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A Story of Character Development handmade and vintage goods

Catherine Green, also known as Wolf Eyebrows, is a copywriter and editor of the online magazine NICE. She also contributes to BKFST, a Tumblr that celebrates eggs, bacon and other delicious breakfasts. She lives in South Africa and loves a good cup of tea.

I majored in English literature at university, so I chose three well-known literary characters as inspiration for this list. The literary line-up of Miss Havisham, Daisy Buchanan and Captain Ahab gave me the opportunity to showcase the wealth of unusual, beautiful and interesting things that Etsy has on offer. I hope you enjoy it.



Miss Havisham

[1. Antique Victorian lace handkerchief from FrenchFrouFrou; 2. Eye, Herkimer oxidized sterling silver ring by mirta; 3. Silk tulle with lace trim veil by Twigs & Honey; 4. Vintage Russian mechanical alarm clock from Euro Vintage; 5.  Fox groom sparrow bride cake topper by Melabo; 6. For Emily wedding dress by The English Dept

Miss Havisham is one of Charles Dickens’ most striking characters in Great Expectations. Havisham is a wealthy spinster, who lives in a dilapidated mansion with her young niece Estella. Her ghostly likeness and bitter disposition is the result of being left at the altar as a young woman. Miss Havisham creates a museum to her broken heart by freezing the moment of her betrayal. She stops the clocks, leaves the wedding feast to rot and lives in her wedding dress. This Etsy list is inspired by Miss Havisham’s more sinister take on weddings and marriage in general.


Daisy Buchanan

[1. White cloche with royal felt button by Behida Dolic Millinery; 2. Vintage goose feather shuttlecocks from KitchFish; 3. 1920s Vintage Photograph from Ephemera Obscura; 4. 1920s early flapper dress pattern from New Vintage Lady; 5. Multi-string pearl necklace by Lola M Designs; 6. Vintage 1920s silk day dress from The Vintage Department

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is a cynical snapshot of New York high society during the 1920s. Daisy Buchanan is at the centre of this opulent world of parties, pearls and Pimm’s. She is a beautiful but vapid socialite who is fixated on wealth and status. This list plays to all things Daisy.

Captain Ahab

[1. The Seaas tote by Lizzy Stewart; 2. Cloud-yellow tie dyed cotton scarf by Dear June; 3. Scrimshaw stockman pocketknife by Linda Layden; 4. The Barnacle Whale illustration by Native Vermont Studio

Captain Ahab is one of the central characters of Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. He is driven by an irrational obsession to kill an elusive sperm whale called Moby Dick, who maimed him in an earlier voyage. Ultimately, Ahab meets his death because he is unable to relinquish his desire for revenge. This nautical-inspired collection is curated with Ahab in mind.

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