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Guest Curator: Marichelle of Heart Handmade handmade and vintage goods

It was on a sunny June afternoon in 2007 when Marichelle Burdman (aka wunderlust and marichelle), realized that spending 30 years working in a gray cube wasn’t for her. So she waved goodbye to the corporate world and embarked on a journey to discover her true passion in life. At first, she set her sights on opening a shop, but this quickly evolved into wanting to make things and then wanting to share her experiences with other people in the crafting and design community. As a result, Heart Handmade was born.

How did it start? I was peddling some pouches that I’d made, and after weeks and weeks of dead-ends, I decided to turn my frustration into something positive. I figured there was room for one more blog to help independent designers get noticed, and a couple of months later Heart Handmade was up and running. I really had no idea that I’d end up becoming a full-time blogger!


It must be because I was born in the tropics, but I am such a wuss when it comes to cold weather. I’m actually surprised that I’ve been able to live in the Northeast for this long! The end of February is always a reassuring time for me — the birds start to sing again and the daylight seems to stick around a bit longer. I start dreaming about packing away my winter coats and my favorite ugly-but-warm Uggs in exchange for flip-flops and sandals. I love it when the seasons change — it brings about a sense of hope, re-invention and the notion that we all have a clean-slate to work from. So I’ve chosen a collection of goodies that signify the welcoming of a new season to come! And don’t forget to spring your clocks forward one hour on March 8 (US/Canada).

1. Make Do and Mend, hand pulled screen print onto 100 percent recycled card, hot pink (also in turquoise))

Spring evokes thoughts of healing and rejuvenation and this boldandnoble print really inspires me to stride forward with a resilience and hope. It’s also especially relevant given the current global economic climate. By boldandnoble, $49.

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2. Women’s Sheer Buttonup Top (small, medium, large ready)

I’ve been cooped up in flannels and wool all winter long — I can’t wait until I can put on a super comfy cotton lived-in shirt like this perfect top. By lamixx, $58.

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3. Handwoven Cashmere Silk Scarf Pashmina

I cannot wait to replace my heavy winter coat with a bright and cheerful scarf like this one for those cool and refreshing spring nights. By adventuresofjr, $170.

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4. Team Spirit dress…….CAN BE MADE IN PRACTICALLY any COLOR

If I could wear dresses all year round I would — I love this dress, love the color and it would look great as a transitional outfit with winter/fall boots. By Parsimony, $54.

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5. butter cream pedestal

Nothing says spring better than this beautiful handcrafted ceramic planter filled with an assortment of succulents. These are perfect for those of us without green thumbs. By greenwaredesign, $40.

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6. Produce Bag

I can’t wait for the farmer’s markets to start sprouting back up again. These produce bags are perfect for replacing all the tiny plastic bags that start to add up! By ordinarythinks, $5.

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I love this postcard — a definite picker-upper! By dazeychic, $3.50.

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8. Pink Poppies Letterpress Stationery

Have you been hibernating for the past couple of months? Missing a loved one? Why not send them a handwritten note just to say hello? By satsumalynn, $15.

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9. Coconut Milk and Lime with Crushed Bamboo

I don’t know about you, but the scent of anything coconut and lime instantly takes me somewhere a little less chilly and a little less gray. These soaps look so luscious, they’re something my winter-weary skin is just screaming for! By onono, $6.

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10. Gold plated Rockwell Ring part II

OK, so you didn’t get engaged on New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day. No worries! Take care of it yourself with this amazing ring. By thebeside, $210.

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11. Standard Pillowcases (pair)

As much as I’d love to redecorate every season, it’s just not possible — so throwing in a couple of new pillowcases always makes me feel like I’ve done something new in the bedroom. I love these hand printed cases. By maramiki, $50.

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12. Get On With It Already- Print

New season, new projects (old projects that you haven’t gotten to)… I need all the motivation I can get. By orangebeautiful, $12.

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13. small burlap bucket

Spring cleaning — I hate the idea, but once I get started I can’t stop. These burlap buckets are perfect for organizing just about any clutter! By designsmayamade, $22.

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For more of Marichelle’s picks, check out her blog at She also recently launched two sister sites at and She has an Etsy shop, wunderlust which carries a new limited series of whimsical treats every month!

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