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UK Edition: Photography Tips With heidiadnum, Part 1 handmade and vintage goods


Heidi_bio.jpgAustralian expat Heidi Adnum lives and works in London as a photographer of children and families, though she takes any opportunity to photograph food. She has two shops on Etsy heidiadnum and hellodarlingvintage. She also runs a photography and inspiration blog, La Isla Blogita.

It’s such a privilege to contribute to the blog. At the London Etsy Meet Up in April I had the opportunity to hear first-hand what photographic challenges some sellers are facing. In this article we’ll look at some excellent product photographs and talk about colour, light and reflection. I’ll offer tips and advice to help solve what seem to be the most common and specific product photography problems. My suggestions are straightforward and the great news is that you certainly don’t have to have a fancy camera or a huge budget to make them work for you.

Know Your Camera

“How do I…”

The first and the most important thing you can do to help your product photography is to read the camera manual. Boring, I know, but it’s worth it, as you need to know what your camera will and won’t do. There are lots of settings and terms, which can be confusing, but your manual will help with this. Visit the website of the manufacturer and also YouTube, as many manufacturers and photographers offer free online tutorials. This is great if, like me, you learn by seeing and doing after reading about it.

Etsy has so many excellent resources designed to help sellers, especially articles on product photography, including posts from guest photographers with some really helpful advice. You simply must check them out.

Graph Camera Print by CB78


“I’ve tried all the settings but I can’t get the colour right.”

Problems with colour are almost always the result of an incorrect exposure or white balance setting.

  • Exposure

To fix over or under-exposure you need to experiment with the features that your camera offers. Step away from the “automatic” setting! If your camera allows, the features you will need to use to manually alter exposure levels are shutter speed, depth of field/aperture, and ISO — these are the three elements that make up exposure. If your camera doesn’t allow for manual setting adjustment, then you can still try the other automatic settings, such as landscape, macro, etc. Also look for a feature called “exposure compensation,” as this will allow you to tell the camera to expose more or less than it normally would.

As a general rule, I suggest placing your product in a well-lit area, such as under a window or outside, and aim to shoot it using only natural light. This means turning off the flash and other lights, which is the best way to achieve a photograph that shows the true colour of your product.

Flash is great for product lighting, but small flashes (those on most digital compact cameras) can cause harsh shadows. I understand shooting with natural light alone is easier said than done, so more tips on lighting are coming right up…

  • White Balance

This setting tells the camera what is pure white. If the camera gets white right, then all the other colours follow. Find helpful advice on white balance in this article.

UK Postage Stamps – Queen in Multicolors from thriftypyg

One way to confuse the camera completely is to use two or more sources of light. For example, if you have turned on a household lamp (orange) and also use the camera flash (white) to take your photograph, you are mixing colours and probably casting a murky tint over your images. No matter how many times you change the white balance, the colour will never be quite right. Avoid this by using only one light source. For example, leave the lamp on but turn off the flash and set the white balance to “lamp” (or tungsten). Alternatively, turn off the lamp, leave the flash on and set the white balance to “flash.” The camera flash is daylight-balanced, so combining flash and natural light is also OK. If you cannot change the white balance setting in your camera, then ensure you use a single light source to avoid that murky colour cast.


“Should I use natural or artificial light?”

Given the choice between natural and artificial light, I recommend natural light. Natural light is unreliable, I know, but the good news is that there are simple techniques that will help you get the most out of whatever nature has sent. If you cannot use natural light, however, don’t worry, as there are more ways to improve product photos using flash and artificial light.

“I prefer to photograph outside, but it’s often too dark or raining. Help!”

Low-light or dull days don’t have to equal dull photographs. Excellent photography doesn’t have to be bright.

Garden Butterfly Card Set by RUBYrecycled

If you have increased your exposure time to let in more light, you need to keep the camera perfectly still to avoid blur. Can’t afford a tripod or a beanbag? Just use a pile of books or a bag of rice. Pop on the timer for an even sharper result.

Look closely at many excellent product photos and you may see a window in the reflection. This often means that whatever came through that window was the only source of light used to get that lovely image.

Vintage Red Apple Canister from ModishVintage

Rain can restrict outdoor photography, but don’t let it put you off as rainy days can still provide plenty of light. Invest in a sheet of clear plastic and rig it up outside (before the rain!). Allow enough room for you and your table to fit underneath.

Lyle by simplijessi

Reflect light onto your product by making your own reflector using a piece of card wrapped in tin foil. Allow the light to fall on your reflector and tilt it towards the unlit side of your product. White card will do the same thing but with a softer effect. This works for both natural light and flash photography.

Pyrex Mixing Bowl from rachiesplace

“I need to use the flash or go into the sun but that’s often too bright.”

If you need to use the flash but are finding it too strong or harsh, soften it by taking a sheet of white facial tissue and placing it over the flash. You may have to tape or tack the tissue to your camera if you don’t have a “pop-up” flash.

French Country Table Runner by myadobecottage

Bright, sunny days can hinder your photograph as much as low-light, because sunlight is very harsh and casts dark shadows. You can soften sunlight using a piece of sheer fabric. For indoor near-the-window- shots, hang the fabric over your window or, for outdoor shots, hang it on the clothesline between the sun and your product. Depending on the thickness of your fabric, you will have diffused the light and created softer highlights and shadows.

