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Survey Says: International Seller Survey Results Are In handmade and vintage goods

Thanks again to everyone who took the International Seller Survey, which was live from January 14-26, 2009.  Below are some of the findings.  Please bear in mind that this survey was not scientific and findings are provided for informational purposes only.  Etsy makes no guarantees about the accuracy of the results.

International Seller Survey Demographics

Nearly 1600 people took the survey, and almost all (97%) were women. Sixty-seven different countries from around the world were represented—from every continent except Antarctica!

Here is a quick look at survey takers by country and/or region (e.g., Europe) – no country within a region had more than 3% of the respondents. (Note: Countries are not double counted in regions, e.g,. UK is not also counted in Europe.)

For languages other than English, 20%-25% of survey respondents speak French, Spanish or Dutch with another 10%-15% each speaking Italian or German.  Many other languages, such as Hebrew and Thai, were also represented. Interestingly, however, when asked about what languages other than English respondents’ customers speak, the most common answer by far was French at over 40%, with German a distant second at 20%.

In terms of areas of the site our international sellers would like translated—either for themselves or their customers—Payment/Checkout was the number one choice.  Other areas included Terms of Use, the category list, search and registration. Thanks to all of you who offered to help with translation. It’s something we hope to do longer-term and it will be great to have this information when the time comes to put it on our road map.


International Currency, Payments & Shipping

We have heard from many non-U.S. sellers that would like more currency options on Etsy, and that they would also like Etsy to more clearly indicate that prices are in United States Dollars (USD).  We are looking at the best way to make this clearer. Although we don’t have an exact timetable yet, we’ll keep you posted.

In terms of payment options, nearly 100% of you chose PayPal as a preferred form of payment (multiple answers to this question were allowed), with the next most popular selection being credit card transactions processed by PayPal.  Direct Debit/Bank Transfer was an option that 21% of international sellers would like, especially those in Germany, Singapore and Australia, where these sorts of transactions are most common.

Shipping preferences and standards differ from country to country and region to region.  Almost all survey respondents are using local post offices to ship their items to customers, though the Italians noted their postal service was relatively unreliable.  Not many survey respondents use a premium shipper, but if they did it would likely be DHL.  Our friends in Canada are hampered by relatively high shipping costs—which they often do not feel they can pass on to their customers—and those in Singapore and Israel note that while their cost of shipping is not exceptionally high, home package delivery is not yet entirely commonplace in their countries.

One thing most survey respondents agreed upon is that buyers often do not realize their orders are coming from another country.  As a result of this misunderstanding, many buyers often “convo” sellers outside their home countries to ask why shipment is taking so long.  In speaking with a few non-U.S. sellers about the possibility of somehow identifying a seller as international (based on the location of the buyer), there were equal arguments for and against this idea.  As it stands now, most sellers find that a “convo” or two is enough to properly set delivery expectations.  Some survey respondents also mentioned that they make a note of their location in the “message to buyers” email that buyers receive after making a purchase—great idea!


International Seller Marketing Approaches

The questions around marketing elicited some interesting information.  When asked how they had heard about Etsy for the first time, non-U.S. sellers said “word of mouth” most often (36%), with online avenues such as blogs or other websites making up the vast majority of the balance of answers.

The majority of international sellers also responded that their Etsy shop is their primary sales channel.  Craft or art fairs and their own websites follow in relatively distant second and third places.

In terms of promoting Etsy shops, many respondents indicated that social networking tools are becoming nearly as popular as their own blogs.  Multiple answers were allowed to this question, and Facebook, along with the seller’s own blog, are the dominant online promotion tools. Twitter is also quite popular.

Regional social networking sites like Mixi, hi5 and StudioVZ did not rank particularly high overall. Of the 1,335 non-U.S. sellers who answered this question, 204 (15%) said they do not use any social networking sites to promote their Etsy shops. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of these respondents came from places (e.g., Israel) where offline sales accounted for a higher percentage of overall sales as compared to the international seller average.  Be sure to check out the Resources area for tools you can use to help promote your Etsy shop!

