  • BlueMoonGlass

    BlueMoonGlass says:

    Maybe I'm a little too careful but I read before I signed up to be a buyer. I did know that I will, in the, future want to sell so I chose my user name carefuly. Do your homework.

    5 years ago

  • ClassiqueAntiques

    ClassiqueAntiques says:

    Honestly I don't know what all the fuss is about regarding username. When registering, it states RIGHT THERE next to the register to "choose your name wisely as your username will also be your store name", it could not be any clearer!. It says nothing about having to use an alpha-numeric combination, just that your name must be one word. As far as changing the store name because you were not paying attention to the big warning posted right there at registration time, that's not Etsy's fault. Changing the store name because your store has evolved also doesn't make a lot of sense (unless it's crazy off base). As a long-time business owner, I know from experience your loyal customers don't care what your name is. They return because of your items and because they like your service. New buyers are the same, they are not in here to shop for a cute store name, they want your beautiful items. Besides, how many of one category of item can those same people keep buying from you, they're usually thrilled their fave store is expanding their stock. Big home improvement stores have evolved into selling clothing, landscaping, toys, etc. and they kept their name throughout the years anyway. Can you imagine what it would be like if they kept renaming their store every time a different category of stock became permanent inventory. So keep being creative and wonderful with new products in your store (with the old name), and if you absolutely hate it then change it or get a second store, get a new e-mail, and move on. And happy sales to you!

    5 years ago

  • MarvelousMaude

    MarvelousMaude says:

    Thanks for the article, it has been a Tad bit overwhelming, all that is involved in getting started. I have been very pleased and so greatful for the Wonderful suggestions that all the Etsy community has out there. Thank you, I look forward to a long and happy relationship with you all. Maude

    5 years ago

  • Starscream

    Starscream says:

    I signed up here some time ago actually and never once considered or knew that my user name would be my store name if I chose to sell. As one can see with my user name, its the name of a well known sci fi/cartoon character (the original one, not the one in Michael Bays movies but no matter. ^_^) so its not going to work when I get ready to open my store in a couple of months. :p Its actually the Identity I go by %99.9999 of the time online (or a slight variant thereof) and always has been since I first started going online in the mid 90s. This article was good though and Im glad I read it before I started setting up my shop. I am writing down all name ideas in Word as they come me and am trying to find some title that will describe everything I plan on selling. Thing is what I will be making and selling is rather varied and I dont know if I should pick the best name and sell it all or open two stores? O_O I think that would be a bit much for a noob.

    5 years ago

  • Sweetsucces

    Sweetsucces says:

    Thank you for the much needed help!!

    5 years ago

  • TheCrochetChic

    TheCrochetChic says:

    Remember that capitalization counts. It can help to separate words in your username :)

    5 years ago

  • debs1967

    debs1967 says:

    I was one of the ones that didn't know this until it was too late. Not going to change now.

    5 years ago

  • ILoveDandelions

    ILoveDandelions says:

    I would LOVE for Etsy to make it easy for a person to copy and paste from one shop to another, even if they had to charge us say 30 cents per listing instead of the regular 20 cents. I have this problem - I'm selling vintage/antiques now, and also started selling photography and hand made things I sew, but I don't want to lose my 100% good ratings. I hate that part about it very much. Etsy, please make it easier for us legitimate "shop owners"! Please. And great post! I enjoyed this article.

    5 years ago

  • BrunoFan

    BrunoFan says:

    I just registered today, not knowing the permanence of the name. I picked a goofy user way I want to use it for professional transactions. Help! ~Maria

    5 years ago

  • studio3ten

    studio3ten says:

    nice article...... (personally can someone tell me WHY you can't change your name? I've never understood that - strange.....)

    5 years ago

  • AdriannaLudi

    AdriannaLudi says:

    I wish I would have paid more attention to the username. I need to change it. =(

    5 years ago

  • rbockis

    rbockis says:

    Thank you for such good advice.

    5 years ago

  • Pavalu

    Pavalu says:

    Very nice article, a lot of very helpful information, my name has nothing to do with what I sell, but I like it, it is the first 2 initials of my 3 daughters and I wouldn't like to change it :).

    5 years ago

  • Glasshousedesigns10

    Glasshousedesigns10 says:

    Ditto... wish I paid more attention... I guess Etsy would have a mass influx of request for username changes if we could change!

    5 years ago

  • AmericanHandmade

    AmericanHandmade says:

    Excellent advice that I too pass on to new sellers. I didn't know it when I started and have a Great but very long name that doesn't fit on a business card well if I add the .etsy to it. so I now pay extra to have a pointer on it as just a .com name. I am lucky that I already had the domain name. I also just added another shop because I wanted to separate my books and have a shop just for them and will probably eventually do the same for my vintage items because my original name creates a picture that is mentally limited to handmade. So I tell everyone to pick a short, easy to say, spell and remember name that doesn't create mental limits by creating a specific impression, i.e. Bettys Baby Stuff and then selling lots of non baby stuff.

    5 years ago

  • pluckylucky

    pluckylucky says:

    I really wish I had read this article before I opened my shop. This is my name on another site I have sold on for a few years. My nickname is lucky and when I tried to come up with something they suggested this. At the time it had a ring to it so I signed up with it. I decided to keep it for my other shops. Now I am wondering. Is it silly or wierd? I do a few crafts but really specialize in vintage glassware. This is my passion and like to share it. However, my name doesn't portray this very well. Guess I am really asking for help. What do you think? Crazy name and would it be better for my business to change? I am new to Etsy and really love this site. I would like to be more successful here.

    5 years ago

  • GrammaKimmie

    GrammaKimmie says:

    I was wondering if I can offer a there something simple that the technicians can do to solve this issue on the user/shop name problem. "Many folks, when they first register for Etsy, don't realize that their usernames will also be their shop names." When signing up there is no initial suggestion to this matter and it begs the questioned should this be a simple creative technician adjustment or maybe even edit the initial sign up information. I am very early in the sign up stage making this very mistake and I haven't begone selling yet. I wanted to change my user name for this very reason but it seemed a little cumbersome so I thought I would keep the one I had. My passion is crocheting and would like the shop name to reflect this of course. I was thinking it would be nice if usernames/shop names could be as interchangeable as pictures are but with a bit more authorization in doing so for security reasons. Just a suggestion..... ;)

    5 years ago

  • peacocktaco

    peacocktaco says:

    ugh story of my life. i made my shop peacocktaco years ago and that was my username to everything. My company's name is RobinCharlotte but someone got the username "robincharlotte" on etsy (not to long ago too!agh!) though from their history they only appear to be a sometimes buyer of etsy products. Do you think I could wooo a buyer into giving up there name/account for free product?

    5 years ago

  • sdunderkoffler

    sdunderkoffler says:

    Some people initially start their account as a purchaser (as in my situation) . . . so when I went to start my shop, i already had my username picked, and it's nowhere near the name of my shop. Etsy doesn't allow you to change your user name . . . which I would gladly do . . . Does anyone know why they won't allow it?

    5 years ago

  • beingmadenew

    beingmadenew says:

    This really helps. I need to change my name. I really appreciate the article!!

    5 years ago

  • anakim

    anakim says:

    Very good advice!

    5 years ago

  • thedoghouse

    thedoghouse says:

    Despite my username, my shop is called 'Max and Molly Designs'. I'm happy with it this way & haven't received any complaints (so far!). I link to my shops & blog through my own website,

    5 years ago

  • girlwitharadiomind

    girlwitharadiomind says:

    oh my god...wahahaha..i was laughing to myself when i was reading this article. The Golden Advice: Try to limit your shop name to one or two words that flow well together. ....and i have 5 WORDS in my username!!! ...Girl With A Radio Mind that means I'm making a mistake x 5. i have a blog with the same name so i reckon i should use the same one here. My my...silly me.. : p

    5 years ago

  • omelerfashions

    omelerfashions says:

    Thanks alot- it was helpful!

    5 years ago

  • emikomary

    emikomary says:

    I fell into this manhole when I signed up as an etsy buyer, not realising that if you want a shop it'll have the same name. Luckily I like my name as a shop name too. Maybe Etsy could add a note at the 'choose username' section advising if you are signing up as a buyer and may later become a seller, your username will be the same? I don't recall there being anything about that, but then again, I could've missed it in my hurry to join the Etsy community! x

    5 years ago

  • candlekitty

    candlekitty says:

    The best thing to do is go to, look up your state's mandates for "going into business under an assumed name" and go to your county clerk to get registered, for real, before just signing up to do business online. I know, sounds geeky, but you must keep tax records, so do it right. Then after the name clears, (here in IL you have to publish in the paper for 3 weeks), go ahead and make bus cards and then get online, either here or at your own site. Better to be safe than sorry to get that "cease and desist" letter!!!

