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Gifts for the Cat Lover handmade and vintage goods

Jen McCabe is the writer behind dreamy fashion and lifestyle blog Honey Kennedy. She lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with a husband who has an “old man” hat obsession and a disarmingly cute dog named after a troubled flapper. Jen loves featuring emerging designers, hosting giveaways, talking about old movies, Portland, vintage treasure, friends and food. When she isn’t blogging you can find her blathering away on Twitter, making music mixes for you on 8tracks, snapping photos of her home on Instagram, and pinning on Pinterest.

I’d say that 75% of my friends are “cat people.” I am now a “dog person,” but I have crowned myself an honorary cat person. While I haven’t owned my own kitty friend in 8 years (damn allergies!), I live vicariously through the kitties of my friends. I thought it would be nice to gather together a bunch of lovely things that I think those cat-loving, cat-obsessed friends would be excited to receive as gifts.

And let’s be honest — this took a while. Have you ever searched “cat” on Etsy? BE CAREFUL. If you do it, you will fall down a rabbit hole — and that rabbit hole is FULL of cats. It’s just more evidence that cats own the Internet and that their plan to take over the world is going as planned.

I hope you like my picks! Happy holidays!

GLAMOUR Cat: [1. 1950s Cat Eye Frames from sevenbc 2. 1980s Cat Sweater from SpoonBreadVintEdge 3. Vintage Cheetah Hat from HouseofEloiseVintage 4. Kitty Locket/Secret Compartment Necklace from LabyrinthVintage 5. 14k Gold Baby Kitten Ring from Michelle Chang Jewelry 6. Picasso Cats Tote from Leah Goren 7. Winter Kitty Perfume Oil from ForStrangeWomen 8. Vintage Cheetah Dress from AnotherSeason; 9. Vintage Cheetah Bracelet from TinTiara]

Here is a little roundup of fancy feline garb and a perfume. I have a few cat lady friends that would love a number of these pretty things. You could totally fit your catnip in that giant cat pendant!

PAINTERLY Cat: [1. I Am A Lion Print from Corduroy 2. Limited Edition Ocelot Print from Sarah McNeil 3. Typography Art Print from AshleyG 4. Vintage Kitten Paint-By-Numbers from Splinkville 5. Custom Pet Oil Portrait from katep 6. Dream Cats 2012 Calendar from Fieldguided 7. Cat Clock Print from CaitlinShearer]

Most cat lovers love to hang cat-related things on their walls at home and at work. These are also the places where they spend 52,394,816 hours a week looking at photos of cats on the Internet.

SCULPTURAL Cat: [1. Mid-Century Brass Cats from TheWhitePepper 2. Vintage Glass Kitty Figurine from TheVintageApartment 3. Triple Totem Kitty from Melabo 4. White Ceramic Kitty Trinket Box from VintageGoodness 5. Vintage Aldo Londi Cat Sculpture from from midmodmomstore 6. Vintage Cast Iron Cat Dish from WestVintageTradingCo 7. Porcelain Cat Napkin Rings from LayeredLiving 8. Modernist Austrian Brass Cat from BitofButter]

Because they are sleek and enchanting, it is nice to have plenty of cat sculptures and figurines for your mantle or cat altar(s).

HOUSE Cat: [1. Modern Cat Tree from danchanand 2. Kuddle Kitty Pink Cat Water Bottle from kccaseyfinds 3. Vintage Miaou Book from KentonCollectibles 4. Meow Mitts Knitting Pattern from TinyOwlsMagicAttic 5. Hot Pink Crocheted Catnip Mouse from JennsMinis 6. Handmade Modern Plywood Pet Bed from AtomicAttic 7. Crocheted Cotton Cat Bed from ModernCat 8. Marbled Cat Coasters--Set of 4 from shopannya]

Here are some cozy things for a winter evening at home with your cat… reading books to your cat… knitting mittens that your cat can relate to… coasters for highballs of cream… a tree for parties… cozy beds… and a catnip toy to set the tone.

Thanks so much for reading my post! Please come say hello over on Honey Kennedy!

P.S. Thank you to my awesome friend, Anna, who helped make the fancy headers!

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Jen McCabe is the writer behind the dreamy blog Honey Kennedy. She lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with a husband who has an “old man” hat obsession and a disarmingly cute dog named after a troubled flapper.