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Random Acts of Kindness Week With Heidi Burton handmade and vintage goods

Having always had an affinity for typographic affirmations, fellow UKer and artist, Heidi Burton, contributed to Underground Art School magazine in 2008. Ever since she’s been illustrating similar subject matter with a trademark wit and playful innocence that I’ve come to know with great fondness since Heidi opened her Etsy shop in July 2009.

When she was recently invited by Gretchin Anderson of the Undercover Kindness Blog to take part in Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 15-21), she jumped at the chance to be involved and was so enthused that she also wanted to help spread the word about this grassroots movement throughout Etsyland.

Today, as part of her ongoing journey with kindness and thoughtfulness as inspiration, Heidi shares tips and encouragement for all of us on ways to jump on board the feel-good bandwagon.

Heidi’s printable PDF sheet of ten business-sized cards, especially designed for this week, is available for free download from the Undercover Kindness blog. She says, “These can be handed out to friends, strangers, left in public places, and hidden in secret places — in an attempt to spread happiness. Sharing is caring!”

Photos from Heidi on Flickr

“So shines a good deed in a weary world.”William Shakespeare

What are random acts of kindness?

The phrase “practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty” was first coined by peace activist Anne Herbert. Acts of kindness involve being proactively nice. They can be organised or spontaneous, large or small, anonymous or face-to-face. The point is to give selflessly and evoke happiness in others without wishing for anything in return.

The Kindness Offensive are a fantastic example of human beings who believe in giving and sharing. The collective from London has taken acts of kindness a step further, bringing together communities and encouraging others to join in with fun and inspiring activities. Their aim is to “demonstrate that kindness is more than just a nice ideal, it’s actually a viable way of existing in the real world.” This video shows more about their ethos and random acts of kindness on an industrial scale:

The Free Hugs Campaign is another great example of giving and sharing. Founder Juan Mann started a Free Hugs movement and seeks volunteers across the globe to offer free hugs to strangers. Quoting from his website, In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.”

Free Hugs Campaign International France [via Juan Mann on Flickr]

Free Hugs Campaign International Australia [via Juan Mann on Flickr]

Other kindly people include Melissa Morris Ivone from the blog Operation Nice where you can discover lots of fantastic ideas about spreading kindness, and Amanda Oaks and Jenn Gibson at Kind Over Matter whose blog is dedicated to
“kind acts, inspirational art and kind projects,” with a focus on the handmade community.

So, what can we do?

Random acts of kindness can be anything from smiling at a stranger, listening to someone, or giving a sincere compliment, to being a volunteer, making donations, or organising events. Operation Nice has a great list of reader suggestions for kind acts we can perform on a daily basis. Being lovely doesn’t cost anything other than a little spare time, and if it’s doing something you enjoy then it’s time well spent.

The handmade community is a fantastic place to encourage and share with others. I recommend reading this blog post about The Sneak Attack, the story of how Etsian Michael Phipps, a.k.a. phippsart, nurtured his idea for people to sneakily buy en masse from new Etsy shops via the Handmade Movement website. It’s even more enjoyable when kindness comes as a surprise!

Through Etsy we can encourage and support each other in the fora, we can promote each other through our blogs and social networks. We can endeavour to treat our customers kindly with the best service they are ever going to receive, and beautiful packages. We can go that step further and make someone’s day! We can also encourage kindness through our work, as many already do. It would be lovely to hear of the random acts of kindness the Etsy community have been on the receiving end of!

I will leave you with this quote from the Dalai Lama: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

Further resources:
The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation
Help Others
The Hunger Site
Do-it (UK volunteering)

Many thanks to Heidi for telling us about this wonderful movement.

Check out her picks in the Related Items.

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 We look forward to hearing about your big or small plans for Random Acts of Kindness Week!

Let us know in the comments section below.

  • VixVintage

    VixVintage says:

    I love this, thanks so much!

    5 years ago

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    KOALACaddie says:

    It doesn't cost a nickel to be kind.

    5 years ago

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    birdie1 says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I go forth!

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    Thank you, thank you! This is awesome!

    5 years ago

  • organicquiltcompany

    organicquiltcompany says:

    Thanks for the great article. It is inspiring to think what a difference a smile can make to someone's day!

