Yearly Archives: 2011

The Etsy Blog handmade and vintage goods

Come Craft With Us in Brooklyn and Australia

No mountain nor valley nor ocean will keep you from a festive hands-on workshop! handmade and vintage goods

Shipping Strategies for Vintage Sellers

Replacing broken or lost-in-the-mail items is rarely an option for vintage sellers. Learn from the community with these tips for wrapping it up right. handmade and vintage goods

Iconic Gift Ideas

Nerd Boyfriend brings Carl Sagan, James Dean and Ernest Hemingway to life with an icon-inspired gift guide. handmade and vintage goods

Who Put the Steam in Steampunk?

While most known for its retro-futuristic aesthetic, the steampunk movement offers an illuminating lesson in energy consumption for this day and age. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: The Sketchbook of Susan Kare

The lone artist behind’s Apple’s powerful user interface proves that there’s more to a painter than her canvas. handmade and vintage goods

Featured Seller: Tinder and Bloom

“I love making beautiful objects that serve a functional purpose in our everyday lives.” — Suzanne Allen handmade and vintage goods

Handmade Code: BabyList

Are you putting together a baby registry? BabyList can help! handmade and vintage goods

Editors’ Picks: Gifts for the Finicky

What do you get the aunt with a novelty-cow-collecting problem? Something unexpected, that’s what. handmade and vintage goods

The Challenge of Designing Non-Latin Typefaces

While the printing press revolutionized one half of the world, it left another struggling to adapt.

How-Tuesday: Make a Pyramid Gift Box

Gift wrapping should be just as interesting and heartfelt as the present within. handmade and vintage goods

Help Wanted: Intern for Etsy’s Blog

Do you enjoy big ideas, Oxford commas, clever Photoshop layouts, and the notion of a new economy? handmade and vintage goods

Quit Your Day Job: Son of a Sailor

“Owning your own business means that instead of working 40 hours for someone else, you’re working 80 hours for yourself.” — William and Jessica handmade and vintage goods

Just-Right Gifts Under $50

Overwhelmed by gift giving? Today Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo homes in on the just-so gifts for the season. handmade and vintage goods

Gift Guide for the Broken Ones

Gifts for the hopelessly angry, for the malcontent, for hearts with bills to pay. handmade and vintage goods

Featured Seller: Gingiber

“I do my best work when an idea materializes rather quickly.” — Stacie Bloomfield