    5 years ago

  • TuttiFruittiDesigns

    TuttiFruittiDesigns says:

    Great article, good advice for newbies...and I loved reading all of the comments, too :)

    5 years ago

  • NeedleCraftNook

    NeedleCraftNook says:

    The article is great wish I read it before I creating my first username(mar47) I changed it after two years of shopping wanted something more closer to my shop. I agree with candlekitty do everything legal first cause it can take a while took me over a month after having my store name cleared here in Jersey there's alot of paper work and red tape.

    5 years ago

  • knightcloth

    knightcloth says:

    Great article, I am reading shop names with a new eye and I am sure each of us responds to different sounds. I have been thinking about another shop and this has given me pause to consider the name carefully. I am going to bounce ideas off a few people to see what they respond to. Thanks. Chris

    5 years ago

  • chicgirldesigns

    chicgirldesigns says:

    *Sigh* It just took me four hours to change all of my items over to my new shop name. I wish I had known up front and chosen my current name rather than kc0992 - what a terrible name!

    5 years ago

  • 2harrisons

    2harrisons says: change the name or not.

    5 years ago

  • FreshFromAbove

    FreshFromAbove says:

    I have another shop Beary Nice Bath Boutique, but that would not fit as a user name. I changed it to BearyNiceBathBotica. I hope people will be able to find me with that. Any thoughts, anyone?

    5 years ago

  • ahdQuiltsAndSuch

    ahdQuiltsAndSuch says:

    When I signed up for Etsy I was marketing my fabric items only. Quilts, art quilts, purses, throws, pillows, little girls sundresses, pet quilts, pet collar covers. I now have over 3/4's of my shop listings under jewelry. I list everything under: The Elegant Bohemian Collection to make it more cohesive, but would love to be able to rename my shop: The Elegant Bohemian. I heard in the virtual labs that Etsy may be working on making changes to allow shops to rename themselves sometime this year. Is this true? If so, will it be this year? Waiting to hear something?

    5 years ago

  • ashay815

    ashay815 says:

    Every name seems to be taken. This is so hard!

    5 years ago

  • GrannyGrant

    GrannyGrant says:

    So does GrannyGrant fit?

    5 years ago

  • fusskerfuffle

    fusskerfuffle says:

    this is a great series! i just followed all of the tips here and moved my old shop to my new one! abfab and thank you.

    5 years ago

  • dyebead

    dyebead says:

    Complicated ... wow .. sounds difficult but probably isn't when worked through, carefully , step by step.See that before opening my shop there's lots of stuff to be done , photographed, organized etc but confident I'll get there ( in due course) because your guides are so helpful . In this household fingers and paws are well crossed .

    5 years ago

  • SusanLandauDesigns

    SusanLandauDesigns says:

    Great article, I like my name but there is another person has the same user name, mine is SusanLandauDesigns and her is SusanLandauDesign and I am not sure if I could change my name without opening a new store due to the similarity. and also in google search when someone looking for me...they will find hers instead of mine.

    5 years ago

  • 52CherryTea

    52CherryTea says:

    Just signed up...don't know if it was a problem with the site or what but I tried EVERY name under the sun and it wouldn't let me. I even started typing stuff like "crazyspiderfrogmonkeys" and elfgrassblades. can't telling me they were taken...did this for at least an hour trying to find SOMETHING. Finally rebooted... sigh

    5 years ago

  • organicnecklaces

    organicnecklaces says:

    I was feeling very uneasy about changing my shop name/opening a new shop. I started on Etsy, not long ago, with only one item- organic necklaces- which my daughters make. I had no intention of listing anymore items or anything I ended up listing vintage items-lots of them, and now I feel like my name doesn't fit my shop anymore. I plan on opening a new shop sometime soon. For all those out there struggling for the right names for their shops- if you have little ones at home- like I do- try asking them what they think the shop name should be. My 7 year old daughter picked my shop names! Organicnecklaces and the new shop name- which is already part of my banner -"Sweeties." My daughters and I have a lot of fun with our Etsy shop! Thanks so much for this valuable information- I feel a lot more confident now!!!!

    5 years ago

  • organicnecklaces

    organicnecklaces says:

    Thank you!!!!!! This is exactly what I needed to read! So much great advice and information! I feel very confident now about opening a new shop! Thank you!!!!!

    5 years ago

  • ralphine

    ralphine says:

    Thanks for the advice...I was considering changing my shop name, because, I have so many different types of products that I makke. But find out, because of this article, that is is okay to use the original name. Now, I need to get started. THANKS

    5 years ago

  • rootzllc

    rootzllc says:

    Hilarious comments. I enjoyed reading them. I have a lot to learn and this really helped. My shop is empty so this is perfect timing for me then. LangelLeather is the new name. I'm excited to get going... THANK YOU!

    5 years ago

  • moonovertokyo

    moonovertokyo says:

    As others have said, now I wish I had thought to put in capitals, like MoonOverTokyo, but oh well. I never want to change it, so I guess I'm stuck with it! The tips were great, though. :)

    5 years ago

  • mirageorreal1

    mirageorreal1 says:

    I wish we did not have to create another shop then moved all the item re list again on the new shop.Time consuming and to much a headache if you ask me.Please make the user name changeable,that will be whole lot simpler then opening a new shop.

    5 years ago

  • creativeme1

    creativeme1 says:

    I recently emptied out my shop becase I didn't sell any items. Strange. How many of you have a dependable customer base or sold a lot of items? WHat items have you sold?

    5 years ago

  • fiveorsixgirls

    fiveorsixgirls says:

    i love the article, and i haven't capitalized plus i have four words....but it's also my blog name, and i've had compliments on it, so i will keep it. thanks for all the great information!

    5 years ago

  • yourchoice

    yourchoice says:

    Jeg skulle vist have læst dette før mit valg af butiksnavn. Jeg er helt nybegynder, og håber jeg kan lave en rigtig god butik,da overskudet skal bruges til at fremme verdensfreden.

    5 years ago

  • 7ravensChioke

    7ravensChioke says:

    I signed up thinking I might be a buyer one day, but not a seller. The warning IS there, though, so I think many of us, in a hurry to join, did not read it. The rest of us, like me, didn't think it would ever be an issue. When i am ready to open a shop, I will get a new email address and that will be for business emails only. I will keep this name for any shopping I do in future. As to why Etsy doesn't make it easy to change names: I, too, wondered about that. Then I read the post above about the problem on EBay - that the "bad" sellers change names often so they will not have to face the consequences of their dishonesty or carelessness. I would not like to see that here on Etsy, would you? I think we owe the Etsy people a big thank you for protecting the innocents from the predators who take advantage of most people's honesty and trust. It's worth the inconvenience of being 'stuck' with a poor shopname. I knew about the warning, did not give my nmae enough thought (or just didn't plan far enough ahead). Now I am willing to deal with the hassle. It's for the good of all of us. A last thought - since the ratings, hearts, etc. stay with the original shop name, it seems to me that if you link the two and tell people your ratings can be seen on your old shop, that would solve the problem until you had new ratings for the new shop. Anyone who cared could go look up your stats. Happy crafting, everyone!

    5 years ago

  • nicaha

    nicaha says:

    It doesn't say anywhere in here how long your name can be. I would think that would be something pretty important to keep in mind when naming your shop too :)

    5 years ago

  • Access0ruse

    Access0ruse says:

    Thank you for this article. I just re-started my whole shop and I have confidence that it is a lot better than before. before: after:

    5 years ago

  • DeerThirty

    DeerThirty says:

    Just changed shops after a couple years of "light" selling... My old shop was AlisonsWunderland... And the new one is, well.... take a look! The change was inspired by: 1) Collaboration w/ boyfriend's crafting ventures 2) Wanting to evolve into a (physical) resale shop someday 3) This post! Thanks for the useful info!

    5 years ago

  • trisherlee

    trisherlee says:

    I signed onto this site initially just as a shopper, but now plan to make and sell jewelry, name does not match my shop- so I was hoping to change the username.

    5 years ago

  • Inthethicket

    Inthethicket says:

    I have enjoyed being a buyer on the Etsy site for some time and am excited that soon I will open my own shop. Since I havent started selling yet, is it so tricky to change my username so it better fits as my shop name? I do not want to have another email account. Is it possible to change my username to fit for my shop name?

    5 years ago

  • StorybookPlaces

    StorybookPlaces says:

    This article was so very helpful. I'm planning on a shop makeover, changing my name, and setting up a new shop with a new look so reading this gave me some new ideas, and also confirmed that some of my own ideas were smart ones. Thank you very much for sharing this article Contrary and EtsyStore!

    5 years ago

  • SandraLBowen

    SandraLBowen says:

    States you can close down your shop.. So does that mean I can closed it totally down and reopen under different name but same email account? I haven't started selling yet but would like to... under different name but same email address.