    5 years ago

  • yumptatious

    yumptatious says:

    Awww, I'm feelin the love and am off to share it in a groovy, respectful and fragrant way. ((((HUG!!!))))

    5 years ago

  • Ebruk

    Ebruk says:

    I love this, thanks so much!

    5 years ago

  • ThePaperTray

    ThePaperTray says:

    Great inspiration here! Love all the picks!

    5 years ago

  • Morado

    Morado says:

    So true. a simple thing as smiling at a stranger can be infectious and brighten up his/her day! So touched.

    5 years ago

  • humblebea

    humblebea says:

    So inspirational! (-:

    5 years ago

  • workingforpeanuts

    workingforpeanuts says:

    Thanks for this! I feel warm and fuzzy and I'll pass it along! Back at you all!

    5 years ago

  • petragalvan

    petragalvan says:

    I love this week.

    5 years ago

  • TheArtOfJoy

    TheArtOfJoy says:

    I didn't realize! Hugs to all around!

    5 years ago

  • Krystyna81

    Krystyna81 says:

    Great article. I am hoping my kids get bit by the kindness bug early in life. Recently, for my sons 5th birthday, we asked all his friends to buy dog and cat food for the local humane society instead of presents. We ended up collecting over 150 pounds of food! When we delivered it, the Humane Society was blown over, and made a big deal out of it for Jack - he carried the food in, said hi to all the animals, got his picture taken. He was grinning from ear-to-ear. I hope that experience will stay with him longer than any new toy would have :)

    5 years ago

  • TanyaMac

    TanyaMac says:

    I'm feeling the glow! Thanks Heidi for the gorgeous cards - I'll be handing them out randomly at my next crafty market. I can't wait to see peoples faces! ;D

    5 years ago

  • dbabcock

    dbabcock says:

    Nice! Someone came into my studio this week and handed me a happy face sticker - it was so sweet!

    5 years ago

  • silkstory

    silkstory says:

    Thank you!ispiring!

    5 years ago

  • silkstory

    silkstory says:

    Sorry! Inspiring! It is free - to be kind and no money need to give a hug!

    5 years ago

  • slinkymalinkicat

    slinkymalinkicat says:

    Great article! Thank you!

    5 years ago

  • Marang97

    Marang97 says:

    Wonderful article! **hugs** For the whole month of February I am donating all proceeds from my shop to the American Cancer Society and the Karie Schlukebir Award at Indiana University. Karie was my sister-in-law and passed away in January after battling cancer for 11 years.

    5 years ago

  • samura

    samura says:

    ~~hugs...and doing nice things for others...always feels good!~~ thanks!!

    5 years ago

  • MelroseFields

    MelroseFields says:

    Be Nice to People....!!!! Great article great finds...I am volunteering this weekend. It is good to give back and...just be nice to people!

    5 years ago

  • samura

    samura says:

    hugs...and doing something nice for others...always feels good! thanks!!

    5 years ago

  • saintesmariesjewelry

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    great article, very inspiring, It's all about kharma!

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    o.k. you did it... made me smile... thank you!

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    heatherberry says:

    Very inspiring! Great work! Free Hugs!!!!

    5 years ago

  • CarryTheWord

    CarryTheWord says:

    Kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa

    5 years ago

  • Kukaramba

    Kukaramba says:

    This is so great! I really thought that almost no one is caring about others tight now...

    5 years ago

  • Whimsywares

    Whimsywares says:

    Inspirational and cute at the same time! I love these designs and the idea is a great one.

    5 years ago

  • spacejam

    spacejam says:

    this is great!! i got a hug in Madrid_)

    5 years ago

  • beautifulbridget

    beautifulbridget says:

    Excellent article, thanks!

    5 years ago

  • SimpleJoysPaperie

    SimpleJoysPaperie says:

    What a GREAT article! I'm always happy to be a part of these types of causes. :)

    5 years ago

  • polkadotmagpie

    polkadotmagpie says:

    Wonderful graphics. hug everyone. 8-}

    5 years ago

  • pouch

    pouch says:

    what a warm n' fuzzy idea! love Heidi's work, it makes me smile :)

    5 years ago

  • worksofwhimsy

    worksofwhimsy says:

    What a nice post. Last summer, I left yellow mice in random public locations with a tag that read "Congratulations on finding this mouse. Have a beautiful day!" and included an email address. i received some lovely emails from the lucky finders. No promotion, no selling, just trying to spread the love.

