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Favorite Gag Gift Votes Are In! handmade and vintage goods

And the winner is… Just kiddin’! We’re not telling! …Just kidding again. The winner is this crocheted toilet paper from seller lindaphcc (seriously). Softer for your comfort? I’m not so sure. But one thing is certain: her toilet paper had Etsians around the world laughing! The next top 21 favorites are in the related items below. You can also look for them in the Gift Guides. Check out how all of the hilarious creativity stacked up here in the results of the April Fools Voting.

Meanwhile we’re still waiting for spring to actually arrive, so a little autumnal fashion will keep us warm. Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are sure to find some great items in this week’s voter: Fall Fashion.


Want to be involved in the next round? Then post links to your suggestions in the comments below. In honor (um, more like dread) of Tax Day, we’re looking for items to help you get your act together and run your business smoothly during the next year, be it at home or at the office. Which items get you in the mood for work? Desks, notebooks, pens, motivational posters…Show us what you got!

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