    5 years ago

  • ginalimosaics

    ginalimosaics says:

    I am one of several who feel too much work has been put into the shop to lose all feedback, convos, etc to start over to get a new name but I sure the heck wish I could. I started out just doing mosaics and have gone into other areas of art/craft using glass as well. It is a shame that we can legally change our real names easier than our shop names here. It is the ONLY complaint I have about Etsy and hopefully one day SOON it can be fixed for us "shop owners stuck with unwanted shop names". Anyway, thank you for your info and time spent in telling us in kind but other words "no".

    5 years ago

  • denisecerro

    denisecerro says:

    Like so many others that I've read here...I started out as a buyer with a quick username. Now I'm ready to open a shop, really excited about being part of Etsy...but that name stumbling block keeps tripping me. I guess there really isn't a way to change without coming up with a new email and re-registering with the new name. Time to bite the creative bullet and just do it !!! See you all soon.

    5 years ago

  • shelbyaya

    shelbyaya says:

    Same problem as EVERYONE, I didn't know I'd be socked in to using my user name for my shop. Fortunately, I just signed up yesterday, so closing my account and starting a new one won't lose me any information. But what a stupid waste of time for everyone concerned. Please, etsy, address this!

    5 years ago

  • blusteph

    blusteph says:

    I can't remember if I read that you couldn't change your username before or after I signed up to shop on etsy,but I do remember reading it.I originally signed up only to shop.Now I am interested in becoming a seller.I will probably set up a new shop with a better name.Nobody's fault but my own that I didn't research the site better.I Love shopping on etsy.Hopefully I will be a successful seller in the future.

    5 years ago

  • klosig

    klosig says:

    hurray,I'm not the only one that feels this why ,I hate my name I did not know this could not be changed when I started this, it should have bin made clear from the beginning ,then some of us would have been more cautious as to what name we would use. please take this in consideration Etsy. thank you

    5 years ago

  • allsewnup

    allsewnup says:

    Perhaps etsy should allow name changes, even if they must charge monetarily for it. I think it would be a positive change I wish I had typed in my title case sensitive, but I didn't now I'm tied down to a name that blends as a single word, had I typed "AllSewnUp" I feel it would have made a difference, at east to me.

    5 years ago

  • ASenseofPlacePhotogr
  • SewCreepy

    SewCreepy says:

    You're amazing. Thanks for all that info, and mentioning so many little things that didn't occur to me, and that I just didn't know! I am thinking about expanding my shop to include items other than my sewing stuff, and was wondering about 2 shops, name switch, etc. Thanks again! Very informative.

    4 years ago

  • CatBlackArt

    CatBlackArt says:

    I'm very pleased I capitalised my username. It reads better visually. I was orginally disappointed that my first choice of name 'CatBlack' was already taken. Now I see that the inclusion of the word 'Art' in my username says something about what I do. I feel very positive about having a descriptive username.

    4 years ago

  • VintageArchive

    VintageArchive says:

    Oh dear! I LOVE my shop name, however when I decided to try to purchase the domain name and link it to my etsy shop, and typed it into the address bar (should have done it BEFORE deciding on the Etsy name), realized that this name on the internet is a PORN site! OMG! So, I no longer wish to be associated with this name due to that fact. I was disappointed to find out that I have to start all over if I change my name and do not understand Etsy's reasoning behind making this so difficult for it's customers. I like Etsy but Ebay's policies in this regard are much easier. Luckily I just started and have no feedbacks, but it's still alot of work.

    4 years ago

  • MusicallyMade

    MusicallyMade says:

    I, too, made the mistake of putting in a username I didn't want for a store name. It wasn't a big deal when I was just a buyer, but once I decided to open a shop I wanted a new name. So, here's how I got around the issue: in your unwanted username etsy account, change your email address from your main email address account to a different one you don't use as often. Now you can create a new username and account using your main email address. This unfortunately doesn't help if you want to keep any previous store feedback. But if you are just starting out and you want to use your main email address account for notifications, this method worked for me!

    4 years ago

  • NeatStuffGal

    NeatStuffGal says:

    I agree 100 PERCENT with 7ravensChioke (19 posts up)! I appreciate anything Etsy does to avoid problems like Ebay's.

    4 years ago

  • judyhill

    judyhill says:

    I think you should change the application for creating a store. People make this mistake by accident. You should have two separate categories. One should be "Name of Store" and the other should be "Your Name" and that way we won't mistakenly fill it in wrong. "Username" to me means, "What is your name?" Who knew that would mean the store name? The store isn't the user...I am. That's why I filled in my name. And why can't we change it if we've made a mistake? It should be changeable.

    4 years ago

  • KarennaMarie

    KarennaMarie says:

    @MusicallyMade — love your tip! I'm a buyer ready to set up shop, and just realized while holiday shopping I have TWO separate accounts (one must be really old, I don't remember setting it up). So I'll delete the unused one, transfer the buyer account to the lesser-used email and give the new shop a fresh address. Thanks!

    4 years ago

  • MonaAbraham

    MonaAbraham says:

    Very helpful and useful!

    4 years ago

  • MonaAbraham

    MonaAbraham says:

    That is true i wish we can change our user's name anytime we want to. There is no reason to make it difficult on us as is it is so difficult to sell on Etsy. and so many people they got stuck with their user's name that they wish they could change.

    4 years ago

  • MonaAbraham

    MonaAbraham says:

    I don't know i am so frustrated, it's been over a year and haven't sold an item. I am so discouraged. i did the showcase i do renew and list itmes sometimes everyday and still i don't have the traffice on my site. Any advise!

    4 years ago

  • jrmoseley

    jrmoseley says:

    I can understand wanting to keep name changes under control, but perhaps etsy could consider allowing one change per calendar year, or allow users to have more than one shop at a time under their own email registration. It just seems a little odd that on the account page, I can change my (presumably) real name and email anytime I want to, but not my username.

    4 years ago

  • plduff

    plduff says:

    I'm so glad I read this before deciding to open a shop. I would have been stuck with my "buyer" username instead of a good "seller" name. Thanks Etsy! I haven't decided on my new name yet, but I've narrowed it down :) I'll post again when I open shop! Sincerely, Pamela

    4 years ago

  • DaVineJewlery

    DaVineJewlery says:

    I'm with jrmoseley- I made a horribly unfortunate spelling error in my username, and I'm completely heartbroken about the possibility of not being able to fix it, but instead having to start all over. Maybe they have their reasons, it's just frustrating for us users.

    4 years ago

  • CRCook0754

    CRCook0754 says:

    Well, I can certainly sympathize with about 90% of the above post. Not only is my user-name not what our shop does, it list me as the owner and it is really for my wife's shop. I am just doing the administration thing. My plan is to open a shop in my wife's name and use a better descriptive shop name as her user name. Thanks for the article and thanks for the user input.

    4 years ago

  • bluearcmetalwork

    bluearcmetalwork says:

    Hello, folks...Steve in Texas here with a question to anyone who would like to respond. I primarily do sculpture in steel and brass. My user name is bluearcmetalwork. I wish that I had realized that the username and shop name are the same. My question: do you think bluearcmetalwork is too long, too vague, too hard to remember, etc. I would appreciate any comments. I haven't listed anything as of yet. Thanks Steve

    4 years ago

  • OksanasArtGallery

    OksanasArtGallery says:

    Thank you so much for this great article. I'm glad I read it before I choose my shop-user name.

    4 years ago


    ZIGZAGARTS says:

    OksanasArtGallery, did you change your name from BalletArt? First of all, I love your work. I'm wondering which is better, a catchy name or my own name for an artist's shop?

    4 years ago

  • joanagan

    joanagan says:

    To Steve in Texas, I think bluearkmetalwork is a good name because it is catchy and tells what you are selling. However, since you haven't posted anything, or much by now, why not take the advise and use some capital letter to set it off. You could even drop the e if you like, ie: BluArcMetalWork. or BlueArcMetalWork. Personally, I like the unusual spellings, so I prefer the first one without the e. I'd start a new account with the capital letters. Notice how much easier it reads?

    4 years ago

  • joanagan

    joanagan says:

    To DaVineJewelry. I'm wondering what mistake you made in the name. Are you referring to the use of the a in DaVine? I think it is great, catchy, and rememorable. I wouldn't change it. If that isn't what you refer to, pardon me.

    4 years ago

  • joanagan

    joanagan says:

    Well, looks like DaVineJewelry doesn't exist anymore. Guess the name was changed already.

    4 years ago

  • capecodmemories

    capecodmemories says:

    I am also just about to open a shop and will change my e mail address so I can create my desired shop user name. I am a bit more uneasy about this whole process as a result of this glitch. I feel like I had better understand ALL your help and tips pages before going any further. It's what I would do anyway, but now I lay awake at night thinking, have I missed something? Thanks for these tips.