Final Comments

Over 1,000 respondents chose to answer the question: If you could ask Etsy to do one thing for international buyers, what would it be?  We received lots of useful comments and ideas, including several we’ve already touched upon like currency conversion and language translation. We also heard a more general plea for continued attention to issues unique to non-U.S. sellers. Our hope is that this survey is a step in that direction and we look forward to many more conversations with Etsians from around the world!

We also wanted to let you know that we want to make good on a couple of the more common requests, including an effort to add “Europe” as a shipping option. We will definitely keep you posted!

We are adding several countries and territories to the shipping options (e.g., Kosovo, Dominica, Aruba) and made a few corrections and clarifications in the shipping profile area. I’m sure these findings are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the learning we can glean from our sellers around the world, and again we really appreciate all of the international respondents taking the time to share your experience and ideas.

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  • Sinta

    Sinta says:

    Hurray for us international sellers ^_^ We rock. There's some really good results from this survey :) interesting too.

    5 years ago

  • pouch

    pouch says:

    Good to see the results and good tip about adding your location in “message to buyers” section.

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  • Diffraction

    Diffraction says:

    Good info. Thanks for publishing!

    5 years ago

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa says:

    And a bonus tip: add your geo info so people (including admin) can find you! Here's how to specify your location:

    5 years ago

  • PeriwinkleDzyns

    PeriwinkleDzyns says:

    Yeah for international sellers! The world is a smaller place, one Etsy transaction at a time

    5 years ago

  • 4TheSparrowsNest

    4TheSparrowsNest says:

    Etsy really is a global community; it's awesome to see all the efforts made to assist and accommodate everyone. Kudos, Etsy! So pleased to be part of it all!

    5 years ago

  • TheBroochBoutique

    TheBroochBoutique says:

    Wonderful to get all of the results. I participated myself and loved hearing other international sellers' input. Thanks so much for the information.

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    novadesigns says:

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  • LittleCritters00

    LittleCritters00 says:

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    AprilsFlowers says:

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    heidiburton says:

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    pandacub says:

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    5 years ago

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    BabbidgePatch says:

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    therainbowroom says:

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    ImJewelee says:

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    As buyers, we should indicate what country we are in, and buyers who are inquiring about shipping costs should be sure to advise what country they are in so they get correct information. i.e. While I can ship many of my items in the US for $5.95 via Priority Mail, the same $5.95 will buy 1st Class mail to Canada, as Priority wuold be closer to $20.00.

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    quirke says:

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    We have heard from many non-U.S. sellers that would like more currency options on Etsy, and that they would also like Etsy to more clearly indicate that prices are in United States Dollars (USD). We are looking at the best way to make this clearer. Although we don't have an exact timetable yet, we'll keep you posted. -------------------------------------------------------- You've been told this for over three years. You've always said it's something you're working on. Frustrating. Very frustrating.

    5 years ago

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    I love selling from Australia to everywhere in the world. It's great to say to family and friends 'I've just sold a dress to a girl in Canada' or Seattle or where ever! (They are always impressed). Thank you Etsy for making a great international community for buyers and sellers. I'm sure the improvements that you're working on will make it even better! :-) Carli.

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    5 years ago

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    5 years ago

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    HansenSoapCo says:

    I am glad that the survey showed some positive results. I am also very happy that the shipping issue in Canada I brought up many times was mentioned, but I'd love to see more posted about our issues with ridiculously high shipping costs here so people don't think they are being ripped off.

    5 years ago

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    wildcatdesigns says:

    It's great to hear the results of the survey - and interesting too. Also glad to see familliar issues raised by others! I'm always grateful that etsy enables me to reach such a global audience from my Scottish home, and as OneHundredYears says, it's such a thrill to be able to say I'm posting a scarf to someone in New York, Berlin or Taiwan to my friends & family!

    5 years ago

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    I love surveys! I especially love it when information from surveys actually is used to shape the future. Guess you folks have some work to do now!