    5 years ago

  • nowonder

    nowonder says:

    It's not so "random acts of kindness" if its orginized but I like it.

    5 years ago

  • thelandlockedsailor

    thelandlockedsailor says:

    Awesome! I used to love "Surprise & Delight" at Starbucks... I need to get back into the habit. Thanks so much for this post, and for the download! I only have a B/W printer, so I'm coloring them in by hand. Fun!

    5 years ago

  • polkadotscloud

    polkadotscloud says:

    i love hug each other :) yuuuuuuu!

    5 years ago

  • AnniesWearableArt

    AnniesWearableArt says:

    i love this article so much...and hope that the kindness will rub off!

    5 years ago

  • shopgoodgrace

    shopgoodgrace says:

    Awww... I LOVE this!! Heck yes - in my book, it still totally ranks as a "random act of kindness" - even if it is organized. What a wonderful movement!! :) Hooray for more kindness!! (and thank you for the free download - so cute!! Can't wait to get my children involved!)

    5 years ago

  • ThePeachTree

    ThePeachTree says:

    I'm on it! Downloaded and ready for action :)

    5 years ago

  • shopgoodgrace

    shopgoodgrace says:

    btw... loving Krystyna81's thoughtful idea for the dog and cat food instead of birthday presents - wonderful!! And such a sweet little 5 year old - for being willing to forgo birthday presents from his friends. Kudos!!

    5 years ago

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  • flightfancy

    flightfancy says:

    That is absolutely fantastic!

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  • lifeofcolors

    lifeofcolors says:

    Sometimes just looking people in the eyes and smiling makes a huge difference. It's an acknowledgment that they exist. :-)

    5 years ago

  • callmemimi

    callmemimi says:

    Hugs to all ! ...and smiles too ...

    5 years ago

  • bylynnkrestel

    bylynnkrestel says:

    for valentines day - we made frosted sugar cookies for people who didn't expect it! great fun and love lessons for my kids! thanks for the download!!

    5 years ago

  • ClementinesJewelry

    ClementinesJewelry says:

    Very inspiring! thank you

    5 years ago

  • JaniceCordeiro

    JaniceCordeiro says:

    I have practiced this my entire life. lets hope it catches on. The world can use more kindness.

    5 years ago

  • RoughMagicCreations

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    Wonderful and inspiring! Many thanks!!! :)

    5 years ago

  • AutumnLeavesJewelry

    AutumnLeavesJewelry says:

    oh wow did I need to see this today! Thank you for sharing and uplifting series and topic!

    5 years ago

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    I love this article... That is great... XOXOXO

    5 years ago

  • LittleGemsbyKari

    LittleGemsbyKari says:

    this is fantastic- very inspiring! I want to join the kindness movement :)

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  • missindie

    missindie says:

    Free Hugs is soooo inspirational to me!

    5 years ago

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry says:

    Great topic and finds! Heidiburton's artwork is adorable. Spread the love!!!!!!!

    5 years ago

  • ArtWhims

    ArtWhims says:

    L-O-V-E love it! Everyday should be a random acts of kindness day :)

    5 years ago

  • amyholtondesigns

    amyholtondesigns says:

    Love the article. We should never be too busy or too in a hurry to be kind to one another. Keeping in theme, I was searching for something on Whole Foods website on Monday and came across this blog post. Thought it would be appropriate to share. It brought tears to my eyes!

    5 years ago

  • opendoorstudio

    opendoorstudio says:

    I just LOVE this storque. I think if we all did this..imagine what a better world we would live in! I have written " scatter kindness" above my door in hopes that whenever my kids leave the house they remember that!

    5 years ago

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm says:

    Wonderful article very inspiring~ as my mom always told me as a child~ "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Thanks again for writing this~

    5 years ago

  • lovintage

    lovintage says:

    SO great! Tickles my heart.

    5 years ago

  • xoxsmiley

    xoxsmiley says:

    Aww, this article makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :]

    5 years ago

  • julessabjewelry

    julessabjewelry says:

    What a wonderful idea! I'm totally on board and am glad to have some starter material to begin my journey of random kindness! Thank you so much for sharing.