    4 years ago

  • VeryBarrie

    VeryBarrie says:

    god! i hope my name is listed as VeryBarrie. i have only registered and do NOT want my "real name" to be listed.

    4 years ago

  • twigandsprout

    twigandsprout says:

    Is there any way to request from etsy a change in capitalization? I like my name, but I'd rather be TwigAndSprout. However, because twigandsprout is already taken (by me), I can't created a new account as TwigAndSprout. Or should I just start with a new name? I've been using this as a buyer account but I'm looking to start selling unique high quality vingage slips & nightgowns, and vintage dishes with beautiful botanical designs. Probably other things to come too, but the name isn't evocative of those things. Suggestions?

    4 years ago

  • marcelandmargolis

    marcelandmargolis says:

    I would like to add capitals to my name and add the tag line of Vintage Treasures. Not sure why I did not at the opening. It seems to me that many people are frustrated at the inability to change the shop name. I understand leaving a trail of history but, why not include a link that you can click that states "formerly..." and make that manditory when opening a new shop. I'm not a computer tech but, it seems that it would make the etsy members much happier and allow them to operate at their best! At least let us change our capital letters!!!

    4 years ago

  • WannaBRockstar

    WannaBRockstar says:

    Good points! Thanks for the insight.

    4 years ago

  • purplecove

    purplecove says:

    I am considering becoming a seller. Have had this name for a couple of years as a buyer. I am not sure purplecove is a good name for my prospective store. Opinions anyone? Please!

    4 years ago

  • KarraTattoo

    KarraTattoo says:

    I am SO glad i took the time to read this, I am about to delete this account and make another. I haven't posted my name anywhere and I was torn between keeping what I had or starting fresh and investing 110% of my efforts into this new beginning. Thanks for the confidence boost, this really helped.

    4 years ago

  • frogmeister

    frogmeister says:

    the problem is that there are many good usernames which are forever locked away from use a name that has no activity, no purchases and no feedback is disallowed from EVER being used i am told for "security" reasons surely, there must be a way to recycle some of these great names ..i read "security" as "lack of creatvity"

    4 years ago

  • Budster2

    Budster2 says:

    I want to change my name and I understand the steps to do so, but I can't seem to get "Step 1" as I call it. Every time I try to "register" again, it takes me to my own shop. How do I open a second shop???? Help!!

    4 years ago

  • tdarizona

    tdarizona says:

    I like the set up but messed up on the shop name did not understand as well as I should have. looking now to change shop name to relate to my product

    4 years ago

  • wingnutbert

    wingnutbert says:

    frogmeister: This is what I don't get. I think if the account sits idol, is closed, or has no activity in a specified period of time, then the account should be auto closed and the name be made available again. My legally registered business/studio name is taken on Etsy but not active. I'd like to start my shop but won't if I can't use my own business/ studio name.

    4 years ago


    SUZIEGEMS says:

    I just registered this morning and I am still in a state of shock that I have done the deed. I have spent some time making jewelry and have wanted to widen my market. So within the next couple of weeks I will be learning how to take the photos and submit the photos. This is a great new undertaking for a 65 year old. Wish me luck Susan

    4 years ago


    SUZIEGEMS says:

    If anyone out there has any words of adivse send them my way. Thank you

    4 years ago

  • silverbride

    silverbride says:

    Where does everybody get the cute artwork for their shops?

    4 years ago

  • ssieben

    ssieben says:

    I like "suziegems" for a shop name! Good Luck

    4 years ago

  • celticelfin

    celticelfin says:

    I, too, registered my username without reading the fine print, so to speak. My first choice for a shop name was already taken but decided I liked this one just fine (even though it's in lower-case) as it's name a friend gave me and it reflects the style/design of items I will be selling in my soon-to-open shop. (Celtic-design inspired artwork and jewelry). I have a lot of reading to do on Etsy beforehand, and there is ALOT of great info. here! Thanks to all the people behind the scenes at Etsy! : ) - Jean in NJ.

    4 years ago

  • ETSYphobia

    ETSYphobia says:

    HI,everybody thanks for the great article.!!!! But unfortunately read it when it was too late.I was already huffng and puffng from opening the 2nd store,uploadng namng taggng...etc etc When I came across this info!!!!!! Oh! Noooo! Please Management of ETSY Rules please please have mercy on us!!!! and let us switch names the easy way. Praying ......... thanks

    4 years ago

  • jewelryluver

    jewelryluver says:

    If you set up a new shop, do you have to change your e-mail address?

    4 years ago

  • aliciabruce

    aliciabruce says:

    I honestly wish we did have the option for a one-time username change. It seems (at least on the user end) that it would be a lot easier than creating a new email and a new shop and moving all of our items over, and then losing all of our past sale and feedback information. Like most people, I created my username when I joined Etsy just to look around. I didn't intend on becoming a seller, and of course now that I am, I wish my username wasn't my real name. My shop name is my real name, but lately I've gotten this paranoia over using my real name on the internet now that all of these creepy websites have been popping up making it really easy to search ones address (and other personal information). I'd love to have a more private name now, but it's not going to be an easy process if I decide to do it.

    4 years ago

  • angelica39

    angelica39 says:

    not only new to being an internet explorer..there is so much info..i am not sure what to do about getting my site advertized..i feel dizzy when i read all of the stuff...wish i had someone here with me to help me to make sense of it all..actually just to walk me through it...

    4 years ago


    WOODYWOODY says:

    Hi, I followed the advice, but now can not get into my old shop ! All I get as soon as I try to go to put a message on the old shop, that I have moved, it goes directly to the new one. Old = artesanoleo new = woodywoody Hope that you can advice, help. Thank you Leo

    4 years ago

  • artesanoleo

    artesanoleo says:

    Just managed it, all I had to do was sign out of woodywoody and into artesanoleo........what am I like........hhmmmmmmmmmppppphhhhhhhh

    4 years ago

  • amonicreations

    amonicreations says:

    This is a great article. I too have had like many a debate about changing my name. I am sure like many we thought of our names carefully before signing up but over time have wondered about changing the name. It happens in business all of the time. I am just curious why Etsy has limited the option of changing the names. Some people have spent years building feedback and reputation to just lose it all to change the name as well as lose money on listing fees. It may not be much $0.20 a listing but if you have many items that adds up. Ebay and other venues do allow for user name changes why doesn't Etsy start to allow this feature as well?? Help the sellers out by making something as easy as a name change easy for us so we don't have to make a full stop to our business by setting up a new shop.

    4 years ago

  • DPurpleGreen

    DPurpleGreen says:

    thank you so much!

    4 years ago

  • artkatt

    artkatt says:

    Anyone have any ideas for me? I'm looking to sell my artwork (mainly paintings at this point, but it could definitely expand), so I plan on starting a new account with a shop name. I'm a little conflicted with choosing something personal (such as KZDesigns) or to choose a catchy name. I would prefer to somehow fit my initials in the name if possible, but it's difficult with the "Z." Any suggestions?

    4 years ago

  • zugrav

    zugrav says:

    After I read this I have to change my username and register again.

    4 years ago

  • JewelryJeanne

    JewelryJeanne says:

    I've been Jewelry Jeanne since 1986. No changing now! Etsy is a great store and I love all of the help that you provide!!!

    4 years ago

  • ArtInAStich

    ArtInAStich says:

    I wish I saw this article before I opened my shop. There are some great points of view and great advices in here . Thank you for sharing ! ^O^

    4 years ago

  • BellaCescaBoutique

    BellaCescaBoutique says:

    This article was very helpful for me and has brought me more business. BellaCescaBoutique

    4 years ago

  • MAMAbirdSARAHfrench

    MAMAbirdSARAHfrench says:

    Mine is too long? Too confusing with alternating Caps/Lowercase? Can you guess I didn't read this article first? ;-) Woopsie... To start over, or not to start over, that is the question... Huh...

    4 years ago

  • maclancy

    maclancy says:

    whowever did the latest newsletter layout is genius... just had to add my two cents here. ps so excited to change my shop name. its been 4 years waiting...thanks for all the improvements!

    4 years ago

  • KettleConfections

    KettleConfections says:

    We're really excited to see this new feature - a lot of us came up with a shop name just to open our accounts, so it's great that we now have the option to change it as our shop identities evolve.

    4 years ago

  • hoopdaloop

    hoopdaloop says:

    this is awesome! i won't be changing hoopdaloop, but i have a vintage store that originally wasn't terribly thought out and the name does not match the product. this is great!

    4 years ago

  • RivalryTime

    RivalryTime says:

    Cant wait!

