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How to Effectively Use Social Media to Market Your Business: Sister Diane’s I Heart Art Workshop handmade and vintage goods



If you want to use social media tools like blogs, Twitter, or Facebook to market your business, read on — Diane Gilleland (sometimes known as Sister Diane) considers these outlets to be the key to success. This post is distilled from a workshop she presented recently for the I Heart Art program in Portland, OR. If you want to learn more about social media and how it works, you can also listen to Diane‘s podcast on the subject.


Friending and Following are just mouse-clicks.
We’d all love to believe that every single person who subscribes to our blog, follows our tweets, or becomes a fan of our Facebook page is listening hungrily to everything we have to say about our product.

But in fact, every one of these people is struggling to keep up with all the other blogs, Twitter pals, and Facebook updates they follow. We live in a perpetually overloaded world.

People can friend or follow you anytime, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re actually paying any attention to you. If you want real attention in the social media space, you have to earn it. That takes some effort — and a different way of looking at marketing.



Old School vs. New School marketing
Most of us are accustomed to “broadcast marketing” (which is old-school). Advertising is classic broadcast marketing — you craft one marketing message about your product, and you try to blast it out to as many people as possible.

The problem with broadcast marketing is, we’ve all grown up so bombarded with it, we’ve begun to collectively ignore it. (Have you ever deliberately tried not to pay attention to an ad?)

Thankfully, a new style of marketing is emerging in the Internet age. It’s called “engagement marketing.”

With engagement marketing, you don’t broadcast messages about your product. Instead, you build a community around yourself and your business. You use online tools to form real, one-on-one relationships with people.

This may seem counter-productive, but consider this: how much do you trust marketers? After decades of being hammered with broadcast marketing, most of us don’t trust marketers at all. But we do trust people — and especially, people we like.

So in the social media space, it pays to be a person. Focus on being friendly with people, and sooner or later, they’ll come check out your shop on their own — and they’ll do it through the interested eyes of a friend.


Common Mistakes I see everywhere…
Of course, since we all grew up with broadcast marketing, we’re a little hard-wired to do it ourselves. This usually means that when we start using social media tools, the first thing we do with them is broadcast marketing. Oops.

I see blogs that talk about nothing but “I just listed this product in my shop!” and “I’ll be selling at that show over the weekend!” In other words, blogs that read like one long ad.

I also see updates like the one above on Twitter and Facebook all the time. See the resemblance to broadcast marketing?

When you try to do broadcast marketing with engagement marketing tools, you’re sending a dangerous message to your potential customers. You’re in effect saying, “I’m interested in you only as a customer. I don’t care about being your friend.” This makes you look like a marketer — and we don’t tend to trust marketers, remember?

So in the social media space, don’t broadcast your product. Instead, tell the story of you as an artisan.


How to Tell Your Story: Content
There are three main elements to telling your story online. The first is content — that’s the material you share in your blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates.

To make great content, you need to think about your readers. What will they find interesting and useful? Share glimpses of your creative process. Share your ups and downs as a small business owner. Share the things that inspire you. Share resources you’ve found helpful. Share your favorite books, foods, films, and music. Share your non-crafty hobbies.

Mention your product less frequently — and when you do, make it creative and interesting. Instead of saying, “Just listed: Pearl Drop Earrings,” say “These earrings are based on a design my grandmother wore to cocktail parties.”

With every post, give people a reason to see you as a trustworthy person, not a marketer.


How to Tell Your Story: Responding
You also tell a story about yourself through the way you respond to people. When someone comments on your blog, what do you do? When someone mentions you on Twitter or Facebook, what do you do?

Well, you should always respond — whether with a simple “thank you” or with a follow-up discussion. Small acts of courtesy like these go a long way toward earning people’s trust.


How to Tell Your Story: Reaching Out
This is the most under-utilized technique in social media. We often get so caught up in telling our stories, we forget to stop and notice other people’s stories.

If one of your Twitter friends posts about having a rough day, reply with some encouragement. If someone on Facebook mentions a personal triumph, like a big sale, take a moment and congratulate them. If one of your blogging friends writes a great post, leave a comment.

We love the people who notice us — and we’re very likely to trust them. If you do nothing else to improve your social media skills, try reaching out to people more. You’ll be amazed how many relationships you can build this way.


A quick note on time management:
Keep in mind, too, that you don’t have to keep up a blog, and Twitter, and Facebook to be an effective social media marketer. In fact, I think that if you take on too many tools, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and handle them all rather poorly.

Instead, do what feels best to you. If you love blogging but hate Twitter and Facebook, go with that. If you like Facebook but don’t feel comfortable on Twitter, that’s fine too. If you use only one tool, but use it the way I’ve described here, you’ll still have great marketing results.

To learn more about Diane‘s approach to blogging and social media marketing, visit her bookstore. She also offers online classes in blogging and Twitter, as well as one-on-one blog consultations. And, she produces CraftyPod, a blog and podcast about making stuff.

To learn more about the I Heart Art workshops organized by the Portland Etsy Team,
visit their blog at

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    PooknflipProductions says:

    I had never heard of those two different types of marketing before now. Thank you for the informative article. I guess I've been doing both kinds, but sometimes it's hard (to do the engagement one) b/c I feel like a stalker or weirdo at times when commenting on a total stranger's post. :) I guess I'll have to get over it tho - how else r u gonna make virtual friends, right?