    5 years ago

  • BlackStar

    BlackStar says:

    What a wonderful article! Thank you~

    5 years ago

  • FoodForHands

    FoodForHands says:

    Never give up friends! Believe in yourself! The best is yet to come!

    5 years ago

  • candacejean

    candacejean says:

    I love those little cards-- perfect for leaving under windshield wipers! This article made me so happy. Thank you. Once in a paid parking garage I let a woman cut in front of me (the exit lines were miserably long). When I got up to the toll booth the ticket-taker explained that the lady I let go in front of me had paid money towards my parking fee for doing her that favor. It made my day!

    5 years ago

  • sarahndipities

    sarahndipities says:

    Wonderful! Now i gotta go give some hugs!

    5 years ago

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    zaperoco says:

    Love it. FREE Hugs, that is cool.

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  • ChristiesStuff

    ChristiesStuff says:

    Fantastic! I'm thrilled that you took the time to bring this to the attention of so many. Thank you! Consider "paying it forward with kindness" through your shop. 'Strandsofgrace' and I do, and the feeling is wonderful to know someone somewhere is benefiting from your loving gesture.

    5 years ago

  • loveandbulldogs

    loveandbulldogs says:

    I love positive messages like this! And I love Krystyna81's story. Some 5 years olds would throw a fit if they didn't get presents on thier birthday, its a cute story. Some radio DJs in the DC area were promoting a pay it forward day a few months back. People all over VA, DC, and MD were paying for the people behind them in line at drive thru's, starbucks, toll booths. I paid a toll for the person behind me and the toll booth attendant looked at me kind of funny, but it felt good even if it was something small.

    5 years ago

  • battysbath

    battysbath says:

    I love this idea! We did "RAKs" when i was training for missionary work and it away gave me such a good feeling to be able to surprise other people with something kind. Now i'm off to download the cards :)

    5 years ago

  • FreshLemonBlossoms

    FreshLemonBlossoms says:

    what a fun happy article, thank you!

    5 years ago

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    ArtisticIntentions says:

    great article, positivity rules!

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  • KattyKinns

    KattyKinns says:

    I love this! will be downloading my cards and spreading the love now :)

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    solisjewelry says:

    that print out is so great! way to go Heidi!

    5 years ago

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat says:

    This is a great thing to promote, I especially like the idea of paying for the person behind you in the queue... even just a small token payment would make someone feel all warm & fuzzy!

    5 years ago

  • creamrose

    creamrose says:

    Lovely lovely and a bit more lovely:)

    5 years ago

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage says:

    What a perfect time of year to bring this to everyone's attention. It doesn't take much to spread an act of kindness.

    5 years ago

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses says:

    Practice it every day. Love your posts, Amity!

    5 years ago

  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen says:

    what a wonderful inspirational article, thank you Amity! I practise kindness every day and hope that I succeed in it! I'm not as forward as the professional hugging teams pictured above! my, my, did I have a laugh when I saw the Aussie one!! but I like to give small hugs when needed :) Many of the generous etsy folks I personally know who do rabbit rescue work and support work give many endless random acts of kindness year long to homeless rabbits and their own rescue rabbits :) Kindness crosses all species barriers :)

    5 years ago

  • ricerafferty

    ricerafferty says:

    Everyone continue to send out good ripples!

    5 years ago

  • alittleVintageShop

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  • purnima

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    Oh, I'd love this to be a regular feature with updates! Great article, great vibes!!!

    5 years ago

  • juliegrace

    juliegrace says:

    Ain't love grand!? I really enjoyed the video. It is good to know that there are nice people out there. Making people smile is such a wonderful thing. Carry on nice people!

    5 years ago

  • heidiburton

    heidiburton says:

    Really enjoyed reading your comments about kindness, thanks so much, inspiring! Just found this lovely printable affirmation gift set on the Kind Over Matter blog: Enjoy!

    5 years ago

  • KisforCalligraphy

    KisforCalligraphy says:

    hugs to you heidi and underground art school mag. a fan of yours since 2007! you are all lovely!

    5 years ago

  • FatButtonGirl

    FatButtonGirl says:

    Ahh this has got to be the greatest week of the year! Thanks for letting me know, i'll be off with smiles!!

