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UK Trends With Gemma Cartwright of Big Girls Browse handmade and vintage goods

London-based writer, Gemma Cartwright, is best known for creating the fashion blog Catwalk Queen, which she edited until early 2009. She is now editor of celebrity site The Nod and has recently launched a new style blog with a twist, Big Girls Browse. As stated on the site, “Big Girls Browse isn’t a plus size site. It’s for any woman who doesn’t fit the model norm. It aims to bridge the gap between mass-market fashion and specialist stores for those who are somewhere in between.”

Gemma contributes to various other websites, including Domestic Sluttery and Dorkadore. She tweets as @GemmaCartwright and also has a personal blog.

It may be a massive cliché, but I am not your typical fashionista. When I edited a mainstream fashion website, I often felt like the elephant in the room, literally! Everything was designed with tiny women in mind and I couldn’t help thinking, “What about me?”

My measurements are almost identical to the national average (which is approximately a UK size 16) so I’m clearly not alone in how I feel. That’s the reason I started Big Girls Browse. I wanted to prove that it doesn’t matter what size you are, you can still look fabulous. My love of clothes can be traced back to the many hours I spent as a child dressing up in my mom’s cast-offs. I suppose I never really grew out of it. Even now, you can always count on me to be the most overdressed person in a room. I like to have fun and make a statement.

I love Mad Men‘s Joan Holloway, Zooey Deschanel and Glee‘s Emma Pillsbury. That’s 1/3 bombshell, 1/3 fairy princess and 1/3 prim and proper — an interesting combination, and I’m sure you’ll see examples of it through my choices below. I’ve tried to highlight a combination of things I love and and up-and-coming trends. I hope you like my finds!

Vintage Lace Silk Top

The catwalks were full of lace trims and underwear-as-outerwear for spring, and this top from prizysebastian interprets the look perfectly. Vintage lace on chiffon, this is crying out to be layered over a vintage slip or cami. $95.



The Seas Be Ours

High Street stores are currently jam-packed with nautical-inspired fashion (again!) but all those anchors and red and blue stripes can get boring. This UntamedMenagerie ship necklace takes it to the next level. What a talking point! $18.


Spot the butterfly Wooden Pendant Necklace

I’ve collected things with butterflies since I was a kid, and I love seeing a new take on the winged creatures. gossimarwings make these wood pendants with vintage imagery, giving them a rustic feel which really appeals to me. $25.

Gilded Birdcage Skinny Leggings Concrete

It took me a long time to succumb to the legging revival — the bold, shiny and patterned leggings are still too much for me and my chunky thighs! branchhandmade‘s pretty printed ones are far more my style. I love this birdcage print, which would be perfect under a casual black jersey dress. $29.


FABULOUS 1940s PURPLE day dress

Oh, to have a 25″ waist! The first thing I’d reach for is this fabulous wiggle dress from TheAwakeningIngenue. Everything about it is perfect — the cut, the colour and the way it clings to every curve. It’s also extremely reasonably priced for 1940s vintage! $65.

Rose Sparrow … Steampunk

I recently went to a steampunk exhibition and completely fell in love with the style. There are loads of Etsy sellers doing amazing things in the genre, but my favourite is JewelsByNature, because the pieces still look delicate and feminine. This sparrow pendant is currently top of my wish-list. $38.


Sequins worn as daywear is a trend that’s going nowhere, and this boxy top from dirtybettyvintage is a great way to try it without going too bright. I’d layer this over a black dress. $15.

Oh La La Maillot – Custom Sized

missbrache makes the most amazing rockabilly dresses and pin-up style swimsuits, and I’ve been coveting her Ooh La La Maillot for ages. She also caters up to a size 24, which is great because I know I’m not the only curvy woman who loves this style! $115.