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  • PooknflipProductions

    PooknflipProductions says:

    I had never heard of those two different types of marketing before now. Thank you for the informative article. I guess I've been doing both kinds, but sometimes it's hard (to do the engagement one) b/c I feel like a stalker or weirdo at times when commenting on a total stranger's post. :) I guess I'll have to get over it tho - how else r u gonna make virtual friends, right?

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    This is a fantastic article. Building a community of actual friends and fans is so much more powerful than focusing on getting 'fans' and 'followers' who aren't really engaged. I've been guilty of broadcast marketing in the past, so I'm taking this advice to heart. Thanks!

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    Just to add another comment and question, what's all this talk about blogs on Etsy? I've never heard of them and I'm a IN DEEP Etsy buyer! I'm addicted! Been shopping on here since March, but I've already exceeded my amount of buys vs eBay and I've used eBay since 2000! I usually check Twitter and don't really know how to find Etsy shops facebook profiles. I fan a lot of my favourite websites on Facebook and I must pass this along... 6 pm is my ultimate favourite sites for shoes- once in a while, an employee "takes over" the boss' desk and plays games with the fans. She gives 20% off coupons sometimes but mostly she just plays cute little quizzing games or takes " requests". Like a fan requesting that the entire office take a picture of them wearing permanent ink mustaches! They uploaded an entire staff pic with mustaches drawn on their fingers held up to their noses! It was a BLAST and actually made me feel so connected and feel good about buying from them. Even if you don't give away discounts, the personal and fun one on one interaction is priceless and I won't ever forget that. Bow if I need shoes I ALWAYS check there FIRST. Would be lovely so see some of my favourite Etsy sellers doing something like this and the personal connection would mean just that much more! I already ADORE and CHERISH my fav Esty sellers!

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    I hate it when people say we're living in a "social media" age. I often think it's just another Internet fad, like Geocities in the 90s. For everything that's written about social media I have yet to see one piece of advice that doesn't conflict with something else written elsewhere. I have yet to see but a few isolated cases where social media has actually worked. The root problem is that nobody LISTENS on social media. For all the hype over it as a means of conversation you'd think there'd be more of it. Instead, 99% of posts go unanswered, because 99% of posts are meaningless chit chat about nothing. If nobody listens it's no use talking at all. It doesn't matter what you say. "Social media" isn't anything new either. Face-to-face is a far more effective means of communication than Twitter or Facebook. We've had the telephone for over a century. And I was doing "social media" like message boards and email to advertise programs I wrote in 1999 with far greater success than I've had with BaseFuck and Twitter. People actually LISTENED on those channels back then, you know.

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    This seems so counter-intuitive- but I have no doubt it's effective. In fact, if my store were an actual storefront, I wouldn't go around throwing flyers in people's faces all day like I do my promo tweets- instead, I'd get to know them, shake their hand, and know them by name. It's high time I take my hospitality to the web. Thanks for sharing. :)

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    You are very right!! there is nothing that bothers me more than just someone selling or talking about their products on their blogs all the time. There 100s of blogs out there, many many good ones, and it is impossible to keep track of all of them plus twitters and facebook. I run my blog because I lOVE it and if people out there get to engage with me through it is even better!! Thanks for talking so clear about the subject of social media, me still learning a lot about them!! Regards from London

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    This article is very informative. I am doing a bit of research because my shop has taken a nose dive. I was doing much better when I was spending more time meeting people in person and telling them about my shop than I am now that I use Twitter. I am not a fan of social network sites and I don't get much business from my followers on Twitter or Facebook. I am planning to start traveling to cities and attending more events to reach my target audience in person. My business was booming long before I had business cards and I know it was because of the personal interaction with my clients. For every person on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace I choose to believe that there are a couple of people who don't really know what it is but they are living breathing consumers. Imagine that.

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    I have never been on Twitter or Facebook, but I don't get the appeal of social media. Yes, it would be better not to be bombarded with more advertsing, and I do like my etsy team's google group for sharing information and encouraging each other, but I really don't want to know about other people's favourite movies or what they did yesterday. Does this actually help sales? When do your customers/friends/followers get the time to read it all? When do you get the time to write meaningful posts, and not just whatever comes into your head? I'm not grumpy. I just prefer meeting people in person at markets and through kindies where I sell my stuff.

    5 years ago

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    This was so helpful. Thank you. I fair well with the social networking with friendships on FB. That's why I took on FB in the first place. Now I'm incorporating the Etsy business with my friends. And yes, I do feel I should take ALL suggestions and take-on all the tools for marketing but I have become overwhelmed and shut-down every now and then. I'm just trying to find my way and learning how to say no. Thank you again. Sharonlee

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    Great article! After being big into relationship sales in past professional lives, one would think that it would be a no-brainer in my creative life. I have a Facebook page for the studio but realize now that it is not very personal. Since reading this article, I've changed my ideas about what and how to post. Instead of the typical announcements of new inventory, retail outlets, shows, etc., I am switching it up to be more about my creative process - both the emotional and technical sides. Learning how to use an old 35mm film camera (can't yet afford a digital SLR) will add to the mix because I can set up the tripod and take photos of me working. You are right in that regardless of how good the work is, that personal connection with people is a key component in moving someone from being a fan to being a buyer. THANKS for the creative kick in the seat of the pants!

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