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Artistic Endeavors: Livefunky’s Favorite Abstract Painters handmade and vintage goods

I love all kinds of styles and approaches to art, but being an abstract painter I am naturally drawn to like-minded artists and their work. The beauty of abstract art is that it triggers an abstract response. Color, texture and composition of forms create a chemistry that reacts differently with each and every person. I liken this to love or listening to a great jazz song. There is a freedom I admire — not just in the creation of the art, but in the perception of it as well. Some folks may ask “But what does it mean?” and maybe the answer isn’t “Whatever you want it to mean,” but rather, “Whatever it makes you feel.”

My list of favorite abstract artists is much longer than ten, but here is a selection of painters I greatly admire who inspire me as an artist. They are in no particular order, although I must begin with the woman who first introduced me to Etsy in 2006 — thank you, Amanda!


I’m such a fan of Amanda’s unabashed use of brilliant color and her zen-like ability to compose a painting. By Amanda Hone of Pinwheel, $120.

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EarthPoem1-2 Original Abstract Acrylic Painting Collage Elis

Elis creates other worlds with her lyrical abstract paintings, and her textured mixed media works have an ethereal glow. By Elis Cooke of intotheblystic, $65.

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Samba – Original Acrylic Monotype on Archival Paper

I love Martha’s expressive way with color, creating interesting and intuitive marks and textures.  By Martha Marshall of colorpoetry, $40.

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Transparent (original oil painting on canvas)

The many layers in Kendra’s colorful abstract paintings create a dazzling, hypnotic effect. By Kendra Zvonik of teamzvonik, $550.

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Softening III

I see a balance between subtle elegance and playful experimentation in Meghan’s work that really speaks to me. I particularly enjoy her use of sgraffito in many of her paintings. By meghanhenley, $100.

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Erin’s abstracts have an exactness that remind me of architectural designs. Her use of color is just as alert and intelligently conceived.  By erinryanmiller, $950.

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Fragments of Nature 21

Mary Ann’s sophisticated and bold abstracts are constantly educating me as a painter. I think she’s absolutely brilliant! By maryannwakeley, $124.

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Large Abstract 5

I always enjoy looking through Jean’s shop of original paintings and mixed media works. She has such a keen eye for color and her compositions are spot on. By jeanhutter, $400.

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Original Paintings Diptych Abstract Mixed Media Art by Aisyah Ang with Cert 36×48 inches

Aisyah has an impressive expressionist style and she’s an artist that takes risks. I love that about her work.  By AisyahAng, $300.

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Fire and Ice

Milton has an exceptional way with light and color, both in his abstracts and in his more representational work. By miltongravy, $2800.

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See more of my favorites below or search “abstract art” to discover other abstract artists that speak to you (and don’t forget to stop by my blog)!