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UK Etsy Finds: Self Appreciation on Valentine’s Day handmade and vintage goods

Samantha Jones: “Yes, I love you! It’s just…I’m just gonna say the thing you’re not supposed to say: I love you but I love me more and I’ve been in a relationship with myself for forty nine years and that’s the one I need to work on.

Sex and The City: The Movie

When a friend posted the above quote from the first SATC movie on her Facebook page one Saturday morning (you know what’s coming, right?), I found myself sitting at my laptop, staring pensively out the window, asking: Does authentic self love make us selfish?

Self appreciation can take so many forms: a candlelit bubble bath when you’re feeling down, a marathon of your favourite TV programme, treating yourself to a couple of your Etsy Favorites, reading for hours on end or allowing yourself the time to delve into that creative project your crafty fingers have been itching for. Whatever your heart desires, whether you’re single or not, let’s take the time to show #1 a little love this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Boxed Heart Soap – Antique Blossom

By soapychica, $8.

Shabby Chic Cottage Style Rosebud Candle

By purplesparkle, $13.

Dreams – blank notebook

By nuvonova, $25.

Book hearts – 2 gocco printed bookmarks

By askingfortrouble, $3.25.

vintage. leather FAWN runched pumps

From LittleBeeVintage, $24.

Vintage 1980s earrings

From hedgerowfancies, $6.

Funky street,  set of 5 handmade  buttons

By hodgepodgearts, $15.

Oak Leaf Metal Cookie Cutter

By GreenRiverSupplies, $5.50.


Ego much, Original ACEO

By tinyminds, $12.


my secret self…original drawing…

By restlessthings, $95.

How are you going to appreciate you this Valentine’s Day?  Get creative and let us know in the comments section below!

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