Pineapple Trinket Holder from LucyandEllen

When positioning your item outside in direct sunlight, soften the effect by shooting towards the sun, so that the sun is behind your product. Often this will create a warm glow around the edges. If the background is well-lit but the product is still too dark, try adding the flash. Remember, you can diffuse the flash if its effect is too strong.

Reflection and Translucence

  • Reflection

“How do I photograph my shiny product without showing my reflection?”

Reflection can be a good thing, as it can add lustre and dimension to inanimate objects, such as food or jewellery. It can also be a pain, though, when you’re photographing a print in a frame and you can’t see the print due to the bright glow from the flash!

An easy solution is to remove the glass or plastic cover, where possible. For other reflective surfaces try shooting from an angle. This might be slightly below or beside the object and also works for prints in frames when the glass can not be removed. Reflection will be reduced if you turn off the flash.

Robots in love screen print by mengseldesign

Too much light with your photographs of shiny products, most notably metals, will lack detail. Too little light and the lustre will fade. Achieve the right balance of light naturally using the tips above and add in a dark reflector. This can simply be piece of black or dark card held near one or both sides of the object. You will see the dark reflection on one edge of the product. This creates depth and contrast nicely with high-shine. Once again, turn off the flash and the texture and detail will show through perfectly.

Smiley Ring by toolisjewelry

The photographer’s reflection is a tricky one. If you take a closer look at the eyes of the model on any magazine cover, you’ll see a reflection of the photographer and lights. Any shiny/reflective surface that is square-on to the camera will reflect the lens/lighting/photographer, and this is difficult to avoid without digital editing. If it bothers you, consider zooming in so that the camera/lens is farther away. Use the timer so you can walk out of shot. Rest assured, though, that if your potential buyers are looking at a sharp, detailed and well-lit image, your reflection in the item would not be a problem.

White Twig with Pearl Ring by kathiroussel

  • Translucence

“How do I photograph semi-transparent products without making them look dull and flat?”

For shiny or semi-translucent items, such as gemstones, glass and metal, try to light them from behind. Get up close and keep the flash turned off. This technique is also handy to show depth and detail.

Rose Quartz Silver Necklace by GlitzGlitter

Thanks so much to Heidi for sharing her knowledge with us! Check out some of her food photography in the Seller’s Items and see more of her well-photographed Etsy picks in the Related Items below.

Coming up in Part 2, we’ll take a look at backgrounds, props, composition and scale.

Photography How-To’s | The Seller Handbook | UK Edition

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    If you're having problems with the weather shooting outdoors... which you will have due to rain, wind, sun, clouds... you know Mother nature... you can easily make an indoor setup very easily! For small products, a small table covered with a piece of plywood does the trick. Cover it with an appropriate cloth or paper background and tape it down so it doesn't move. Then get a white bed sheet and suspend it over your whole table so the edges go just below the tables edge. With today's cameras, pretty much all of them have color balance settings. Using inexpensive "work lights" you can get at anyn hardware or home center, a set of 2 or 3 work perfectly. With the bedsheet suspended over your product, shine your lights at the bedsheet (remember not to close to the sheet)... now put your camera on a tripod, set your camera to the "lightbulb" setting, lift a section of the sheet over your camera lens and see what you have. I do also recommend using a lens shade! Subtle movements of the lights are all you need. Position one of the lights behind and off to either side of your product for an edge highlight. If you are using 2 lights to light the front of your product,,,, move one further away and you will get a more 3D look. Now set your camera's lighting setting to indoor light which if you have just icons it will look like a light bulb... or set it by light temperature which is known as Kelvin. Your settings should be around 2800 degree - 4000 degree Kelvin all depending what light bulbs you chose to use (regular household bulbs are in the 23-3500K range and is why when you take a "normal" indoor picture you will get a yellow to brownish cast. Another way I have found to be VERY effective, especially shooting silverware is indirect or reflective lighting. Let me explain. Remove the sheet from your table and put it aside. Get a piece of 4'x8' of white foamcore. Holding it over your tabletop, lay the back edge of the foamcore on the table top and prop the front end up somewhere around 30 to 45 degrees from the table top. You can do this a number of ways... a few wooden dowels, clamps and a light stand, what have you. Clamp or tape the back of the foamcore down so it doesn't move because you'll want to change the angle according to the product. Let's say we are shooting a set of silverware, With your set of siverware setup under the foamcore and nicelt placed on your background, set up your lights. This might sound a little funny but once you see what you get in camera... you'll be amazed! Your camera is on a tripod with camera on it looking down on your product. Now your light placement will be just at tables edge shining up onto the inside of the foamcore! Look in your camera, move the lights around a little and see that your seeing ALL the detail in your silverware... with NO hotsopts. Detail in the tines of the forks, detail in the ornate handles and low and behold... detail in your knife and spoons... with no hotspots! That's what we call "reflective lighting". I have been photographing products for years as aside from my woodworking, I'm a commercial photographer by trade. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give me a shout! I'm Scott Walton at Walton Woodworks here on Etsy. Cheers

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