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Guest Curator: frankie magazine handmade and vintage goods



frankie magazine is a national bi-monthly magazine from Australia. We get stupidly excited about all things handmade, pretty and vintage. We are a bit in awe of the clever hands and minds behind out favourite Etsy shops, so we thought we’d take this chance to share some of our most beloved with you all.


This embroidered deer is made of yayness and just a touch of retro charm. Now if only we had that rustic old timber cabin in the woods to go with it, we’d be chock full of rustic charm. By jessyq, $85.


For those on the lookout for a bit of floral cuteness for their wall, this vintage Caper Bush Book Plate Print is more than a tad awesome. Taken from a 1972 book, the colour and detail are just lovely. From 47thStreetSupplyCo, $10.



Swoon. Playing around with vintage cameras (or just popping them on the display case for the lazier amongst us) is super fun, and Canemah has lots of goodies to choose from, like this Vintage Brownie Flash 20 Camera. Love love love. From Canemah, $32.

Ah, upcycling. How we love thee. These sweet little Notebooks Stitched with Crochet Thread give new life to old vintage sewing patterns and floral fabrics that line the insides. Plus, each cover can be re-filled with new paper once you’ve filled the original with all your little thoughts and musings. By missbookmaker, $13.70.


It’s no secret that we at frankie are rather partial to the odd cuppa or two. And when it’s dressed up this pretty, well, who can resist? All that’s missing is a bit of Earl Grey and some biscuits to nom on. Yummy! Mother’s Day Crochet Tea Cosy by andrealesleycrochet, $33.


Everyone has their happy days and their grumpy days. This Smiley/Frowny Hair Barrette does a good job of expressing either mood, right there on your head. It’s hand-stitched with care and we love the packaging too. By thepinpals, $12.


Hands up: who loves vintage? All the stuff at Hell Cat Vintage is pretty dang rad (’50s to ’80s = yes!), but we couldn’t go past this pretty Vintage 70s Strawberry Wrap Skirt. It makes us want to whip into the kitchen and bake a sponge cake. From hellcatvintage, $22.


Sarah McNeil is hands down one of our favourite artists, so we had to include one of her lovely prints in our list. This here is called Girls Who Wear Glasses but there’s plenty more in store. So quirky and cute — they’re like an instant smile for your eyes. By SarahMcNeil, $8.


Oh Nina Invorm, we adore you so much! Your clever screenprinted motifs on old vintage crockery make us want to hug ourselves with glee, then go bankrupt buying everything in your store. We’ll start with this Cake Plate Set and take it from there. By Ninainvorm, $108.


Dedicated frankettes will recognise Mel Stringer as our regular recipe illustrator. But when she’s not doodling foodie pics for us she’s making her own whimsical creations, like this wee original watercolour of cute boys and girls, like Duffy. Nice one, Mel! By girliepains, $12.


We all remember growing up with Little Golden Books as children, so when we stumbled across this Etsy store, we were overcome with glee. Surprise for Sally is just one of many nostalgic finds to be made here. Read, display and adore. From littlegoldenbooks, $10.


If this Kitty Cat Vintage Card was any sweeter, we might have to go into some kind of (delicious) sugary coma. Good for gifting, love letters or just brightening up a lonely white wall with some pretty kitty action. From PaperPrizes, $3.


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