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PayPal Workshop in Etsy’s Virtual Labs handmade and vintage goods

On August 31, 2009, PayPal customer service representatives Deb and Tim hosted a live Virtual Labs chat to answer sellers’ questions about PayPal and walk Etsy sellers through some of the features and tools that PayPal offers. If you missed the workshop, you can watch clips below and check out the links that were shared by the PayPal team.

1: Verifying Payment

How do you know you received payment from a buyer? Tim walks you through the multiple ways to find out. You can even use PayPal’s download log feature to view your transactions in a spreadsheet or in software like Quicken or Quickbooks. For more information: Downloadable History.


2. Shipping and Seller Protection

Tip: When shipping on your PayPal invoice is incorrect, it’s often a problem in your PayPal account settings. If you need to revise the invoice for the customer, go to your PayPal account and click on “request money.”
Then, be sure to enable transaction-based override:
    1.    Log in to your account at
    2.    Go to My Account > Profile > Shipping calculations (in the Selling Preferences column)
    3.    Select the Shipping Method and click Edit
    4.    Select Yes for “Use the shipping fee in the transaction instead of my calculator’s settings” and press Save Changes.
Please note that if you have not set up any Shipping Calculations in PayPal, the default is to override shipping methods per transaction. (You should not need to change anything.)


3. Types of PayPal Accounts

Ever wonder whether you should upgrade to a Premium or Business PayPal account? Tim explains the benefits of each account. Helpful Links: PayPal Account Types & Which account is right for you?


4. Refunds

Want to know how to send a full or partial refund through PayPal? Or how fees work when refunding payment? Watch the video above. Helpful link: How to Send a Refund.

If you have another PayPal question that wasn’t answered here you can probably find an answer in one of three ways:

  1. PayPal Help Center
  2. Ask Sarah — an automated PayPal customer service rep
  3. Contact PayPal by phone or email

Want to attend a Virtual Labs workshop? Learn more about our online meeting space here.

Listen to the audio podcast of Deb Popek‘s last PayPal Virtual Lab here: Seller How-To: PayPal Coming to Etsy Virtual Labs!

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