    4 years ago

  • LaughingFridge

    LaughingFridge says:

    Happy to hear this, and very helpful advice! Not changing this shop's name, I think I did pretty well on it, but I too have a vintage shop that needs name tweaking. Thank you Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • busterandboo

    busterandboo says:

    I've thought many times about changing my name to better portray what I sell. But with over 2500 sales, I think it's too late to change my name. Don't you think so??

    4 years ago

  • Taameyya

    Taameyya says:

    We are already in October 2011. When will it be possible to change my name? I have opened this account thinking I will just use it for buying and now I am thinking about opening a shop...

    4 years ago

  • WhisperingOak

    WhisperingOak says:

    Wonderful news! When I chose my shopname I wanted WhisperingOaksStudio in honor of the beautiful oaks that give us shade in the summer and guide us through the year with the change of seasons. Back then the name was too long and I had to drop the S at the end of oaks. Now it would be great to add it to the name. It sounds like a happy, shady, peaceful place under the oaks moving in the breeze.

    4 years ago

  • simplycharminglife

    simplycharminglife says:

    I am also not seeing where the name can be changed... Just wanted to alter mine a little...

    4 years ago

  • scarletbegonia11

    scarletbegonia11 says:

    Finally! I've been waiting for this for so long!

    4 years ago

  • teryyo

    teryyo says:

    Great news! Nice, practical information.

    4 years ago

  • CreativeCrabbe

    CreativeCrabbe says:

    I would Love to change my shop name to Amanda Crabbe Designs, but there is this really popular religous lady with the same name, so I would not be on the top of the google list. Not sure what to do??????????????

    4 years ago

  • littleshopofphotos

    littleshopofphotos says:

    Very excited about this!!!

    4 years ago

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie says:

    I'm sure many Etsy members will be very happy about this change! :)

    4 years ago

  • HeyMichelle

    HeyMichelle says:

    I'm so excited that everyone is excited for the ability to change shop names! This is coming soon! Please see here for more info: CreativeCrabbe - you might ask for advice in the Etsy Success forum: Good luck!

    4 years ago

  • lythamsnowdrops

    lythamsnowdrops says:

    Do you think of my shop name, Lythamsnowdrops? Is it catchy enough? It is the name of my family's ancestral manor house in England, plus the flowers that grow on the grounds( it is now museum).

    4 years ago

  • theowlshop

    theowlshop says:

    Loving all of the changes Etsy!

    4 years ago

  • humblebea

    humblebea says:

    I am excited to watch out for name changes~ it will be kind of like a disguise party around here for awhile! (-:

    4 years ago

  • DreamofaDream

    DreamofaDream says:

    Great news for the name changes! I think I'll leave mine as it is, but it's great to hear that it's an option!

    4 years ago

  • Iammie

    Iammie says:

    Thanks for the tips.

    4 years ago

  • marcgounard

    marcgounard says:

    I am glad sellers can change the name of their shop. As an artist who does one of a kind : jewelry, painting, etching, tile murals and now learning to saw I see Etsy as my own gallery... oils and acrylics are coming soon... so my name it is!!

    4 years ago

  • SkateBetty

    SkateBetty says:

    Etsy has some of best shop names ever! Great article. I am keeping SkateBetty because I am one : )

    4 years ago

  • Pantora

    Pantora says:

    I chose the username I would want for my store when I signed up, but yayyyyy for you guys who needed this change, good luck

    4 years ago

  • MischievousSmile

    MischievousSmile says:

    I just love that my name is used on the photo! It's uncommon and I find that people have a hard time spelling it (Bernadette), so I think I will just keep my user name. Unfortunately, some tend to misspell "mischievous" and add an extra "i" to make it "mischievious." However, since I am not a shop owner, I am fine to not change anything. It's fantastic, though, for those who want to change.

    4 years ago

  • robertacummings

    robertacummings says:

    Oooh I am so pleased I will soon be able to change my shop name to something more relevant. I created this account years before my shop even existed, but was relucant to leave my feedbacks etc in an empty account. Well done etsy! x

    4 years ago

  • ErinAntiques

    ErinAntiques says:

    great advice! thanks :-)

    4 years ago

  • blueridgewoodworking

    blueridgewoodworking says:

    I love that Etsy is doing so much to help out sellers. I don't want to change our shop name, but the advice and ability to capitalize the name is wonderful. Thanks so much Etsy! And thanks for letting me Quit My Day Job!!!!!

    4 years ago

  • Yandie

    Yandie says:

    Oh I'm happy to hear that you'll be allowing us to change shop names! When I joined Etsy, I had no idea that I'd ever be selling anything and my name reflects that. I'll be happy when I can consistently be 100 Watt Smirks all over the board!

    4 years ago

  • toybreaker

    toybreaker says:

    Thank you so much for this - I'm so excited to finally be able to change it to my established, trademarked name (after 5 years). Back in 2006 I simply signed up to buy and check it out in the beginning, never knowing what I was getting into, and how it would take off! :)

    4 years ago

  • LightTheDarkness

    LightTheDarkness says:

    Am I going crazy? Why do these first replies say 3 years ago? and 2 years ago? I thought this was something new? lol

    4 years ago

  • pillowsophi

    pillowsophi says:

    This is a great article. I've been wondering if I should change my shop name... it's not clearly linked to my vintage items, nobody knows how to pronounce it (heck, even I'm not sure), and it makes everybody think my name is Sophie. However, I've grown quite attached to my name. Besides, my shop finally has over 400 "admirers" whom I don't want to confuse! I'm still trying to decide if "pillowsophi" should be capitalized, though...

    4 years ago

  • ferncaren

    ferncaren says:

    MY shop name is going to be NercaStudios, I wanted Elizabethsews which is my name and describs what I do so well, What Can I do? HELP

    4 years ago

  • post082010

    post082010 says:

    I was thinking what LightTheDarkness was :) I have post for after and 082010 for August 2010 the birth of my daughter. My FB and website are the same. I like store names with a history behind them - because once I learn about the story I'll never forget Xx

    4 years ago

  • CompassCoffeeSpoons

    CompassCoffeeSpoons says:

    Good to know...if I had known this would have been a possibility, i wouldn't have opened a new account to sell from!

    4 years ago

  • nudeandloitering

    nudeandloitering says:

    So excited to finally be able to capitalize!!!

    4 years ago

  • MamacitaStudios

    MamacitaStudios says:

    Lol LightTheDarkness I was just thinking the same thing...

    4 years ago

  • kfriend1

    kfriend1 says:

    This was a lot of help. Thank You!

    4 years ago

  • karenwade

    karenwade says:

    Yeah Etsy! I can't wait to change my name. . . now the hard part, deciding on a new name for my shop!

    4 years ago

  • Cre8tiveWrapznMore

    Cre8tiveWrapznMore says:

    Glad to be able to change shop name but the user name no longer fits...need to change it without using different email addy....

    4 years ago

  • WisdomPathArt

    WisdomPathArt says:

    I'm sorry to sound possibly very ignorant- but HOW do you change your Shop name? I thought this wasn't possible. I've serached the whole site, and articles, and can not figure out HOW. can anyone help? thank you!

    4 years ago

  • bravermusic

    bravermusic says:

    yay. I changed it! Thank you!~

    4 years ago

  • DarkandTwistyDolls

    DarkandTwistyDolls says:

    @WisdomPathArt - Your Account---> Info & Appearance--->Shop Name (tab) You can only change your name once it says so be sure you know what you really want to change it to! :)

    4 years ago

  • AzaferraJewelry

    AzaferraJewelry says:

    I had opened a 2nd account because of name change issues and lost all my hearts except for a few Etsyians that I had established a report with. Now, I'm considering changing my shop name and avatar. I'll lose my hearts again, also I don't want people to think that I'm a shady operator. Please Etsy, let us take our hearts and other stats with us!

    4 years ago

  • shadesofpinkbeauty

    shadesofpinkbeauty says:

    I appreciate this article! I didn't realize I could change my shop name and I see now it is a recent change. This makes me happy as my current name is relevant to another business I had which I now want to keep separate from my Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • Acire22

    Acire22 says:

    I too wish I had realized that the name I registered to buy things would also be the one for selling. I am going to reregister with all new names since I havent listed anything yet.

    4 years ago

  • stuckonsquares

    stuckonsquares says:

    Is there a limit on the number of characters for a shop name?

    4 years ago

  • Quickfashion

    Quickfashion says:

    Great Article! I wish I was aware of this when I came up with my name. I wasn't thrilled with this name. But what I do want from all of you to tell me if the way I display my products are any good. I tried 3 all the advertising methods but it seem like not helping with my products. I get less than 20 views. Any suggestions?

