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Road Trip Essentials With Babyology handmade and vintage goods

bio_babyology.jpg They don’t call Australia the Great Southern Land for nothing. Thousands of miles of lonely roads stretch out in every direction, so Australian parents have to be adept at keeping kids entertained in the confines of a car or plane. Keeping them entertained is one thing — keeping them entertained in style is quite another. Mandi Gunsberger of Australian-based lifestyle and design blog Babyology shares some fabulous ways to distract kids, big and small, during your next family road trip or get-away.



Clockwise from top left: Bingo/Scavenger Hunt Games by Personality Plus; Little Pocket Tic Tac Toe by My Happy Hobbies; Highway Traveling Game by ramblingtimes; Monsters In My Closet Playing Cards by Dr. Badvibes House of Oddities.

It’s not a road trip without a few games of I-Spy and Bingo. Personality Plus has terrific dry-erase Bingo games that can be used over and over again in the car and at restaurants. Put observation skills to the test with Rambling Times’s Highway Traveling Game, a version of car bingo that keeps eyes fixed on the window. Pack some portable fun with pocket-sized Tic Tac Toe from My Happy Hobbies. For older children, Monster Playing Cards from Dr. Badvibes House of Oddities will pass the time. Along with the multitude of games that can be played with cards, consider packing a book about simple card tricks. A long trip in the car or on a plane is the perfect time to learn some magic skills!


Get Crafty


Clockwise from top left: Sophie Paper Doll Set by emilee rose; Portable Chalkboard Maps by Ashgate Crafts; Kinetic Kelly Spool Knitter by JSorel; Crayon Wallet by My Happy Hobbies; Printable Paper Grocery Store by neskita.

Creativity needn’t be restricted by the confines of the car. Avid crafters may have to leave the paint and glue at home, but there are oodles of traveling craft fun to be had with pencils, paper, scissors and Sellotape. For littlies, the portable chalkboard mat from Ashgate Crafts is a winner, as is the super-cute crayon wallet from My Happy Hobbies. Snip some paper with gorgeous paper dolls from Emilee Rose and sensational bright printable play sets from Neskita. Older children can busy themselves with spool knitting — just think, they may finish a scarf in time for next winter! We love the little spool knitting characters from JSorel.


Play Time


Left: Felt Food Japanese Style by Tomomo Handmade. Right: Blast Off Finger Puppet Set by stayawake.

My kids have a habit of trying to pack half their toy box into their bags when we go on holiday. Bring along a few special toys reserved for vacations to keep their interest. We love small and light felt play food from Tomomo Handmade for back-seat “feasts” and sweet finger puppets from Stay Awake for storytelling and imaginary games.


Clockwise from top left: HOTI Leash by Apple Tree Boutique; Owl Crinkle Toy by Lil Bundle of Joy; Viewmaster Teether by Regal Cottage; Crochet Rattle by nitdia; Mini I Spy by Emmie’s Designs.

The littlest travelers can keep all their favorite toys at hand with a HOTI Leash from Apple Tree Boutique. The nifty leash attaches necessities, whether it’s a sippy cup or a toy, to your baby’s car seat, stroller or high chair. This saves you from scrounging around on the floor, trying to find things that have been thrown overboard! Add a rattle (we like the crinkly owls from Lil Bundle of Joy, the retro-tastic Viewmaster rattle from Regal Cottage and the crochet bell rattle from Nitdia) or an I Spy bag from Emmie’s Designs and you’re all set.


Write It Down


Clockwise from top left: Personalized Kid’s Notebook by Stitchin’netka; Black Beauty Travel Journal by Karen Geddings; Leather Journal by in blue.

Travel journals are a great way to record happy holiday memories, and they don’t have to be all words — collections of drawings, photos and holiday keepsakes make wonderful mementos. Stitchin’netka makes sweet personalized travel journals for children and In blue’s smart leather bound journals are perfect for older children. We have a little tradition of writing down each family members’ “Favorite Thing of the Day” when on holiday — it’s a great reminder of everything you enjoyed, whether it be a super-duper ice-cream cone or a visit to major tourist attraction. For something a little different, check out Karen Geddings’s superb scrapbook-style travel journals — all the pockets, pages and envelopes are perfect for kids who like to collect.

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  • redhardwick

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    HoldTheWire says:

    So cute! I used to use finger puppets in the supermarket line to keep my kids entertained. :)

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  • Verdurebydesign

    Verdurebydesign says:

    We did a road trip accross Australia 2 years ago. The best thig about traveling in the car is the conversations. I would head off tomorrow just for that. Thanks Mandy for your finds.

    4 years ago

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  • dayslonggone

    dayslonggone says:

    What great ideas! I am sure children will love these!

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    We did the across Oz trip last year with our three children, i had to give back gift DVD players to two separate people. (If they knew us they'd know that's not our thang) I kept telling people i'd prefer the children look out the window, but apparently keeping them continually immobilised is the aim... Such a wonderful opportunity to hang with the fam and listen to music. I make up snack packs with the children's names on them and bring them out when it gets a bit scary back there. Also i make up little lucky dip bags of little toys from the Op shop and then re-donate them when the trips over...

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    Great ideas! I wish I had found much of this stuff when my kids were little, mostly the leash for thing--Genius. I love that you put in travel journals for older kids, we have these for our girls and they only come out for trips, SO THEY ARE SPECIAL. They have to answer the same 5 questions for each trip and then write a couple of line about each day. I hope that one day they will look back and cherish this journal. If you haven't started one yet for you kids do it now. Thanks for reminding me what an adventure travel time can be, not just the destination. Cha Cha

    4 years ago

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    Our family makes a yearly 1100 mile trip to visit grandparents. Spending two days in cramped quarters can be a challenge, even with two great kids! I came up with the idea of taking the spare change we'd been collecting throughout the year, as a reward for the kids good behavior. Everytime we had an incident of "he's on my side" or "she's not sharing the crayons" we would remove money from the stash. At the end of the trip the kids got to divide what was left to use as their vacation cash to go on a special shopping trip with their grandpa. It was very effective, as everytime a squabble would start to ensue, the kids would remember and find a way to work out their differences before we had to intervene!

    4 years ago

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    lauraprentice says:

    When I was little my mom would pack my brothers and I special activity bags for long cars trips (of which there were a lot). We'd wake up early, and run out to the car to find a drawstring bag that she had sewn for each of us and packed with snacks, a new box of crayons, a coloring book, a little toy, car bingo, a Barbie, or Mad Libs. There was always one new thing that made the long trip a little bit more special and interesting!

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