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Survival Kit for a Springtime Adventure handmade and vintage goods

The beginning of spring always gets me itching for a nice long adventure, and for good reason! The pleasant weather has a knack for stirring up nostalgia. I’m missing that sense of exploration and the skinned knees from tree climbing that I came to know so well as a young’un.

It’s time to come out of hibernation and hit the nearest park. Don’t be afraid to veer off the beaten path — you know how Robert Frost would feel about that. I’ve gathered some handy essentials for your journey. Good luck!

Vintage Italian Straw Fedora Hat

From snowchild, $22.

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Vintage Binoculars

From AntiNu, $40.

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Who Wants to Be a Girl Scout Camping Gear

From madoniabotanicals, $10.

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tuesday morning – navigation compass necklace.

By ohhellofriend, $13.25.

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CU TEA deep moisturizer and natural sunscreen with cucumber peel and green tea extracts

By MeaCulpaBodyandBath, $6.

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1980s Anne Klein Sunglasses Turtle Effect

From mellowdayss, $24.

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Goodie Goodie Girl Scout Necklace

By kellyisnice, $38.

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Vtg Black Leather Lace-Up Hiking Granny Ankle Boots 9

From apocalypsevintage, $36.

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Scout Pack

By warsaw, $165.

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Pocket Travel

By monjojo, $15.

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