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UK Style: Get Nailed handmade and vintage goods


Nail art is no new concept in the U.S., but it appears we have been lagging behind, UK. Tut-tut.

If the rumours are to be believed, nails are the next big thing this side of the Atlantic. Lucky then that I’m here to show you how the trendsetters are doing it, along with some handy tips for carrying the key themes into your entire wardrobe and home for an instant update.

You can go as subtle or outrageous as you like — the latter being an exciting way to express your more daring side without giving your colleagues the impression you’ve shown up for work after an all-night fancy dress party.

The era of the “It Bag” has been laid to rest by a most unlikely contender — and at a snip of the price, too.

Photos via Marie Claire and stardustandseaquins

Our very own Alexa Chung knows how to rock matte pastels. Here she is, off-beat to a tee, sporting my personal favourite hue — a chalky turquoise. When used sparingly, subtle sorbet shades stand out as if they were brights.

The Techtherapy Wrap

By moocowhandknits, $90.

Vintage Necklace Lucite

From JANETLILY, $30.

Lilac Love Earrings

By lazygiraffe, $22.

Cherry Blossom Acrylic Nails

By lisaddie, $7.20.

kids resin bangle seagreen

By whizzbangle, $18.

Leading Lady Wire Necklace

By rachellucie, $54.

3 Very Tiny Pink Embroidery Frames

From Overspill, $7.

Elastic Harness – Green Stripes 

By iheartnorwegianwood, $45.

Vintage Mint Green Cardigan

From hellodarlingvintage, $19.

SORBET necklace

By louloudo, $10.

Sea Foam Fused Glass Studs

By baydesign, $6.50.

Spring Breeze – Handmade Nails

By Nevertoomuchglitter, $15.

Silk and Cashmere Set

By FoundryDesign, $154.

Driftwood, handspun yarn

By Snowberrylime, $26.

Lorelei. Lilac Rose Necklace

By luxedeluxe, $42.

Vintage Lavender Clip On Earrings

From DamsonGin, $6.95.

Photos via WAH Nails

SuPa Nails puts the fun into falsies with custom designs and oodles of cuteness. Hand-painted nails are where it’s at, particularly the sugary-sweet, Japanese Kawaii inspired kind.

Strawberry nails

By StrawberryLatte, $12.

Kawaii Bunny pocket tee

By Yellony, $25.

Japanese Kawaii Love Party Kit

By paperglitter, $8.

Cute Handmade Panda Buttons

By titchables, $5.

Kira fimo nails

By Aya1gou, $15.

100 floppy slices for nail art.

By lenfima, $6.

Kawaii Cute Japanese Ring

By SouZouCreations, $8.50.

The Scream Handpainted Art Nails

By Nevertoomuchglitter, $23.

Super Cute Kawaii card

By askingfortrouble, $3.

Handmade Nail Art

By WhoDidUrNails, $15.

Lime green kawaii owl necklace

By byanne, $8.

Amigurumi Kawaii White Cup of Tea

By cutedesigns, $13.

Kawaii Muffin Shoes

By PimpMyBijoux, $35.

Kawaii Melondrop

By Melon1, $24.50.

Spring Fling Fake Nails

By bittenapple, $10.

Kawaii Kitty T

By namu, $25.

Images via the Debenhams Blog

A very mature version of Brit poplet Lily Allen here, modelling Chanel‘s shade of the season, Particulière.

Nude nails, a.k.a. “mannequin hands,” have been hot on the catwalk for SS/10, with some designers seeking out exact skin-tone matches for each of their runway models. The great news about a creamy beige, or even grey, is that it literally goes with everything and with the right styling can be ultra modern, as opposed to boring.

The Puff Bag

By yoguiana, $67.

Mannequin Hands Print

By damaged, $9.25.

Kodak Brownie Camera

By CB78, $65.

SALE Gold Bridal Fake Nails

By bittenapple, $7.

Taupe leather clutch with studs

By peppermintdesigns, $59.

Handmade Hydrangea Bag in Nude

By afropumpkin, $320.

vintage 1970s FAWN WEDGE

From greatestfriend, $45.

Vintage Nude Colour Pebble Brooch

From dukestreetduchess, $14.

Polymer Clay Cane – Nail Art

By MiniatureSweet, $2.95.

SALE…such a pretty thing…

By restlessthings, $4.50.

1930 richard hudnut lipstick tube

From ricracandbuttons, $8.99.

4 Small Peach and Cream Roses

From Overspill, $2.50.

Triple Classic Bow Brooch

By AAliciaAccessories, $55.

Cappuccino rose bib necklace

By MischaM, $45.

barn owl cotton bag

By katebroughton, $13.

Dainty Rose Nail Art From Japan

By Nevertoomuchglitter, $7.

Photos via WAH Nails

WAH Nails demonstrate their edgier side — bitchin’ nail bling is in! With this facet of the trend you can get away with being pretty freaking outrageous in small doses, keeping your trashy accents on the right side of chirony (chic irony).


By PeaKazzosEmporium, $20.99.

Purple Swirl Fake Nails

By bittenapple, $10.

Totally bling – resin heart necklace

By byanne, $16.

SALE Boombox/Ghetto Blaster Belt

By transaction, $50.

SOLID Bling.

By GlamRockEmporium, $1499.

Gold Woven Stitched Top

From bowsandarrowsvintage, $15.

poem trees, caribibean, nails art

By LynnsBoutique, $9.99.

1000 Bling Faceted Rhinestone

By PleaseComeIn, $6.75.

Big Knot ring, Gold

By machajewelry, $260.

Roppongi Nightlife Art Nails

By Nevertoomuchglitter, $17.

Loving the Leopard

By lucykitten, $15.


By missyindustry, $62.

Au Chemical Element Necklace

By finestimaginary, $12.

Bright Funky Compostion Nails

By ohsoglossy, $15.

Gorgeous Purple Nail Art Tips

By PinkyAnela, $18.

Vintage Gold Squares Necklace

From DamsonGin, $10.95.

Are you willing to embrace nail art as the next big thing? Is Chirony a legitimate word? Lets us know in the comments section below!

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