    3 years ago

  • tinkerofpreston

    tinkerofpreston says:

    I'm a computer dope, apparently...can someone tell me how to load my logo so it is not cropped? And also... isn't Etsy a blast? This site is so complete, it is bookeeper, ad agency, and business consultant all in one. Thank you Lynne Close The Tinker of Preston

    3 years ago

  • ivygodess0106

    ivygodess0106 says:

    Thank you for a great Article , My shop name was chosen for a few reasons , Lilys of the Valley are and Always have been my very favorite flower , their beautfull shape , of the arched stem , and adorabaly sweet pure white little bell shaped flowers, they always seemed to invoke sweetness , as well as being whimsical and almost somehow magical , as if a fairy would pluck the flower and use it in a few diffrent ways, as a little hat, a tea cup , a little skirt for a child and i think that my Ideas of all of this came about because of the fact that we had a large patch of Lily of the Valley and in the warmer weather , fireflys would flash there lights while being around the flowers , and in my child mind (as well in my child like mind at 27) I see fireflys as fairys ... I knew when I first went to my bf's house for the first time , and right accrost the st from his home was a pond , and he went to show me the pond, we went and there where so many Lilys of the Valleys all around the pond , all in bloom ,I later married him . A year and a half later We had a baby girl , her name Lily May ....I was surpized to find out , other names for Lily of the valley are May Lilys ..Also in the language of flowers : the lily of the valley signifies the return of happiness. So , in naming my store , it just all seemed to fit... that the jewerly i make are simple , pretty , perfict for anyone , and hopefully something that will make others happy ....

    3 years ago

  • bathroman

    bathroman says:

    I just change my shop name Thanks

    3 years ago

  • cweaver5

    cweaver5 says:

    Replace the word "and" with "'N" or -"N-" if possible example: RunandPlay, Run'NPlay or Run-N-Play. Try not to use words that create a derogatory image in the readers mind unless that's the type of product your selling.

    3 years ago


    LANCERIKA says:

    After seriously considering the whole situation with my name and etsy years involved, starting all over again won't be any FuN at all:(( Should I say farewell dear Etsy?

    3 years ago

  • NadinArtGlass

    NadinArtGlass says:

    Hi, really great article, Thanks, Nadin

    3 years ago

  • joyceseymour

    joyceseymour says:

    I am the new kid on the block, and am amaized at the information your team offers. I keep reading, and reading, in hopes I am able to make something of it all. Thank You, Joyce

    3 years ago

  • Yarndeavors

    Yarndeavors says:

    I, for one, am in love with my shop name. I had it three years before I started selling on Etsy, though. Coining words is one of my "things". Someone had asked me what I was up to, and I mentioned focusing on my "yarn endeavors". It came out "yarndeavors", and I thought, "THERE'S a name!" It fits perfectly, because I focus mostly on hand-dyed yarn, but it works for my other fibery offerings as well. I'm first in all of the Google/Bing/etc. searches, and it's all mine. :-)

    3 years ago

  • Forgetmenotkeepsake

    Forgetmenotkeepsake says:

    I thought your shop name and shop sections are important because those are converted into the html keywords for SEO.

    3 years ago

  • mariacruz3

    mariacruz3 says:

    I'm new seller, all of you inspire mi, I'm ready for the adventure , I'm trying to learn more

    3 years ago

  • shopfessions

    shopfessions says:

    I didn't know my user name would be used as my shop name. I signed up over a year ago to buy a few things. I did change my shop name to theGIRLisHooked, but I so wish my user name was the same! (But, I'm not sure why exactly?)

    3 years ago

  • lindakinney1

    Linda Kinney from lindakinney1 says:

    Excited to read all the unusual Shop names. This really helps decide on a name as we have just been using my user name. We are in the process of designing a logo, banner, etc. to use on the newsletter, so will certainly try to incorporate what we do and some of our personality into the Shop name so we'll be happy with it. Glad to know we can change it if necessary, though. Thanks so much

    3 years ago

  • inHIShandsart

    Abbey from inHIShandsart says:

    Lots to think about, my head's whirling.

    3 years ago

  • innerjazz

    vicky anderson says:

    If you've got me listed this way, maybe I'm on the right track - slow as I seem.. . . . . . psyched ~ It's a good sign ~ and means your article's helped me too ~

    3 years ago

  • susanlsiegel2

    Susan L. Siegel from StudioCLD says:

    Still working on it...for someone who is dyslexic it is not easy. ASAP I will switch to Studio CLD but first off to the computer fixer ---!

    3 years ago

  • evaladymidnight

    LadyMidnightLily from LadyMidnightLily says:

    Hi everyone, I just finally set up my shop and it's actually the other way around, I think. I signed up and sign in as evaladymidnight, but at the top of the Etsy page, it says Hi: LadyMidnightLily Your Shop: LadyMidnightLily, which is the name I chose for my shop. SO, it's your shop name that becomes your user name, not the other way around, I believe. Though, in some spots, like the top of my comment here, I am evaladymidnight again. ALSO, when I was opening my shop, it stated that I can change my shop name later.

    3 years ago

  • evaladymidnight

    LadyMidnightLily from LadyMidnightLily says:

    Okay, now, this is wierd, when I am typing my comment, under 'Add your comment', it says "evaladymidnight says:" AS SOON AS I HIT the button 'Add Your Comment', it posted my comment as: LadyMidnightLily from LadyMidnightLily odd?????

    3 years ago

  • evaladymidnight

    LadyMidnightLily from LadyMidnightLily says:

    I hope that makes some sense :)

    3 years ago

  • amwsga

    amwsga from NettieNeedles says:

    I'm irritated and won't be opening a shop. I have my name: Nettie's Needles and it won't let me use it...says its already in use but when I search for it it says it doesn't exist! I emailed ETSY and they won't let me use it! I can use Nettie Needles but already have too many other things set up with Nettie's Needles. I emailed them and they reiterated that I couldn't use the name and said I should think of something else! I even Googled my name before I chose it and all that comes up that's even similar is Nettie's Needleworks...a yarn CA. Soooo....there goes my ETSY shop idea...down the drain! (Seems like they could release the name if nobody is using it!!!)

    3 years ago

  • veramcbride1

    Vera McBride from veramcbride1 says:

    Not happy with my username and have not set up my store with the name yet so need to change the username to some eye catcher Need to look at google to see if they have the one I would like Information is very good for changing and setting up I want the username and store name to be the same Makes things easier.

    3 years ago

  • tiffybflower

    tiffy blanchflower from TiffyBlanchflower says:

    There is so much in a name! This article really helps get at the heart of crafting a long lasting and unique name that captures the aesthetic or your goods. Does anyone know how Etsy regulates names changes?

    3 years ago

  • sfergu5

    sfergu5 from BirdieFlies says:

    This is very helpful. Thank you

    3 years ago

  • petocuscino

    viola from nollaum says:

    can anyone help me with my shop name? i'm still thinking of it.... it will sell handmade plush toys like bunny rabitts, bears you name it! but i still don't know what to name it.

    3 years ago

  • GBUcollective

    Giana from VividVenus says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. I've been trying to think of the perfect name for months now. This gives me more direction. I especially love the idea to have something tangible in your name, to give a visual to what others will read. Being a visual person myself I see how this could be most use full.

    3 years ago

  • HeidiSchreck

    Heidi Schreck from CatalystJewelry says:

    Can someone please tell me why we can't have spaces in our shop name? If you type in Catalyst Jewelry, my shop/jewelry does not come up. It must be typed CatalystJewelry, which is strange to me and others trying to find me by shop name. Why no spaces?

    2 years ago

  • HeidiSchreck

    Heidi Schreck from CatalystJewelry says:

    Can some one tell me why our shops don't come up if you type the artist name in the search? I think that would be a great feature.

    2 years ago

  • teresasilverman1

    Teresa and Danny Silverman from 4RLoveOfAntiques says:

    Good Article and thanks all. So much to think about. So much to read about. I had tried a shop and was not getting anywhere and felt limited for the handmade. So I have closed that and am doing a new one, with all antiques and then will a lot of pictures and working on appearance keywords and products. I have to come up with a name and this has really helped point me in the right direction. Guess I need to get involved with a team and really use the resources that Etsy has. I did not do that last time and think that was a big mistake. So I will keep all informed and hopefully have a good name soon.

    2 years ago

  • photocher

    Cher MacNeill from PhotoCher says:

    Was going to go all lowercase (photocher) until I read this article. I agree PhotoCher will work better. Thank you!

    2 years ago

  • peeps0208

    Rosaria Bria from peeps0208 says:

    what do you do if the name you want for your shop is taken but there hasn't been any activity on that other persons store??