    5 years ago

  • EASantangelo

    EASantangelo says:

    I think this is a beautiful idea!! Sometimes people really need to be told they are wonderful to put a smile on their face!

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  • MinceCo

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    spreading the good word huh :)

    5 years ago

  • jennyhoople

    jennyhoople says:

    Great article (can't wait to start leaving those kind cards places!) I love making people's days happier!

    5 years ago

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    love all the colors!

    5 years ago

  • twolefthands

    twolefthands says:

    One kind word is all it takes! This is very inspiring! I'm off to hug someone!

    5 years ago

  • ValerieTyler

    ValerieTyler says:

    I think this just may be my favorite post of all time on here. Thanks especially for the motivating links to what others are doing, as well as encouraging a sense of community. here! here! :)

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  • IndieCreations

    IndieCreations says:

    Great article! If you haven't checked out the sneak attack thread in the etsy forums, you should... they are such a wonderful and fun group of people!

    5 years ago

  • PuzzleBoBuzzles

    PuzzleBoBuzzles says:

    whatshername posted this awesome recipe/project on her Etsy page. I was very happy to be on the receiving end of her kindness:

    5 years ago

  • OneClayBead

    OneClayBead says:

    Great new discoveries here, and I love the free hugs movement!

    5 years ago

  • artfulrebel

    artfulrebel says:

    wow, speaking of incredible, random acts of kindness, several hours ago my car died and this kind business man who was clearly in a rush, helped me jump start it. it was so meaningful because i had been having such a horrible day... then, adding insult to injury, my darn car dies! fortunatly though he was there to lend a helping hand; needless to say, his kindness helped turn my crummy day around (and restore my faith in humanity) :D!

    5 years ago

  • sarahknightdesign

    sarahknightdesign says:

    thanks for spreading the love:)

    5 years ago

  • hscheiwe

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    You truly brightened my day! I want to say "Yes, Please!" to whatever comes next . . .

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    5 years ago

  • prettyfnmess

    prettyfnmess says:

    Amity & Heidi! Thank you so much for the kind mention of Kind Over Matter! We love "card drops" & offer a slew of cards on our blog too if you search through our freebies! Awesome! Peace to you!

    5 years ago

  • BetaBoutique

    BetaBoutique says:

    That is so nice! I will print these and attach to the parcels I send to my costumers :)

    5 years ago

  • ilovehearts

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    I love hugs x

    5 years ago

  • artofjane

    artofjane says:

    Great thread! I've been trying to give more compliments to people through the day. I often think wonderful things about people and forget to tell them. I think a compliment can really help a person get through their day.

    5 years ago

  • gilstrapdesigns

    gilstrapdesigns says:

    I've been doing random acts of kindness here lately within the last few months and it is making me feel soooooo good. I'm the one who's feeling the blessings and joy of it all. Thank you for the sharing with us these nice little words and notes that we can print out of encouragement and kindness.

    5 years ago

  • camamiel

    camamiel says:

    I´ve enjoyed free hugs in my city (Madrid), it´s really comforting and fun. Nice!

    5 years ago

  • pinkytoeclothing

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  • mmtncrfts

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    Thanks for the reminder. Kindness Matters (every day).

    5 years ago

  • KateVanDorenStudio

    KateVanDorenStudio says:

    As an Art child and family Psychotherapist and Artist I greatly appreciate this. Thank you!

    5 years ago

  • AnnBernadette

    AnnBernadette says:

    What a feel good topic/artist/tangible-hand-out, I love it! Since we're on the topic, anyone looking to support a good deed in progress visit my shop or my blog, to read about what I am doing as a Kiva Fellow for

    5 years ago

  • paintingpam

    paintingpam says:

    To borrow a phrase, Reach out and Touch someone!! We all need the human contact!

    5 years ago

  • bejeweledbynikki

    bejeweledbynikki says:

    Good stuff!! I have one for happy thoughts:

    5 years ago

  • frenchtoastfriday

    frenchtoastfriday says:

    I feel the love. Making people happy makes me happy :)

    5 years ago

  • FiberMixers

    FiberMixers says:

    I love the cards to pass out! I'm definately going to pass them out to everyone I know! Thank you!

