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Shop Local: Quebec with iheartnorwegianwood handmade and vintage goods

We invited Angie from iheartnorwegianwood to curate this Shop Local guide and take us on a jaunt through Quebec in honor of St. Jean Baptiste Day. Meet some artists below and match them to their items at the bottom.

Although my Etsy shop, iheartnorwegianwood, takes up a large chunk of my time, my fiance Tyson, a.k.a. tysonbodnarchuk, and I also run a brick and mortar shop here in Montreal called Headquarters Galerie + Boutique, which sells independently made goods from all over the world. We just celebrated our three year anniversary, and Etsy has been a large part of our business from the beginning. The Shop Local feature has been a great way for us to find amazing hidden local talent of which we may never have otherwise heard!

As a Montrealer, one of our biggest summer celebrations is St. Jean Baptiste Day. The whole city takes a break and enjoys the parks, terraces, bars, music and restaurants. For Tyson and me, it means we get to have a day off from the store, take our two dogs for a long walk, then meet up with friends for some barbecue fun. In the photo above, we are just outside the gates of the St. Eustache Marche Aux Puces (Flea Market). Hunting for treasures is one of our favorite things to do in the summer, you never know what you’re going to find! To me, Montreal is always an exciting city, but during St. Jean Baptiste weekend, it’s practically vibrating with energy! Bonne St. Jean!

: “Here I am at Le Château Dufresne, my favorite landmark in Montreal: an old mansion built during La Belle Époque. I love Quebec because of its rich history. It fascinates me.

: “I cross these train tracks when I’m headed to my studio in Park Extension. I love how they feel like they don’t belong in Montreal, but in a small town — and a different era. Montreal is full of great time travel moments like that.

 “Taken in the park beside my apartment on Amherst Street in the Gay Village.  I’m completely in love with Montreal, it inspires me, challenges me and comforts me. It’s my home, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it!”

laraffinerie: “I love Montreal for its public markets, European charm and joie de vivre!”

: “Being an architect, Place Ville Marie is one of my favorite spots, an architectural gem from the sixties.”

blackmarketbaby: “Me in my ‘backyard’ in my hometown of Acton Vale, in rural Quebec.”

blackeyedsuzie: “Standing in front of Paul Patates Diner, in the traditionally working-class, Irish neighbourhood of Point St. Charles, Montreal.  While not a famous landmark, Paul Patates makes yummy poutine (a Quebecois classic) and serves 24 flavours of soft ice cream, which is symbolic of the warm and vibrant diversity of this beautiful, bilingual city; there is no city in North America in which I’d rather live.  Joyeux Saint Jean-Baptiste!”

brazendesign: “Montreal is a food-lovers’ oasis and one of my favourite indulgences is a languid brunch with friends at L’Express, a classic Parisian bistro that exemplifies Quebec’s European charm and demand for quality artisanal creations made with love. Life moves slower and tastes sweeter here. Vive le Quebec!”

: “Besides the fact that my favorite piece of architecture in the world, the Habitat ’67, is in my backyard, I love Montreal for its cultural diversity, the open-mindedness of the people and numerous amazing festivals!”

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