    2 years ago

  • sheristevens2


    Tomorrows Heirlooms

    2 years ago

  • mommawhazelsquilts

    hazel bays from mommawhazelsquilts says:

    I am looking for info on opening a second shop on Etsy and have not been able to pinpoint this info...whenever I find something that I think will help, it just leads me in another direction. In plain English, tell me how to find this info, please. Thanks, Hazel Bays "Mommaw Hazel's Quilts"

    2 years ago

  • mapingjiang

    Pingjiang Ma from mapingjiang says:

    Yes ,i should got a name let`s somebady find me.

    2 years ago

  • tamiclutter

    Tami Clutter says:

    Hi all, I am opening an etsy shop and of course trying to think of a name first. My maiden name is Tami Trimm, so I feel as though I was blessed with a couple of awesome last names.I am going to be selling vintage items but I am a Horticulturist by trade. The name Trimm worked pretty well in that industry, especially when I taught trimming and punning seminars! Now maybe capitalizing on Tami Clutter wouldn't hurt but the name or I guess I should say "word" clutter is used a lot ! Anybody have any ideas ? Thank you for this info on names, and thanks to all for any help. Oh, and good luck to everybody with their etsy shops. !!

    2 years ago

  • 14tons

    Jeremy Quilter from 14tons says:

    It's the fault of my wife! I have my production area in a large 'shed' - could be called a studio or workshop, that I built with my own fair hands. Whenever I go there to make thinks or develop an idea, it is announced in general that I am going to my 'Man Shed'! So there you have it; all of my items are designed and hand turned in my Man Shed, in the heart of leafy Leicestershire.

    2 years ago

  • PacificCatToys

    Alice Marie from PacificCatToys says:

    I hope my shop name is memorable...Pacific Cat Toys. I used to run a shop called Casbah Kitten but a lot of folks (especially around here) had a bit of trouble with the word Casbah.

    2 years ago

  • formarkg

    formarkg says:

    Thanks for the advice I am new to Etsy

    2 years ago

  • MercuryDrops

    Kristin from BitsOfCreative says:

    Hey, I'm new and trying to set up a shop to sell earrings, I can't come up with ANYTHING!

    2 years ago

  • cameoboxer

    Mandy says:

    All these comments are making me terrified to commit to a shop name...

    2 years ago

  • molram

    molly ramolla from molram says:

    Thank you for the very informative letters. Nothing works better than listening to other artists. I have had galleries in most areas I lived in and enjoyed it. But now is the time for me to branch out and reach the world. I decided to name my new shop RamollaArt2013 Stll learning the ropes

    2 years ago

  • AromasBouquet

    Aromas from AromasBouquet says:

    Great Tips!! Thank you :)

    2 years ago

  • godwinlambo
  • josephinedakersbrath

    Josephine Dakers-Brathwaite from COLOURFULJOURNEY says:

    My business name is "Josies Colourful Journey" which is too long to use as a shop name on Etsy. I currently have it listed as Colourful Journey, but this could be conflicting to those who see it. How do we address this?

    2 years ago

  • debbjeffries

    Deborah Jeffries from Deboracadabrahs says:

    Just opened my shop but there is a limit to the spaces for the name. It just doesn't look right and yet another shop name has 23 spaces and that is the amount I would need. Not sure where to go from here. It's confusing to me and I hope I'm not alone.

    2 years ago

  • sublimebazaar

    Sublime Bazaar from sublimebazaar says:

    too many threads to read thru..... can I use my name Sublime Bazaar on another similar website. I am branding myself as SUBLIME BAZAAR and I want the public to know my style, look etc. I've already opened several shops on etsy that I am not using becasue of name change problems... any info will be appreciated

    2 years ago

  • meadormaryann

    Mary Ann Meador from meadormaryann says:

    I Have The Same Problem As Deborah Jeffries, (2nd Comment Above) There Is A Limit To The Spaces I Can Use, So I Can't Type In All Of My Shop's Name, And It Also Won't Let Me Put Any Spaces Between Them. Help!

    1 year ago

  • mike13lucy1

    lucy victory from mike13lucy1 says:

    some one help me learn this

    1 year ago

  • cromanoski87

    Christina Romanoski from ContemporarilyNoel says:

    So far, I have come up with ContemporarilyNoel. I consider what I make along the lines of contemporary art, and my middle name is Noel. I am new to Etsy and still thinking about it, though. I know it's probably THE most important thing when starting up a shop, but I'm not very creative when it comes to words. All the other things I've come up with so far sound nice but have absolutely nothing to do with what I want to be selling. I definitely I don't want to be limited by my shopname because I know how I am... I tend to want to try new things when I see a cool idea or concept.

    1 year ago

  • funmilayo56

    Kathleen Odusanya from KathleenOdusanya says:

    I don't have any comments as of yet. Also, I don't have a business name yet so I have not listed any items yet. I don't even know if this is the section to ask questions. I wanted to ask if I could just use my personal name?

    1 year ago

  • Wittski

    Barbara Witt from BWittDesign says:

    1) Unless I missed how to jump to the present, this comment list is backwards. 2) It would seem that with so many questions and frustrations being voiced between user names and shop names, ETSY would make a serious attempt to enlighten the masses. After similar confusion and error on the web, I've learned that user names and email addresses are the same, and so it seems to be on ETSY. If true - security issues would warn us not to splash our email addresses all over the internet . Wouldn't that mean our user name (i.e. email address) should be for your records only and that the accepted shop name is primarily for identification and marketing? Couldn't the smart ETSY programmers make this the subject of one of their next latte meetings and let me and any other ETSY for Dummy readers in on it? As a recent victim of a hacker into my email account, I'm forced to change (or drop) my address before I use it to set up my pending shop.

    1 year ago

  • Wittski

    Barbara Witt from BWittDesign says:

    P.S. Logic would tell me that I should close the current BWittDesign address with my internet server and simply start over with both my server and ETSY. Correct???

    1 year ago

  • mcordonezr1

    cristina ordoñez from Ideaspararegalar says:

    Estoy recién interiorizandome con etsy,me parcece fantastico,pero debo aprender mucho aún,para hacer las cosas correctamente e ir avanzando paso a paso de la manera más adecuada posible

    1 year ago

  • KapKaDesign

    Eva Miller from KapKaDesign says:

    I worked really hard to establish my shop name on Etsy. What are my ways to protect it from misuse by other seller? Is there anything I can do, when another shop, that is in no way associated with me, starts using my shop's name in the tags. Is there any legal way I can protect myself?

    1 year ago

  • Homepage says:

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    1 year ago

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    1 year ago

  • silock44

    SUSAN LOCK says:

    I have not open my shop yet, but would like to name it. Where do I go?

    1 year ago

  • Google says:

    Google The time to read or visit the content or web sites we've linked to beneath.

    1 year ago

  • PincushionAddict

    Dorothy Hale says:

    I can't even find out where to start selling an item. All I find are more answers. Instructions on selling, opening a shop, etc. need more work.

    1 year ago

  • hazelliddle

    Hazel Liddle says:

    Confused after reading so many comments though not all! Not sure if I missed when Etsy made a change to how naming was 5 years back versus now!

    1 year ago

  • Google says:

    Google Please pay a visit to the web-sites we adhere to, like this one, because it represents our picks from the web.

    1 year ago

  • » Etsy Shop Set-Up Checklist Conshy Crafts says:

    […] Choose Your Shop Name–COME BACK TO IT LATER IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE YET.  Here are some tips for choosing an Etsy shop name. Step 6: Shop Look and Branding–banner, title, announcement Step 7: List an Item Step 8: […]

    1 year ago

  • вик услуги says:

    ...Check this out [...]you made running a blog glance[...]

    1 year ago

  • ritamarie

    Rita Marie from RitaMarie says:

    Any other site where you select your user name REQUIRES all letters to be in lower case. Why would anyone think Etsy is any different. I did the same thing that I have always done, putting my user name in lower case with no space. ETSY SHOULD STATE THEIR SITE DOESN'T DO IT THIS WAY. Every other thing I open with my user name on the Internet is lower case and no space. This is my emails, my electricity bill, my car payment, my water bill, my bank, Facebook, get the idea. I had sold on eBay for 11 years, and the lower case user name was a given.......but not here...Why IS THAT, Etsy ADMIN? It really has confused a lot of people who don't want their names in all lower case.

    1 year ago

  • ritamarie

    Rita Marie from RitaMarie says:

    I just remembered, sometime after I had the user name all lower case and together, somehow I was able to change it. It was my Shop name that had to be run together with no space, and I am not allowed to change it????

    1 year ago

  • Google says:

    Google Usually posts some quite intriguing stuff like this. If you’re new to this site.

    1 year ago

  • Thoughts on starting an Etsy shop | Musings of a Quirky Introvert says:

    […] still need to come up with a shop name. I had wanted to use urunimi at first, but this article on tips for choosing a name says to pick something that is easy to pronounce and spell. That way the name easy to remember. […]

    1 year ago

  • wilmarie2040

    Marie from SeaCoastalArts says:

    Great info, so clever!! I have not open my shop yet, but would like to name it. Where do I go?