    5 years ago

  • pogoshop

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    Don't you just wonder what tomorrow's neat surprises will be? I bet everyone who reads this will think of one!

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  • Iammie

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  • capturedimagination

    capturedimagination says:

    Great article! I've watched some of the FREE HUGS videos in the past and they are very inspiring. You can find them on YouTube by searching "free hugs". People are doing it everywhere!

    5 years ago

  • carlossantiago

    carlossantiago says:

    fun illustrations! i need a hug right now. ok, I am kidding, but seriously.

    5 years ago

  • lazydayz

    lazydayz says:

    I absolutely LOVE articles like this! A smile and a moment of your time are free, give them freely.

    5 years ago

  • LHogan

    LHogan says:

    cuter than a button xxx

    5 years ago

  • CatzillaCrafts

    CatzillaCrafts says:

    Every week should be random acts of kindness week!

    5 years ago

  • whyte

    whyte says:

    Thanks for such a positive happy article, wonderful cards Heidi, thanks for sharing!! This is great!! :)

    5 years ago

  • md3bates

    md3bates says:

    OMG....I love this piece!!! I hope it spreads.......

    5 years ago

  • Scallyrags

    Scallyrags says:

    Love it, so cute!

    5 years ago

  • VeryCarey

    VeryCarey says:

    The Love the Life you Live sterling bracelet says it well!

    5 years ago

  • artangel

    artangel says:

    LOVE this article - random kindnesses and hugs are great ways to spread some positivity in the world! Can I also mention another organisation carrying out random acts of kindness in the UK, started by Danny Wallace -

    5 years ago

  • DianaGreenhut

    DianaGreenhut says:

    Fantastic! I think I'm going to have to go print some of those goodies! Maybe a surprise in a mailbox or quite a few? ;)

    5 years ago

  • petitefish

    petitefish says:

    Love this - years ago, I started a "RAK" (Random Acts of Kindness) group for troubled youth as a way to help them experience the relatively unselfish act of 'what goes around, comes around'. One boy, a creative sprite like me, made cards for all the lunch ladies in the cafeteria. Needless to say, he got extra helpings of whatever he wanted for the rest of the year - hee!

    5 years ago

  • Snowdon

    Snowdon says:

    I love this kind of thing, a little kindness goes a long way!

    5 years ago

  • SolderingSisters

    SolderingSisters says:

    Last week, a random stranger bought my coffee in the drive through at my local Starbucks. The car ahead of me paid for the car behind him..which was me! It made me feel happy all day! Random acts of kindness should be done all the time!

    5 years ago

  • windfall

    windfall says:

    Yesterday I was approached by a guy on a similar kindness mission. Beautiful & random & inspiring! Check it out::

    5 years ago

  • spontaneousreality

    spontaneousreality says:

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face when I read the post. I've run into the free hugs campaigners a while ago at speakers corner in Hyde park, and absolutely loved the idea, I personally always try to promote love and kindness wherever i go. I might try to find or start a group in Toronto. Thanks again for the warm inspiration and hugs to you all!

    5 years ago

  • TreeHuggerStudio

    TreeHuggerStudio says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have to check out some of the links, I love the free hugs.

    5 years ago

  • parasolproject

    parasolproject says:

    Beautiful... a wonderful message, and inspiring

    5 years ago

  • paulajeansgarden

    paulajeansgarden says:

    what the world needs now

    5 years ago

  • JeansVintageCloset

    JeansVintageCloset says:

    Such fun art and hand crafted items, Artwork Nymphaea of Insomnia is fabulous

    5 years ago

  • pieintheskyjewelry

    pieintheskyjewelry says:

    I always love reminders to do thoughtful things and do not tell anyone you did it..I love the random notes. I am going to get busy making my own notes to leave around my town..thanks

    5 years ago

  • taintbosh

    taintbosh says:

    This sounds to give a random hug!

    5 years ago

  • TheDreamMerchants

    TheDreamMerchants says:

    We have just printed out your wonderful kindness cards and will be carrying them along to the grocery store, tucking them into parcels, etc. I will even hang one on the clothesline to surprise my mom! :O) xoxox

    5 years ago

  • marvenniffi

    marvenniffi says:

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    4 years ago

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