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Get the Look Decor: Eclectic Comforts handmade and vintage goods

ChristineThis weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the stylish Buffalo, NY home of Kathi Roussel. Kathi and her husband Peter have created a textured, patterned home that beautifully displays their artwork, antiques and family heirlooms. Check out my interview with Kathi below and visit her on Flickr for more inspiring photos.

Where and with whom do you live?
My husband and I live in Buffalo, NY with our 9-year-old son, our three cats, and two older sons who are finishing up college and come and go as time allows. Within the centrally located, historic section of the city, we own a building that houses some wonderful businesses at street level, and we live above. Nearly all of the labor involved in the 2-3 month demolition and renovation from floor to ceiling was done by us and a small group of hired friends and helpers.

Blue Cream Upcycled Cabinet

By hammerandhandimports, $593.

Folk Art Wood Carved Female

By retrogoround, $29.

IKAT Print Pillow Cover

By elegantouch, $45.

Turkish kilims cube stool

By nubella, $320.

Chromolithograph of Chairs

By bananastrudel, $40.


By mausart, $175.

Nature encaustic painting

By jamieribisi, $75.

Handwoven Ikat Textile

By amyjodesigns, $85.

Hand Stenciled Fern Pillow

By NorthCountryComforts, $23.

Blue Carved Salt-fired Bottle

By sarahspottery, $45.

Describe your home decorating style.
I have a completely eclectic taste. I love so many time periods and styles that I find myself incapable of drawing the line. Our space has a more modern feel, but we have antiques and vintage finds mixed in everywhere. For instance, we have a wonderful Chinese opium bed that sits in the dining area that’s become everyone’s favorite place to read, and a beautiful hand-carved Chinese chest that holds all of my grandmother’s glassware and dishes. But then again,  we also have a bright orange mid-century couch and chair that I found in a local vintage store.

farmhouse table & benches

By matthewholdren, $1900.

Antique Chinese Cabinet

By 86ForTheHome, $1650.

5 Pheasant Tail Feathers

By BearyBox, $4.20.

vintage glass dome

By Harmonicajane, $20.

Rustic Metal Tin Canisters

By TheOrangeCollective, $14.50.

handmade paper vessel

By raphaelamccormack, $700.

Double Sided Chalkboard

By littleveggievintage, $66.

Horse Hair Barber’s Brush

By jerushad, $26.

Did you decide to decorate in a particular style or was there an evolution to your decorating process?
The place has evolved over time — a few things get replaced here and there or a wonderful piece is discovered and added. The floors are all plywood, so we painted them in some areas with patterns and colors. We have a more neutral palette  on the walls to balance the activity on the floor. Since I own a vintage shop, I can visit with things and then say goodbye. This helps to prevent the place from becoming too cluttered. Someday I’d love to add a modern fireplace, redo the kitchen, open up the bathroom and add a freestanding tub — but those are a long way off.

Modern Inspired Lounger

By FlotsamFurniture, $400.

Custom Steel and Marble Table

By steelcreationsbycole, $395.

Crescent Wrapped

By ExcessoriesKC, $700.

Two Throw Pillow Covers

By CoupleHome, $37.50.

Granny Square Blanket

By Thesunroomuk, $75.31.

wood bench with hairpin legs

By UrbanWoodGoods, $245.

Wall Hanging ‘Lost’

By spacesinbetween, $2000.

Vintage 1950s Orange Sofa

By thevintagesupplyco, $950.

What inspires you when it comes to decorating?
I adore patterns and color, textured and time-worn surfaces, and I love contrasts: modern and rustic, formal and casual, quiet and busy. My husband’s paintings and children’s artwork are everywhere,  along with my ceramic sculptures. Sometimes I’d love to just paint everything white from floor to ceiling and enjoy a totally serene environment. If I could, I’d redo everything every year!

Brighton Beach Chair

By gallantandjones, $215.

Time Travel – Abstract Painting

By colorpoetry, $55.

abstract sketch332

By sjkim, $55.


By ellisonbaypottery, $600.


By KSHull3, $20.

Purple Aura

By 1bluetree, $20.

Steamboat Pencil Sharpener

By northbrooklyndrygood, $12.

vintage beaded moccasin

By yosalvovendo, $9.

What is your favorite part about your home?
What I like best about our place is that it has a somewhat open floor plan. While we had to close in some areas to create rooms for children and work, we have very few doors and a nice flow that keeps the space from feeling small. I also love the sweet little Japanese garden that we designed and installed ourselves.

Aluminum Painting

By LibSterArt, $170.

Chinese Entry Table

By sprucehome, $495.

Hand Carved Man Standing

By TheBelizeProject, $15.

crochet ‘granny’ cushion cover

By EmmaLamb, $95.40.

Industrial Folding Chairs

By shopthevintagepeach, $60.

Cumulonimbus Sculpture

By nicolepangas, $200.

Vintage Black Steel Bucket

By TheLinnetsWing, $18.

Alder Burl Sculpture

By woodstones, $296.

Does you home hold any strong memories?
Along with all of the work that we’ve put into our place, I had a home birth here with our youngest son. We had a birthing pool set up in the front area of the space and it was one of the most beautiful experiences we could have hoped for. Our home resonates with a lot of family history.

Apple Green Trellis Pillows

By PillowThrowDecor, $22.

Geometric Decorative Pillow

By thecottagecupboard, $42.95.

Restored Poplar Bench

By HistoricalSalvage, $195.

Stacked Circle End Table

By funwithpuns, $225.

SPORES by Brooke Wandall

By VedaArts, $60.

Set Throw Pillow Covers

By Putucos, $50.

Katelyn’s Shaker Basket

By joannascollections, $38.

Painted Metal Shelf

By A2homemade, $300.

Aside from being an amazing artist and decorator, Kathi also runs two shops on Etsy. Check out her beautiful jewelry line at kathiroussel or visit 5gardenias for incredible vintage home decor and accessories. Stop by Kathi’s blog, Grindstone Girl’s Daily, for even more decorating inspiration.


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