    1 year ago

  • andrewlamar

    Andrew LaMar from NYCDesignCraft says:

    Great article! Check out our shop at Use promo code NYC20 for 20% off your next order!

    1 year ago

  • xyldiagrace

    xyldiagrace says:

    I have been planning an Etsy shop for over a year and ,like everyone else, am obsessing over the name. Xyldia Grace is my name but it doesn't reflect anything about photography or antiques.the name is also very difficult to say or spell even when people try. The x is pronounced like a z and the i is silent, like Hilda with a z. I thought about using XGT with the other part of the website name, that may be the answer because my logo is a crest with my initials inside. Anyway, just thinking....comments welcomed!! I do think these comments should start with the most recent first, it took me a while to see I was reading posts from 2005 ! After reading people begging Etsy to change their policy , I finally skipped a few years and found Etsy listened ! Thanks, xyldia grace

    1 year ago

  • xyldiagrace

    xyldiagrace says:

    Oops, the first post was 6 years ago.....I think I am more of an artist than mathematician !

    1 year ago

  • eliz123453

    eliz rahimi from FANCYELIZSHOP says:

    I'm new, it's very helped me to make my shop thank you

    1 year ago

  • janegagliardi

    jane gagliardi says:

    This has been so helpful to me; I am reassured now. I haven't opened my Etsy shop yet but it has helped me to reconsider my name. Im considering now whether my intended name is too long; RedEarthClothing. Perhaps shortening it will make it easier to remember and also allowing more product diversity. This would be better I think; RedEarth.?. A great tool. Thank you again. Jane

    1 year ago

  • Bushytails

    Brooke from Bushytails says:

    This article is six years old. Has anything changed? I'd like to change my shop name, but I'm worried about losing my reviews/stars. Is it better to begin a new account altogether (disclosing the dual accounts on each, of course)? TBH, I'm not even sure if my current user name is my shop name (Bushytails) or the name next to my avatar (Brooke). What do other people see when I post?

    1 year ago

  • dkkat717

    Vail Oberski from GGmasUniqueCards says:

    I've read so many of these comments, and thru it all I don't know what "hearts" are banners, or username mistakes.When I signed up for a shop, I wasn't told anythiing. My shop name is nothing like my user name, and although I have been "open" for 5 days, I already owe Etsy some $39.00, no sales and an additional $10 per day as long as I stay open.What is with this "opportunity".I feel as if I have been side swiped. All I want is some clarifiction on policys, names and the answers to most of the comments posted here.

    1 year ago

  • jesseljones

    J Jones from jesseljones says:

    Why oh why isn't punctuation allowed for shop names? My fiancee has a brand/web presence with her domain name, and has been using her domain name as her store name across other sites (Facebook, etc). Why aren't we allowed to use at least periods and hyphens in our shop names? You could pull the GMail trick, and treat "MyArt.Example.Com" as identical to "MyArtExampleCom" (basically, allow punctuation to be used in the name, but discard all punctuation in the name when internally identifying a shop -- for purposes of uniqueness, etc). This would prevent people from setting up lookalike shops (MyArt.Example.Com vs MyArt-Example-Com vs ad nauseum) while still allowing people to put punctuation in their shop name to help build their brand identity.

    1 year ago

  • TessL

    Terry Savadge says:

    I Was going to sell here but after reading all the negatives...ugh. Vail Oberski is being charged $10 a day? Thanks for the warnings....and no thanks to opening a store. I will stay with Ebay.

    1 year ago

  • ribbon2869

    ribbon2869 says:

    I've been trying to find a list of policies but I don't see anything like that. What I have read looks like you pay .20 per listing for 4 months and then 3.5% when the item sells. This made me consider opening a store. THEN I read Vail Oberski's issues...I don't see how that could happen. I've not seen anything about extra charges, but I'm sure she didn't either. I think I'll stick with eBay as well.

    1 year ago

  • Helen851020

    Christina from StudioSky says:

    Thanks for your good advice , very helpful.

    1 year ago

  • CathyR26

    Cathy Gallant from MyBeadingPlace says:

    Was going to open a store today but Vail Oberski's experience has turned me off. A live chat feature would be nice. An "Admin" jumping in every 20 or so comments doesn't answer all the questions I've read here. I need answers too. Discouraging.

    1 year ago

  • yichiamshapira

    Yichiam Shapira from AWESOMEBONSAI says:

    hehe thaxs :3

    1 year ago

  • cyndelee

    cynde lee says:

    Have been just thinking of selling vintage on etsy for a while and after reading all these really discouraged!!

    1 year ago

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    1 year ago

  • thitiwanmuk

    thitiwan ritisin says:

    Thank your so much !

    1 year ago

  • caravaggiotheartist

    carole caravaggio from TablesbyCaravaggio says:

    OK, I've read WAY to many comments and I, like others, are frustrated re: name changes and spaces allowed & such. I am discouraged. I plan to change names but you make it seem as important as naming a CHILD! Gee!!!

    1 year ago

  • chatty1patty

    chatty1patty says:

    Very helpful info on choosing a name.

    1 year ago

  • glitterbug1471

    Carol Wood says:

    I'm choosing the name GlitterBug. My husband has called me ladybug for over 20 years, but since I have been making my crafts I have glitter all over the house and myself. Even after a shower there seems to be a little glitter left over somewhere on myself.

    1 year ago

  • oiadepitan

    Olurotimi Adepitan says:

    As a retailer, I am just happy to find another e-commerce channel to market my crafts.Information on business names is very interesting and I hope to start listing very soon.

    363 days ago

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  • How to start an Etsy store in 4 simple steps says:

    […] Whatever name you choose, remember, it needs to be something that represents your brand and your products but also something your business can grow with. Etsy has a great article with tips for Choosing Your Shop Name. […]

    346 days ago

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    334 days ago

  • studiogrynn

    John and Melissa Harris says:

    >>"Spelling counts: Pick something that is easy to pronounce and spell. The former helps people remember your name, the latter makes it easy to find you again!" Another important point about spelling is the word of mouth factor. If your shop name is hard or awkward to spell, it's challenging for your or someone else to verbally share your shop name, and difficult for the person hearing it to remember the spelling. Catchy and simple are key!

    326 days ago

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  • ecodecolight

    Cristina Oprea from ArtiZann says:

    perfect article for beginners. Thank you!

    321 days ago

  • hoosiermamma1

    Vera Hall from hoosiermamma1 says:

    Why can't I use a question mark in my name? I would love to change my shop name to HoosierMamma?, but unfortunately, I can't. I had to add a stupid 1 to the name because a totally "dead" shop had the name hoosiermamma.

    314 days ago

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    311 days ago

  • normalatorre54

    Norma Latorre says:

    I like to share my secrets with all people.

    309 days ago

  • tracil66

    Traci says:

    Are you really charged $10 per day just to have a store? Are there any store owners out there who can verify this?

    308 days ago

  • vivart51 says:

    May be you have a huge number of items? It makes me realise how much more I need to research before I commit to a shop.

    301 days ago

  • paisleypat

    Patrick Moriarty from PaisleyPowerShop says:

    Lots of the advice is common sense but it's easy to forget the basics! much appreciated. thank you

    301 days ago

  • parabnormal

    Richard Lovelace from RocksRustandRainbows says:

    I'm really worried about the extra money the lady spoke of earlier. I mean $39.00 plus $10.00 a day is very expensive, and don't think I can afford it ? This is more for the large volume stores, and not the newbie just trying to sell a few things. Adios Etsy !

    299 days ago

  • marlo33

    Lori from marlo33 says:

    Sooo confused. I also started my shop back when it wasn't clear regarding shop name versus account name. I want to change my shop name but can't find up to date information as to wether I will loose my following. The Name Change option says that Etsy will re-direct people searching my old URL to my new URL. Other than that simple statement, I can't find anything anywhere on Etsy to assure me that this will happen. And if it does happen, how long will the link last??

    298 days ago

  • guybertelli

    Guy Bertelli says:

    It is absolutely impossible to talk to anyone from Etsy either by chat or phone or email. I have reset my wife's password 20 times it acknowledges that it has been changed but will not log me in. She wants to open a store but this is the most unfriendly site I have ever tried to work with

    294 days ago

  • guybertelli

    Guy Bertelli says:

    Could someone please contact me for Etsy, 303-349-2562 or

    294 days ago

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  • atypeofwhimsy

    Andy Bullock from atypeofwhimsy says:

    great article!! I will be considering this in my name change :)

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    […] catchy name would be obvious and easy to choose.  Not so!  I read articles from Etsy like this one and the first sentence tells me it’s one of the most important decisions!  I didn’t […]

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