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    First priority should go to making it clear that etsy is in US dollars. End of story. This would have a major impact for International sellers and the current situation is really hurting us. Everything else cam come later but this can't wait.

    5 years ago

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    I agree with KellesKitchen. I would like to see the COUNTRY in all locations. USD specified would also be useful.

    5 years ago

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    It's always good to be able to see the results of surveys taken...and I do like some visuals such as graphs! Issues raised were ones I expected...surprised at French as opposed to Spanish but maybe that's because most usa sellers wouldn't have participated..look forward to some changes in the future tho still surprised at the number of usa sellers who don't have an international shipping cost.

    5 years ago

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    Interesting results and informative article! Thanks, also, to those of you who are making comments, because I have learned some surprising things from you all (I am a new seller)... making updates to my store information right away!

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    yey Canada! yey French! that's such nice news. being an english/french speaking Canadian who does suffer from ridiculous Canadian shipping rates. i take the cut usually, and doing my taxes this year it added up to $700 in shipping charges i covered myself. unreal. this seems unsolvable, canada post doesn't seem to care. it is reliable post though. thanks for the great information. i wish i had taken the survey, i was offline at the time gearing up for spring!

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    Great info, thanks guys. :) Nice to hear that you're taking it all on board - especially currency conversion! WANT. lol Love xxx

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    Glad to see this here, thanks for mentioning the currency issues. However, the two points I didn't see which concern me 1. A ship to destination filter so that buyers can filter our seller who won't ship to them, and can see the ones who will 2. When oh when will we be able to pay our fees with paypal and avoid paying two lots of currency conversion fees. Thanks for what's there.

    5 years ago

  • BugsInRugs

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    Forgot to add, it says where the item is being shipped from in the item description...

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    I encourage all you international (especially Canadian) sellers to not undercharge for shipping. My buyers don't mind paying it when they know it is the actual shipping cost, not gouging. They are usually pleasantly surprised how quickly they get the item, too. and, Theeye, I'm Canadian and my green bun purse is featured here!

    5 years ago

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    5 years ago

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    Seeing how this survey did not even cover half of the problems non-US sellers (and not 'international' as we are all international..) have to deal with, I was hoping to at least see a time line for the problems you did manage to get into this survey. But no, it's another 'we are hearing you, we are working on it' line. How very Etsy of you... (and no, that's not a compliment.) *sigh*

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    Timeless I agree with you. The "We are working on it" Line has worn to thin with me. There are only so many times you can say that without producing any resultant changes before it becomes a meaningless exercise of blowing smoke up an orifice it doesn't belong in. The 'USD$' symbol next to every price on the site is basic, not hard to achieve and of utmost importance in the global market, yet still they say "We are looking at the best way to make this clearer. Although we don't have an exact timetable yet, we'll keep you posted." It is utterly laughable that people are still thanking them for this exercise in smoke blowing!

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    Great article! One of the things I love about Etsy is getting to see geographically where Etsy members are practicing their craft and creating, and what variety of items sellers around the world offer in their shops. It's always exciting when a purchase from Etsy arrives, but when that purchase arrives from far, far away, there's something special about knowing that you've personally supported the creativity and vision of someone at a great distance from where you live. Maybe it's fanciful, but it delights me to think that in spite of what may be the political climate of the world today, through creativity and community we can all act as ambassadors in a way, sharing ideas and enjoying each other's contributions to the arts and crafts. I've purchased incredible items from Italy (Mireloom's gorgeous scarves!), Belgium (Enfin, La Voila's precious correspondence cards!), China (innovative, graceful, OOAK clothing from Idea2lifestyle!) and Canada (bigyellowtaxi's well-curated vintage items!), to name a few, and I cherish the contacts I've made around the world through Etsy. If anything, meeting Etsy sellers in different states and countries from myself has only served to futher inflame my wanderlust! Purchasing from and meeting Etsy sellers who live beyond my own neck of the woods gives me a delicious sense of being a part of a 'global village', one I am so happy to be a member of. Hooray for Etsy for bringing so many diverse and creative individuals together from around the globe!

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