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Setting Up the Shot with a Tripod handmade and vintage goods


There are a lot of little elements that go into setting up the perfect product photo. If you want a crisp, focused photo, a tripod can make that much easier! I asked photographer Spencer Gordon to help us understand the basics and why and how to use a tripod to create sharper, better lit, more consistent imagery. Spencer has been taking pictures since he was a kid. He’s been working as a professional photographer based in NYC since 1992, with clients such as InStyle, Razorfish and Victoria Secret.  

What exactly is a tripod and why would you want to use it? 

How much should you spend on a tripod?

A tripod can cost anywhere from $25.00 on up. So pick a tripod that is suitable for your budget, level of photography experience and use ability.

A good starter tripod: Slik F740 4-Section Tripod with 3-Way Panhead.
A more intermediate tripod: Bushnell Advanced Tripod with 3-Way Head.
An advanced tripod: Vanguard Alta Pro 263AT 26mm 3-Section Aluminum Alloy Tripod Legs or Vanguard PH-22 3 Way Fluid Pan Head.

Can you show us how to properly work this thing? 

Ultimately a tripod is going to allow you to take better quality pictures. We all know there’s a lot more involved, so follow Spencer’s blog for more photography how-to videos.