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How-Tuesday: Snuggle Up with a Bedtime Duvet handmade and vintage goods

I challenge you to scroll down without feeling overcome with an urge to yelp, “Awww!”  Don’t worry, you’re not weak, it’s simply an impossible task. Download the complete project instructions here, or follow along below, courtesy of Baby Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo.

Aranzi Aronzo claim to be a Mexican-Japanese man working at a securities firm and a Norwegian Vietnamese-Indian man who plays the tambourine full-time. They are actually two sisters who create mischievous fun with their adorable crafts and hilarious comics.

Hi, we’re Aranzi Aronzo. This book teaches you how to make things you’ll need for your baby. Well, maybe your baby won’t really need them, but they’re things that might be fun to have. Pregnancy is a magical time unlike any other. Having a baby is hard work but there will also be plenty of things that warm your heart. Each day is like a fun adventure. Make the things in this book while thinking of your baby, your relative’s baby or even your friend’s baby.


Thanks to Aranzi Aronzo and the folks at Vertical for sharing this project.

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