Drink Me Alice In Wonderland Locket Charm Necklace

With Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland about to hit cinema screens in the UK, Wonderland jewellery is everywhere. But hoolala designer Samantha has been doing quirky charm jewellery based on the Lewis Carrol books for years. Still the original and the best, I think! $44.

i’ll fly away – a butterfly comb

Now everyone and their auntie is wearing fascinators to weddings, I’m looking for something a bit different for the next one I attend. thehoneycomb has all kinds of beautiful offerings, from garlands to clips and combs. Of course, I had to go for the butterflies! $30.

silk dress in gray

Only on Etsy could you find a unique, fully lined silk dress for $59! I love the draping and pleating on this dress by YongS, and grey is an eternally stylish colour. I’d team it with bold accessories — maybe coral or yellow — and killer patent heels.

one origami crane

I’d buy things from SeaUnicorn‘s shop purely because of the gorgeous photography, but luckily the whimsical jewellery lives up to its setting. This origami crane reminds me of some much pricier jewellery I saw in a Paris museum gift shop. $27.

Pheasant on the lake, painted peep toes, custom made shoes

I’m a sucker for crazy shoes. Friends send me pictures of the most ostentatious ones they can find knowing I’ll love them. So when I discovered hand-painted shoes on Etsy, I was in my element. These pheasant feather peep toes by norakaren are my fave and would look great with a pencil skirt and the next item… $90.


You’d have to have been living under a rock not to notice the plethora of printed, patterned and textured tights and stockings currently filling the shelves. Hosiery is hot, and nobody does it better than post. The peacock feather print tights (up to an XL) are great, but there are also octopi, butterflies, swirls and flowers. $23.

The Landon Cowl

It’s absolutely freezing in London right now, so I couldn’t finish without mentioning one piece of cosy knitwear. I used to knit a lot but barely have the time anymore, so I’m happy to invest in other people’s hard work! I love the bold colour of this chunky knit cowl by loloandlily. $47.


Many thanks to Gemma for sharing her picks with us during London Fashion Week. Take a peek at the latest normal-sized fashion news over at Big Girls Browse!

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    Oh, to be able to squeeze into that purple dress - amazing find, Gemma! I love the lacy silk top too.

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    LustreBeads says:

    Beautiful picks, I adore the lace top and swimsuit. Very tempting indeed and Gemma is spreading a very valuable message :)

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    LHogan says:

    Great article! I love all fashion that draws some inspiration from Mad Men. The necklaces are fantastic!

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    CatzillaCrafts says:

    wow the pin up style bathing suit is gorgeous! Wish I could pull that off!

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    SeaUnicorn takes gorgeous pics of her jewelry! Great finds!!!

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    FerntreeStudio says:

    I love the butterfly fascinator. So many of them look like you plucked a bird and stapled it to your head, these butterflies look like they landed there because they wanted to! lol

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    urbanknitfits says:

    great article and stunning pieces, all so lovely! Love Gemma's mission behind her fashion blog! Another fab UK etsy blog, thanks so much.

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  • asundrynotion

    asundrynotion says:

    Some lovely picks but choosing a totally bargain basement priced, made in China silk dress for $59.00 as an example was a very poor choice that undermines the efforts of legitimate artisans trying to earn a living wage from their handmade art & craft. To say that 'only on Etsy' could you find this is a disservice to the entire Etsy & designer/craftsman community. What were you thinking? Etsy is not, nor should it become an eBay or WalMart.

    5 years ago

  • luvlycake

    luvlycake says:

    Love this article. :)

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  • ShinyGemma

    ShinyGemma says:

    asundrynotion, that's a fair point and I apologise. I didn't notice where that dress was made - if I had, it would have set alarm bells ringing. I'm used to the mass-produced stuff being badly photographed and less imaginative than the above, but I should have looked more closely before I added it to my picks. Lesson learned. I tried hard to find a mix of items in different price ranges, and there are a lot of legitimate sellers offering things at very reasonable prices (hence the 'only on etsy' comment - I believe most sellers offer great value). I wasn't trying to undermine the work that all the amazing creative people on etsy do, and hope my other choices make up for that mistake.

    5 years ago

  • wuvvlepop

    wuvvlepop says:

    Gorgeous items! Exactly the kind of style of love! and yey for women with curves :)

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  • wuvvlepop

    wuvvlepop says:

    asundrynotion I think what you said is quite insulting to both the person who created that dress and to every other Etsian who likes to sell their items at reasonable prices. I find it much more insulting when i find someone who is selling a dress that cost them $20 to make at $300. Gemma was reflecting the needs and the bank balances of the average shopper.

