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James Victore Knows Where Great Ideas Happen handmade and vintage goods

James Victore is hell-bent on world domination and, if you ask him, he’s just getting started. The self-taught, independent artist’s work is represented in museums from Paris and New York to Zurich and Amsterdam. And now Etsy.

This month, we’re incredibly honored to feature an exclusive James Victore design as part of our Twitter Artist Series. Per usual, the design is available as a free download for mobile and desktop devices (available formats below). But first, let’s get to know James Victore.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I tend to wake early. I like to use my morning time for reading and studying. I read philosophy and business books to maintain my status as a student. My assistant, Chris, rolls in around 10:30 and we go over the order of the day. Generally we take lunch outside of the studio, which is very important. We go to restaurants that have paper on the table and really bad wine. This is where all the great ideas happen. We quit work around 5, then I have some time to myself to write or play on different projects. I’ll have an evening with my wife, Laura, and son, Luca. Then early to bed. 

How did you translate your enthusiasm for design into a career?
I had no choice. The hard part was trying to get paid to do what I love, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the work.

What is something (websites, music, products, etc.) you absolutely love right now and why?
We always have music playing in the studio. We like a wide range of artists, from Dylan and Cash to Florence and the Machine and Carla Bruni.

What would you say are the biggest challenges that face designers today?
The hardest thing to do in any life is “know thyself.” For a designer or artist, the process is to reveal the true self out from under the ego, and get it out in the world. I find that when I am truly making from my heart, people have a greater response to it. If we make for the “market,” then we are pandering. Making what you truly love is difficult.

Talk to us a bit about the design you created for our Twitter Artist Series. 
Oddly enough, I started out making images that I thought others would like, until I was able to relax (with a reminder from Chris and my wife) and make what I wanted to make. We ended up with a lovely page of type sketches in pencil.

What’s something people probably don’t know about you?
I’m a nice guy.

What’s next for James Victore?
I am writing another book, a follow-up to my first, Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?The new book channels my love of philosophy and life lessons through the prism of graphic design. 

Pick up your free mobile or desktop download of James’ exclusive design below. Be sure to check out James’s sweet Etsy shop.

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1.  Pick your device above and save the image to your computer. 
2.  Sync your device and click the photo tab to include your pretty new wallpaper. 
3.  After syncing, view the photo and click the lower left button to use as wallpaper.
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