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Upcycle This with Reclaimed Home handmade and vintage goods
Reclaimed Home was inspired by the rehabilitation of a Victorian house. After restoring the home to its former glory using antique salvaged materials, a business was born. Reclaimed Home takes old, discarded objects and reinvents them. Today they share some of their ideas for reusing and upcycling trash into decorative home treasures.
Upcycling is a fairly new term for an ancient practice. We’ve all been upcycling for years without even realizing it. Have you ever cut your pants to make a pair of jean shorts? You upcycled. Ever made a frame out of old moulding? Yup, upcycled. Tire swing? You get the picture.
I sort of fell into reclaimed materials when I was restoring my 120 year old brownstone. The home was filled with original details, but it was in bad disrepair. Rather than replacing with new, I hit the salvage yards.
The house is (nearly) finished, but I’m still hooked. I now see life in discarded table legs, old beams and tin ceilings. My projects range from easy (coat of paint) to skilled (shutter cabinets) to bizarre (let’s just say I have a doll fetish).
If one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, where do you find this trash? My favorite resource is Craigslist curb alert, free and garage sales. Freecycle is another great site. Habitat’s ReStores are always useful. After nearly two years in the business, I have my “clean out guy” connections. They call me BEFORE they have their tag sales. I must say, there’s nothing better than getting something for nothing. Dumpster diving and bulk trash day send shivers down my spine.
The thing about upcycling is that anything goes: it doesn’t have to look perfect or even make sense. Whatever it looks like, it’s better than it will look in the landfill.
Below you’ll find some of my favorite “inventions.”
Too Easy!
I purchased boxes of sample tiles from a local concrete fabricator. With a gloss sealant and cork backing, these make great coasters. I love the fact that they still have the numbers!
Parquet Floors
Blue desk frame with upholstery tack picture holders. How can you beat my 1960’s childhood photos, though?
Gold hanging clip made from single vintage parquet floor square. It’s a good idea to add extra support to the back of parquet tiles, as they are held together with mesh.

Coat Hooks From Just About Anything!

A glass doorknob on a piece of old molding. Antique hooks on a plywood board. Coat hooks are just about the easiest thing to make.
I bought a pair of 1950’s water skis at a garage sale for $15 and made coat hooks out of each of them.

This broken chair back was found on the curb.
Other Hooks and Shelves
Victorian Diorama by recliamedhome

An antique post office drawer now hangs on the wall for use as a shelf and key/hat hook. The vintage magazine interior was a Modge Podge job.

The towel bar was fabricated out of a Victorian window lintel, used copper pipe and antique glass doorknobs.

Got Legs?

This vintage mechanic’s toolbox was found at a garage sale for five bucks. The legs were found in a dumpster. Now it’s a coffee table. If you have some longer legs on hand, tool boxes can also make great desks.

Art Doesn’t Have to Hang on the Wall
The painting table project requires a bit more skill. It’s easy to back the painting and place it on a base, but the glass top and backing needed moulding around them.

Shutter to Think

Shutters are one of those things you can always find for free. I have some rather large ones sitting in my basement that came with the house. This radiator cover works perfectly in my living room. Other shutter ideas: litter box cover, partition screen, corner shelving unit, cupboard doors. The list is endless!


Check out ReclaimedHome‘s shop for more of their inventive handiwork. The related items below are all made from upcycled materials!

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  • BlueNostalgia

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    iworkartwork says:

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  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa says:

    I met Phyllis at Brooklyn Blog Fest and was so intrigued by her work fixing up old houses. I love old architectural details and preserving and reusing those odds and ends makes life so much cooler. Glad to have you on the Storque, Phyllis!

    6 years ago

  • edithandlulu

    edithandlulu says:

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  • reiter8

    reiter8 says:

    Love it. Very creative. There are so many good 'gently used' materials out there just waiting for a second chance. Love that towel bar!

    6 years ago

  • raeraesisters

    raeraesisters says:

    Awesome ideas! It's always good to see things reused rather than tossed!

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  • jessicaschuler

    jessicaschuler says:

    Would love to see more pictures of the interior of this house! Beautiful work, this has always been a dream of mine and I enjoyed briefly living vicariously through you.

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  • mossyrockpottery

    mossyrockpottery says:

    When I was a bachelor, everything I had was upcycled... My end tables were painted electrical wire spindles, my "entertainment center" was formed from several shelves that formerly had glass sliding doors... I made a tapestry from a giant American flag that covered most of one wall (formerly used as a funeral flag for a military burial, bought for $4 at a flea market). I also lined the top of the wall with old CD's (from a radio station where I worked) to reflect what little light there was and brighten up the place. Lets just say, my wife didn't let me keep most of it when we got married... But I thought it was cool.

    6 years ago

  • pandawithcookie

    pandawithcookie says:

    I like some of the ideas here. I am a fan of the upcycling.

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  • reclaimedhome

    reclaimedhome says:

    Thank you, thank you, everyone! The house is very much a work in progress. After 5 years, we're still ripping it apart and living with renovation. Our other house is nearly finished. Lots of salvage in that one as well. Hope you don't mind the links, Vanessa!

    6 years ago

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    redyellowandblueink says:

    Relcaimed Home you Rock! Just love everything you wrote in this piece-so perfectly true, and your tips and ideas are great! Big thanks for including my upcycled bird feeders among all the other lovely and ingenious item picks. Heck, even not so lovely upcycle sends me.

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    jenniferlynnstudio says:

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    2ReVert says:

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    nostalgiaorganics says:

    BIG advocate of upcycling. My soaps come in fabric packaging that you can "upcycle" to make really unique crafts ~ label turns into a pattern! Less Waste, More Love is our motto! Come say hello!

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    TipsyTimeMachine says:

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    Congrats on nearly finishing your old house project! Old houses are labors of love & restoration can be full of surprises (some good, some not so much)! I grew up with upcycling mentality & raised my family DIY style too. It all started with grandma recycling her 1930s floral barkcloth drapes into porch glider slipcover & pillows way back.....caught the bug early. Now look at all my Etsy shops!

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    CGDesigns says:

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  • littlepumpkincrafts

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    Another way to Upcycle stuff is The reGives Network ... It's free and nonprofit Check it out

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