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  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit says:

    I'm US size 16 and love all the glam styles, colors, textures and accessories. You who design clothes for runways inspire me. Those designers that take the concepts and adapt them for the 99% of the other sized shaped women of the world will get my attention because you help me be beautiful for me. Those who design for "other" sizes AND have reasonable prices will get my dollar because I don't have a model's salary. That said, I need all of you!!! All designers are important on etsy because you all have something wonderful to offer: handmade unique designs creative beautiful and etsy!!!

    5 years ago

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie says:

    great article Amity...and super choices. Most women are not a size 0...that's for sure. As a former movie costumer, I feel I know a bit about it. Rejoice average sized gals!

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  • rakshniyavintage

    rakshniyavintage says:

    I love the "1/3 bombshell, 1/3 fairy princess and 1/3 prim and proper" combo! :) I think it's my favorite combo as well. Every girl needs a little vixen and a little school girl in her :)

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    It would be so amazing to find a curvier girl for my clothes. I guess that will be next on my to do list. I think the idea of creating clothes for 'the norm' as opposed to the exceptionally skinny is fantastic. It's actually what I try to do, but I need a model who makes that fact more obvious. ;D

    5 years ago

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  • YongS

    YongS says:

    I FELT VERY HURT In China: Average salary: 300$/month A KFC burge: 2 dollars A meter of fabric for this dress: 3 dollars(i guess it should be over 10 dollars in U.S) My average income each month is 700 dollars. It is low compair to Americans, But i am quite happy that i can earn more than some people in China.. And i am quite happy that i could sell this dress for 59$. i am just a poor tailor, who is trying hard to make a living. asundrynotion,I did feel hurt when i read "set an alarm " to my dress. I think those person who are not welcomed should be those who take mass-making clothes, and claimed that they make it. But not those who work hard to make a thing, and sell it at a reasonable price. I am sorry that some of our Chinese may ruin our reputation of hand-making things. But as a Chinese seller who did making non-mass making things, we expect we could also receive respect, and get the same opportunities as you do. i love Etsy, and a lot of sellers are very creative. I wish i could also be one of you, and be welcomed by you. best wishes to everyone.

    5 years ago

  • TheVintageApartment

    TheVintageApartment says:

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  • indigohorizons

    indigohorizons says:

    Hooray for Gemma and Big Girls Browse! I'm not what I would call "fat", but clothes shopping always makes me feel just that and so I've come to think of myself that way. In most labels a size "L" is not large at all, and many, many makers cater exclusively to the thin. I too adore gorgeous clothes, and find it so depressing to see something I love and would love to wear sized only for the tiny. Etsy isn't immune unfortunately with many makers/sellers ignoring the market for women who don't fit model sizing. A plea to all makers - consider making for all women. Thanks Gemma - inspiring!

    5 years ago

  • KarensLoom

    KarensLoom says:

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  • TexstyleTextures

    TexstyleTextures says:

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    5 years ago

  • LoopDeeDoo

    LoopDeeDoo says:

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  • PyxusPassionProject

    PyxusPassionProject says:

    Fantastic finds! And I love the "1/3 bombshell, 1/3 fairy princess and 1/3 prim and proper" combo! Also have to say that people shouldn't just assume that because a product is 'made in china' that it was made in a traditional factory. As a designer who's worked in the fashion industry and traveled to these factories and countries that "sell for cheap" I know that there are also legitimate designers that work in that part of the world - who just don't have the same financial circumstances that we do in North America! Maybe this designer doesn't realize that this kind of dress could sell for more but maybe this is also the value she has put to it for a reason. Let's be fair to all sellers.. we know how hard it is to make garments and start a business. YongS - please know that you are welcome here - everyone has a fair chance to succeed here on Etsy.

    4 years ago

  • freshpikd4u

    freshpikd4u says:

    Great finds; thanks for the nod to plus-sized gals!

    4 years ago